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NASDAQ Composite [ ^IXIC ] Wed, 22 May 2024 02:47:42
Current Price ( 0.220%) 16 833
Previous Close 16 795
Open Price 16 736
Today's Range 16 720 - 16 839
Volume 6.00B
Average Volume 5.39B
52 Week Low/High 12 416 - 16 839
Market Cap N/A
50-Day Average Price 16 151
200-Day Average Price 14 796
Earnings per Share (EPS) N/A
Price-Earnings Ratio (PE) N/A
Earnings Announcement N/A
Shares Outstanding N/A

Top 10 Gainers

Symbol Name Intraday Change % Volume Avg Vol (3m) Market Cap PE (TTM) 52 Week Range Traded
2354.T YE DIGITAL Corporation ¥756.00 ¥100.00 15.24% 337 100 257 243 ¥13.71B 13.14 427.00 - 922.00 2024-05-22 00:34
9099.T Chilled & Frozen ¥5 580.00 ¥690.00 14.11% 413 300 99 801.00 ¥120.29B 40.32 1 170.00 - 5 590.00 2024-05-22 02:27
142A.T Jinjib Co Ltd ¥3 360.00 ¥340.00 11.26% 24 300.00 74 966.00 ¥4.69B N/A 2 320.00 - 4 100.00 2024-05-22 02:27
8281.T Xebio Holdings Co., Ltd. ¥1 053.00 ¥103.00 10.85% 1.06M 115 024 ¥46.55B 13.67 915.00 - 1 200.00 2024-05-22 02:27
5721.T S Science Company, Ltd. ¥24.00 ¥2.00 9.09% 455 100 537 167 ¥3.40B 6.92 20.00 - 27.00 2024-05-22 02:26
145A.T L is B Corp ¥1 045.00 ¥78.00 8.07% 67 900.00 466 910 ¥5.16B N/A 817.00 - 1 690.00 2024-05-22 02:23
6753.T Sharp Corporation ¥935.50 ¥66.70 7.68% 5.83M 3.83M ¥607.42B -4.05 756.00 - 1 144.50 2024-05-22 02:27
1914.T Japan Foundation ¥579.00 ¥40.00 7.42% 271 100 59 837.00 ¥11.60B 20.47 419.00 - 580.00 2024-05-22 02:25
6597.T HPC SYSTEMS Inc. ¥1 571.00 ¥91.00 6.14% 172 400 72 884.00 ¥6.75B 20.39 1 451.00 - 2 837.00 2024-05-22 02:27
4011.T Headwaters Co.,Ltd ¥13 760 ¥780.00 6.01% 258 200 129 981 ¥25.90B 240.94 5 880.00 - 20 490 2024-05-22 02:26

Top 10 Losers

Symbol Name Intraday Change % Volume Avg Vol (3m) Market Cap PE (TTM) 52 Week Range Traded
6366.T Chiyoda Corporation ¥296.00 ¥-52.00 -14.94% 9.39M 2.24M ¥76.69B 16.11 296.00 - 472.00 2024-05-22 02:27
3773.T Advanced Media, Inc. ¥1 175.00 ¥-94.00 -7.40% 360 800 96 612.00 ¥18.26B 17.02 1 172.00 - 2 129.00 2024-05-22 02:27
1407.T West Holdings Corporation ¥2 795.00 ¥-176.00 -5.92% 249 600 262 594 ¥113.64B 16.66 2 324.00 - 3 690.00 2024-05-22 02:27
4216.T Asahi Yukizai Corporation ¥4 580.00 ¥-285.00 -5.85% 119 200 172 722 ¥87.01B 7.43 3 400.00 - 5 480.00 2024-05-22 02:27
4175.T coly Inc. ¥1 236.00 ¥-74.00 -5.64% 53 600.00 71 698.00 ¥6.80B -8.19 866.00 - 1 700.00 2024-05-22 02:26
6740.T Japan Display Inc. ¥17.00 ¥-1.000 -5.56% 16.55M 28.48M ¥65.97B -2.15 16.00 - 43.00 2024-05-22 02:27
9704.T AGORA Hospitality Group ¥51.00 ¥-3.00 -5.56% 2.85M 7.41M ¥12.95B -231.82 22.00 - 90.00 2024-05-22 02:27
7354.T Direct Marketing MiX Inc. ¥241.00 ¥-14.00 -5.49% 322 500 361 215 ¥11.17B 36.63 232.00 - 1 252.00 2024-05-22 02:25
3697.T SHIFT Inc. ¥17 565 ¥-1 005.00 -5.41% 557 600 474 515 ¥309.14B 43.91 13 700 - 36 090 2024-05-22 02:27
4051.T GMO Financial Gate, Inc. ¥6 650.00 ¥-350.00 -5.01% 84 000.00 66 906.00 ¥55.33B 61.29 6 600.00 - 12 700 2024-05-22 02:26

Top 10 Most Active

Symbol Name Intraday Change % Volume Avg Vol (3m) Market Cap PE (TTM) 52 Week Range Traded
6920.T Lasertec Corporation ¥43 320 ¥50.00 0.12% 2.60M 6.40M ¥3 906.92B 58.55 19 410 - 43 970 2024-05-22 02:27
6146.T Disco Corporation ¥57 780 ¥650.00 1.14% 1.50M 2.54M ¥6 260.41B 74.10 18 610 - 58 060 2024-05-22 02:27
6526.T Socionext Inc. ¥4 356.00 ¥-76.00 -1.71% 14.95M 25.55M ¥778.36B 30.06 2 189.00 - 5 666.00 2024-05-22 02:27
8035.T Tokyo Electron Limited ¥36 030 ¥-600.00 -1.64% 1.53M 4.06M ¥16 680.80B 46.11 17 685 - 40 860 2024-05-22 02:27
8306.T Mitsubishi UFJ Financial ¥1 550.50 ¥-1.500 -0.10% 28.30M 70.76M ¥18 181.44B 12.47 905.10 - 1 645.50 2024-05-22 02:27
8316.T Sumitomo Mitsui Financial ¥9 805.00 ¥-65.00 -0.66% 4.37M 7.99M ¥12 685.83B 13.53 5 509.00 - 9 945.00 2024-05-22 02:27
1514.T Sumiseki Holdings,Inc. ¥1 912.00 ¥12.00 0.63% 20.88M 6.06M ¥98.35B 32.23 310.00 - 5 570.00 2024-05-22 02:27
9509.T Hokkaido Electric Power ¥1 486.50 ¥-40.50 -2.65% 24.84M 10.64M ¥305.19B 4.71 532.10 - 1 584.50 2024-05-22 02:27
6594.T Nidec Corporation ¥7 661.00 ¥369.00 5.06% 4.59M 3.59M ¥4 402.00B 35.08 5 345.00 - 8 706.00 2024-05-22 02:27
9501.T Tokyo Electric Power ¥1 001.50 ¥-2.00 -0.20% 31.71M 90.65M ¥1 604.51B 5.99 474.00 - 1 114.50 2024-05-22 02:27
10P00001CGEVanguard Japan Stock Index Fund JPY AccJPX
20P00001CIFVanguard Japan Stock Index Fund Investor JPY AccumulationJPX
30P00009UMUVanguard Japan Government Bond Index Fund JPY AccJPX
40P00012I6CVanguard Japan Stock Index Fund Institutional Plus JPY AccJPX
50P0001481AVanguard Japan Government Bond Index Fund Institutional Plus JPY AccJPX
60P00018Q2PVanguard Global Bond Index Fund Institutional Plus JPY Hedged AccJPX
71301.TKyokuyo Co., Ltd.JPX
81332.TNippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.JPX
91333.TMaruha Nichiro CorporationJPX
101352.THohsui CorporationJPX
111375.TYukiguni Maitake Co., Ltd.JPX
121376.TKaneko Seeds Co., Ltd.JPX
131377.TSakata Seed CorporationJPX
141379.THokuto CorporationJPX
151384.THokuryo Co., Ltd.JPX
161407.TWest Holdings CorporationJPX
171413.THinokiya Group Co.,Ltd.JPX
181414.TSHO-BOND Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
191417.TMIRAIT Holdings CorporationJPX
201419.TTama Home Co., Ltd.JPX
211420.TSanyo Homes CorporationJPX
221429.TNippon Aqua Co., Ltd.JPX
231430.TFirst-corporation Inc.JPX
241433.TBesterra Co., Ltd.JPX
251435.TRobot Home, Inc.JPX
261446.TCANDEAL Co.,LtdJPX
271447.TITbook Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
281448.TSpace Value Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
291514.TSumiseki Holdings,Inc.JPX
301515.TNittetsu Mining Co., Ltd.JPX
311518.TMitsui Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
321605.TInpex CorporationJPX
331662.TJapan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.JPX
341663.TK&O Energy Group Inc.JPX
351712.TDaiseki Eco. Solution Co., Ltd.JPX
361716.TDai-Ichi Cutter Kogyo k.k.JPX
371717.TMeiho Facility Works Ltd.JPX
381719.THazama Ando CorporationJPX
391720.TTokyu Construction Co., Ltd.JPX
401721.TCOMSYS Holdings CorporationJPX
411726.TBr. Holdings CorporationJPX
421768.TSonec CorporationJPX
431775.TFuji Furukawa Engineering & Construction Co.Ltd.JPX
441780.TYamaura CorporationJPX
451801.TTaisei CorporationJPX
461803.TShimizu CorporationJPX
471810.TMatsui Construction Co., Ltd.JPX
481812.TKajima CorporationJPX
491813.TFudo Tetra CorporationJPX
501815.TTekken CorporationJPX
511820.TNishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.JPX
521827.TNakano CorporationJPX
531835.TTotetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
541847.TIchiken Co., Ltd.JPX
551848.TFuji P.S CorporationJPX
561861.TKumagai Gumi Co.,Ltd.JPX
571866.TKitano Construction Corp.JPX
581867.TUEKI CorporationJPX
591871.TP.S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd.JPX
601888.TWakachiku Construction Co., Ltd.JPX
611899.TFukuda CorporationJPX
621909.TNippon Dry-Chemical Co., Ltd.JPX
631911.TSumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.JPX
641914.TJapan Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd.JPX
651921.TTomoe CorporationJPX
661925.TDaiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
671926.TRaito Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
681928.TSekisui House, Ltd.JPX
691929.TNittoc Construction Co., Ltd.JPX
701930.THokuriku Electrical Construction Co.,Ltd.JPX
711944.TKinden CorporationJPX
721945.TTokyo Energy & Systems Inc.JPX
731946.TToenec CorporationJPX
741949.TSumitomo Densetsu Co.,Ltd.JPX
751950.TNippon Densetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
761951.TEXEO Group, Inc.JPX
771952.TShin Nippon Air Technologies Co., Ltd.JPX
781954.TNippon Koei Co., Ltd.JPX
791959.TKyudenko CorporationJPX
801961.TSanki Engineering Co., Ltd.JPX
811963.TJGC Holdings CorporationJPX
821967.TYamato CorporationJPX
831968.TTaihei Dengyo Kaisha, Ltd.JPX
841969.TTakasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.JPX
851972.TSanko Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.JPX
861973.TNEC Networks & System Integration CorporationJPX
881979.TTaikisha Ltd.JPX
891980.TDai-Dan Co., Ltd.JPX
901982.THibiya Engineering, Ltd.JPX
912001.TNippn CorporationJPX
922002.TNisshin Seifun Group Inc.JPX
932003.TNitto Fuji Flour Milling Co.,Ltd.JPX
942004.TShowa Sangyo Co., Ltd.JPX
952053.TChubu Shiryo Co., Ltd.JPX
962060.TFeedone Co., Ltd.JPX
972107.TToyo Sugar Refining Co., Ltd.JPX
982108.TNippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.JPX
992109.TMitsui DM Sugar Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
1002112.TEnsuiko Sugar Refining Co., Ltd.JPX
1012114.TFuji Nihon Seito CorporationJPX
1022120.TLIFULL Co., Ltd.JPX
1032121.Tmixi, Inc.JPX
1042124.TJAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.JPX
1052127.TNihon M&A Center Holdings Inc.JPX
1062130.TMembers Co., Ltd.JPX
1072138.TCROOZ, Inc.JPX
1082139.TChuco Co., Ltd.JPX
1092146.TUT Group Co., Ltd.JPX
1102148.TITmedia Inc.JPX
1112150.TCareNet, Inc.JPX
1122153.TE J Holdings Inc.JPX
1132154.TBeNext-Yumeshin Group Co.JPX
1142157.TKoshidaka Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
1152158.TFRONTEO, Inc.JPX
1162160.TGNI Group Ltd.JPX
1172163.TArtner Co.,Ltd.JPX
1182168.TPasona Group Inc.JPX
1192169.TCDS Co., Ltd.JPX
1202170.TLink and Motivation Inc.JPX
1212175.TSMS Co., Ltd.JPX
1222180.TSunny Side Up Group, Inc.JPX
1232181.TPersol Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
1242183.TLinical Co., Ltd.JPX
1252191.Ttella, Inc.JPX
1262193.TCookpad Inc.JPX
1272196.TEscrit Inc.JPX
1282198.TIKK Holdings Inc .JPX
1292201.TMorinaga & Co., Ltd.JPX
1302204.TNakamuraya Co., Ltd.JPX
1312206.TEzaki Glico Co., Ltd.JPX
1322207.TMeito Sangyo Co., Ltd.JPX
1332208.TBourbon CorporationJPX
1342209.TImuraya Group Co., Ltd.JPX
1352211.TFujiya Co., Ltd.JPX
1362212.TYamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.JPX
1372215.TFirst Baking Co., Ltd.JPX
1382217.TMorozoff LimitedJPX
1392220.TKameda Seika Co.,Ltd.JPX
1402222.TKotobuki Spirits Co., Ltd.JPX
1412229.TCalbee, Inc.JPX
1422264.TMorinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
1432266.TRokko Butter Co., Ltd.JPX
1442267.TYakult Honsha Co.,Ltd.JPX
1452269.TMeiji Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
1472281.TPrima Meat Packers, Ltd.JPX
1482282.TNH Foods Ltd.JPX
1492286.THayashikane Sangyo Co.,Ltd.JPX
1502288.TMarudai Food Co., Ltd.JPX
1512292.TS Foods Inc.JPX
1522294.TKakiyasu Honten Co., Ltd.JPX
1532296.TItoham Yonekyu Holdings Inc.JPX
1542301.TGakujo Co., Ltd.JPX
1562307.TCross Cat Co., Ltd.JPX
1582311.TEPCO Co.,Ltd.JPX
1592317.TSystena CorporationJPX
1602323.Tfonfun corporationJPX
1612325.TNJS Co., Ltd.JPX
1622326.TDigital Arts Inc.JPX
1632327.TNS Solutions CorporationJPX
1642331.TSohgo Security Services Co.,Ltd.JPX
1652334.Teole Inc.JPX
1662335.TCube System Inc.JPX
1672337.TIchigo Inc.JPX
1682352.TWOW WORLD Inc.JPX
1702354.TYE DIGITAL CorporationJPX
1712359.TCore CorporationJPX
1722370.TMEDINET Co., Ltd.JPX, Inc.JPX
1742374.TSaint-Care Holding CorporationJPX
1752376.TScinex CorporationJPX
1772379.TDIP CorporationJPX
1782384.TSBS Holdings, Inc.JPX
1792389.TDigital Holdings, Inc.JPX
1802395.TShin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd.JPX
1812410.TCareer Design Center Co., Ltd.JPX
1822412.TBenefit One Inc.JPX
1832413.TM3, Inc.JPX
1842424.TBrass CorporationJPX
1862428.TWellnet CorporationJPX
1872429.TWorld Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
1882432.TDeNA Co., Ltd.JPX
1892433.THakuhodo DY Holdings IncJPX
1902438.TAsukanet Co., Ltd.JPX
1912440.TGurunavi, Inc.JPX
1922445.TTakamiya Co., Ltd.JPX
1932453.TJapan Best Rescue System Co.,Ltd.JPX
1942461.TFAN Communications, Inc.JPX
1952462.TLIKE Co., Ltd.JPX
1962464.TBusiness Breakthrough, Inc.JPX
1972471.TS-Pool, Inc.JPX
1982475.TWDB Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
1992477.TTemairazu, Inc.JPX
2002484.TDemae-Can Co.,LtdJPX
2012485.TTear CorporationJPX
2022487.TCDG Co., Ltd.JPX
2032489.TAdways Inc.JPX
2042491.TValueCommerce Co., Ltd.JPX
2052492.TInfomart CorporationJPX
2062497.TUNITED, Inc.JPX
2072501.TSapporo Holdings LimitedJPX
2082502.TAsahi Group Holdings, Ltd.JPX
2092503.TKirin Holdings Company, LimitedJPX
2102531.TTakara Holdings Inc.JPX
2112533.TOenon Holdings, Inc.JPX
2122540.TYomeishu Seizo Co., Ltd.JPX
2132579.TCoca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc.JPX
2142587.TSuntory Beverage & Food LimitedJPX
2152588.TPremium Water Holdings,Inc.JPX
2162590.TDyDo Group Holdings, Inc.JPX
2172593.TIto En, Ltd.JPX
2182594.TKey Coffee Inc.JPX
2192597.TUnicafe Inc.JPX
2202599.TJapan Foods Co., Ltd.JPX
2212602.TThe Nisshin OilliO Group,Ltd.JPX
2222607.TFuji Oil Holdings Inc.JPX
2232612.TKadoya Sesame Mills IncorporatedJPX
2242613.TJ-Oil Mills, Inc.JPX
2252651.TLawson, Inc.JPX
2262659.TSAN-A CO.,LTD.JPX
2272664.TCawachi LimitedJPX
2292674.THard Off Corporation Co.,Ltd.JPX
2302676.TTakachiho Koheki Co.,Ltd.JPX
2312678.TASKUL CorporationJPX
2322681.TGeo Holdings CorporationJPX
2332685.TAdastria Co., Ltd.JPX
2342686.TGfoot Co.,Ltd.JPX
2352687.TCVS Bay Area Inc.JPX
2382695.TKura Sushi,Inc.JPX
2392698.TCan Do Co., Ltd.JPX
2402715.TElematec CorporationJPX
2412722.TI.K Co., Ltd.JPX
2422726.TPAL GROUP Holdings CO., LTD.JPX
2432729.TJALUX Inc.JPX
2442730.TEDION CorporationJPX
2452733.TArata CorporationJPX
2462734.TSALA CorporationJPX
2472735.TWatts Co., Ltd.JPX
2482737.TTomen Devices CorporationJPX
2492742.THalows Co.,Ltd.JPX
2512752.TFujio Food Group Inc.JPX
2522753.TAmiyaki Tei Co., Ltd.JPX
2532760.TTokyo Electron Device LimitedJPX
2542763.TFTGroup Co., Ltd.JPX
2552764.THiramatsu Inc.JPX
2562767.TFields CorporationJPX
2572768.TSojitz CorporationJPX
2582769.TVillage Vanguard CO.,LTD.JPX
2592780.TKomehyo Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
2602782.TSeria Co., Ltd.JPX
2612784.TAlfresa Holdings CorporationJPX
2622790.TNAFCO Co., Ltd.JPX
2632791.TDaikokutenbussan Co.,Ltd.JPX
2642792.THoneys Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
2652796.TPharmarise Holdings CorporationJPX
2662801.TKikkoman CorporationJPX
2672802.TAjinomoto Co., Inc.JPX
2682804.TBull-Dog Sauce Co., Ltd.JPX
2692805.TS&B Foods Inc.JPX
2702809.TKewpie CorporationJPX
2712810.THouse Foods Group Inc.JPX
2722811.TKagome Co., Ltd.JPX
2732812.TYaizu Suisankagaku Industry Co.,Ltd.JPX
2742813.TWakou Shokuhin Co., Ltd.JPX
2752815.TARIAKE JAPAN Co., Ltd.JPX
2762818.TPIETRO Co., Ltd.JPX
2772819.TEbara Foods Industry,Inc.JPX
2782820.TYamami CompanyJPX
2792871.TNichirei CorporationJPX
2802874.TYokorei Co.,Ltd.JPX
2812875.TToyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.JPX
2832883.TDairei Co.,Ltd.JPX
2842884.TYoshimura Food Holdings K.K.JPX
2852897.TNissin Foods Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
2862899.TNagatanien Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
2872904.TIchimasa Kamaboko Co., Ltd.JPX
2882908.TFujicco Co., Ltd.JPX
2892910.TRock Field Co., Ltd.JPX
2902914.TJapan Tobacco Inc.JPX
2912915.TKENKO Mayonnaise Co.,Ltd.JPX
2922918.TWarabeya Nichiyo Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
2932922.TNatori Co., Ltd.JPX
2942924.TIfuji Sangyo Co., Ltd.JPX
2952925.TPickles CorporationJPX
2962927.TAFC-HD AMS Life Science Co., Ltd.JPX
2972929.TPharma Foods International Co., Ltd.JPX
2982930.TKitanotatsujin CorporationJPX
2992931.TEuglena Co., Ltd.JPX
3002933.TKibun Foods Inc.JPX
3012971.TEscon Japan REIT Investment CorporationJPX
3032975.TStar Mica Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3042978.Ttsukuruba inc.JPX
3052979.TSOSiLA Logistics REIT, Inc.JPX
3062980.TSRE Holdings CorporationJPX
3072982.TA.D.Works Group Co.,Ltd.JPX
3082989.TTokaido REIT, Inc.JPX
3093001.TKatakura Industries Co.,Ltd.JPX
3103002.TGunze LimitedJPX
3113003.THulic Co., Ltd.JPX
3123004.TShinyei KaishaJPX
3133023.TRasa CorporationJPX
3143028.TAlpen Co.,Ltd.JPX
3153030.THub Co., Ltd.JPX
3173034.TQol Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3183036.TALCONIX CorporationJPX
3193038.TKobe Bussan Co., Ltd.JPX
3203040.TSoliton Systems K.K.JPX
3223048.TBic Camera Inc.JPX
3233050.TDCM Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3243053.TPepper Food Service Co., Ltd.JPX
3253054.THYPER Inc.JPX
3263064.TMonotaRO Co., Ltd.JPX
3273067.TTokyo Ichiban Foods Co., Ltd.JPX
3283073.TDD Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
3293076.TAi Holdings CorporationJPX
3303079.TDVx Inc.JPX
3313082.TKichiri & Co., Ltd.JPX
3323085.TArcland Service Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3333086.TJ. Front Retailing Co., Ltd.JPX
3343087.TDOUTOR NICHIRES Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3353088.TMatsukiyoCocokara & Co.JPX
3373092.TZOZO, Inc.JPX
3383093.TTreasure Factory Co.,LTD.JPX
3393097.TThe Monogatari CorporationJPX
3403099.TIsetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.JPX
3413101.TToyobo Co., Ltd.JPX
3423103.TUnitika Ltd.JPX
3433104.TFujibo Holdings, Inc.JPX
3443105.TNisshinbo Holdings Inc.JPX
3453106.TKurabo Industries Ltd.JPX
3463107.TDaiwabo Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3473109.TShikibo Ltd.JPX
3483110.TNitto Boseki Co., Ltd.JPX
3493116.TToyota Boshoku CorporationJPX
3503132.TMacnica Fuji Electronics Holdings, Inc.JPX
3513134.THamee Corp.JPX
3523135.TMarketEnterprise Co.,LtdJPX
3533139.TLacto Japan Co., Ltd.JPX
3543141.TWelcia Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3553148.TCreate SD Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3573151.TVital KSK Holdings, Inc.JPX
3583153.TYashima Denki Co., Ltd.JPX
3593154.TMedius Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3603156.TRestar Holdings CorporationJPX
3613157.TJUTEC Holdings CorporationJPX
3623159.TMaruzen CHI Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
3633160.TOomitsu Co., Ltd.JPX
3643166.TOchi Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3653167.TTOKAI Holdings CorporationJPX
3663168.TKurotani CorporationJPX
3673169.TMisawa & Co.,Ltd.JPX
3683172.TTea Life Co., Ltd.JPX
3693173.TCominix Co.,Ltd.JPX
3703175.TAP Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
3713176.TSanyo Trading Co., Ltd.JPX
3723178.TChimney Co., Ltd.JPX
3733179.TSyuppin Co., Ltd.JPX
3753182.TOisix ra daichi Inc.JPX
3763183.TWIN-Partners Co., Ltd.JPX
3773186.TNEXTAGE Co., Ltd.JPX
3783191.TJoyful Honda Co., Ltd.JPX
3793193.TTorikizoku Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
3803196.THOTLAND Co.,Ltd.JPX
3813197.TSkylark Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3823198.TSFP Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
3833199.TWatahan & Co.,Ltd.JPX
3843201.TThe Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd.JPX
3853202.TDaitobo Co., Ltd.JPX
3863204.TToabo CorporationJPX
3873205.TDaidoh LimitedJPX
3883221.TYossix Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
3893222.TUnited Super Markets Holdings Inc.JPX
3903226.TNippon Accommodations Fund Inc.JPX
3913228.TSanei Architecture Planning Co.,Ltd.JPX
3923231.TNomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc.JPX
3933232.TMie Kotsu Group Holdings, Inc.JPX
3943234.TMori Hills REIT Investment CorporationJPX
3953242.TUrbanet Corporation Co.,Ltd.JPX
3963244.TSamty Co., Ltd.JPX
3973245.TDear Life Co.,Ltd.JPX
3983246.TKOSE R.E. Co.,Ltd.JPX
3993249.TIndustrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment CorporationJPX
4003252.TJINUSHI Co.,Ltd.JPX
4013254.TPressance CorporationJPX
4023267.TPhil Company,Inc.JPX
4033269.TAdvance Residence Investment CorporationJPX
4043271.TThe Global Ltd.JPX
4053275.THousecom CorporationJPX
4063276.TJapan Property Management Center Co.,Ltd.JPX
4073277.TSansei Landic Co., Ltd.JPX
4083278.TKenedix Residential Next Investment CorporationJPX
4093279.TActivia Properties Inc.JPX
4103280.TSTrust Co.,Ltd.JPX
4123282.TComforia Residential REIT, IncJPX
4133283.TNippon Prologis REIT, Inc.JPX
4143284.THoosiers HoldingsJPX
4153287.THoshino Resorts REIT, Inc.JPX
4163288.TOpen House Group Co., Ltd.JPX
4173289.TTokyu Fudosan Holdings CorporationJPX
4183290.TOne REIT, Inc.JPX
4193291.TIida Group Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
4203292.TAEON REIT Investment CorporationJPX
4213295.THulic Reit, Inc.JPX
4223296.TNIPPON REIT Investment CorporationJPX
4243302.TTeikoku Sen-i Co., Ltd.JPX
4253309.TSekisui House Reit, Inc.JPX
4263315.TNippon Coke & Engineering Company, LimitedJPX
4273319.TGolf Digest Online Inc.JPX
4283321.TMitachi Co., Ltd.JPX
4293328.TBEENOS Inc.JPX
4303333.TAsahi Co., Ltd.JPX
4313341.TNihon Chouzai Co.,Ltd.JPX
4323349.TCOSMOS Pharmaceutical CorporationJPX
4333353.TMedical Ikkou Group Co.,Ltd.JPX
4343355.TKuriyama Holdings CorporationJPX
4353360.TShip Healthcare Holdings, Inc.JPX
4363361.TToell Co.,Ltd.JPX
4373371.TSoftcreate Holdings Corp.JPX
4383376.TONLY corporationJPX
4393382.TSeven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
4403387.Tcreate restaurants holdings inc.JPX
4413388.TMeiji Electric Industries Co.,Ltd.JPX
4423391.TTsuruha Holdings Inc.JPX
4433392.TDelica Foods Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
4443393.TStartia Holdings,Inc.JPX
4453395.TSaint Marc Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
4463396.TFelissimo CorporationJPX
4473397.TTORIDOLL Holdings CorporationJPX
4483401.TTeijin LimitedJPX
4493402.TToray Industries, Inc.JPX
4503405.TKuraray Co., Ltd.JPX
4513407.TAsahi Kasei CorporationJPX
4523415.TTOKYO BASE Co.,Ltd.JPX
4533417.TOhki Healthcare Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
4543420.TKFC, Ltd.JPX
4553421.TInaba Seisakusho Co., Ltd.JPX
4563431.TMiyaji Engineering Group,Inc.JPX
4573433.TTOCALO Co., Ltd.JPX
4583434.TALPHA CorporationJPX
4593436.TSumco CorporationJPX
4603443.TKawada Technologies, Inc.JPX
4613445.TRS Technologies Co., Ltd.JPX
4623446.TJTEC CorporationJPX
4633447.TShinwa Co., Ltd.JPX
4643450.TSato Sangyo Co., Ltd.JPX
4653451.TTosei Reit Investment CorporationJPX
4663452.TB-Lot Company LimitedJPX
4673453.TKenedix Retail REIT CorporationJPX
4683454.TFirst Brothers Co.,Ltd.JPX
4693457.T&Do Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
4703458.TCRE, Inc.JPX
4713459.TSamty Residential Investment CorporationJPX
4723462.TNomura Real Estate Master Fund, Inc.JPX
4733463.TIchigo Hotel REIT Investment CorporationJPX
4743464.TProperty Agent Inc.JPX
4753465.TKi-Star Real Estate Co.,LtdJPX
4773467.TAgratio urban design Inc.JPX
4783468.TStar Asia Investment CorporationJPX
4793470.TMarimo Regional Revitalization REIT, Inc.JPX
4803471.TMitsui Fudosan Logistics Park Inc.JPX
4813472.TOoedo Onsen Reit Investment CorporationJPX
4823475.TGood Com Asset Co., Ltd.JPX
4833476.TMIRAI CorporationJPX
4843478.TMORI TRUST Hotel Reit, Inc.JPX
4853479.TTKP CorporationJPX
4873481.TMitsubishi Estate Logistics REIT Investment CorporationJPX
4883482.TLoadstar Capital K.K.JPX
4893484.TTenpo Innovation Co.,Ltd.JPX
4903486.TGlobal Link Management Inc.JPX
4913487.TCRE Logistics REIT, Inc.JPX
4923488.TXYMAX REIT Investment CorporationJPX
4933489.TFaithNetwork Co.,LtdJPX
4943491.TGA technologies Co., Ltd.JPX
4953492.TTakara Leben Real Estate Investment CorporationJPX
4963493.TAdvance Logistics Investment CorporationJPX
4973501.TSuminoe Textile Co., Ltd.JPX
4983512.TNippon Felt Co., Ltd.JPX
4993513.TIchikawa Co., Ltd.JPX
5003521.TEconach Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
5013524.TNitto Seimo Co., Ltd.JPX
5023526.TAshimori Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
5033528.TMirainovate Co., Ltd.JPX
5043529.TAtsugi Co., Ltd.JPX
5053537.TShoei Yakuhin Co.,Ltd.JPX
5063538.TWILLPLUS Holdings CorporationJPX
5073539.TJM Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
5083541.TNousouken CorporationJPX
5093543.TKOMEDA Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
5103544.TSatudora Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
5113546.TAlleanza Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
5123547.TKushikatsu Tanaka Holdings Co.JPX
5133548.TBaroque Japan LimitedJPX
5143549.TKusuri No Aoki Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
5153551.TDynic CorporationJPX
5163553.TKyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd.JPX
5173558.TLOCONDO, Inc.JPX Corp.JPX
5193561.TChikaranomoto Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
5203563.TFood & Life Companies Ltd.JPX
5213565.TAscentech K.K.JPX
5223569.TSeiren Co.,Ltd.JPX
5233571.TSotoh Co., Ltd.JPX
5243577.TTokai Senko K.K.JPX
5263591.TWacoal Holdings Corp.JPX
5273593.THogy Medical Co.,Ltd.JPX
5283607.TKuraudia Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
5293608.TTSI Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
5303611.TMatsuoka CorporationJPX
5313612.TWorld Co., Ltd.JPX
5323626.TTIS Inc.JPX
5333627.TJNS Holdings Inc.JPX
5343628.TData Horizon CorporationJPX
5353632.TGREE, Inc.JPX
5363633.TGMO Pepabo, Inc.JPX
5373635.TKoei Tecmo Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
5383636.TMitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.JPX
5393639.TVoltage IncorporationJPX
5403640.TDensan Co., Ltd.JPX
5413641.TPapyless Co., Ltd.JPX
5423648.TAGS CorporationJPX
5433649.TFINDEX Inc.JPX
5443655.TBrainPad Inc.JPX
5453656.TKLab Inc.JPX
5463657.TPole To Win Holdings, Inc.JPX
5473658.TeBOOK Initiative Japan Co.,Ltd.JPX
5483659.TNEXON Co., Ltd.JPX
5493660.Tistyle Inc.JPX
5503661.Tm-up holdings, Inc.JPX
5513662.TAteam Inc.JPX
5523663.TArtSpark Holdings Inc.JPX
5533665.TEnigmo Inc.JPX
5543666.TTecnos Japan IncorporatedJPX
5563668.TCOLOPL, Inc.JPX
5573672.TAltPlus Inc.JPX
5583673.TBroadleaf Co., Ltd.JPX
5593675.TCross Marketing Group Inc.JPX
5613677.TSystem Information Co.,Ltd.JPX
5623678.TMEDIA DO Co., Ltd.JPX
5633679.TZIGExN Co., Ltd.JPX
5643681.TV-cube, Inc.JPX
5653682.TEncourage Technologies Co., Ltd.JPX
5663683.TCyberlinks Co., Ltd.JPX
5673686.TDLE Inc.JPX
5683687.TFixstars CorporationJPX
5693688.TCarta Holdings, Inc.JPX
5703692.TFFRI Security, Inc.JPX
5713694.TOPTiM CorporationJPX
5723696.TCeres Inc.JPX
5733697.TSHIFT Inc.JPX
5743708.TTokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd.JPX
5753733.TSoftware Service, Inc.JPX
5763738.TT-Gaia CorporationJPX
5773741.TSystems Engineering Consultants Co.,LTD.JPX
5783758.TAeria Inc.JPX
5793762.TTechMatrix CorporationJPX
5803763.TPro-Ship IncorporatedJPX
5813765.TGungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.JPX
5823769.TGMO Payment Gateway, Inc.JPX
5833770.TZappallas, Inc.JPX
5843771.TSystem Research Co.,Ltd.JPX
5853773.TAdvanced Media, Inc.JPX
5863774.TInternet Initiative Japan Inc.JPX
5873778.TSAKURA Internet Inc.JPX
5893784.TVinx Corp.JPX
5903788.TGMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.JPX
5913793.TDrecom Co.,Ltd.JPX
5923798.TULS Group, Inc.JPX
5933816.TDaiwa Computer Co., Ltd.JPX
5943817.TSRA Holdings, Inc.JPX
5953826.TSystem Integrator Corp.JPX
5963834.TAsahi Net, Inc.JPX
5973835.TeBASE Co.,Ltd.JPX
5983836.TAvant CorporationJPX
5993837.TAd-Sol Nissin CorporationJPX
6003839.TODK Solutions Company, Ltd.JPX
6013843.TFreeBit Co., Ltd.JPX
6023844.TComture CorporationJPX
6033852.TCyber Com Co., Ltd.JPX
6043853.TAsteria CorporationJPX
6053856.TAbalance CorporationJPX
6063857.TLAC Co., Ltd.JPX
6073861.TOji Holdings CorporationJPX
6083863.TNippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.JPX
6093864.TMitsubishi Paper Mills LimitedJPX
6103865.THokuetsu CorporationJPX
6113877.TChuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.JPX
6123878.TTomoegawa Co., Ltd.JPX
6133880.TDaio Paper CorporationJPX
6143891.TNippon Kodoshi CorporationJPX
6153896.TAwa Paper & Technological Company, Inc.JPX
6163900.TCrowdWorks Inc.JPX
6173901.TMarkLines Co., Ltd.JPX
6183902.TMedical Data Vision Co., Ltd.JPX
6193903.Tgumi Inc.JPX
6203904.TKAYAC Inc.JPX
6213909.TShowcase Inc.JPX
6223911.TAiming Inc.JPX
6233912.TMobile Factory, Inc.JPX
6253915.TTerraSky Co.,Ltd.JPX
6263916.TDigital Information Technologies CorporationJPX
6273918.TPCI Holdings, Inc.JPX
6283920.TInternetworking and Broadband Consulting Co.,Ltd.JPX
6303922.TPR TIMES, Inc.JPX
6313923.TRakus Co., Ltd.JPX
6323924.TR&D Computer Co.,Ltd.JPX
6333925.TDouble Standard Inc.JPX
6343926.TOpenDoor Inc.JPX
6353928.TMynet Inc.JPX
6363932.TAkatsuki Inc.JPX
6383937.TUbicom Holdings, Inc.JPX
6393939.TKanamic Network Co.,LTDJPX
6403940.TNomura System Corporation Co, Ltd.JPX
6413941.TRengo Co., Ltd.JPX
6423946.TTomoku Co., Ltd.JPX
6433950.TThe Pack CorporationJPX
6443962.TChange Inc.JPX
6453963.TSynchro Food Co., Ltd.JPX
6463964.TAucnet Inc.JPX
6473965.TCapital Asset Planning, Inc.JPX
6483966.TUzabase, Inc.JPX
6493968.TSegue Group Co.,Ltd.JPX
6513976.TSHANON Inc.JPX
6523978.TMacromill, Inc.JPX
6543981.TBeaglee Inc.JPX
6553983.ToRo Co., Ltd.JPX
6563984.TUser Local, Inc.JPX
6583986.TbBreak Systems Company, LimitedJPX
6593987.TEcomott Inc.JPX
6603988.TSYS Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
6613989.TSharingtechnology, Inc.JPX
6623990.TUUUM Co.,Ltd.JPX
6633991.TWantedly, Inc.JPX
6643992.TNeeds Well Inc.JPX
6653993.TPKSHA Technology Inc.JPX
6663994.TMoney Forward, Inc.JPX
6673995.TSKIYAKI Inc.JPX
6683996.TSignpost CorporationJPX
6693997.TTRADE WORKS Co., LtdJPX
6703998.TSuRaLa Net Co.,Ltd.JPX
6713999.TKnowledgeSuite Inc.JPX
6724004.TShowa Denko K.K.JPX
6734005.TSumitomo Chemical Company, LimitedJPX
6744008.TSumitomo Seika Chemicals Company, Limited.JPX
6754011.THeadwaters Co.,LtdJPX
6764012.TAxis Co.,Ltd.JPX
6774014.TKaradanote Inc.JPX
6784015.Tarara inc.JPX
6794016.TMIT Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
6804019.TStamen Co.,Ltd.JPX
6814020.TBetrend CorporationJPX
6824021.TNissan Chemical CorporationJPX
6834022.TRasa Industries, Ltd.JPX
6844023.TKureha CorporationJPX
6854025.TTaki Chemical Co., Ltd.JPX
6864026.TKonoshima Chemical Co.,Ltd.JPX
6874027.TTayca CorporationJPX
6884028.TIshihara Sangyo Kaisha,Ltd.JPX
6894031.TKatakura & Co-op Agri CorporationJPX
6904041.TNippon Soda Co., Ltd.JPX
6914042.TTosoh CorporationJPX
6924043.TTokuyama CorporationJPX
6934044.TCentral Glass Co., Ltd.JPX
6944045.TToagosei Co., Ltd.JPX
6954046.TOsaka Soda Co., Ltd.JPX
6964047.TKanto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
6974051.TGMO Financial Gate, Inc.JPX
6984052.TFicha Inc.JPX
6994054.TNihon Jyoho Create Co.,Ltd.JPX
7004055.TT&S inc.JPX
7014056.TNeural Pocket Inc.JPX
7024057.TInterfactory, Inc.JPX
7034058.TToyokumo, Inc.JPX
7044060.Trakumo Inc.JPX
7054061.TDenka Company LimitedJPX
7064062.TIbiden Co.,Ltd.JPX
7074063.TShin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.JPX
7084064.TNippon Carbide Industries Co., Inc.JPX
7094068.TBasis CorporationJPX
7104069.TBlueMeme Inc.JPX
7114071.TPlus Alpha Consulting Co.,Ltd.JPX
7124072.TDensan System Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
7134074.TLaKeel, Inc.JPX
7144075.TBrains Technology, Inc.JPX
7154078.TSakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
7164080.TTanaka Chemical CorporationJPX
7174082.TDaiichi Kigenso Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
7184088.TAir Water Inc.JPX
7194091.TNippon Sanso Holdings CorporationJPX
7204092.TNippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.JPX
7214093.TToho Acetylene Co., Ltd.JPX
7224095.TNihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd.JPX
7234097.TKoatsu Gas Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
7244098.TTitan Kogyo, Ltd.JPX
7254099.TShikoku Chemicals CorporationJPX
7264100.TToda Kogyo Corp.JPX
7274109.TStella Chemifa CorporationJPX
7284112.THodogaya Chemical Co., Ltd.JPX
7294113.TTaoka Chemical Company, LimitedJPX
7304114.TNippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.JPX
7314116.TDainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX
7324118.TKaneka CorporationJPX
7334151.TKyowa Kirin Co., Ltd.JPX
7354166.TCacco Inc.JPX
7364168.TYappli, Inc.JPX
7374170.TKaizen Platform, Inc.JPX
7404174.TAppirits Inc.JPX
7414175.Tcoly Inc.JPX
7424176.Tcoconala Inc.JPX
7434178.TSharing Innovations Inc.JPX
7444179.TG-NEXT Inc.JPX
7454180.TAppier Group, Inc.JPX
7464182.TMitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.JPX
7474183.TMitsui Chemicals, Inc.JPX
7484185.TJSR CorporationJPX
7494186.TTokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
7504187.TOsaka Organic Chemical Industry Ltd.JPX
7514188.TMitsubishi Chemical Holdings CorporationJPX
7524189.TKH Neochem Co., Ltd.JPX
7534193.TFabrica Communications Co., LTD.JPX
7544194.TVisional, Inc.JPX
7554198.TTenda Co.,Ltd.JPX
7564199.TWonderPlanet Inc.JPX
7574200.THCS Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
7584202.TDaicel CorporationJPX
7594203.TSumitomo Bakelite Company LimitedJPX
7604204.TSekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.JPX
7614205.TZeon CorporationJPX
7624206.TAica Kogyo Company, LimitedJPX
7634208.TUBE CorporationJPX
7644212.TSekisui Jushi CorporationJPX
7654215.TC.I.TAKIRON CorporationJPX
7664216.TAsahi Yukizai CorporationJPX
7674218.TNichiban Co., Ltd.JPX
7684220.TRiken Technos CorporationJPX
7694221.TOkura Industrial Co., Ltd.JPX
7704224.TLonseal CorporationJPX
7714228.TSekisui Kasei Co., Ltd.JPX
7724229.TGun Ei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
7734231.TTigers Polymer CorporationJPX
7744238.TMiraial Co., Ltd.JPX
7754245.TDaiki Axis Co., Ltd.JPX
7764246.TDaikyoNishikawa CorporationJPX
7774248.TTakemoto Yohki Co., Ltd.JPX
7784249.TMoriroku Holdings Company, Ltd.JPX
7794251.TKEIWA IncorporatedJPX
7804272.TNippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.JPX
7814275.TCarlit Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
7824284.TSOLXYZ Co., Ltd.JPX
7834286.TCL Holdings Inc.JPX
7844290.TPrestige International Inc.JPX
7854293.TSepteni Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
7864295.TFaith, Inc.JPX
7874298.TProto CorporationJPX
7884299.THIMACS, Ltd.JPX
7894301.TAmuse Inc.JPX
7904307.TNomura Research Institute, Ltd.JPX
7914308.TJ-Stream Inc.JPX
7924310.TDream Incubator Inc.JPX
7934312.TCybernet Systems Co., Ltd.JPX
7944318.TQuick Co.,Ltd.JPX
7954319.TTAC Co.,Ltd.JPX
7964320.TCE Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
7974323.TJapan System Techniques Co., Ltd.JPX
7984324.TDentsu Group Inc.JPX
8004331.TTake and Give. Needs Co., LtdJPX
8014333.TToho System Science Co., Ltd.JPX
8024337.TPIA CorporationJPX
8034343.TAeon Fantasy Co., Ltd.JPX
8044344.TSourcenext CorporationJPX
8054345.TCTS Co., Ltd.JPX
8064346.TNexyz. Group CorporationJPX
8074348.TInfocom CorporationJPX
8084350.TMedical System Network Co., Ltd.JPX
8094362.TNippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.JPX
8104368.TFuso Chemical Co.,Ltd.JPX
8114369.TTri Chemical Laboratories Inc.JPX
8124373.TSimplex Holdings, Inc.JPX
8134380.TM - mart Inc.JPX
8154382.THEROZ, Inc.JPX
8164384.TRaksul Inc.JPX
8174385.TMercari, Inc.JPX
8184386.TSIG Group Co.,Ltd.JPX
8194387.TZUU Co.,Ltd.JPX
8204389.TProperty Data Bank, Inc.JPX
8214390.TIPS, Inc.JPX
8224391.TLogizard Co.,Ltd.JPX
8234392.TFuture Innovation Group, Inc.JPX
8244393.TBank of Innovation,Inc.JPX
8254394.TeXmotion Co., Ltd.JPX
8264396.TSystem Support Inc.JPX
8274397.TTeamSpirit Inc.JPX
8284398.TBroadBand Security, Inc.JPX
8294401.TAdeka CorporationJPX
8304403.TNOF CorporationJPX
8314404.TMiyoshi Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.JPX
8324406.TNew Japan Chemical Co., Ltd.JPX
8334410.THarima Chemicals Group, Inc.JPX
8344420.TeSOL Co.,Ltd.JPX
8354422.TVALUENEX Japan Inc.JPX
8364423.TARTERIA Networks CorporationJPX
8384425.TKudan Inc.JPX
8394427.TEduLab, Inc.JPX
8404429.TRicksoft Co., Ltd.JPX
8414430.TTokai Soft Co., Ltd.JPX
8424431.TSmaregi, Inc.JPX
8434432.TWingArc1st Inc.JPX
8444433.THITO-Communications Holdings,Inc.JPX
8454434.TServerworks Co.,Ltd.JPX
8464435.Tkaonavi, inc.JPX
8484437.Tgooddays holdings, Inc.JPX
8494438.TWelby Inc.JPX
8504439.TToumei Co.,Ltd.JPX
8514440.TWITZ CorporationJPX
8524441.TTobila Systems Inc.JPX
8534442.TValtes Co., Ltd.JPX
8544443.TSansan, Inc.JPX
8554444.TinfoNet inc.JPX
8564445.TLiving Technologies Inc.JPX
8574446.TLink-U Inc.JPX
8584448.TChatwork Co.,Ltd.JPX
8594449.Tgiftee Inc.JPX
8604450.TPower Solutions, Ltd.JPX
8614452.TKao CorporationJPX
8624461.TDKS Co. Ltd.JPX
8634462.TIshihara Chemical Co., Ltd.JPX
8644463.TNicca Chemical Co.,Ltd.JPX
8654465.TNiitaka Co., Ltd.JPX
8664471.TSanyo Chemical Industries Ltd.JPX
8674475.THennge K.K.JPX
8684476.TAI CROSS Inc.JPX
8694477.TBASE, Inc.JPX
8704478.Tfreee K.K.JPX
8714479.TMakuake, Inc.JPX
8724480.TMedley, Inc.JPX
8734481.TBASE CO., LTD.JPX
8744483.TJMDC Inc.JPX
8754484.TLancers, Inc.JPX
8764485.TJTOWER Inc.JPX
8774486.TUnite and Grow Inc.JPX
8784487.TSpace Market, Inc.JPX
8794488.TAI inside Inc.JPX
8804493.TCyber Security Cloud , Inc.JPX
8814494.TVario Secure Inc.JPX
8824495.Ti3 Systems,Inc.JPX
8834496.TCommerce One Holdings Inc.JPX
8844498.TCybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.JPX
8854502.TTakeda Pharmaceutical Company LimitedJPX
8864503.TAstellas Pharma Inc.JPX
8874506.TSumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.JPX
8884507.TShionogi & Co., Ltd.JPX
8894512.TWakamoto Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.JPX
8904516.TNippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd.JPX
8914519.TChugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
8924521.TKaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
8934523.TEisai Co., Ltd.JPX
8944526.TRiken Vitamin Co., Ltd.JPX
8954527.TRohto Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.JPX
8964528.TOno Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
8974530.THisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.JPX
8984531.TYuki Gosei Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
8994534.TMochida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
9004536.TSanten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
9014538.TFuso Pharmaceutical Industries,Ltd.JPX
9024539.TNippon Chemiphar Co., Ltd.JPX
9034540.TTsumura & Co.JPX
9044541.TNichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
9054543.TTerumo CorporationJPX
9064544.TH.U. Group Holdings, Inc.JPX
9074547.TKissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
9084548.TSeikagaku CorporationJPX
9094549.TEiken Chemical Co., Ltd.JPX
9104550.TNissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
9114551.TTorii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
9124552.TJCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.JPX
9134553.TTowa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
9144554.TFuji Pharma Co., Ltd.JPX
9154559.TZeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
9164563.TAnGes, Inc.JPX
9174564.TOncoTherapy Science, Inc.JPX
9184565.TSosei Group CorporationJPX
9194568.TDaiichi Sankyo Company, LimitedJPX
9204569.TKYORIN Holdings, Inc.JPX
9214571.TNanoCarrier Co., Ltd.JPX
9224572.TCarna Biosciences, Inc.JPX
9234574.TTaiko Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.JPX
9244577.TDaito Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.JPX
9254578.TOtsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
9264579.TRaQualia Pharma Inc.JPX
9274581.TTaisho Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
9284582.TSymBio Pharmaceuticals LimitedJPX
9294587.TPeptiDream Inc.JPX
9304588.TOncolys BioPharma Inc.JPX
9314592.TSanBio Company LimitedJPX
9324593.THealios K.K.JPX
9334594.TBrightPath Biotherapeutics Co., Ltd.JPX
9344595.TMizuho Medy Co.,Ltd.JPX
9354597.TSolasia Pharma K.K.JPX
9374611.TDai Nippon Toryo Company, LimitedJPX
9384612.TNippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
9394613.TKansai Paint Co., Ltd.JPX
9404615.TShinto Paint Company, LimitedJPX
9414617.TChugoku Marine Paints, Ltd.JPX
9424619.TNihon Tokushu Toryo Co., Ltd.JPX
9434620.TFujikura Kasei Co., Ltd.JPX
9444626.TTaiyo Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
9454631.TDIC CorporationJPX
9464633.TSakata INX CorporationJPX
9474634.TToyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
9484636.TT&K Toka Co., Ltd.JPX
9494641.TAltech CorporationJPX
9504651.TSanix IncorporatedJPX
9514653.TDaiohs CorporationJPX
9524658.TNippon Air conditioning Services Co., Ltd.JPX
9534659.TAJIS Co., Ltd.JPX
9544661.TOriental Land Co., Ltd.JPX
9554662.TFocus Systems CorporationJPX
9564665.TDuskin Co., Ltd.JPX
9574666.TPARK24 Co., Ltd.JPX
9584668.TMeiko Network Japan Co., Ltd.JPX
9604674.TCresco Ltd.JPX
9614676.TFuji Media Holdings, Inc.JPX
9624678.TSHUEI YOBIKO Co., Ltd.JPX
9634679.TTAYA Co.,Ltd.JPX
9644680.TRound One CorporationJPX
9654681.TResorttrust, Inc.JPX
9664687.TTDC SOFT Inc.JPX
9674689.TZ Holdings CorporationJPX
9684694.TBML, Inc.JPX
9694704.TTrend Micro IncorporatedJPX
9704708.TRelia, Inc.JPX
9714709.TID Holdings CorporationJPX
9724714.TRiso Kyoiku Co., Ltd.JPX
9734716.TOracle Corporation JapanJPX
9744718.TWaseda Academy Co., Ltd.JPX
9754719.TAlpha Systems Inc.JPX
9764722.TFuture CorporationJPX
9774725.TCAC Holdings CorporationJPX
9784726.TSB Technology Corp.JPX
9794728.TTose Co., Ltd.JPX
9804732.TUSS Co., Ltd.JPX
9814733.TOBIC Business Consultants Co., Ltd.JPX
9824739.TITOCHU Techno-Solutions CorporationJPX
9834743.TITFOR Inc.JPX
9844745.TTokyo Individualized Educational Institute, Inc.JPX
9854746.TToukei Computer Co., Ltd.JPX
9864751.TCyberAgent, Inc.JPX
9874755.TRakuten Group, Inc.JPX
9884761.TSAKURA KCS CorporationJPX
9894762.TXNET CorporationJPX
9904763.TCREEK & RIVER Co., Ltd.JPX
9914765.TMorningstar Japan K.K.JPX
9924767.TTOW Co.,Ltd.JPX
9934768.TOtsuka CorporationJPX
9944771.TF&M Co.,Ltd.JPX
9954776.TCybozu, Inc.JPX
9964792.TYAMADA Consulting Group Co., Ltd.JPX
9974800.TOricon Inc.JPX
9984801.TCentral Sports Co., Ltd.JPX
9994809.TParaca Inc.JPX
10004812.TInformation Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.JPX
10014813.TAccess Co., Ltd.JPX
10024816.TToei Animation Co.,Ltd.JPX
10034819.TDigital Garage, Inc.JPX
10044820.TEM Systems Co., Ltd.JPX
10054825.TWeathernews Inc.JPX
10064826.TComputer Institute of Japan, Ltd.JPX
10074828.TBusiness Engineering CorporationJPX
10084829.TNihon Enterprise Co.,Ltd.JPX
10094832.TJFE Systems, Inc.JPX
10104837.TShidax CorporationJPX
10114839.TWowow Inc.JPX
10124845.TScala, Inc.JPX
10134847.TIntelligent Wave Inc.JPX
10144848.TFullcast Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
10154849.Ten-japan inc.JPX
10164880.TCellSource Co., Ltd.JPX
10174886.TASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
10184887.TSawai Group Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
10194901.TFUJIFILM Holdings CorporationJPX
10204902.TKonica Minolta, Inc.JPX
10214911.TShiseido Company, LimitedJPX
10224912.TLion CorporationJPX
10234914.TTakasago International CorporationJPX
10244917.TMandom CorporationJPX
10254919.TMilbon Co., Ltd.JPX
10264921.TFancl CorporationJPX
10274922.TKOSÉ CorporationJPX
10284923.TCota Co., Ltd.JPX
10294925.THABA Laboratories,Inc.JPX
10304927.TPola Orbis Holdings Inc.JPX
10314928.TNoevir Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
10324929.TAdjuvant Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
10334931.TShinnihonseiyaku Co., Ltd.JPX
10344934.TPremier Anti-Aging Co., Ltd.JPX
10354951.TS.T. CorporationJPX
10364955.TAgro-Kanesho Co., Ltd.JPX
10374956.TKonishi Co., Ltd.JPX
10384958.TT. Hasegawa Co., Ltd.JPX
10394963.TSeiko PMC CorporationJPX
10404966.TC.Uyemura & Co.,Ltd.JPX
10414967.TKobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.JPX
10424968.TArakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd.JPX
10434970.TToyo Gosei Co.,Ltd.JPX
10444971.TMEC Company Ltd.JPX
10454972.TSoken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd.JPX
10464973.TJapan Pure Chemical Co., Ltd.JPX
10474974.TTakara Bio Inc.JPX
10484975.TJCU CorporationJPX
10494977.TNitta Gelatin Inc.JPX
10504978.TReproCELL IncorporatedJPX
10514979.TOAT Agrio Co., Ltd.JPX
10524980.TDexerials CorporationJPX
10534985.TEarth CorporationJPX
10544992.THokko Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
10554994.TTaisei Lamick Co., Ltd.JPX
10564996.TKumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
10574997.TNihon Nohyaku Co., Ltd.JPX
10584998.TFumakilla LimitedJPX
10595009.TFuji Kosan Company, Ltd.JPX
10605011.TNichireki Co., Ltd.JPX
10615013.TYushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
10625015.TBP Castrol K.K.JPX
10635017.TFuji Oil Company, Ltd.JPX
10645018.TMORESCO CorporationJPX
10655019.TIdemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.JPX
10665020.TENEOS Holdings, Inc.JPX
10675021.TCosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
10685074.TTess Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
10695076.TINFRONEER Holdings Inc.JPX
10705101.TThe Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.JPX
10715105.TToyo Tire CorporationJPX
10725108.TBridgestone CorporationJPX
10735110.TSumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.JPX
10755122.TOkamoto Industries, Inc.JPX
10765142.TAchilles CorporationJPX
10775184.TNichirin Co., Ltd.JPX
10785185.TFukoku Co.,Ltd.JPX
10795186.TNitta CorporationJPX
10805187.TCreate Medic Co., Ltd.JPX
10815191.TSumitomo Riko Company LimitedJPX
10825192.TMitsuboshi Belting Ltd.JPX
10835194.TSagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.JPX
10845195.TBando Chemical Industries, Ltd.JPX
10855201.TAGC Inc.JPX
10865202.TNippon Sheet Glass Company, LimitedJPX
10875204.TIshizuka Glass Co., Ltd.JPX
10885208.TArisawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX
10895210.TNihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd.JPX
10905214.TNippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.JPX
10915218.TOhara Inc.JPX
10925232.TSumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.JPX
10935233.TTaiheiyo Cement CorporationJPX
10945237.TNozawa CorporationJPX
10965262.TNippon Hume CorporationJPX
10975269.TNippon Concrete Industries Co., Ltd.JPX
10985273.TMitani Sekisan Co., Ltd.JPX
10995282.TGEOSTR CorporationJPX
11005288.TAsia Pile Holdings CorporationJPX
11015290.TVertex CorporationJPX
11025301.TTokai Carbon Co., Ltd.JPX
11035302.TNippon Carbon Co., Ltd.JPX
11045304.TSec Carbon, LimitedJPX
11055310.TToyo Tanso Co., Ltd.JPX
11065331.TNoritake Co., LimitedJPX
11075332.TToto Ltd.JPX
11085333.TNGK Insulators, Ltd.JPX
11095334.TNGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.JPX
11105337.TDanto Holdings CorporationJPX
11115344.TMaruwa Co., Ltd.JPX
11125351.TShinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd.JPX
11135352.TKrosaki Harima CorporationJPX
11145357.TYotai Refractories Co., Ltd.JPX
11155358.TIsolite Insulating Products Co., Ltd.JPX
11165363.TTYK CorporationJPX
11175367.TNikkato CorporationJPX
11185384.TFujimi IncorporatedJPX
11195388.TKunimine Industries Co., Ltd.JPX
11205391.TA&A Material CorporationJPX
11215393.TNichias CorporationJPX
11225401.TNippon Steel CorporationJPX
11235406.TKobe Steel, Ltd.JPX
11245408.TNakayama Steel Works, Ltd.JPX
11255410.TGodo Steel, Ltd.JPX
11265411.TJFE Holdings, Inc.JPX
11275423.TTokyo Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.JPX
11285440.TKyoei Steel Ltd.JPX
11295444.TYamato Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
11305445.TTokyo Tekko Co., Ltd.JPX
11315449.TOsaka Steel Co., Ltd.JPX
11325451.TYodogawa Steel Works, Ltd.JPX
11335463.TMaruichi Steel Tube Ltd.JPX
11345464.TMory Industries Inc.JPX
11355471.TDaido Steel Co., Ltd.JPX
11365476.TNippon Koshuha Steel Co.,Ltd.JPX
11375480.TNippon Yakin Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
11385481.TSanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd.JPX
11395482.TAichi Steel CorporationJPX
11405486.THitachi Metals, Ltd.JPX
11415491.TNippon Kinzoku Co., Ltd.JPX
11425541.TPacific Metals Co., Ltd.JPX
11435563.TNippon Denko Co., Ltd.JPX
11445602.TKurimoto, Ltd.JPX
11455603.TKogi CorporationJPX
11465612.TNippon Chutetsukan K.K.JPX
11475631.TThe Japan Steel Works, Ltd.JPX
11485632.TMitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX
11495658.TNichia Steel Works, Ltd.JPX
11505659.TNippon Seisen Co.,Ltd.JPX
11515698.TEnvipro Holdings Inc.JPX
11525702.TDaiki Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
11535703.TNippon Light Metal Holdings Company, Ltd.JPX
11545706.TMitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.JPX
11555707.TToho Zinc Co., Ltd.JPX
11565711.TMitsubishi Materials CorporationJPX
11575713.TSumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.JPX
11585714.TDowa Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
11595715.TFurukawa Co.,Ltd.JPX
11605721.TS Science Company, Ltd.JPX
11615726.TOSAKA Titanium technologies Co.,Ltd.JPX
11625727.TToho Titanium Co., Ltd.JPX
11635741.TUACJ CorporationJPX
11645757.TCK SAN-ETSU Co., Ltd.JPX
11655759.TNippon Denkai,Ltd.JPX
11665801.TFurukawa Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
11675802.TSumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.JPX
11685803.TFujikura Ltd.JPX
11695805.TSWCC Showa Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
11705807.TTotoku Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
11715809.TTATSUTA Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.JPX
11725819.TCanare Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
11735821.THirakawa Hewtech Corp.JPX
11745851.TRyobi LimitedJPX
11755852.TAhresty CorporationJPX
11765857.TAsahi Holdings, Inc.JPX
11775901.TToyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.JPX
11785902.THokkan Holdings LimitedJPX
11795909.TCorona CorporationJPX
11805911.TYokogawa Bridge Holdings Corp.JPX
11815915.TKomaihaltec Inc.JPX
11825923.TTAKADAKIKO (Steel Construction) CO.,LTD.JPX
11835929.TSanwa Holdings CorporationJPX
11845930.TBunka Shutter Co., Ltd.JPX
11855932.TSankyo Tateyama, Inc.JPX
11865933.TAlinco IncorporatedJPX
11875936.TToyo Shutter Co., Ltd.JPX
11885938.TLIXIL CorporationJPX
11895940.TFujisash Co.,Ltd.JPX
11905942.TNippon Filcon Co., Ltd.JPX
11915943.TNoritz CorporationJPX
11925946.TChofu Seisakusho Co., Ltd.JPX
11935947.TRinnai CorporationJPX
11945949.TUnipres CorporationJPX
11955951.TDainichi Co., Ltd.JPX
11965957.TNittoseiko Co.,Ltd.JPX
11975958.TSanyo Industries, Ltd.JPX
11985959.TOkabe Co., Ltd.JPX
11995965.TFujimak CorporationJPX
12005970.TG-Tekt CorporationJPX
12015975.TTopre CorporationJPX
12025976.TNeturen Co., Ltd.JPX
12035981.TTokyo Rope Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX
12045985.TSuncall CorporationJPX
12055986.TMolitec Steel Co., Ltd.JPX
12065988.TPIOLAX, Inc.JPX
12075989.TH-One Co.,Ltd.JPX
12085991.TNHK Spring Co., Ltd.JPX
12095992.TChuo Spring Co.,Ltd.JPX
12105998.TAdvanex Inc.JPX
12115999.TIhara Science CorporationJPX
12126005.TMiura Co., Ltd.JPX
12136013.TTakuma Co., Ltd.JPX
12146023.TDaihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX,Inc.JPX
12166028.TTechnoPro Holdings, Inc.JPX
12176029.TArtra Group CorporationJPX
12186030.TAdventure Inc.JPX
12196032.TInterworks, Inc.JPX
12206035.TIR Japan Holdings, Ltd.JPX
12216036.TKeePer Technical Laboratory Co., Ltd.JPX
12236044.TSanki Service CorporationJPX
12246047.TGunosy Inc.JPX
12256048.TDesignOne Japan, Inc.JPX
12266049.TItoKuro Inc.JPX
12276050.TE-Guardian Inc.JPX
12286054.TLivesense Inc.JPX
12306058.TVector Inc.JPX
12326062.TCharm Care CorporationJPX
12336067.TImpact HD Inc.JPX
12346070.TCareerlink Co., Ltd.JPX
12356071.TIBJ, Inc.JPX
12366073.TAsante IncorporatedJPX
12376078.TValue HR Co.,Ltd.JPX
12386080.TM&A Capital Partners Co.,Ltd.JPX
12406083.TERI Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
12416087.TABIST Co.,Ltd.JPX
12426088.TSIGMAXYZ Holdings Inc.JPX
12436089.TWill Group, Inc.JPX
12446093.TEscrow Agent Japan, Inc.JPX
12466096.TRareJob Inc.JPX
12476098.TRecruit Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
12486099.TElan CorporationJPX
12496101.TTsugami CorporationJPX
12506103.TOkuma CorporationJPX
12516104.TShibaura Machine Co.,Ltd.JPX
12526113.TAmada Co., Ltd.JPX
12536118.TAida Engineering, Ltd.JPX
12546121.TTakisawa Machine Tool Co., Ltd.JPX
12556125.TOkamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd.JPX
12566134.TFuji CorporationJPX
12576135.TMakino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.JPX
12586136.TOSG CorporationJPX
12596138.TDijet Industrial Co., Ltd.JPX
12606140.TAsahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.JPX
12616141.TDMG Mori Co., Ltd.JPX
12626143.TSodick Co., Ltd.JPX
12636145.TNittoku Co., Ltd.JPX
12646146.TDisco CorporationJPX
12656151.TNitto Kohki Co., Ltd.JPX
12666157.TNS Tool Co., Ltd.JPX
12676165.TPunch Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
12686167.TFuji Die Co.,Ltd.JPX
12696171.TC.E.Management Integrated Laboratory Co.LtdJPX
12706175.TNet Marketing Co. Ltd.JPX
12716178.TJapan Post Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
12726183.TBELLSYSTEM24 Holdings, Inc.JPX
12736184.TKamakura Shinsho, Ltd.JPX
12746185.TSMN CorporationJPX
12756186.TIchikura Co., Ltd.JPX
12766189.TGlobal Kids Company Corp.JPX
12776191.TAirTrip Corp.JPX
12786194.TAtrae, Inc.JPX
12796196.TStrike Company,LimitedJPX
12806197.TSolasto CorporationJPX
12816199.TSERAKU Co., Ltd.JPX
12826200.TInsource Co., Ltd.JPX
12836201.TToyota Industries CorporationJPX
12846203.THowa Machinery, Ltd.JPX
12856205.TOKK CorporationJPX
12866208.TIshikawa Seisakusho, Ltd.JPX
12876210.TToyo Machinery & Metal Co., Ltd.JPX
12886217.TTsudakoma Corp.JPX
12896218.TENSHU LimitedJPX
12906222.TShima Seiki Mfg.,Ltd.JPX
12916232.TACSL Ltd.JPX
12926235.TOptorun Co.,Ltd.JPX
12936236.TNC Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
12946237.TIwaki Co., Ltd.JPX
12956238.TFURYU CorporationJPX
12966240.TYamashin-Filter Corp.JPX
12986247.THisaka Works, Ltd.JPX
12996250.TYamabiko CorporationJPX
13006254.TNomura Micro Science Co., Ltd.JPX
13016255.TNPC IncorporatedJPX
13026258.THirata CorporationJPX
13036262.TPegasus Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX
13046264.TMarumae Co.,Ltd.JPX
13056266.TTazmo Co., Ltd.JPX
13066268.TNabtesco CorporationJPX
13076269.TMODEC, Inc.JPX
13086272.TRheon Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.JPX
13096273.TSMC CorporationJPX
13106277.THosokawa Micron CorporationJPX
13116278.TUnion Tool Co.JPX
13126279.TZuiko CorporationJPX
13136282.TOiles CorporationJPX
13146284.TNissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd.JPX
13156287.TSato Holdings CorporationJPX
13166289.TGiken Ltd.JPX
13176291.TAirtech Japan, Ltd.JPX
13186292.TKawata Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX
13196293.TNissei Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd.JPX
13206294.TOkada Aiyon CorporationJPX
13216298.TY.A.C. Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
13226301.TKomatsu Ltd.JPX
13236302.TSumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.JPX
13246305.THitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.JPX
13256306.TNikko Co., Ltd.JPX
13266309.TTomoe Engineering Co., Ltd.JPX
13276310.TIseki & Co., Ltd.JPX
13286312.TFreund CorporationJPX
13296315.TTOWA CorporationJPX
13306316.TMaruyama Mfg. Co., Inc.JPX
13316317.TKitagawa CorporationJPX
13326319.TSNT CorporationJPX
13336323.TRorze CorporationJPX
13346324.THarmonic Drive Systems Inc.JPX
13356325.TTakakita Co., Ltd.JPX
13366326.TKubota CorporationJPX
13376328.TEbara Jitsugyo Co.,Ltd.JPX
13386330.TToyo Engineering CorporationJPX
13396331.TMitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd.JPX
13406332.TTsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.JPX
13416333.TTeikoku Electric Mfg.Co.,Ltd.JPX
13426335.TTokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd.JPX
13446340.TShibuya CorporationJPX
13456345.TAichi CorporationJPX
13466349.TKomori CorporationJPX
13476351.TTsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.JPX
13486355.TSumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.JPX
13496356.TNippon Gear Co., Ltd.JPX
13506357.TSansei Technologies, Inc.JPX
13516358.TSakai Heavy Industries, Ltd.JPX
13526361.TEbara CorporationJPX
13536362.TIshii Iron Works Co., Ltd.JPX
13546363.TTorishima Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX
13556364.THokuetsu Industries Co., Ltd.JPX
13566366.TChiyoda CorporationJPX
13576367.TDaikin Industries,Ltd.JPX
13586368.TOrgano CorporationJPX
13596369.TToyo Kanetsu K.K.JPX
13606370.TKurita Water Industries Ltd.JPX
13616371.TTsubakimoto Chain Co.JPX
13626373.TDaido Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
13636376.TNikkiso Co., Ltd.JPX
13646378.TKimura Chemical Plants Co., Ltd.JPX
13656379.TRAIZNEXT CorporationJPX
13666381.TANEST IWATA CorporationJPX
13676383.TDaifuku Co., Ltd.JPX
13686384.TShowa Shinku Co., Ltd.JPX
13696387.TSAMCO Inc.JPX
13706390.TKato Works Co.,Ltd.JPX
13716393.TYuken Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
13726395.TTadano Ltd.JPX
13736406.TFujitec Co., Ltd.JPX
13746407.TCKD CorporationJPX
13756409.TKITO CorporationJPX
13766412.THeiwa CorporationJPX
13776413.TRiso Kagaku CorporationJPX
13786417.TSankyo Co., Ltd.JPX
13796418.TJapan Cash Machine Co., Ltd.JPX
13806419.TMars Group Holdings CorporationJPX
13816420.TFukushima Galilei Co.Ltd.JPX
13826425.TUniversal Entertainment CorporationJPX
13836428.TOIZUMI CorporationJPX
13846430.TDaikoku Denki Co., Ltd.JPX
13856432.TTakeuchi Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX
13866436.TAmano CorporationJPX
13876440.TJuki CorporationJPX
13886444.TSanden CorporationJPX
13896445.TJANOME CorporationJPX
13906448.TBrother Industries, Ltd.JPX
13916454.TMax Co., Ltd.JPX
13926455.TMorita Holdings CorporationJPX
13936457.TGlory Ltd.JPX
13946458.TSinko Industries Ltd.JPX
13956459.TDaiwa Industries Ltd.JPX
13966460.TSega Sammy Holdings Inc.JPX
13976461.TNippon Piston Ring Co., Ltd.JPX
13986462.TRiken CorporationJPX
13996463.TTPR Co., Ltd.JPX
14006464.TTsubaki Nakashima Co., Ltd.JPX
14016465.THoshizaki CorporationJPX
14026470.TTaiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
14036471.TNSK Ltd.JPX
14046472.TNTN CorporationJPX
14056473.TJTEKT CorporationJPX
14066474.TNachi-Fujikoshi Corp.JPX
14076479.TMinebeaMitsumi Inc.JPX
14086480.TNippon Thompson Co., Ltd.JPX
14096481.TTHK Co., Ltd.JPX
14106482.TYushin Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.JPX
14116485.TMaezawa Kyuso Industries Co.,Ltd.JPX
14126486.TEagle Industry Co.,Ltd.JPX
14136489.TMaezawa Industries, Inc.JPX
14146490.TNippon Pillar Packing Co., Ltd.JPX
14156493.TNITTAN CorporationJPX
14166496.TNakakita Seisakusho Co., Ltd.JPX
14176498.TKITZ CorporationJPX
14186501.THitachi, Ltd.JPX
14196502.TToshiba CorporationJPX
14206503.TMitsubishi Electric CorporationJPX
14216504.TFuji Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
14226505.TToyo Denki Seizo K.K.JPX
14236506.TYASKAWA Electric CorporationJPX
14246507.TSinfonia Technology Co.,Ltd.JPX
14256508.TMeidensha CorporationJPX
14266513.TOrigin Company, LimitedJPX
14276516.TSanyo Denki Co., Ltd.JPX
14286517.TDenyo Co., Ltd.JPX
14296521.TOXIDE CorporationJPX
14306523.TPHC Holdings CorporationJPX
14316532.TBayCurrent Consulting, Inc.JPX
14326533.TOrchestra Holdings Inc.JPX
14336535.Ti-mobile Co.,Ltd.JPX
14346538.TCareerIndex Inc.JPX
14356539.TMatching Service Japan Co., Ltd.JPX
14366540.TSemba CorporationJPX
14376541.TGrace Technology, Inc.JPX
14386544.TJapan Elevator Service Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
14396546.TFulltech Co.Ltd.JPX
14406547.TGreens Co.,Ltd.JPX
14416549.TDM Solutions Co.,LtdJPX
14426550.TUnipos Inc.JPX
14436551.TTsunagu Group Holdings, Inc.JPX
14446552.TGameWith Inc.JPX
14456553.TSoldOut, Inc.JPX
14466555.TMS&Consulting Co., Ltd.JPX
14476556.TWelbe, Inc.JPX
14486560.TLTS, Inc.JPX
14496562.TGeniee, Inc.JPX
14506564.TMidac Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
14516569.TNisso CorporationJPX
14526571.TQB Net Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
14536572.TRPA Holdings, Inc.JPX
14546573.TAgile Media Network Inc.JPX
14556578.TNLINKS Co., Ltd.JPX
14576580.TWriteup Co.,Ltd.JPX
14586584.TSanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.JPX
14596586.TMakita CorporationJPX
14606588.TToshiba Tec CorporationJPX
14616590.TShibaura Mechatronics CorporationJPX
14626592.TMabuchi Motor Co., Ltd.JPX
14636594.TNidec CorporationJPX
14656615.TUMC Electronics Co., Ltd.JPX
14666616.TTorex Semiconductor Ltd.JPX
14676617.TTakaoka Toko Co., Ltd.JPX
14686619.TW-SCOPE CorporationJPX
14696620.TMiyakoshi Holdings, Inc.JPX
14706622.TDAIHEN CorporationJPX
14716626.TSEMITEC CorporationJPX
14726627.TTera Probe, Inc.JPX
14736629.TTechno Horizon Co.,Ltd.JPX
14746630.TYa-Man Ltd.JPX
14756632.TJVCKENWOOD CorporationJPX
14766637.TTerasaki Electric Co.,Ltd.JPX
14776638.TMimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.JPX
14786640.TI-PEX Inc.JPX
14796641.TNissin Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
14806643.TTogami Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX
14816644.TOsaki Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
14826645.TOMRON CorporationJPX
14836651.TNitto Kogyo CorporationJPX
14846652.TIDEC CorporationJPX
14856653.TSeiko Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
14866654.TFuji Electric Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
14876656.Tinspec Inc.JPX
14886670.TMCJ Co., Ltd.JPX
14896674.TGS Yuasa CorporationJPX
14906675.TSAXA Holdings, Inc.JPX
14916676.TMelco Holdings Inc.JPX
14926677.TSK-Electronics CO.,LTD.JPX
14936678.TTechno Medica Co., Ltd.JPX
14946696.TTRaaS On Product Inc.JPX
14956697.TTechpoint, Inc.JPX
14966699.TDiamond Electric Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
14976701.TNEC CorporationJPX
14986702.TFujitsu LimitedJPX
14996703.TOki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
15006704.TIwatsu Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
15016706.TDKK Co., Ltd.JPX
15026707.TSanken Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
15036715.TNakayo, Inc.JPX
15046718.TAiphone Co.,Ltd.JPX
15056723.TRenesas Electronics CorporationJPX
15066724.TSeiko Epson CorporationJPX
15076727.TWacom Co., Ltd.JPX
15086728.TULVAC, Inc.JPX
15096730.TAXELL CorporationJPX
15106736.TSun CorporationJPX
15116737.TEIZO CorporationJPX
15126740.TJapan Display Inc.JPX
15136741.TNippon Signal Co., Ltd.JPX
15146742.TKyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.JPX
15156744.TNohmi Bosai Ltd.JPX
15166745.THochiki CorporationJPX
15176748.TSeiwa Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.JPX
15186750.TElecom Co., Ltd.JPX
15196752.TPanasonic Holdings CorporationJPX
15206753.TSharp CorporationJPX
15216754.TAnritsu CorporationJPX
15226755.TFujitsu General LimitedJPX
15236758.TSony Group CorporationJPX
15246762.TTDK CorporationJPX
15256763.TTeikoku Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
15266768.TTamura CorporationJPX
15276770.TAlps Alpine Co., Ltd.JPX
15286771.TIkegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd.JPX
15296779.TNihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
15306785.TSuzuki Co.,Ltd.JPX
15316787.TMeiko Electronics Co., Ltd.JPX
15326788.TNihon Trim Co., Ltd.JPX
15336789.TRoland DG CorporationJPX
15346794.TFoster Electric Company, LimitedJPX
15356798.TSMK CorporationJPX
15366800.TYokowo Co., Ltd.JPX
15376803.TTeac CorporationJPX
15386804.THosiden CorporationJPX
15396806.THirose Electric Co.,Ltd.JPX
15406807.TJapan Aviation Electronics Industry, LimitedJPX
15416809.TTOA CorporationJPX
15426810.TMaxell, Ltd.JPX
15436814.TFuruno Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
15446815.TUniden Holdings CorporationJPX
15456817.TSumida CorporationJPX
15466820.TIcom IncorporatedJPX
15476823.TRion Co., Ltd.JPX
15486826.THonda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
15496841.TYokogawa Electric CorporationJPX
15506844.TShindengen Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.JPX
15516845.TAzbil CorporationJPX
15526848.TDkk-Toa CorporationJPX
15536849.TNihon Kohden CorporationJPX
15546850.TChino CorporationJPX
15556853.TKyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd.JPX
15566855.TJapan Electronic Materials CorporationJPX
15576856.THORIBA, Ltd.JPX
15586857.TAdvantest CorporationJPX
15596858.TOno Sokki Co., Ltd.JPX
15606859.TEspec Corp.JPX
15616861.TKeyence CorporationJPX
15626866.THioki E.E. CorporationJPX
15636869.TSysmex CorporationJPX
15646871.TMicronics Japan Co., Ltd.JPX
15656875.TMegaChips CorporationJPX
15666877.TObara Group IncorporatedJPX
15686881.TKyoden Company, LimitedJPX
15696882.TSansha Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.JPX
15706890.TFerrotec Holdings CorporationJPX
15716899.TAsti CorporationJPX
15726901.TSawafuji Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
15736902.TDENSO CorporationJPX
15746904.THarada Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
15756905.TCosel Co., Ltd.JPX
15766908.TIriso Electronics Co., Ltd.JPX
15776914.TOPTEX GROUP Company, LimitedJPX
15786915.TChiyoda Integre Co.,Ltd.JPX
15796916.TI-O Data Device, Inc.JPX
15806918.TAval Data CorporationJPX
15816920.TLasertec CorporationJPX
15826923.TStanley Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
15836924.TIwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
15846925.TUshio Inc.JPX
15856926.TOkaya Electric Industries Co., Ltd.JPX
15866927.THelios Techno Holding Co., Ltd.JPX
15876928.TEnomoto Co.,Ltd.JPX
15886929.TNippon Ceramic Co., Ltd.JPX
15896932.TENDO Lighting CorporationJPX
15906937.TThe Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd.JPX
15916938.TSoshin Electric Co.,Ltd.JPX
15926941.TYamaichi Electronics Co.,Ltd.JPX
15936947.TZuken Inc.JPX
15946951.TJEOL Ltd.JPX
15956952.TCasio Computer Co.,Ltd.JPX
15966954.TFanuc CorporationJPX
15976955.TFDK CorporationJPX
15986957.TShibaura Electronics Co.,Ltd.JPX
15996958.TCMK CorporationJPX
16006960.TFukuda Denshi Co., Ltd.JPX
16016961.TEnplas CorporationJPX
16026962.TDaishinku Corp.JPX
16036963.TROHM Co., Ltd.JPX
16046965.THamamatsu Photonics K.K.JPX
16056966.TMitsui High-tec, Inc.JPX
16066967.TShinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.JPX
16076971.TKyocera CorporationJPX
16086973.TKyoei Sangyo Co.,Ltd.JPX
16096976.TTaiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.JPX
16106981.TMurata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.JPX
16116986.TFutaba CorporationJPX
16126988.TNitto Denko CorporationJPX
16136989.THokuriku Electric Industry Co.,Ltd.JPX
16146994.TShizuki Electric Company Inc.JPX
16156995.TTokai Rika Co., Ltd.JPX
16166996.TNichicon CorporationJPX
16176997.TNippon Chemi-Con CorporationJPX
16186998.TNippon Tungsten Co., Ltd.JPX
16196999.TKOA CorporationJPX
16207003.TMitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
16217004.THitachi Zosen CorporationJPX
16227011.TMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.JPX
16237012.TKawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.JPX
16247013.TIHI CorporationJPX
16257014.TNamura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.JPX
16267022.TSanoyas Holdings CorporationJPX
16277030.TSPRIX, Ltd.JPX
16287033.TManagement Solutions co.,Ltd.JPX
16297034.TProred Partners CO.,LTD.JPX
16307035.Tand factory,inc.JPX
16317037.Tteno. Holdings Company LimitedJPX
16327038.TFrontier Management Inc.JPX
16337044.TPiala Inc.JPX
16347046.TTDSE Inc.JPX
16357059.TCOPRO-HOLDINGS. Co., Ltd.JPX
16367060.Tgeechs inc.JPX
16377061.TJapan Hospice Holdings Inc.JPX
16387064.THowtelevision, Inc.JPX
16397065.TUPR CorporationJPX
16407068.TFeedforce Group Inc.JPX
16417069.TCyberBuzz, Inc.JPX
16427072.TIntimate Merger, Inc.JPX
16437077.TALiNK Internet, Inc.JPX
16447082.TJimoty, Inc.JPX
16467088.TForum Engineering Inc.JPX
16477089.Tfor Startups, Inc.JPX
16487092.TFast Fitness Japan IncorporatedJPX
16497093.Tadish Co., Ltd.JPX
16507094.TNexTone Inc.JPX
16517095.TMacbee Planet,Inc.JPX
16527102.TNippon Sharyo, Ltd.JPX
16537105.TMitsubishi Logisnext Co., Ltd.JPX
16547122.TThe Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd.JPX
16557127.TIkka Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
16567128.TMARUKA FURUSATO CorporationJPX
16577130.TYamae Group Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
16587148.TFinancial Products Group Co., Ltd.JPX
16597150.TThe Shimane Bank,Ltd.JPX
16607157.TLifenet Insurance CompanyJPX
16617161.TJimoto Holdings, Inc.JPX
16637167.TMebuki Financial Group, Inc.JPX
16647172.TJapan Investment Adviser Co., Ltd.JPX
16657173.TTokyo Kiraboshi Financial Group, Inc.JPX
16667177.TGMO Financial Holdings, Inc.JPX
16677180.TKyushu Financial Group, Inc.JPX
16687181.TJapan Post Insurance Co., Ltd.JPX
16707183.TAnshin Guarantor Service Co., Ltd.JPX
16717184.TThe First Bank Of Toyama, Ltd.JPX
16727186.TConcordia Financial Group, Ltd.JPX
16737187.TJ-Lease Co.,Ltd.JPX
16747189.TNishi-Nippon Financial Holdings, Inc.JPX
16757191.TEntrust Inc.JPX
16767192.TMortgage Service Japan LimitedJPX
16777196.TCasa Inc.JPX
16787198.TARUHI CorporationJPX
16797199.TPremium Group Co., Ltd.JPX
16807201.TNissan Motor Co., Ltd.JPX
16817205.THino Motors, Ltd.JPX
16827211.TMitsubishi Motors CorporationJPX
16837212.TF-Tech Inc.JPX
16847213.TLecip Holdings CorporationJPX
16857214.TGMB CorporationJPX
16867215.TFaltec Co., Ltd.JPX
16877220.TMusashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
16887222.TNissan Shatai Co., Ltd.JPX
16897224.TShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.JPX
16907226.TKyokuto Kaihatsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd.JPX
16917231.TTopy Industries, LimitedJPX
16927236.TT.RAD Co., Ltd.JPX
16937238.TAkebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
16947239.TTACHI-S Co., Ltd.JPX
16957240.TNOK CorporationJPX
16967241.TFutaba Industrial Co., Ltd.JPX
16977242.TKYB CorporationJPX
16987244.TIchikoh Industries, Ltd.JPX
16997245.TDaido Metal Co., Ltd.JPX
17007246.TPress Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
17017247.TMikuni CorporationJPX
17027250.TPacific Industrial Co., Ltd.JPX
17037254.TUnivance CorporationJPX
17047256.TKasai Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
17057259.TAisin CorporationJPX
17067261.TMazda Motor CorporationJPX
17077266.TImasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.JPX
17087267.THonda Motor Co., Ltd.JPX
17097269.TSuzuki Motor CorporationJPX
17107270.TSubaru CorporationJPX
17117271.TYasunaga CorporationJPX
17127272.TYamaha Motor Co., Ltd.JPX
17137276.TKoito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.JPX
17147277.TTBK Co., Ltd.JPX
17157278.TEXEDY CorporationJPX
17167279.THi-Lex CorporationJPX
17177280.TMitsuba CorporationJPX
17187282.TToyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.JPX
17197283.TAisan Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
17207284.TMeiwa Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
17217287.TNippon Seiki Co., Ltd.JPX
17227291.TNihon Plast Co., Ltd.JPX
17237294.TYorozu CorporationJPX
17247296.TF.C.C. Co., Ltd.JPX
17257298.TYachiyo Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
17267305.TAraya Industrial Co., Ltd.JPX
17277309.TShimano Inc.JPX
17287313.TTS TECH Co., Ltd.JPX
17297315.TIJTT Co., Ltd.JPX
17307322.TSan ju San Financial Group,Inc.JPX
17317326.TSBI Insurance Group Co., Ltd.JPX
17327327.TDaishi Hokuetsu Financial Group, Inc.JPX
17337337.THirogin Holdings, Inc.JPX
17347342.TWealthNavi Inc.JPX
17357347.TMercuria Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
17367350.TOkinawa Financial Group,Inc.JPX
17377353.TKIYO Learning Co.,Ltd.JPX
17387354.TDirect Marketing MiX Inc.JPX
17397356.TRetty Inc.JPX
17407357.TGEOCODE CO.,Ltd.JPX
17417358.TPoppins CorporationJPX
17427359.TTokyoTsushin, Inc.JPX
17437363.Tbaby calendar Inc.JPX
17447366.TLITALICO Inc.JPX
17457371.TZenken CorporationJPX
17467376.TBCC Co., Ltd.JPX
17477378.TASIRO Inc.JPX
17487380.TJuroku Financial Group,Inc.JPX
17497381.THokkoku Financial Holdings, Inc.JPX
17507383.TNet Protections Holdings, Inc.JPX
17517384.TProcrea Holdings, Inc.JPX
17527408.TJAMCO CorporationJPX
17537412.TATOM CorporationJPX
17547414.TOnoken Co., Ltd.JPX
17557416.THaruyama Holdings Inc.JPX
17567417.TNANYO CorporationJPX
17577419.TNojima CorporationJPX
17587420.TSatori Electric Co., Ltd.JPX
17597421.TKappa Create Co., Ltd.JPX
17607427.TEcho Trading Co., Ltd.JPX
17617433.THakuto Co., Ltd.JPX
17627435.TNadex Co., Ltd.JPX
17637438.TKondotec Inc.JPX
17647442.TNakayamafuku Co.,Ltd.JPX
17657445.TRIGHT ON Co., Ltd.JPX
17667447.TNagaileben Co., Ltd.JPX
17677451.TMitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.JPX
17687453.TRyohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.JPX
17697455.TParis Miki Holdings Inc.JPX
17717458.TDaiichikosho Co., Ltd.JPX
17727459.TMediPal Holdings CorporationJPX
17737463.TAdvan Group Co., Ltd.JPX
17747466.TSPK CorporationJPX
17757467.THagiwara Electric Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
17767475.TALBIS Co.,Ltd.JPX
17777476.TAS ONE CorporationJPX
17787480.TSuzuden CorporationJPX
17797481.TOie Sangyo Co., Ltd.JPX
17807482.TShimojima Co., Ltd.JPX
17817483.TDoshisha Co.,Ltd.JPX
17827487.TOzu CorporationJPX
17837494.TKonaka Co.,Ltd.JPX
17847504.TKohsoku CorporationJPX
17857506.THOUSE OF ROSE Co.,Ltd.JPX
17867508.TG-7 Holdings Inc.JPX
17877510.TTakebishi CorporationJPX
17887512.TAeon Hokkaido CorporationJPX
17897513.TKojima Co.,Ltd.JPX
17907514.THIMARAYA Co.,Ltd.JPX
17917516.TKohnan Shoji Co., Ltd.JPX
17927518.TNet One Systems Co., Ltd.JPX
17937522.TWatami Co., Ltd.JPX
17947524.TMarche CorporationJPX
17957525.TRix CorporationJPX
17967527.TSystemSoft CorporationJPX
17977532.TPan Pacific International Holdings CorporationJPX
17987537.TMarubun CorporationJPX
18007545.TNishimatsuya Chain Co., Ltd.JPX
18017550.TZensho Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
18027552.THappinet CorporationJPX
18037554.TKourakuen Holdings CorporationJPX
18047561.THurxley CorporationJPX
18057564.TWorkman Co.,Ltd.JPX
18067570.THashimoto Sogyo Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
18077575.TJapan Lifeline Co., Ltd.JPX
18087581.TSaizeriya Co.,Ltd.JPX
18097590.TTakasho Co.,Ltd.JPX
18107593.TVt Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
18127596.TUoriki Co., Ltd.JPX
18137599.TIDOM Inc.JPX
18147600.TJapan Medical Dynamic Marketing, INC.JPX
18157601.TPoplar Co., Ltd.JPX
18167605.TFuji CorporationJPX
18177606.TUnited Arrows Ltd.JPX
18187607.TShinwa Co., Ltd.JPX
18197608.TSK Japan Co.,Ltd.JPX
18207609.TDaitron Co., Ltd.JPX
18217611.THiday Hidaka Corp.JPX
18227613.TSIIX CorporationJPX
18237615.TYU-WA Creation Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
18247616.TColowide Co.,Ltd.JPX
18257618.TPC Depot CorporationJPX
18267619.TTanaka Co.,Ltd.JPX
18277628.TOhashi Technica Inc.JPX
18287630.TIchibanya Co., Ltd.JPX
18297636.THandsman Co., Ltd.JPX
18307637.THakudo Co., Ltd.JPX
18317640.TTOP CULTURE Co.,Ltd.JPX
18327646.TPLANT Co.,Ltd.JPX
18337649.TSugi Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
18347671.TAmidA Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
18357673.TDaiko Tsusan Co.,Ltd.JPX
18377685.TBuySell Technologies Co.,Ltd.JPX
18397695.TKoukandekirukun, Inc.JPX
18407701.TShimadzu CorporationJPX
18417702.TJMS Co.,Ltd.JPX
18427705.TGL Sciences Inc.JPX
18437707.TPrecision System Science Co., Ltd.JPX
18447709.TKUBOTEK CorporationJPX
18457715.TNagano Keiki Co., Ltd.JPX
18467716.TNakanishi Inc.JPX
18477717.TV Technology Co., Ltd.JPX
18487718.TStar Micronics Co., Ltd.JPX
18507722.TKokusai Co., Ltd.JPX
18517723.TAichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd.JPX
18527725.TInter Action CorporationJPX
18537727.TOVAL CorporationJPX
18547729.TTokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd.JPX
18557730.TMani, Inc.JPX
18567731.TNikon CorporationJPX
18577732.TTopcon CorporationJPX
18587733.TOlympus CorporationJPX
18597734.TRiken Keiki Co., Ltd.JPX
18607735.TSCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
18617739.TCanon Electronics Inc.JPX
18627740.TTamron Co.,Ltd.JPX
18637741.THOYA CorporationJPX
18647743.TSEED Co.,Ltd.JPX
18657744.TNoritsu Koki Co., Ltd.JPX
18667745.TA&D HOLON Holdings Company LimitedJPX
18677747.TAsahi Intecc Co., Ltd.JPX
18687751.TCanon Inc.JPX
18697752.TRicoh Company, Ltd.JPX
18707762.TCitizen Watch Co., Ltd.JPX
18717769.TRhythm Co.,Ltd.JPX
18727775.TDaiken Medical Co., Ltd.JPX
18737777.T3-D Matrix, Ltd.JPX
18757780.TMenicon Co., Ltd.JPX
18767782.TSincere Co., LTD.JPX
18777803.TBushiroad Inc.JPX
18787806.TMTG Co., Ltd.JPX
18797811.TNakamoto Packs Co.,Ltd.JPX
18807816.TSnow Peak, Inc.JPX
18817817.TParamount Bed Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
18837819.TSHOBIDO CorporationJPX
18847820.TNihon Flush Co., Ltd.JPX
18857821.TMaeda Kosen Co., Ltd.JPX
18867822.TEidai Co.,Ltd.JPX
18877823.TArtnature Inc.JPX
18887826.TFuruya Metal Co., Ltd.JPX
18897832.TBANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.JPX
18907833.TIFIS Japan Ltd.JPX
18917838.TKyoritsu Printing Co., Ltd.JPX
18927839.TShoei Co., Ltd.JPX
18937840.TFrance Bed Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
18947844.TMarvelous Inc.JPX
18957846.TPilot CorporationJPX
18967856.THagihara Industries Inc.JPX
18977860.TAvex Inc.JPX
18987862.TToppan Forms Co., Ltd.JPX
18997864.TFuji Seal International, Inc.JPX
19007867.TTOMY Company, Ltd.JPX
19017868.TKOSAIDO Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
19027872.TEstelle Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
19037874.TLEC, Inc.JPX
19047885.TTakano Co.,Ltd.JPX
19057888.TSanko Gosei Ltd.JPX
19067893.TPRONEXUS Inc.JPX
19077897.THokushin Co., Ltd.JPX
19087898.TWood One Co.,Ltd.JPX
19097905.TDaiken CorporationJPX
19107906.TYONEX Co., Ltd.JPX
19117908.TKimoto Co., Ltd.JPX
19127911.TToppan Inc.JPX
19137912.TDai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.JPX
19147914.TKyodo Printing Co., Ltd.JPX
19157915.TNissha Co., Ltd.JPX
19167916.TMitsumura Printing Co., Ltd.JPX
19177917.TFujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
19187918.TVIA Holdings,Inc.JPX
19197921.TTakara & Company Ltd.JPX
19207925.TMaezawa Kasei Industries Co., Ltd.JPX
19217931.TMirai Industry Co.,Ltd.JPX
19237936.TASICS CorporationJPX
19247937.TTsutsumi Jewelry Co.,Ltd.JPX
19257940.TWavelock Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
19267942.TJSP CorporationJPX
19277943.TNichiha CorporationJPX
19287944.TRoland CorporationJPX
19297947.TFP CorporationJPX
19307949.TKomatsu Wall Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
19317951.TYamaha CorporationJPX
19327952.TKawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.JPX
19337955.TCleanup CorporationJPX
19347956.TPigeon CorporationJPX
19357958.TTenma CorporationJPX
19367961.TKanematsu Sustech CorporationJPX
19377962.TKing Jim Co., Ltd.JPX
19387965.TZojirushi CorporationJPX
19397966.TLINTEC CorporationJPX
19407970.TShin-Etsu Polymer Co.,Ltd.JPX
19417971.TTOLI CorporationJPX
19427972.TItoki CorporationJPX
19437974.TNintendo Co., Ltd.JPX
19447976.TMitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.JPX
19457979.TShofu Inc.JPX
19467981.TTakara Standard Co.,Ltd.JPX
19477984.TKokuyo Co., Ltd.JPX
19487987.TNakabayashi Co., Ltd.JPX
19497988.TNifco Inc.JPX
19507989.TTachikawa CorporationJPX
19517990.TGloberide, Inc.JPX
19527994.TOkamura CorporationJPX
19537995.TValqua, Ltd.JPX
19547999.TMutoh Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
19558001.TITOCHU CorporationJPX
19568002.TMarubeni CorporationJPX
19578005.TScroll CorporationJPX
19588006.TYuasa Funashoku Co., Ltd.JPX
19598007.TTakashima & Co., Ltd.JPX
19608008.TYondoshi Holdings Inc.JPX
19618011.TSanyo Shokai Ltd.JPX
19628012.TNagase & Co., Ltd.JPX
19638013.TNaigai Co.,Ltd.JPX
19648014.TChori Co., Ltd.JPX
19658015.TToyota Tsusho CorporationJPX
19668016.TOnward Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
19678018.TSankyo Seiko Co., Ltd.JPX
19688020.TKanematsu CorporationJPX
19698022.TMizuno CorporationJPX
19708025.TTsukamoto Corporation Co., Ltd.JPX
19718029.TLook Holdings IncorporatedJPX
19728031.TMitsui & Co., Ltd.JPX
19738032.TJapan Pulp and Paper Company LimitedJPX
19748035.TTokyo Electron LimitedJPX
19758037.TKamei CorporationJPX
19768038.TTohto Suisan Co., Ltd.JPX
19778041.TOUG Holdings Inc.JPX
19788043.TStarzen Company LimitedJPX
19798046.TMarufuji Sheet Piling Co.,Ltd.JPX
19808050.TSeiko Holdings CorporationJPX
19818051.TYamazen CorporationJPX
19828052.TTsubakimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.JPX
19838053.TSumitomo CorporationJPX
19848056.TBiprogy Inc.JPX
19858057.TUchida Yoko Co., Ltd.JPX
19868058.TMitsubishi CorporationJPX
19878059.TDaiichi Jitsugyo Co., Ltd.JPX
19888060.TCanon Marketing Japan Inc.JPX
19898061.TSeika CorporationJPX
19908065.TSato Shoji CorporationJPX
19918066.TMitani CorporationJPX
19928068.TRyoyo Electro CorporationJPX
19938070.TTokyo Sangyo Co., Ltd.JPX
19948074.TYuasa Trading Co., Ltd.JPX
19958075.TShinsho CorporationJPX
19968077.TTORQ Inc.JPX
19978078.THanwa Co., Ltd.JPX
19988079.TShoei Foods CorporationJPX
19998081.TKanaden CorporationJPX
20008084.TRyoden CorporationJPX
20018085.TNarasaki Sangyo Co., Ltd.JPX
20028086.TNipro CorporationJPX
20038088.TIwatani CorporationJPX
20048089.TNice CorporationJPX
20058091.TNichimo Co., Ltd.JPX
20068093.TKyokuto Boeki Kaisha, Ltd.JPX
20078095.TAstena Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
20088096.TKanematsu Electronics Ltd.JPX
20098097.TSan-Ai Obbli Co., Ltd.JPX
20108098.TInabata & Co.,Ltd.JPX
20118101.TGSI Creos CorporationJPX
20128103.TMeiwa CorporationJPX
20138104.TKUWAZAWA Holdings CorporationJPX
20148107.TKimuratan CorporationJPX
20158111.TGoldwin Inc.JPX
20168113.TUnicharm CorporationJPX
20178114.TDescente Ltd.JPX
20188117.TCentral Automotive Products Ltd.JPX
20198118.TKING Co., Ltd.JPX
20208125.TWakita & Co.,LTD.JPX
20218127.TYamato International Inc.JPX
20228129.TToho Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
20238130.TSangetsu CorporationJPX
20248131.TMitsuuroko Group Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
20258132.TSinanen Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
20268133.TItochu Enex Co.,Ltd.JPX
20278135.TZett CorporationJPX
20288136.TSanrio Company, Ltd.JPX
20298137.TSun-Wa Technos CorporationJPX
20308140.TRyosan Company, LimitedJPX
20318141.TShinko Shoji Co., Ltd.JPX
20328142.TToho Co., Ltd.JPX
20338150.TSanshin Electronics Co., Ltd.JPX
20348151.TTOYO CorporationJPX
20358153.TMos Food Services, Inc.JPX
20368154.TKaga Electronics Co.,Ltd.JPX
20378155.TMimasu Semiconductor Industry Co., Ltd.JPX
20388157.TTsuzuki Denki Co., Ltd.JPX
20398158.TSoda Nikka Co., Ltd.JPX
20408159.TTachibana Eletech Co., Ltd.JPX
20418160.TKisoji Co., Ltd.JPX
20428163.TSRS Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
20438165.TSenshukai Co., Ltd.JPX
20448166.TTaka-Q Co., Ltd.JPX
20458167.TRetail Partners Co., Ltd.JPX
20468168.TKeiyo Co., Ltd.JPX
20478173.TJoshin Denki Co., Ltd.JPX
20488174.TNippon Gas Co., Ltd.JPX
20508181.TTotenko Co., Ltd.JPX
20518182.TInageya Co., Ltd.JPX
20528185.TChiyoda Co., Ltd.JPX
20538194.TLife CorporationJPX
20548198.TMaxvalu Tokai Co.,Ltd.JPX
20558200.TRinger Hut Co., Ltd.JPX
20568202.TLaox CO., LTD.JPX
20578203.TMr Max Holdings Ltd.JPX
20588207.TTen Allied Co.,Ltd.JPX
20598214.TAOKI Holdings Inc.JPX
20608217.TOkuwa Co., Ltd.JPX
20618218.TKomeri Co.,Ltd.JPX
20628219.TAoyama Trading Co., Ltd.JPX
20638227.TSHIMAMURA Co., Ltd.JPX
20648230.THasegawa Co., Ltd.JPX
20658233.TTakashimaya Company, LimitedJPX
20668237.TMatsuya Co., Ltd.JPX
20678242.TH2O Retailing CorporationJPX
20688244.TKintetsu Department Store Co., Ltd.JPX
20708252.TMarui Group Co., Ltd.JPX
20718253.TCredit Saison Co., Ltd.JPX
20728255.TAxial Retailing Inc.JPX
20738260.TIzutsuya Co., Ltd.JPX
20748267.TAeon Co., Ltd.JPX
20758273.TIzumi Co., Ltd.JPX
20768275.TForval CorporationJPX
20778276.THeiwado Co.,Ltd.JPX
20788278.TFuji Co., Ltd.JPX
20798279.TYaoko Co.,Ltd.JPX
20808281.TXebio Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
20818283.TPaltac CorporationJPX
20828285.TMitani Sangyo Co., Ltd.JPX
20838289.TOlympic Group CorporationJPX
20848291.TNissan Tokyo Sales Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
20858303.TShinsei Bank, LimitedJPX
20868304.TAozora Bank, Ltd.JPX
20878306.TMitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.JPX
20888308.TResona Holdings, Inc.JPX
20898309.TSumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc.JPX
20908316.TSumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.JPX
20918331.TThe Chiba Bank, Ltd.JPX
20928334.TThe Gunma Bank, Ltd.JPX
20938336.TThe Musashino Bank, Ltd.JPX
20948337.TThe Chiba Kogyo Bank, Ltd.JPX
20958338.TTsukuba Bank, Ltd.JPX
20968341.TThe 77 Bank, Ltd.JPX
20978342.TThe Aomori Bank, Ltd.JPX
20988343.TThe Akita Bank, Ltd.JPX
20998344.TThe Yamagata Bank, Ltd.JPX
21008345.TThe Bank of Iwate, Ltd.JPX
21018346.TThe Toho Bank, Ltd.JPX
21028349.TThe Tohoku Bank, Ltd.JPX
21038350.TThe Michinoku Bank, Ltd.JPX
21048354.TFukuoka Financial Group, Inc.JPX
21058355.TThe Shizuoka Bank, Ltd.JPX
21068358.TSuruga Bank Ltd.JPX
21078359.TThe Hachijuni Bank, Ltd.JPX
21088360.TThe Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Ltd.JPX
21098361.TThe Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.JPX
21108362.TThe Fukui Bank, Ltd.JPX
21118364.TThe Shimizu Bank, Ltd.JPX
21128365.TThe Bank of Toyama, Ltd.JPX
21138366.TThe Shiga Bank, Ltd.JPX
21148367.TThe Nanto Bank, Ltd.JPX
21158368.TThe Hyakugo Bank, Ltd.JPX
21168369.TThe Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.JPX
21178370.TThe Kiyo Bank, Ltd.JPX
21188377.THokuhoku Financial Group, Inc.JPX
21198381.TThe San-in Godo Bank, Ltd.JPX
21208382.TThe Chugoku Bank, LimitedJPX
21218383.TThe Tottori Bank, Ltd.JPX
21228385.TThe Iyo Bank, Ltd.JPX
21238386.TThe Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd.JPX
21248387.TThe Shikoku Bank, Ltd.JPX
21258388.TThe Awa Bank, Ltd.JPX
21268392.TThe Oita Bank, Ltd.JPX
21278393.TThe Miyazaki Bank, Ltd.JPX
21288395.TThe Bank of Saga Ltd.JPX
21298399.TBank of The Ryukyus, LimitedJPX
21308410.TSeven Bank, Ltd.JPX
21318411.TMizuho Financial Group, Inc.JPX
21328416.TThe Bank Of Kochi, Ltd.JPX
21338418.TYamaguchi Financial Group, Inc.JPX
21348424.TFuyo General Lease Co., Ltd.JPX
21358425.TMizuho Leasing Company, LimitedJPX
21368439.TTokyo Century CorporationJPX
21378473.TSBI Holdings, Inc.JPX
21388508.TJ Trust Co., Ltd.JPX
21398511.TJapan Securities Finance Co., Ltd.JPX
21408515.TAiful CorporationJPX
21418518.TJapan Asia Investment Co., Ltd.JPX
21428521.TThe Naganobank, Ltd.JPX
21438522.TThe Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.JPX
21448524.TNorth Pacific Bank,Ltd.JPX
21458527.TThe Aichi Bank, Ltd.JPX
21468530.TThe Chukyo Bank, LimitedJPX
21478537.TThe Taiko Bank,Ltd.JPX
21488541.TThe Ehime Bank, Ltd.JPX
21498542.TTomato Bank, Ltd.JPX
21508544.TThe Keiyo Bank, Ltd.JPX
21518550.TThe Tochigi Bank, Ltd.JPX
21528551.TThe Kita-Nippon Bank, Ltd.JPX
21538558.TThe Towa Bank, Ltd.JPX
21548562.TThe Fukushima Bank, Ltd.JPX
21558563.TThe Daito Bank, Ltd.JPX
21568566.TRicoh Leasing Company, Ltd.JPX
21578570.TAEON Financial Service Co., Ltd.JPX
21588572.TAcom Co., Ltd.JPX
21598584.TJACCS Co., Ltd.JPX
21608585.TOrient CorporationJPX
21618591.TORIX CorporationJPX
21628593.TMitsubishi HC Capital Inc.JPX
21638595.TJAFCO Group Co., Ltd.JPX
21648596.TKyushu Leasing Service Co., Ltd.JPX
21658600.TTOMONY Holdings, Inc.JPX
21668601.TDaiwa Securities Group Inc.JPX
21678604.TNomura Holdings, Inc.JPX
21688609.TOkasan Securities Group Inc.JPX
21698613.TMarusan Securities Co., Ltd.JPX
21708614.TToyo Securities Co., Ltd.JPX
21718616.TTokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Inc.JPX
21728617.TThe Kosei Securities Co., Ltd.JPX
21738622.TMito Securities Co., Ltd.JPX
21748624.TIchiyoshi Securities Co., Ltd.JPX
21758628.TMatsui Securities Co., Ltd.JPX
21768630.TSompo Holdings, Inc.JPX
21778697.TJapan Exchange Group, Inc.JPX
21788698.TMonex Group, Inc.JPX
21798699.THS Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
21808704.TTraders Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
21818706.TKyokuto Securities Co., Ltd.JPX
21828707.TIwaiCosmo Holdings, Inc.JPX
21838708.TAizawa Securities Group Co.,Ltd.JPX
21848713.TFIDEA Holdings Co. Ltd.JPX
21858714.TSenshu Ikeda Holdings, Inc.JPX
21868715.TAnicom Holdings, Inc.JPX
21878725.TMS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.JPX
21888732.TMoney Partners Group Co.,Ltd.JPX
21898739.TSPARX Group Co., Ltd.JPX
21908742.TKobayashi Yoko Co., Ltd.JPX
21918750.TDai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc.JPX
21928766.TTokio Marine Holdings, Inc.JPX
21938769.TAdvantage Risk Management Co., Ltd.JPX
21948771.TeGuarantee, Inc.JPX
21958772.TAsax Co., Ltd.JPX
21968793.TNEC Capital Solutions LimitedJPX
21978795.TT&D Holdings, Inc.JPX
21988798.TAdvance Create Co., Ltd.JPX
21998801.TMitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.JPX
22008802.TMitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.JPX
22018803.THeiwa Real Estate Co., Ltd.JPX
22028804.TTokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.JPX
22038806.TDaibiru CorporationJPX
22048818.TKeihanshin Building Co., Ltd.JPX
22058830.TSumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd.JPX
22068835.TTaiheiyo Kouhatsu IncorporatedJPX
22078841.TTOC Co., Ltd.JPX
22088842.TTokyo Rakutenchi Co.,Ltd.JPX
22098844.TCosmos Initia Co., Ltd.JPX
22108848.TLeopalace21 CorporationJPX
22118850.TStarts Corporation Inc.JPX
22128860.TFuji Corporation LimitedJPX
22138864.TAirport Facilities Co., Ltd.JPX
22148869.TMeiwa Estate Company LimitedJPX
22158871.TGOLDCREST Co.,Ltd.JPX
22168876.TRelo Group, Inc.JPX
22178877.TEslead CorporationJPX
22188881.TNISSHIN GROUP HOLDINGS Company, LimitedJPX
22198889.TApaman Co., Ltd.JPX
22208890.TRaysum Co., Ltd.JPX
22218892.TES-CON JAPAN Ltd.JPX
22228893.TShin-Nihon Tatemono Co.,Ltd.JPX
22238897.TTakara Leben Co., Ltd.JPX
22248904.TAvantia Co.,Ltd.JPX
22258905.TAEON Mall Co., Ltd.JPX
22268908.TMainichi Comnet Co., Ltd.JPX
22278909.TShinoken Group Co., Ltd.JPX
22288914.TArealink Co., Ltd.JPX
22298917.TFirst Juken Co., Ltd.JPX
22308918.TLAND Co., Ltd.JPX
22318919.TKATITAS CO., Ltd.JPX
22328920.TTosho Co., Ltd.JPX
22338923.TTosei CorporationJPX
22348925.TARDEPRO Co., Ltd.JPX
22358928.TAnabuki Kosan Inc.JPX
22368929.TAoyama Zaisan Networks Company,LimitedJPX
22378934.TSun Frontier Fudousan Co., Ltd.JPX
22388935.TFJ Next Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
22398940.TIntellex Co., Ltd.JPX
22408944.TLand Business Co.,Ltd.JPX
22428951.TNippon Building Fund IncorporationJPX
22438952.TJapan Real Estate Investment CorporationJPX
22448953.TJapan Metropolitan Fund Investment CorporationJPX
22458954.TORIX JREIT Inc.JPX
22468955.TJapan Prime Realty Investment CorporationJPX
22478956.TNTT UD REIT Investment CorporationJPX
22488957.TTokyu REIT, Inc.JPX
22498958.TGlobal One Real Estate Investment Corp.JPX
22508960.TUnited Urban Investment CorporationJPX
22518961.TMORI TRUST Sogo Reit, Inc.JPX
22528963.TInvincible Investment CorporationJPX
22538964.TFrontier Real Estate Investment CorporationJPX
22548966.THeiwa Real Estate REIT, Inc.JPX
22558967.TJapan Logistics Fund, Inc.JPX
22568968.TFukuoka REIT CorporationJPX
22578972.TKenedix Office Investment CorporationJPX
22588975.TIchigo Office REIT Investment CorporationJPX
22598976.TDaiwa Office Investment CorporationJPX
22608977.THankyu Hanshin REIT, Inc.JPX
22618979.TStarts Proceed Investment CorporationJPX
22628984.TDaiwa House REIT Investment CorporationJPX
22638985.TJapan Hotel REIT Investment CorporationJPX
22648986.TDaiwa Securities Living Investment CorporationJPX
22658987.TJapan Excellent, Inc.JPX
22668999.TGrandy House CorporationJPX
22679001.TTobu Railway Co., Ltd.JPX
22689003.TSotetsu Holdings, Inc.JPX
22699005.TTokyu CorporationJPX
22709006.TKeikyu CorporationJPX
22719007.TOdakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.JPX
22729008.TKeio CorporationJPX
22739009.TKeisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.JPX
22749010.TFuji Kyuko Co., Ltd.JPX
22759014.TShin-Keisei Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.JPX
22769020.TEast Japan Railway CompanyJPX
22779021.TWest Japan Railway CompanyJPX
22789022.TCentral Japan Railway CompanyJPX
22799024.TSeibu Holdings Inc.JPX
22809025.TKonoike Transport Co., Ltd.JPX
22819031.TNishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.JPX
22829037.THamakyorex Co., Ltd.JPX
22839039.TSakai Moving Service Co.,Ltd.JPX
22849041.TKintetsu Group Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
22859042.THankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc.JPX
22869044.TNankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.JPX
22879045.TKeihan Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
22889046.TKobe Electric Railway Co., Ltd.JPX
22899048.TNagoya Railroad Co., Ltd.JPX
22909052.TSanyo Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.JPX
22919055.TAlps Logistics Co., Ltd.JPX
22929058.TTrancom Co., Ltd.JPX
22939062.TNippon Express Co., Ltd.JPX
22949064.TYamato Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
22959065.TSankyu Inc.JPX
22969066.TNissin CorporationJPX
22979067.TMaruwn CorporationJPX
22989068.TMaruzen Showa Unyu Co., Ltd.JPX
22999069.TSENKO Group Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
23009070.TTonami Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
23019072.TNikkon Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
23029074.TJapan Oil Transportation Co., Ltd.JPX
23039075.TFukuyama Transporting Co., Ltd.JPX
23049076.TSeino Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
23059078.TS Line Co.,Ltd.JPX
23069081.TKanagawa Chuo Kotsu Co., Ltd.JPX
23079086.THitachi Transport System, Ltd.JPX
23089090.TMaruwa Unyu Kikan Co.,Ltd.JPX
23099099.TChilled & Frozen Logistics Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
23109101.TNippon Yusen Kabushiki KaishaJPX
23119104.TMitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.JPX
23129107.TKawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.JPX
23139110.TNS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.JPX
23149115.TMeiji Shipping Co., Ltd.JPX
23159119.TIino Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.JPX
23169130.TKyoei Tanker Co., Ltd.JPX
23179142.TKyushu Railway CompanyJPX
23189143.TSG Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
23199147.TNippon Express Holdings,Inc.JPX
23209201.TJapan Airlines Co., Ltd.JPX
23219202.TANA Holdings Inc.JPX
23229232.TPasco CorporationJPX
23239240.TDelivery Consulting Inc.JPX
23249247.TTRE Holdings CorporationJPX
23259248.TPeople, Dreams & Technologies Group Co., Ltd.JPX
23269260.TNishimoto Co., Ltd.JPX
23279262.TSilver Life Co., Ltd.JPX
23289265.TYamashita Health Care Holdings,Inc.JPX
23299267.TGenky DrugStores Co., Ltd.JPX
23309273.TKoa Shoji Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
23319274.TKokusai Pulp&Paper Co.,Ltd.JPX
23339278.TBookoff Group Holdings LimitedJPX
23349279.TGift Holdings Inc.JPX
23359301.TMitsubishi Logistics CorporationJPX
23379303.TThe Sumitomo Warehouse Co., Ltd.JPX
23389304.TThe Shibusawa Warehouse Co., Ltd.JPX
23399305.TYamatane CorporationJPX
23409306.TToyo Logistics Co., Ltd.JPX
23419308.TInui Global Logistics Co., Ltd.JPX
23429310.TJapan Transcity CorporationJPX
23439312.TThe Keihin Co., Ltd.JPX
23449319.TChuo Warehouse Co.,Ltd.JPX
23459322.TKawanishi Warehouse Co.,Ltd.JPX
23469324.TYasuda Logistics CorporationJPX
23479325.TPHYZ Holdings Inc.JPX
23489351.TToyo Wharf & Warehouse Co., Ltd.JPX
23499358.TUtoc CorporationJPX
23509364.TKamigumi Co., Ltd.JPX
23519366.TSanritsu CorporationJPX
23529368.TKimura Unity Co., Ltd.JPX
23539369.TK.R.S. CorporationJPX
23549375.TKintetsu World Express, Inc.JPX
23559380.TAzuma Shipping Co., Ltd.JPX
23569385.TShoei CorporationJPX
23579386.TNippon Concept CorporationJPX
23589401.TTBS Holdings,Inc.JPX
23599404.TNippon Television Holdings, Inc.JPX
23609405.TAsahi Broadcasting Group Holdings CorporationJPX
23619409.TTV Asahi Holdings CorporationJPX
23629412.TSKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc.JPX
23639413.TTV TOKYO Holdings CorporationJPX
23649414.TNippon BS Broadcasting CorporationJPX
23659416.TVision Inc.JPX
23669417.TSmartvalue Co., Ltd.JPX
23689419.TWirelessGate, Inc.JPX
23699422.TConexio CorporationJPX
23709424.TJapan Communications Inc.JPX
23719428.TCrops CorporationJPX
23729433.TKDDI CorporationJPX
23739434.TSoftBank Corp.JPX
23749435.THikari Tsushin, Inc.JPX
23759436.TOkinawa Cellular Telephone CompanyJPX
23769438.TMTI Ltd.JPX
23779449.TGMO Internet, Inc.JPX
23789450.TFibergate Inc.JPX
23799466.TAidma Marketing Communication CorporationJPX
23809468.TKadokawa CorporationJPX
23819470.TGakken Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
23829474.TZenrin Co., Ltd.JPX
23839475.TShobunsha Holdings, Inc.JPX
23849479.TImpress Holdings, Inc.JPX
23859501.TTokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, IncorporatedJPX
23869502.TChubu Electric Power Company, IncorporatedJPX
23879503.TThe Kansai Electric Power Company, IncorporatedJPX
23889504.TThe Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.JPX
23899505.THokuriku Electric Power CompanyJPX
23909506.TTohoku Electric Power Company, IncorporatedJPX
23919507.TShikoku Electric Power Company, IncorporatedJPX
23929508.TKyushu Electric Power Company, IncorporatedJPX
23939509.THokkaido Electric Power Company, IncorporatedJPX
23949511.TThe Okinawa Electric Power Company, IncorporatedJPX
23959513.TElectric Power Development Co., Ltd.JPX
23969514.TEF-ON Inc.JPX
23979517.TeREX Co.,Ltd.JPX
23989519.TRENOVA, Inc.JPX
23999531.TTokyo Gas Co.,Ltd.JPX
24009532.TOsaka Gas Co., Ltd.JPX
24019533.TToho Gas Co., Ltd.JPX
24029534.THokkaido Gas Co., Ltd.JPX
24049536.TSaibu Gas Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
24059543.TShizuoka Gas Co., Ltd.JPX
24069551.TMETAWATER Co., Ltd.JPX
24079601.TShochiku Co., Ltd.JPX
24089602.TToho Co., Ltd.JPX
24099603.TH.I.S. Co., Ltd.JPX
24109605.TToei Company, Ltd.JPX
24119612.TLuckLand Co., Ltd.JPX
24129613.TNTT DATA CorporationJPX
24139616.TKyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.JPX
24149619.TIchinen Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
24159621.TCTI Engineering Co., Ltd.JPX
24169622.TSpace Co.,Ltd.JPX
24179627.TAin Holdings Inc.JPX
24189628.TSAN Holdings, Inc.JPX
24199629.TPCA CorporationJPX
24209632.TSubaru Enterprise Co., Ltd.JPX
24219633.TTokyo Theatres Company, IncorporatedJPX
24229639.TSankyo Frontier Co.,Ltd.JPX
24239644.TTanabe Consulting Co.,Ltd.JPX
24249658.TBusiness Brain Showa-Ota Inc.JPX
24259661.TKabuki-Za Co., Ltd.JPX
24269663.TNAGAWA Co., Ltd.JPX
24279672.TTokyotokeiba Co.,Ltd.JPX
24289675.TJoban Kosan Co.,Ltd.JPX
24299678.TKanamoto Co.,Ltd.JPX
24309682.TDTS CorporationJPX
24319684.TSquare Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
24329692.TComputer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd.JPX
24339697.TCapcom Co., Ltd.JPX
24349699.TNishio Rent All Co., Ltd.JPX
24359702.TISB CorporationJPX
24369704.TAGORA Hospitality Group Co., LtdJPX
24379706.TJapan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.JPX
24389708.TImperial Hotel, Ltd.JPX
24399715.Ttranscosmos inc.JPX
24409716.TNOMURA Co., Ltd.JPX
24419717.TJASTEC Co., Ltd.JPX
24429719.TSCSK CorporationJPX
24439722.TFujita Kanko Inc.JPX
24449726.TKNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
24459728.TNippon Kanzai Co., Ltd.JPX
24469729.TTOKAI Corp.JPX
24479731.THakuyosha Company, Ltd.JPX
24489735.TSECOM CO., LTD.JPX
24499739.TNippon Systemware Co., Ltd.JPX
24509740.TCentral Security Patrols Co., Ltd.JPX
24519742.TINES CorporationJPX
24529743.TTanseisha Co., Ltd.JPX
24539744.TMeitec CorporationJPX
24549746.TTKC CorporationJPX
24559749.TFuji Soft IncorporatedJPX
24569755.TOYO CorporationJPX
24579757.TFunai Soken Holdings IncorporatedJPX
24589759.TNSD Co., Ltd.JPX
24599760.TShingakukai Holdings Co.,Ltd.JPX
24609761.TTokai Lease Co.,Ltd.JPX
24619763.TMarubeni Construction Material Lease Co.,Ltd.JPX
24629765.TOhba Co., Ltd.JPX
24639766.TKonami Holdings CorporationJPX
24649768.TIDEA Consultants,Inc.JPX
24659769.TGakkyusha Co.,Ltd.JPX
24669783.TBenesse Holdings, Inc.JPX
24679787.TAeon Delight Co., Ltd.JPX
24689788.TNac Co., Ltd.JPX
24699790.TFukui Computer Holdings,Inc.JPX
24709793.TDaiseki Co.,Ltd.JPX
24719795.TStep Co.,Ltd.JPX
24729810.TNippon Steel Trading CorporationJPX
24739824.TSenshu Electric Co.,Ltd.JPX
24749828.TGenki Sushi Co., Ltd.JPX
24759830.TTrusco Nakayama CorporationJPX
24769831.TYamada Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
24779832.TAutobacs Seven Co., Ltd.JPX
24789837.TMorito Co., Ltd.JPX
24799842.TArcland Sakamoto Co.,Ltd.JPX
24809843.TNitori Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
24819850.TGourmet Kineya Co.,Ltd.JPX
24829854.TAigan Co.,Ltd.JPX
24839856.TKU Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
24849861.TYoshinoya Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
24859869.TKato Sangyo Co., Ltd.JPX
24869872.TKitakei Co., Ltd.JPX
24879873.TKFC Holdings Japan, Ltd.JPX
24889880.TInnotech CorporationJPX
24899882.TYellow Hat Ltd.JPX
24909887.TMatsuya Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
24919889.TJBCC Holdings Inc.JPX
24929896.TJK Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
24939900.TSagami Holdings CorporationJPX
24949902.TNICHIDEN CorporationJPX
24959908.TNihon Denkei Co.,Ltd.JPX
24969919.TKansai Food Market Ltd.JPX
24979928.TMiroku Jyoho Service Co., Ltd.JPX
24989930.TKitazawa Sangyo Co., Ltd.JPX
24999932.TSugimoto & Co., Ltd.JPX
25009934.TInaba Denki Sangyo Co.,Ltd.JPX
25019936.TOhsho Food Service Corp.JPX
25029945.TPlenus Company LimitedJPX
25039946.TMINISTOP Co., Ltd.JPX
25049948.TARCS Company LimitedJPX
25059956.TValor Holdings Co., Ltd.JPX
25069960.TTotech CorporationJPX
25079962.TMISUMI Group Inc.JPX
25089972.TAltech Co., Ltd.JPX
25099974.TBelc CO., LTD.JPX
25109979.TDaisyo CorporationJPX
25119982.TTakihyo Co., Ltd.JPX
25129983.TFast Retailing Co., Ltd.JPX
25139984.TSoftBank Group Corp.JPX
25149986.TZAOH Company, Ltd.JPX
25159987.TSuzuken Co., Ltd.JPX
25169989.TSundrug Co.,Ltd.JPX
25179991.TGecoss CorporationJPX
25189993.TYamazawa Co., Ltd.JPX
25199994.TYamaya CorporationJPX
25209995.TGlosel Co., Ltd.JPX
25219997.TBelluna Co., Ltd.JPX
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