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Below you will find all the 124 stocks we analyse Taipei Exchange (TWO)

11815.TWOFulltech Fiber Glass Corp.TWO
22641.TWOFranbo Lines Corp.TWO
32729.TWOTTFB Company LimitedTWO
43078.TWOChannel Well Technology Co.,Ltd.TWO
53081.TWOLandMark Optoelectronics CorporationTWO
63105.TWOWIN Semiconductors Corp.TWO
73169.TWOASIX Electronics CorporationTWO
83260.TWOADATA Technology Co., Ltd.TWO
93483.TWOForcecon Technology Co., Ltd.TWO
103526.TWOAlltop Technology Co., Ltd.TWO
113529.TWOeMemory Technology Inc.TWO
123540.TWOThermaltake Technology Co., Ltd.TWO
133546.TWOUSERJOY Technology Co.,Ltd.TWO
143548.TWOJarllytec Co. , Ltd.TWO
153551.TWOShih Her Technologies Inc.TWO
163552.TWOTung Thih Electronic Co., Ltd.TWO
173556.TWOeGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc.TWO
183558.TWOSenao Networks, Inc.TWO
193587.TWOMaterials Analysis Technology Inc.TWO
203611.TWOTSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd.TWO
213630.TWONewmax Technology Co., Ltd.TWO
223680.TWOGudeng Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.TWO
233707.TWOEpisil Technologies Inc.TWO
244107.TWOBioteque CorporationTWO
254123.TWOCenter Laboratories, Inc.TWO
264126.TWOPacific Hospital Supply Co., LtdTWO
274128.TWOMicrobio Co., Ltd.TWO
284147.TWOTaiMed Biologics Inc.TWO
294157.TWOTaiGen Biopharmaceuticals Holdings LimitedTWO
304162.TWOPharmaEngine, Inc.TWO
314167.TWOSavior Lifetec CorporationTWO
324174.TWOOBI Pharma, Inc.TWO
344721.TWOMechema Chemicals International Corp.TWO
354736.TWOTaiDoc Technology CorporationTWO
364743.TWOOneness Biotech Co., Ltd.TWO
374933.TWOUbright Optronics CorporationTWO
384953.TWOWistron Information Technology & Services CorporationTWO
394966.TWOParade Technologies, Ltd.TWO
404991.TWOGCS Holdings, Inc.TWO
415009.TWOGloria Material Technology Corp.TWO
425213.TWOYeaShin International Development Co., Ltd.TWO
435274.TWOASPEED Technology Inc.TWO
445289.TWOInnodisk CorporationTWO
455299.TWOExcelliance MOS CorporationTWO
465306.TWOKMC (Kuei Meng) International Inc.TWO
475347.TWOVanguard International Semiconductor CorporationTWO
485351.TWOEtron Technology, Inc.TWO
495371.TWOCoretronic CorporationTWO
505392.TWOAVY Precision Technology INC.TWO
515425.TWOTaiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd.TWO
525439.TWOFirst Hi-tec Enterprise Co., Ltd.TWO
535452.TWOUNIC Technology Corp.TWO
545457.TWOSpeed Tech Corp.TWO
555478.TWOSoft-World International CorporationTWO
565483.TWOSino-American Silicon Products Inc.TWO
575512.TWORich Development Construction Co., Ltd.TWO
585530.TWOLungyen Life Service CorporationTWO
595536.TWOActer Group Corporation LimitedTWO
605609.TWODimerco Express CorporationTWO
615864.TWOConcord International Securities Co., LtdTWO
625903.TWOTaiwan FamilyMart Co., Ltd.TWO
635904.TWOPOYA International Co., Ltd.TWO
646015.TWOHorizon Securities Co., Ltd.TWO
656104.TWOGenesys Logic, Inc.TWO
666121.TWOSimplo Technology Co., Ltd.TWO
676126.TWOSingatron Enterprise Co.,LtdTWO
686138.TWOAnpec Electronics CorporationTWO
696147.TWOChipbond Technology CorporationTWO
706160.TWOCipherlab Co.,Ltd.TWO
716173.TWOProsperity Dielectrics Co., Ltd.TWO
726175.TWOLiton Technology Corp.TWO
736180.TWOGamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.TWO
746182.TWOWafer Works CorporationTWO
756188.TWOQuanta Storage Inc.TWO
766203.TWOSea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd.TWO
776219.TWOFull Wang International Development Co., Ltd.TWO
786223.TWOMPI CorporationTWO
796244.TWOMotech Industries Inc.TWO
806245.TWOLanner Electronics Inc.TWO
816261.TWOYoungtek Electronics CorporationTWO
826274.TWOTaiwan Union Technology CorporationTWO
836279.TWOHu Lane Associate Inc.TWO
846284.TWOINPAQ Technology Co., Ltd.TWO
856290.TWOLongwell CompanyTWO
866435.TWOSinopower Semiconductor, Inc.TWO
876457.TWOHycon Technology CorporationTWO
886462.TWOEgis Technology Inc.TWO
896469.TWOGreat Tree Pharmacy Co., Ltd.TWO
906486.TWOInteractive Digital Technologies Inc.TWO
916488.TWOGlobalWafers Co., Ltd.TWO
926509.TWOTaiwan Hopax Chems.Mfg.Co.,Ltd.TWO
936523.TWODr. Wu Skincare Co., Ltd.TWO
946538.TWOBrave C&H Supply Co.,Ltd.TWO
956547.TWOMedigen Vaccine Biologics CorporationTWO
966548.TWOChang Wah Technology Co., Ltd.TWO
976561.TWOChief Telecom Inc.TWO
986613.TWONova Technology Corp.TWO
996732.TWOSensortek Technology Corp.TWO
1006803.TWOECOVE Environment Corp.TWO
1018044.TWOPChome Online Inc.TWO
1028049.TWOAmpire Co., Ltd.TWO
1038050.TWOIBASE Technology Inc.TWO
1048069.TWOE Ink Holdings Inc.TWO
1058076.TWOFirich Enterprises Co., Ltd.TWO
1068086.TWOAdvanced Wireless Semiconductor CompanyTWO
1078099.TWOTatung System Technologies Inc.TWO
1088109.TWOP-Duke Technology Co.,Ltd.TWO
1098155.TWOAllied Circuit Co., Ltd.TWO
1108182.TWOHarmony Electronics Co. LtdTWO
1118183.TWOInfo-Tek CorporationTWO
1128240.TWOWah Hong Industrial Corp.TWO
1138299.TWOPhison Electronics Corp.TWO
1148349.TWOQST International Corp.TWO
1158358.TWOCo-Tech Development CorporationTWO
1168383.TWOChen Full International Co., Ltd.TWO
1178406.TWOGinko International Co., Ltd.TWO
1188415.TWOBrighton-Best International (Taiwan) Inc.TWO
1198436.TWOTCI Co., Ltd.TWO
1208924.TWOO-TA Precision Industry Co., Ltd.TWO
1218936.TWOKuo Toong International Co., Ltd.TWO
1228938.TWOAdvanced International Multitech Co., Ltd.TWO
1238942.TWOXxentria Technology Materials Co., Ltd.TWO
1249951.TWOMacauto Industrial Co., Ltd.TWO
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