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XCSE:OMX Stockholm 30 Index [ ^OMXS30 ] Sun, 16 Jun 2024 05:31:07
Current Price ( -0.986%) 2 561.60
Previous Close 2 587.11
Open Price 2 592.23
Today's Range 2 554.78 - 2 592.43
Volume 0.00
Average Volume 0.00
52 Week Low/High 2 554.78 - 2 592.43
Market Cap N/A
50-Day Average Price 2 588.63
200-Day Average Price 2 409.09
Earnings per Share (EPS) N/A
Price-Earnings Ratio (PE) N/A
Earnings Announcement N/A
Shares Outstanding N/A

Dividend Calendar Stockholm Stock Exchange

Ex-Date Payout Date Logo Symbol Name Market Cap Exchange Dividend Adjusted Dividend
2024-06-07 0 KINV-A.ST Kinnevik AB 27533203340 STO $23.00 $23.00 Last Price: $98.50(-1.50%) | Avg Trading Volume: 13 058.00 | Last EPS: $23.00 | pe: -3.66
2024-06-07 0 KINV-B.ST Kinnevik AB 26721706643 STO $46.00 $23.00 Last Price: $96.40(-1.48%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.44M | Last EPS: $46.00 | pe: -3.58
2024-06-14 0 BORG.ST Björn Borg AB 1410825240 STO $3.00 $3.00 Last Price: $56.10(-1.58%) | Avg Trading Volume: 37 552.00 | Last EPS: $3.00 | pe: 19.55
2024-06-17 2024-06-21 RAKE.ST Raketech Group 413484104 STO $0.280 $0.282 Last Price: $9.68(1.04%) | Avg Trading Volume: 202 251 | Last EPS: $0.28 | pe: 11.8
2024-06-20 2024-06-27 TRAIN-B.ST Train Alliance 1527773871 STO $0.230 $0.230 Last Price: $19.35(1.04%) | Avg Trading Volume: 22 486.00 | Last EPS: $0.23 | pe: 43.98
2024-06-24 2024-06-28 VIT-B.ST Vitec Software Group 21364626657 STO $0.750 $0.750 Last Price: $555.50(1.37%) | Avg Trading Volume: 53 983.00 | Last EPS: $0.75 | pe: 59.99
2024-06-26 2024-07-02 SBB-D.ST Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget 8302646103 STO $1.500 $1.500 Last Price: $7.06(-2.69%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.36M | Last EPS: $1.50 | pe: -0.66
2024-06-26 2024-07-02 SBB-B.ST Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget 8586422370 STO $1.200 $1.200 Last Price: $5.60(-3.43%) | Avg Trading Volume: 27.82M | Last EPS: $1.20 | pe: -0.52
2024-06-27 2024-07-03 SBB-D.ST Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget 8302646103 STO $1.500 $1.500 Last Price: $7.06(-2.69%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.36M | Last EPS: $1.50 | pe: -0.66
2024-06-27 2024-07-03 CORE-B.ST Corem Property Group 11588960565 STO $0.0200 $0.0200 Last Price: $8.86(0.80%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.41M | Last EPS: $0.02 | pe: -1.23
2024-06-27 2024-07-03 CORE-D.ST Corem Property Group 11287703462 STO $5.00 $5.00 Last Price: $234.50(-1.05%) | Avg Trading Volume: 6 072.00 | Last EPS: $5.00 | pe: -32.57
2024-06-27 2024-07-03 CORE-A.ST Corem Property Group 11309476344 STO $0.0200 $0.0200 Last Price: $8.58(-4.45%) | Avg Trading Volume: 10 218.00 | Last EPS: $0.02 | pe: -1.19
2024-06-27 2024-07-03 KAPIAB.ST Kallebäck Property 660650000 STO $3.00 $3.00 Last Price: $181.00(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 2 070.00 | Last EPS: $3.00 | pe: 62.63
2024-06-27 2024-07-03 SAGA-D.ST AB Sagax (publ) 96212906465 STO $0.500 $0.500 Last Price: $30.75(-0.97%) | Avg Trading Volume: 244 217 | Last EPS: $0.50 | pe: 9.52
2024-06-27 2024-07-03 CS.ST CoinShares 4212691061 STO $0.430 $0.434 Last Price: $64.90(-2.11%) | Avg Trading Volume: 62 641.00 | Last EPS: $0.43 | pe: -0.19
2024-06-28 2024-07-08 CIBUS.ST Cibus Nordic Real 8801803125 STO $0.900 $0.901 Last Price: $153.75(0.79%) | Avg Trading Volume: 176 761 | Last EPS: $0.90 | pe: -26.24
2024-07-01 2024-07-05 FABG.ST Fabege AB (publ) 27053617872 STO $0.450 $0.450 Last Price: $86.00(-1.43%) | Avg Trading Volume: 748 413 | Last EPS: $0.45 | pe: -5.84
2024-07-05 2024-07-11 LINKAB.ST Link Prop Investment 208740000 STO $2.00 $2.00 Last Price: $142.00(1.43%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1 021.00 | Last EPS: $2.00 | pe: 12.8
2024-07-05 2024-07-11 BILI-A.ST Bilia AB (publ) 12693832158 STO $1.650 $1.650 Last Price: $138.00(-1.71%) | Avg Trading Volume: 82 460.00 | Last EPS: $1.65 | pe: 15.21
2024-07-08 2024-07-12 SOLNA.ST Solnaberg Property 398560000 STO $1.500 $1.500 Last Price: $106.00(2.91%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1 595.00 | Last EPS: $1.50 | pe: -66.25
2024-07-26 2024-08-01 CRED-A.ST Creades AB 9849846607 STO $0.400 $0.400 Last Price: $71.55(-1.17%) | Avg Trading Volume: 119 877 | Last EPS: $0.40 | pe: 420.88
2024-07-30 2024-08-05 FPAR-D.ST FastPartner AB 14233308310 STO $1.250 $1.250 Last Price: $65.00(0.15%) | Avg Trading Volume: 10 106.00 | Last EPS: $1.25 | pe: -7.83
2024-07-31 2024-08-06 TELIA.ST Telia Company AB 105223263600 STO $0.500 $0.500 Last Price: $26.76(-0.89%) | Avg Trading Volume: 10.95M | Last EPS: $0.50 | pe: -223
2024-08-02 2024-08-12 AKEL-D.ST Akelius Residential 10071661711 STO $0.0300 $0.0250 Last Price: $1.658(-0.48%) | Avg Trading Volume: 164 474 | Last EPS: $0.03 | pe: -55.27
124STOR.ST24Storage AB (publ)STO
22CUREX.ST2cureX AB (publ)STO
3AAC.STAAC Clyde Space AB (publ)STO
6ABLI.STAbliva AB (publ)STO
7ABSO.STAbsolent Air Care Group AB (publ)STO
8ACAD.STAcadeMedia AB (publ)STO
9ACARIX.STAcarix AB (publ)STO
10ACAST.STAcast AB (publ)STO
11ACCON.STAcconeer AB (publ)STO
12ACE.STAscelia Pharma AB (publ)STO
13ACOU.STAcouSort AB (publ)STO
15ACRI-A.STAcrinova AB (publ)STO
16ACRI-B.STAcrinova AB (publ)STO
17ACROUD.STAcroud AB (publ)STO
18ACTI.STActive Biotech AB (publ)STO
20ADDT-B.STAddtech AB (publ.)STO
21ADDV-A.STADDvise Group AB (publ)STO
22ADDV-B.STADDvise Group AB (publ)STO
23ADVBOX.STAdventure Box Technology AB (publ)STO
24ADVE.STAdvenica AB (publ)STO
25AEGIR.STAegirBio AB (publ)STO
26AERO.STSvenska Aerogel Holding AB (publ)STO
28AGES-B.STAGES Industri AB (publ)STO
29AGROUP.STArlandastad Group AB (publ)STO
30AINO.STAino Health AB (publ)STO
31AJA-B.STByggmästare Anders J Ahlström Holding AB (publ)STO
32AKEL-D.STAkelius Residential Property AB (publ)STO
33ALBERT.STeEducation Albert AB (publ)STO
34ALCA.STAlcadon Group AB (publ)STO
35ALELIO.STAlelion Energy Systems AB (publ)STO
36ALFA.STAlfa Laval AB (publ)STO
37ALIF-B.STAddLife AB (publ)STO
38ALIG.STAlimak Group AB (publ)STO
39ALIV-SDB.SAutoliv, Inc.STO
40ALLIGO-B.SAlligo AB (publ)STO
41ALM-PREF.SALM Equity AB (publ)STO
42ALM.STALM Equity AB (publ)STO
43ALPCOT-B.SAlpcot Holding AB (publ)STO
44ALZ.STAlzinova AB (publ)STO
45ALZCUR.STAlzeCure Pharma AB (publ)STO
46AMAST-PREFAmasten Fastighets AB (publ)STO
47AMAST.STAmasten Fastighets AB (publ)STO
48AMBEA.STAmbea AB (publ)STO
49AMNI.STAmniotics AB (publ)STO
50ANNE-B.STAnnehem Fastigheter ABSTO
51ANNX.STAnnexin Pharmaceuticals AB (publ)STO
52ANOD-B.STAddnode Group AB (publ)STO
53ANOT.STAnoto Group AB (publ)STO
54APAC-SPAC-Aligro Planet Acquisition Company AB (publ)STO
55APRNDR.STAprendere Skolor AB (publ)STO
56APTR.STAppSpotr AB (publ)STO
57AQ.STAQ Group AB (publ)STO
58ARCANE.STArcane Crypto ABSTO
60ARCT.STArctic Minerals AB (publ)STO
61ARION-SDB.Arion banki hf.STO
62ARISE.STArise AB (publ)STO
63ARJO-B.STArjo AB (publ)STO
64AROC.STAroCell AB (publ)STO
65AROS-PREF-Aros Bostadsutveckling AB (publ)STO
66AROS.STAros Bostadsutveckling AB (publ)STO
68ASAB.STAdvanced Soltech Sweden AB (publ)STO
69ASAI.STArtificial Solutions International AB (publ)STO
70ASAP.STAsarina Pharma AB (publ)STO
71ASPIRE.STAspire Global plcSTO
73ATCO-A.STAtlas Copco ABSTO
74ATCO-B.STAtlas Copco ABSTO
75ATIC.STActic Group AB (publ)STO
76ATIN.STAthanase Innovation ABSTO
77ATORX.STAlligator Bioscience AB (publ)STO
78ATRLJ-B.STAtrium Ljungberg AB (publ)STO
79ATT.STAttendo AB (publ)STO
80ATVEXA-B.SAtvexa AB (publ)STO
81AUR.STAuriant Mining AB (publ)STO
82AVEN.STAvensia AB (publ)STO
83AVENT-B.STAventura Group AB (publ)STO
84AVT-B.STAVTECH Sweden AB (publ)STO
85AWRD.STAwardit AB (publ)STO
86AXFO.STAxfood AB (publ)STO
88AXOLOT.STAxolot Solutions Holding AB (publ)STO
89AYIMA-B.STAyima Group AB (publ)STO
90AZA.STAvanza Bank Holding AB (publ)STO
91AZELIO.STAzelio AB (publ)STO
92AZN.STAstraZeneca PLCSTO
93B3.STB3 Consulting Group AB (publ)STO
94BACTI-B.STBactiguard Holding AB (publ)STO
96BALD-B.STFastighets AB Balder (publ)STO
97BBROOM.STNew Bubbleroom Sweden AB (publ)STO
98BEGR.STBE Group AB (publ)STO
99BEIA-B.STBeijer Alma AB (publ)STO
100BEIJ-B.STBeijer Ref AB (publ)STO
101BELE.STBeijer Electronics Group AB (publ)STO
102BERG-B.STBergman & Beving AB (publ)STO
103BESQ.STBesqab AB (publ)STO
104BETCO.STBetter Collective A/SSTO
107BHG.STBHG Group AB (publ)STO
108BICO.STBICO Group AB (publ)STO
109BILI-A.STBilia AB (publ)STO
110BILL.STBillerudKorsnäs AB (publ)STO
112BINERO.STBinero Group AB (publ)STO
113BINV.STBioInvent International AB (publ)STO
114BIOA-B.STBioArctic AB (publ)STO
115BIOG-B.STBioGaia AB (publ)STO
116BIOGAS.STScandinavian Biogas Fuels International AB (publ)STO
117BIOS.STBioservo Technologies AB (publ)STO
119BIOT.STBiotage AB (publ)STO
120BIOVIC-B.SBiovica International AB (publ)STO
121BIOWKS.STBio-Works Technologies AB (publ)STO
122BMAX.STByggmax Group AB (publ)STO
123BOKUS.STBokusgruppen AB (publ)STO
124BOL.STBoliden AB (publ)STO
125BOMILL.STBoMill AB (publ)STO
126BONAS.STBonäsudden Holding AB (publ)STO
127BONAV-A.STBonava AB (publ)STO
128BONAV-B.STBonava AB (publ)STO
129BONEX.STBonesupport Holding AB (publ)STO
130BONG.STBong AB (publ)STO
131BONZUN.STBonzun AB (publ)STO
132BOOZT.STBoozt AB (publ)STO
133BORG.STBjörn Borg AB (publ)STO
134BOTX.STBotnia Exploration Holding AB (publ)STO
135BOUL.STBoule Diagnostics AB (publ)STO
136BRAV.STBravida Holding AB (publ)STO
137BRE2.STBredband2 i Skandinavien AB (publ)STO
138BRG-B.STBergs Timber AB (publ)STO
139BRICK-B.STBricknode Holding ABSTO
140BRILL.STBrilliant Future AB (publ)STO
141BRIN-B.STBrinova Fastigheter AB (publ)STO
142BTCX.STGoobit Group AB (publ)STO
143BTS-B.STBTS Group AB (publ)STO
144BUFAB.STBufab AB (publ)STO
145BUILD.STBuildData Group ABSTO
146BULTEN.STBulten AB (publ)STO
147BURE.STBure Equity AB (publ)STO
148BUSER.STBambuser AB (publ)STO
149BYGGP.STByggPartner i Dalarna Holding AB (publ)STO
150CAG.STCAG Group AB (publ)STO
151CALTX.STCalliditas Therapeutics AB (publ)STO
152CAMX.STCamurus AB (publ)STO
153CANDLE-B.SCandles Scandinavia AB (publ)STO
154CANTA.STCantargia AB (publ)STO
155CARE.STCareium AB (Publ)STO
156CAST.STCastellum AB (publ)STO
157CAT-A.STCatella AB (publ)STO
158CAT-B.STCatella AB (publ)STO
159CATE.STCatena AB (publ)STO
160CBTT-B.STChristian Berner Tech Trade AB (publ)STO
161CCC.STCavotec SASTO
162CCOR-B.STConcordia Maritime AB (publ)STO
163CDMIL.STCodeMill AB (publ)STO
165CE.STCortus Energy AB (publ)STO
166CEDER.STCedergrenska AB (publ)STO
167CEVI.STCellaVision AB (publ)STO
168CFISH.STCrunchfish AB (publ)STO
169CHECK.STCheckin.Com Group AB (Publ)STO
170CHRO.STChromoGenics ABSTO
171CI-B.STCell Impact AB (publ)STO
172CIBUS.STCibus Nordic Real Estate AB (publ)STO
173CINT.STCint Group AB (publ)STO
174CIRCHE.STCirChem AB (publ)STO
175CISH.STClean Industry Solutions Holding Europe ABSTO
176CLA-B.STCloetta AB (publ)STO
177CLAS-B.STClas Ohlson AB (publ)STO
178CLAV.STClavister Holding AB (publ.)STO
179CLBIO.STCorline Biomedical ABSTO
180CLEM.STClemondo Group AB (publ)STO
181CLEMO.STClean Motion AB (publ)STO
182CLIME-B.STClimeon AB (publ)STO
183CLINE-B.STCline Scientific AB (publ)STO
184CLS-B.STClinical Laserthermia Systems AB (publ)STO
185CMOTEC-B.SScandinavian ChemoTech AB (publ)STO
186CNCJO-B.STConcejo AB (publ)STO
187COALA.STCoala-Life Group AB (publ)STO
188COIC.STConcentric AB (publ)STO
189COLL.STCollector AB (publ)STO
190COMBI.STCombiGene AB (publ)STO
191COMPDM.STCompodium International AB (publ)STO
192COOR.STCoor Service Management Holding ABSTO
193COPP-B.STCopperstone Resources ABSTO
194CORE-A.STCorem Property Group AB (publ)STO
195CORE-B.STCorem Property Group AB (publ)STO
196CORE-D.STCorem Property Group AB (publ)STO
197CORE-PREF.Corem Property Group AB (publ)STO
198CPAC-SPAC.Creaspac AB (publ)STO
199CRAD-B.STC-Rad AB (publ)STO
201CS.STCoinShares International LimitedSTO
203CTM.STCatena Media plcSTO
204CTT.STCTT Systems AB (publ)STO
205CYB1.STCyber Security 1 AB (publ)STO
206CYXO.STCyxone AB (publ)STO
208DEAR.STDuearity AB (publ)STO
209DEDI.STDedicare AB (publ)STO
210DEVP-B.STDevPort AB (publ)STO
211DIABIO.STDiagonal Bio AB (publ)STO
212DIAH.STDiadrom Holding AB (publ)STO
213DIGN.STDignitana AB (publ)STO
214DIOS.STDiös Fastigheter AB (publ)STO
215DIST.STDistIT AB (publ)STO
216DIVIO-B.STDivio Technologies AB (publ)STO
217DLAB.STDlaboratory Sweden AB (publ)STO
218DMYD-B.STDiamyd Medical AB (publ)STO
219DOM.STDometic Group AB (publ)STO
220DOME.STReato Group AB (publ)STO
221DORO.STDoro AB (publ)STO
222DOXA.STDoxa AB (publ)STO
223DRIL.STDrillcon AB (publ)STO
224DSNO.STDesenio Group AB (publ)STO
225DUNI.STDuni AB (publ)STO
226DURC-B.STDuroc AB (publ)STO
227DUST.STDustin Group AB (publ)STO
228EAST.STEastnine AB (publ)STO
229ECC-B.STEcoclime Group AB (publ)STO
230ECOWVE.STEco Wave Power Global AB (publ)STO
231EFFH.STEffnetplattformen Holding AB (publ)STO
232EG7.STEnad Global 7 AB (publ)STO
233EGTX.STEgetis Therapeutics AB (publ)STO
234EKOBOT.STEkobot AB (publ)STO
235EKTA-B.STElekta AB (publ)STO
236ELAN-B.STElanders AB (publ)STO
237ELEC.STElectra Gruppen AB (publ)STO
238ELIC.STElicera Therapeutics AB (publ)STO
239ELLWEE.STEllwee AB (publ)STO
240ELN.STEllen AB (publ)STO
241ELOS-B.STElos Medtech AB (publ)STO
242ELUX-A.STAB Electrolux (publ)STO
243ELUX-B.STAB Electrolux (publ)STO
244EMBELL.STEmbellence Group AB (publ)STO
245EMBRAC-B.SEmbracer Group AB (publ)STO
246EMIL-PREF.Fastighetsbolaget Emilshus AB (publ)STO
247EMPIR-B.STEmpir Group ABSTO
248EMPLI.STEmplicure AB (publ)STO
249ENEA.STEnea AB (publ)STO
250ENERS.STEnersize OyjSTO
252ENRO-PREF-Eniro Group AB (publ)STO
253ENRO.STEniro Group AB (publ)STO
254EOLU-B.STEolus Vind AB (publ)STO
256EPI-A.STEpiroc AB (publ)STO
257EPIS-B.STEpisurf Medical AB (publ)STO
258EPRO-B.STElectrolux Professional AB (publ)STO
260ERIC-A.STTelefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ)STO
261ERIC-B.STTelefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ)STO
262ERMA.STEnorama Pharma AB (publ)STO
263ESSITY-A.SEssity AB (publ)STO
264ESSITY-B.SEssity AB (publ)STO
265EURA.STEuroafrica Digital Ventures AB (publ)STO
266EVO.STEvolution AB (publ)STO
267EWRK.STEwork Group AB (publ)STO
268EXPRS2.STExpreS2ion Biotech Holding AB (publ)STO
269EXS.STExsitec Holding AB (publ)STO
270FABG.STFabege AB (publ)STO
271FAG.STAB Fagerhult (publ.)STO
272FAGA.STFantasma Games AB (publ)STO
273FASTAT.STAktiebolaget Fastator (publ)STO
274FERRO.STFerroamp AB (publ)STO
275FG.STFasadgruppen Group AB (publ)STO
276FING-B.STFingerprint Cards AB (publ)STO
277FIRE.STFirefly AB (publ)STO
278FIRST-B.STFirst Venture Sweden AB (publ)STO
279FLAT-B.STFlat Capital AB (publ)STO
280FLEXM.STFlexion Mobile PlcSTO
281FLEXQ.STFlexQube AB (publ)STO
282FLUI.STFluicell AB (publ)STO
283FLUO.STFluoGuide A/SSTO
284FMM-B.STFM Mattsson Mora Group AB (publ)STO
285FNM.STFerronordic AB (publ)STO
286FNOVA-B.STFortinova Fastigheter AB (Publ)STO
287FNOX.STFortnox AB (publ)STO
288FOI-B.STFenix Outdoor International AGSTO
289FOOT-B.STFootway Group AB (publ)STO
290FOOT-PREF.Footway Group AB (publ)STO
291FPAR-A.STFastPartner AB (publ)STO
292FPAR-D.STFastPartner AB (publ)STO
293FPAR-PREF.FastPartner AB (publ)STO
294FPIP.STFormpipe Software AB (publ)STO
295FRACTL.STFractal Gaming Group AB (publ)STO
296FRAG.STFragbite Group AB (publ)STO
297FRAM-B.STFram Skandinavien ABSTO
298FREEM.STFreemelt Holding AB (publ)STO
299FREJA.STFreja eID Group AB (publ)STO
300FRISQ.STFRISQ Holding AB (publ)STO
301FSPORT.STFSport AB (publ)STO
302GABA.STGabather AB (publ)STO
303GAPW-B.STGapwaves AB (publ)STO
304GARO.STGaro Aktiebolag (publ)STO
305GBK.STGoodbye Kansas Group AB (publ)STO
306GCOR.STGaming Corps AB (publ)STO
307GENI.STGeneric Sweden ABSTO
308GENO.STGenovis AB (publ.)STO
309GETI-B.STGetinge AB (publ)STO
310GGEO.STGuideline Geo AB (publ)STO
311GHP.STGHP Specialty Care AB (publ)STO
312GHUS-B.STGötenehus Group AB (publ)STO
313GIAB.STGodsinlösen Nordic AB (publ)STO
314GOGRID-SDBSmart Wires Technology Ltd.STO
315GOMX.STGomSpace Group AB (publ)STO
316GPG.STGenova Property Group AB (publ)STO
317GPX.STGasporox AB (publ)STO
318GPXMED.STGPX Medical AB (publ)STO
319GREAT.STGreater Than ABSTO
320GREEN.STGreen Landscaping Group AB (publ)STO
321GRNG.STGränges AB (publ)STO
322GUARD.STGuard Therapeutics International AB (publ)STO
323HANZA.STHanza AB (publ)STO
324HAV-B.STHavsfrun Investment AB (publ)STO
325HAYPP.STHaypp Group AB (publ)STO
326HDW-B.STHitech & Development Wireless Sweden Holding AB (publ)STO
327HEAD.STHeadsent AB (publ)STO
328HEBA-B.STHeba Fastighets AB (publ)STO
329HEGR.STHedera Group AB (publ)STO
330HEIM-PREF.Heimstaden AB (publ)STO
331HELIO.STHeliospectra AB (publ)STO
332HEM.STHemnet Group AB (publ)STO
333HEMC.STHemcheck Sweden AB (publ)STO
334HEXA-B.STHexagon AB (publ)STO
335HEXI.STHexicon AB (publ)STO
336HIFA-B.STHifab Group AB (publ.)STO
337HILB-B.STHilbert Group AB (publ)STO
338HLDX.STHaldex AB (publ)STO
339HM-B.STH & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (publ)STO
340HMS.STHMS Networks AB (publ)STO
341HOLM-A.STHolmen AB (publ)STO
342HOLM-B.STHolmen AB (publ)STO
343HOVD.STHövding Sverige AB (publ)STO
344HOYLU.STHoylu AB (publ)STO
346HUFV-A.STHufvudstaden AB (publ)STO
347HUMBLE.STHumble Group AB (publ)STO
348HUSQ-A.STHusqvarna AB (publ)STO
349HUSQ-B.STHusqvarna AB (publ)STO
350IAR-B.STIAR Systems Group AB (publ)STO
351IBT-B.STInfant Bacterial Therapeutics AB (publ)STO
352ICA.STICA Gruppen AB (publ)STO
353ICO.STIconovo AB (publ)STO
354IDOGEN.STIdogen AB (publ)STO
355IDUN-B.STIdun Industrier AB (publ)STO
356IMMNOV.STImmunovia AB (publ)STO
357IMP-A-SDB.Implantica AGSTO
358INCOAX.STInCoax Networks AB (publ)STO
359INDEX.STInDex Pharmaceuticals Holding AB (publ)STO
360INDU-A.STAB Industrivärden (publ)STO
361INDU-C.STAB Industrivärden (publ)STO
363INISS-B.STInission AB (publ)STO
364INIT.STInitiator Pharma A/SSTO
365INSP.STInsplorion AB (publ)STO
366INT.STIntellego Technologies ABSTO
367INTEG-B.STIntegrum AB (publ)STO
368INVE-A.STInvestor AB (publ)STO
369INVE-B.STInvestor AB (publ)STO
370IRIS.STIrisity AB (publ)STO
371IRLAB-A.STIRLAB Therapeutics AB (publ)STO
373IS.STImage Systems ABSTO
374ISOFOL.STIsofol Medical AB (publ)STO
375ITAB.STITAB Shop Concept AB (publ)STO
377IZAFE-B.STiZafe Group AB (publ)STO
378JDT.STJonDeTech Sensors AB (publ)STO
379JETPAK.STJetpak Top Holding AB (publ)STO
380JLT.STJLT Mobile Computers AB (publ)STO
381JM.STJM AB (publ)STO
382JOMA.STJohn Mattson Fastighetsföretagen AB (publ)STO
383K2A-B.STK2A Knaust & Andersson Fastigheter AB (publ)STO
384K2A-PREF.SK2A Knaust & Andersson Fastigheter AB (publ)STO
385KABE-B.STKABE Group AB (publ.)STO
386KAKEL.STKakel Max AB (publ)STO
387KAMBI.STKambi Group plcSTO
388KAN.STKancera AB (publ)STO
389KAPIAB.STKallebäck Property Invest AB (publ)STO
390KAR.STKarnov Group AB (publ)STO
391KDEV.STKarolinska Development AB (publ)STO
392KEBNI-B.STKebNi AB (publ)STO
393KENH.STKentima Holding AB (publ)STO
394KFAST-B.STK-Fast Holding AB (publ)STO
395KILI.STKiliaro AB (publ)STO
396KIND-SDB.SKindred Group plcSTO
397KINV-A.STKinnevik ABSTO
398KINV-B.STKinnevik ABSTO
399KJELL.STKjell Group AB (publ)STO
400KLAR.STKlaria Pharma Holding AB (publ.)STO
401KLED.STKungsleden AB (publ)STO
402KNOW.STKnowit AB (publ)STO
403KOLL.STKollect on Demand Holding AB (publ)STO
404KONT.STKontigo Care AB (publ)STO
405KOPY.STKopy Goldfields AB (publ)STO
406LADYLU.STLL Lucky Games AB (publ)STO
407LAGR-B.STLagercrantz Group AB (publ)STO
408LAMM-B.STLammhults Design Group AB (publ)STO
409LATO-B.STInvestment AB Latour (publ)STO Group A/SSTO
411LCLEAN.STLifeClean International AB (publ)STO
412LEO.STLeoVegas AB (publ)STO
413LEVEL.STNordic LEVEL Group AB (publ.)STO
414LEX.STThe Lexington Company AB (publ)STO
415LIAB.STLindab International AB (publ)STO
417LIFCO-B.STLifco AB (publ)STO
418LIME.STLime Technologies AB (publ)STO
420LINKAB.STLink Prop Investment AB (publ)STO
422LIPI.STLipidor AB (publ)STO
423LIPUM.STLipum AB (publ)STO
424LITI.STLitium AB (publ)STO
425LMKG.STLMK Group AB (publ)STO
426LOGI-A.STLogistea AB (publ)STO
427LOGI-B.STLogistea AB (publ)STO
428LOHILO.STLohilo Foods Ab (Publ)STO
429LOOMIS.STLoomis AB (publ)STO
430LOYAL.STLoyal Solutions A/SSTO
431LPGO.STLipigon Pharmaceuticals AB (publ)STO
432LUND-B.STL E Lundbergföretagen AB (publ)STO
433LUNE.STLundin Energy AB (publ)STO
434LXB.STLuxbright AB (publ)STO
435LYKO-A.STLyko Group AB (publ)STO
436MACK-B.STMackmyra Svensk Whisky AB (publ)STO
437MAGI.STMAG Interactive AB (publ)STO
438MAGLE.STMagle Chemoswed Holding AB (publ)STO
439MAHA-A.STMaha Energy AB (publ)STO
440MANG.STMangold Fondkommission ABSTO
441MANTEX.STMantex AB (publ)STO
442MAV.STMavshack AB (publ)STO
443MAVEN.STMaven Wireless Sweden AB (Publ)STO
444MCAP.STMedCap AB (publ)STO
445MCOV-B.STMedicover AB (publ)STO
446ME.STModern Ekonomi Sverige Holding AB (publ)STO
447MEAB-B.STMalmbergs Elektriska AB (publ)STO
448MEDHLP.STMedhelp Care Aktiebolag (publ)STO
450MESTRO.STMestro AB (publ)STO
451MIDS.STMidsummer AB (publ)STO
452MIDW-A.STMidway Holding AB (publ)STO
453MIDW-B.STMidway Holding AB (publ)STO
454MILDEF.STMilDef Group AB (publ)STO
455MISE.STMisen Energy AB (publ)STO
456MNTC.STMentice AB (publ)STO
457MOB.STMoberg Pharma AB (publ)STO
458MOBA.STM.O.B.A. Network AB (publ)STO
459MODEL-B.STModelon AB (publ)STO
460MODTX.STModus Therapeutics Holding AB (publ)STO
461MOMENT.STMoment Group ABSTO
462MSAB-B.STMicro Systemation AB (publ)STO
463MSON-A.STMidsona AB (publ)STO
464MTG-A.STModern Times Group MTG AB (publ)STO
465MTG-B.STModern Times Group MTG AB (publ)STO
466MULQ.STMultiQ International AB (publ)STO
467MVIR-B.STMedivir AB (publ)STO
468MYFC.STmyFC Holding AB (publ)STO
469NANEXA.STNanexa AB (publ)STO
471NCAB.STNCAB Group AB (publ)STO
474NDA-SE.STNordea Bank AbpSTO
475NELLY.STNelly Group AB (publ)STO
476NENT-A.STViaplay Group AB (publ)STO
477NENT-B.STViaplay Group AB (publ)STO
478NEPA.STNepa AB (publ)STO
479NETEL.STNetel Holding AB (publ)STO
480NETI-B.STNet Insight AB (publ)STO
481NETM-B.STNetmore Group AB (publ)STO
482NEWA-B.STNew Wave Group AB (publ)STO
483NEXAM.STNexam Chemical Holding AB (publ)STO
484NGENIC.STNgenic AB (publ)STO
485NGS.STNGS Group AB (publ)STO
486NIBE-B.STNIBE Industrier AB (publ)STO
487NICO.STNicoccino Holding AB (publ)STO
488NIL-B.STNilörngruppen ABSTO
489NILAR.STNilar International ABSTO
490NILS.STNilsson Special Vehicles AB (publ)STO
491NITRO.STNitro Games OyjSTO
492NJOB.STNetJobs Group AB (publ)STO
493NMAN.STNederman Holding AB (publ)STO
494NNH.STNew Nordic Healthbrands AB (publ)STO
495NOBI.STNobia AB (publ)STO
496NOBINA.STNobina AB (publ)STO
497NOLA-B.STNolato AB (publ)STO
498NORB-B.STNordisk Bergteknik AB (publ)STO
499NORDIG.STNord Insuretech Group ABSTO
501NOTEK.STNorditek Group AB (publ)STO
502NP3-PREF.SNP3 Fastigheter AB (publ)STO
503NPAPER.STNordic Paper Holding AB (publ)STO
505NWG.STNordic Waterproofing Holding AB (publ)STO
506NXTCL.STNextCell Pharma ABSTO
507NYTTO-PREFSvenska Nyttobostäder AB (publ)STO
508NYTTO.STSvenska Nyttobostäder AB (publ)STO
509OBAB.STOnline Brands Nordic AB (publ)STO
510OEM-B.STOEM International AB (publ)STO
511OGUN-B.STOgunsen AB (publ)STO
512ONCO.STOncopeptides AB (publ)STO
513ONCOZ.STOncoZenge AB (publ)STO
514OP-PREF.STOscar Properties Holding AB (publ)STO
515OP-PREFB.SOscar Properties Holding AB (publ)STO
516OP.STOscar Properties Holding AB (publ)STO
517OPTER.STOpter AB (publ)STO
518OPTI.STOptiCept Technologies AB (publ)STO
519ORGC.STOrganoClick AB (publ)STO
520ORTI-A.STOrtivus AB (publ)STO
521ORTI-B.STOrtivus AB (publ)STO
522OSSD.STOssDsign AB (publ)STO
523OX2.STOX2 AB (publ)STO
524OXE.STOXE Marine AB (publ)STO
525PACT.STProact IT Group AB (publ)STO
526PAGERO.STPagero Group Ab (Publ)STO
527PAX.STPaxman AB (publ)STO
528PCAT.STPhotocat A/SSTO
529PCOM-B.STPrecomp Solutions AB (publ)STO
530PDX.STParadox Interactive AB (publ)STO
531PEAB-B.STPeab AB (publ)STO
532PEGRO-PREFPegroco Invest AB (publ)STO
533PENG-B.STProjektengagemang Sweden AB (publ)STO
534PHARM.STPharmiva AB (publ)STO
535PHLOG-B.STPharmacolog i Uppsala AB (publ)STO
536PIERCE.STPierce Group AB (publ)STO
537PIEZO.STPiezoMotor Uppsala AB (publ)STO
538PILA.STPila Pharma AB (publ)STO
539PLAZ-B.STPlatzer Fastigheter Holding AB (publ)STO
540PLEX.STPlexian AB (publ)STO
541PLUN.STProstaLund AB (publ)STO
542PNDX-B.STPandox AB (publ)STO
543POLY.STPolyplank AB (publ)STO
544POLYG.STPolygiene AB (publ.)STO
545POOL-B.STPoolia AB (publ)STO
546PRCO-B.STPrecio Fishbone AB (publ)STO
547PREC.STPrecise Biometrics AB (publ)STO
549PRFO.STProfoto Holding AB (publ)STO
550PRIC-B.STPricer AB (publ)STO
551PROB.STProbi AB (publ)STO
552PROF-B.STProfilGruppen AB (publ)STO
553PROMO.STPromore Pharma AB (publ)STO
554PSCAND.STPermascand Top Holding AB (publ)STO
555PTRK.STPhysitrack PLCSTO
556QAIR.STQleanAir AB (publ)STO
557QCORE.STQlucore Ab (Publ)STO
558QIIWI.STQiiwi Games AB (publ)STO
559QLIFE.STQlife Holding AB (publ)STO
560QLINEA.STQ-linea AB (publ)STO
561QLIRO.STQliro AB (publ)STO
562QUART-PREFQuartiers Properties AB (publ)STO
563QUART.STQuartiers Properties AB (publ)STO
564QUIA.STQuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals Holding AB (publ)STO
565RAIL.STRailcare Group AB (publ)STO
566RAKE.STRaketech Group Holding PLCSTO
567RATO-A.STRatos AB (publ)STO
568RATO-B.STRatos AB (publ)STO
569RAY-B.STRaySearch Laboratories AB (publ)STO
570READ.STReadly International AB (publ)STO
571REALFI.STRealfiction Holding AB (publ)STO
572REDW.STRedwood Pharma ABSTO
573REJL-B.STRejlers AB (publ)STO
574RENEW.STRe:NewCell AB (publ)STO
575RESQ.STResqunit AB (publ)STO
576RESURS.STResurs Holding AB (publ)STO
577RIZZO-B.STRizzo Group AB (publ)STO
578RLS.STRLS Global AB (publ)STO
579RO.STRolling Optics Holding AB (publ)STO
580RPLAN.STRanplan Group ABSTO
581RROS.STRottneros AB (publ)STO
582RUG.STRugvista Group AB (publ)STO
583RVRC.STRVRC Holding AB (publ)STO
584S2M.STS2Medical AB (publ)STO
585SAAB-B.STSaab AB (publ)STO
586SAGA-B.STAB Sagax (publ)STO
587SAGA-D.STAB Sagax (publ)STO
588SALT-B.STSaltX Technology Holding ABSTO
589SAND.STSandvik AB (publ)STO
590SANION.STSaniona AB (publ)STO
592SAVE.STNordnet AB (publ)STO
593SAXG.STSaxlund Group AB (publ)STO
594SBB-B.STSamhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB (publ)STO
595SBB-D.STSamhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB (publ)STO
596SBOK.STScandBook Holding AB (publ)STO
597SCA-A.STSvenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA (publ)STO
598SCA-B.STSvenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA (publ)STO
599SCIB.STSciBase Holding AB (publ)STO
600SCOL.STScandion Oncology A/SSTO
601SCOUT.STScout Gaming Group AB (publ)STO
602SCST.STScandi Standard AB (publ)STO
603SDIP-B.STSdiptech AB (publ)STO
604SDIP-PREF.Sdiptech AB (publ)STO
605SDOS.STScandiDos AB (publ)STO
606SDS.STSeamless Distribution Systems AB (publ)STO
607SEAF.STSeafire AB (publ)STO
608SEB-A.STSkandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ)STO
609SECARE.STSwedencare AB (publ)STO
610SECI.STSECITS Holding AB (publ)STO
611SECS.STSensec Holding AB (publ)STO
612SECU-B.STSecuritas ABSTO
613SEDANA.STSedana Medical AB (publ)STO
614SENS.STSensys Gatso Group AB (publ)STO
616SERT.STSerstech ABSTO
617SES.STScandinavian Enviro Systems AB (publ)STO
618SEYE.STSmart Eye AB (publ)STO
619SEZI.STSenzime AB (publ)STO
620SF.STStillfront Group AB (publ)STO
621SFAB.STSolid Försäkringsaktiebolag (publ)STO
622SFAST.STStenhus Fastigheter i Norden AB (publ)STO
623SFL.STSafello Group AB (publ)STO
624SHB-A.STSvenska Handelsbanken AB (publ)STO
625SHB-B.STSvenska Handelsbanken AB (publ)STO
626SHOT.STScandic Hotels Group AB (publ)STO
627SIGNUP.STSignUp Software AB (publ)STO
628SIMRIS-B.SSimris Alg AB (publ)STO
629SINCH.STSinch AB (publ)STO
630SINT.STSinterCast AB (publ)STO
631SIVE.STSivers Semiconductors AB (publ)STO
632SKA-B.STSkanska AB (publ)STO
635SKIS-B.STSkiStar AB (publ)STO
636SKMO.STSkåne-möllan AB (publ)STO
637SLEEP.STSleep Cycle AB (publ)STO
638SLITE.STSlitevind ABSTO
639SOBI.STSwedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (publ)STO
640SODER.STSÖDer Sportfiske AbSTO
641SOF-B.STSoftronic AB (publ)STO
642SOLNA.STSolnaberg Property AB (publ)STO
643SOLT.STSolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ)STO
644SONE.STSonetel AB (publ)STO
646SPAGO.STSpago Nanomedical AB (publ)STO
647SPEC.STSpectraCure AB (publ)STO
648SPEONE.STSpectrumOne AB (publ)STO
649SPEQT.STSpeqta AB (publ)STO
651SPRINT.STSprint Bioscience AB (publ)STO
652SRNKE-B.STSerneke Group AB (publ)STO
655STABL.STStayble Therapeutics AB (publ)STO
656STAR-A.STStarbreeze AB (publ)STO
657STAR-B.STStarbreeze AB (publ)STO
658STE-A.STStora Enso OyjSTO
659STE-R.STStora Enso OyjSTO
660STEF-B.STStendörren Fastigheter AB (publ)STO
662STOR-B.STStorskogen Group AB (publ)STO
663STORY-B.STStorytel AB (publ)STO
664STRAX.STStrax AB (publ)STO
665STRLNG.STSwedish Stirling AB (publ)STO
666STUDBO.STStudentbostäder i Norden AB (publ)STO
667STW.STSeaTwirl AB (publ)STO
668STWK.STStockwik Förvaltning AB (publ)STO
669SUS.STSurgical Science Sweden AB (publ)STO
670SVED-B.STSvedbergs i Dalstorp AB (publ)STO
671SVIK.STStudsvik AB (publ)STO
672SVOL-A.STSvolder AB (publ)STO
673SVOL-B.STSvolder AB (publ)STO
674SWEC-A.STSweco AB (publ)STO
675SWEC-B.STSweco AB (publ)STO
676SWED-A.STSwedbank AB (publ)STO
677SYNSAM.STSynsam AB (publ)STO
678SYSR.STSystemair AB (publ)STO
679TAGM-B.STTagMaster AB (publ)STO
681TANGI.STTangiamo Touch Technology AB (publ)STO
682TBD30-SPACtbd30 AB (publ)STO
683TEL2-A.STTele2 AB (publ)STO
684TEL2-B.STTele2 AB (publ)STO
685TELIA.STTelia Company AB (publ)STO
686TELLUS.STTellusgruppen AB (publ)STO
687TEQ.STTeqnion AB (publ)STO
689TESSIN.STTessin Nordic Holding AB (publ)STO
690TETY.STTethys Oil AB (publ)STO
691TFBANK.STTF Bank AB (publ)STO
693THULE.STThule Group AB (publ)STO
694THUNDR.STThunderful Group ABSTO
695TIGO-SDB.SMillicom International Cellular S.A.STO
696TOBII.STTobii AB (publ)STO
697TOL.STToleranzia ABSTO
698TORSAB.STTorslanda Property Investment AB (publ)STO
699TOURN.STTourn International AB (publ)STO
700TRAC-B.STAB TractionSTO
701TRAD.STTradeDoubler AB (publ)STO
702TRAIN-B.STTrain Alliance Sweden AB (publ)STO
703TRANS.STTranstema Group ABSTO
704TREL-B.STTrelleborg AB (publ)STO
705TRG.STTranscendent Group AB (publ)STO
706TRIAN-B.STFastighets AB Trianon (publ)STO
707TRIBO-B.STTriboron International AB (publ)STO
708TROAX.STTroax Group AB (publ)STO
709TRUE-B.STTruecaller AB (publ)STO
710TSEC.STTempest Security AB (publ)STO
711TWIIK.STTwiik AB (publ)STO
712UNIBAP.STUnibap AB (publ)STO
713UPSALE.STUpsales Technology AB (publ)STO
714URBIT.STUrb-it AB (publ)STO
715USWE.STUswe Sports AB (publ)STO
716UTG.STUnlimited Travel Group UTG AB (publ)STO
717VBG-B.STVBG Group AB (publ)STO
719VERT-B.STVertiseit AB (publ)STO
720VESTUM.STVestum AB (publ)STO
721VICO.STVicore Pharma Holding AB (publ)STO
722VIMIAN.STVimian Group AB (publ)STO
723VIT-B.STVitec Software Group AB (publ)STO
724VITR.STVitrolife AB (publ)STO
725VNE-SDB.STVeoneer, Inc.STO
726VNV.STVNV Global AB (publ)STO
727VO2.STVo2 Cap Holding AB (publ)STO
728VOLAB.STVeg of Lund AB (publ)STO
729VOLCAR-B.SVolvo Car AB (publ.)STO
732VOLV-A.STAB Volvo (publ)STO
733VOLV-B.STAB Volvo (publ)STO
734VPLAY-B.STViaplay Group AB (publ)STO
735VSSAB-B.STViking Supply Ships AB (publ)STO
736WALL-B.STWallenstam AB (publ)STO
737WAYS.STWaystream Holding AB (publ)STO
738WBGR-B.STWästbygg Gruppen AB (publ)STO
739WIHL.STWihlborgs Fastigheter AB (publ)STO
740WISE.STWise Group AB (publ)STO
742WYLD.STWyld Networks AB (publ)STO
743XANO-B.STXANO Industri AB (publ)STO
744XBRANE.STXbrane Biopharma AB (publ)STO
745XINT.STXintela AB (publ)STO
746XMR.STXMReality AB (publ)STO
747XPC.STXP Chemistries AB (publ)STO
748XSPRAY.STXspray Pharma AB (publ)STO
749XVIVO.STXvivo Perfusion AB (publ)STO
750YAYTRD.STYtrade Group AB (publ)STO
751YIELD.STSaveLend Group AB (publ)STO
753ZICC.STZiccum AB (publ)STO
754ZIGN.STZignSec AB (publ)STO
755ZORDIX-B.SZordix AB (publ)STO
756ZZ-B.STZinzino AB (publ)STO
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