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Below you will find all the 1 789 stocks we analyse Shanghai Stock Exchange (SHH)

Top 10 Gainers

Symbol Name Intraday Change % Volume Avg Vol (3m) Market Cap PE (TTM) 52 Week Range Traded
688408.SS Arctech Solar Holding CNY96.58 CNY12.40 14.72% 1.53M 2.32M CNY13.11B 60.36 54.28 - 105.55 2024-04-25 01:34
600727.SS Shandong Lubei Chemical CNY6.34 CNY0.580 10.07% 5.96M 10.15M CNY3.35B 33.37 4.02 - 6.80 2024-04-25 01:34
600083.SS Jiangsu Boxin CNY5.03 CNY0.460 10.07% 16.83M 21.93M CNY1.16B -251.50 3.69 - 12.45 2024-04-25 01:34
600749.SS Tibet Tourism Co.,Ltd CNY12.39 CNY1.130 10.04% 8.84M 5.42M CNY2.75B 247.80 7.80 - 14.09 2024-04-25 01:34
603110.SS New East New Materials CNY16.67 CNY1.520 10.03% 2.21M 6.00M CNY3.35B 64.12 12.32 - 37.33 2024-04-25 01:34
603017.SS ARTS Group Co., Ltd CNY13.66 CNY1.240 9.98% 8.69M 4.30M CNY3.77B 39.03 6.12 - 13.66 2024-04-25 01:34
600234.SS Guanghe Landscape Culture CNY4.64 CNY0.420 9.95% 7.53M 10.62M CNY1.22B -30.93 3.47 - 10.28 2024-04-25 01:34
688272.SS Beijing Fjr CNY15.50 CNY1.400 9.90% 417 043 358 770 CNY1.18B -13.03 10.61 - 21.20 2024-04-25 01:34
603693.SS Jiangsu New Energy CNY11.18 CNY0.850 8.24% 4.17M 3.12M CNY9.97B 21.09 8.49 - 14.90 2024-04-25 01:34
600113.SS Zhejiang Dongri Limited CNY8.01 CNY0.590 7.95% 3.43M 8.29M CNY3.30B 16.35 5.05 - 9.78 2024-04-25 01:34

Top 10 Losers

Symbol Name Intraday Change % Volume Avg Vol (3m) Market Cap PE (TTM) 52 Week Range Traded
688033.SS Beijing Tianyishangjia CNY7.99 CNY-1.100 -12.11% 7.53M 20.92M CNY4.49B 15.67 7.93 - 20.20 2024-04-25 01:34
688499.SS Guangdong Lyric Robot CNY24.69 CNY-2.83 -10.28% 1.08M 3.52M CNY3.05B 145.24 21.22 - 87.12 2024-04-25 01:34
600706.SS Xi'an Qujiang Cultural CNY12.06 CNY-1.340 -10.00% 2.85M 13.99M CNY3.08B -34.46 10.13 - 20.50 2024-04-25 01:34
603208.SS Jiangshan Oupai Door CNY23.26 CNY-2.58 -9.98% 533 500 1.58M CNY4.09B -116.30 21.10 - 44.16 2024-04-25 01:34
600382.SS Guangdong Mingzhu Group CNY4.09 CNY-0.380 -8.46% 7.29M 6.78M CNY3.09B 16.36 3.51 - 5.54 2024-04-25 01:34
603608.SS Topscore Fashion Co., CNY4.10 CNY-0.360 -8.05% 2.35M 12.26M CNY1.68B -11.39 2.98 - 6.63 2024-04-25 01:34
600565.SS DIMA HOLDINGS Co. ,Ltd. CNY0.900 CNY-0.0700 -7.14% 15.72M 83.25M CNY2.24B -0.550 0.860 - 2.20 2024-04-25 01:34
603488.SS Flying Technology Co., CNY8.52 CNY-0.640 -6.99% 7.90M 5.97M CNY2.49B 30.43 5.98 - 13.02 2024-04-25 01:34
605055.SS Zhejiang Yingfeng CNY5.17 CNY-0.370 -6.67% 2.26M 5.96M CNY2.27B -258.50 3.40 - 7.90 2024-04-25 01:34
603600.SS UE Furniture Co., Ltd. CNY12.05 CNY-0.850 -6.60% 1.19M 7.69M CNY3.97B 14.35 8.24 - 13.81 2024-04-25 01:34

Top 10 Most Active

Symbol Name Intraday Change % Volume Avg Vol (3m) Market Cap PE (TTM) 52 Week Range Traded
601633.SS Great Wall Motor Company CNY26.44 CNY1.690 6.82% 18.81M 19.99M CNY185.07B 22.41 19.11 - 31.55 2024-04-25 01:34
601138.SS Foxconn Industrial CNY21.90 CNY-0.340 -1.53% 21.24M 226.82M CNY430.98B 20.66 12.63 - 27.26 2024-04-25 01:34
601127.SS Seres Group Co.,Ltd. CNY91.19 CNY1.030 1.14% 4.49M 63.14M CNY137.47B -39.48 24.75 - 106.66 2024-04-25 01:34
601179.SS China XD Electric Co., CNY7.49 CNY-0.180 -2.35% 42.78M 92.90M CNY38.39B 44.06 4.38 - 8.47 2024-04-25 01:34
600879.SS China Aerospace Times CNY7.81 CNY-0.110 -1.39% 35.00M 45.14M CNY25.77B 43.39 5.48 - 8.54 2024-04-25 01:34
601899.SS Zijin Mining Group CNY17.12 CNY-0.420 -2.39% 15.45M 181.36M CNY426.39B 20.63 10.38 - 19.33 2024-04-25 01:34
603259.SS WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd. CNY41.89 CNY-0.0700 -0.17% 5.35M 95.71M CNY119.11B 12.93 41.17 - 93.56 2024-04-25 01:34
603019.SS Dawning Information CNY44.15 CNY-0.0600 -0.14% 4.76M 92.35M CNY64.22B 35.32 28.72 - 61.20 2024-04-25 01:34
603308.SS Anhui Yingliu CNY15.28 CNY0.300 2.00% 13.50M 15.29M CNY10.44B 33.96 8.55 - 19.89 2024-04-25 01:34
601919.SS COSCO SHIPPING Holdings CNY11.30 CNY0.150 1.35% 16.43M 82.72M CNY169.25B 7.64 9.21 - 11.58 2024-04-25 01:34
1600000.SSShanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.SHH
2600004.SSGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport Co., Ltd.SHH
3600006.SSDongFeng Automobile Co. LTDSHH
4600007.SSChina World Trade Center Co., Ltd.SHH
5600008.SSBeijing Capital Eco-environment Protection Group Co.,ltd.SHH
6600009.SSShanghai International Airport Co., Ltd.SHH
7600010.SSInner Mongolia Baotou Steel Union Co., Ltd.SHH
8600011.SSHuaneng Power International, Inc.SHH
9600012.SSAnhui Expressway Company LimitedSHH
10600015.SSHua Xia Bank Co., LimitedSHH
11600016.SSChina Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.SHH
12600017.SSRizhao Port Co., Ltd.SHH
13600018.SSShanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
14600019.SSBaoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.SHH
15600020.SSHenan Zhongyuan Expressway Company LimitedSHH
16600021.SSShanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd.SHH
17600022.SSShandong Iron and Steel Company Ltd.SHH
18600023.SSZhejiang Zheneng Electric Power Co., Ltd.SHH
19600025.SSHuaneng Lancang River Hydropower Inc.SHH
20600026.SSCOSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co., Ltd.SHH
21600027.SSHuadian Power International Corporation LimitedSHH
22600028.SSChina Petroleum & Chemical CorporationSHH
23600029.SSChina Southern Airlines Company LimitedSHH
24600030.SSCITIC Securities Company LimitedSHH
25600031.SSSany Heavy Industry Co., LtdSHH
26600032.SSZhejiang Provincial New Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd.SHH
27600033.SSFujian Expressway Development Co.,LtdSHH
28600035.SSHubei Chutian Smart Communication Co.,Ltd.SHH
29600036.SSChina Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.SHH
30600037.SSBeijing Gehua Catv Network Co.,Ltd.SHH
31600038.SSAvicopter PlcSHH
32600039.SSSichuan Road & Bridge Co.,LtdSHH
33600048.SSPoly Developments and Holdings Group Co., Ltd.SHH
34600050.SSChina United Network Communications LimitedSHH
35600051.SSNingbo United Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
36600052.SSZhejiang Dongwang Times Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
37600053.SSKunwu Jiuding Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.SHH
38600054.SSHuangshan Tourism Development Co.,Ltd.SHH
39600055.SSBeijing Wandong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
40600056.SSChina Meheco Group Co., Ltd.SHH
41600057.SSXiamen Xiangyu Co., Ltd.SHH
42600058.SSMinmetals Development Co., Ltd.SHH
43600059.SSZhejiang Guyuelongshan Shaoxing Wine Co.,LtdSHH
44600060.SSHisense Visual Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
45600061.SSSDIC Capital Co.,LtdSHH
46600062.SSChina Resources Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.SHH
47600063.SSAnhui Wanwei Updated High-Tech Material Industry Co.,LtdSHH
48600064.SSNanjing Gaoke Company LimitedSHH
49600066.SSYutong Bus Co.,Ltd.SHH
50600067.SSCitychamp Dartong Co.,Ltd.SHH
51600070.SSZhejiang Furun Digital Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
52600071.SSPhenix Optical Company LimitedSHH
53600072.SSCSSC Science &Technology Co., LtdSHH
54600073.SSShanghai Maling Aquarius Co.,LtdSHH
55600075.SSXinjiang Tianye Co.,Ltd.SHH
56600076.SSKangxin New Materials Co., LtdSHH
57600077.SSSundy Land Investment Co., Ltd.SHH
58600078.SSJiangsu ChengXing Phosph-Chemicals Co., Ltd.SHH
59600079.SSHumanwell Healthcare (Group) Co.,Ltd.SHH
60600080.SSGinwa Enterprise (Group) Inc.SHH
61600081.SSDongfeng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
62600082.SSTianjin Hi-Tech Development Co.,Ltd.SHH
63600083.SSJiangsu Boxin Investing&Holdings Co.,Ltd.SHH
64600084.SSCitic Guoan Wine CO.,LTDSHH
65600085.SSBeijing Tongrentang Co., LtdSHH
66600088.SSChina Television Media, Ltd.SHH
67600089.SSTBEA Co., Ltd.SHH
69600091.SSBaotou Tomorrow Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
70600093.SSEasy Visible Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd.SHH
71600094.SSGreattown Holdings Ltd.SHH
72600095.SSXiangcai Co.,LtdSHH
73600096.SSYunnan Yuntianhua Co., Ltd.SHH
74600097.SSShanghai Kaichuang Marine International Co., Ltd.SHH
75600098.SSGuangzhou Development Group IncorporatedSHH
76600099.SSLinhai Co.,Ltd.SHH
77600100.SSTsinghua Tongfang Co.,Ltd.SHH
78600101.SSSichuan Mingxing Electric Power Co., Ltd.SHH
79600103.SSFujian Qingshan Paper Industry Co.,Ltd.SHH
80600104.SSSAIC Motor Corporation LimitedSHH
81600105.SSJiangsu Etern Company LimitedSHH
82600106.SSChongqing road & bridge co.,ltdSHH
83600107.SSHubei Mailyard Share Co.,LtdSHH
84600108.SSGansu Yasheng Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
85600109.SSSinolink Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
86600110.SSNuode Investment Co.,LtdSHH
87600111.SSChina Northern Rare Earth (Group) High-Tech Co.,LtdSHH
88600112.SSGuizhou Changzheng Tiancheng Holding Co.,Ltd.SHH
89600113.SSZhejiang Dongri Limited CompanySHH
90600114.SSNBTM New Materials Group Co., Ltd.SHH
91600115.SSChina Eastern Airlines Corporation LimitedSHH
92600116.SSChongqing Three Gorges Water Conservancy and Electric Power Co., Ltd.SHH
93600117.SSXiNing Special Steel Co., Ltd.SHH
94600118.SSChina Spacesat Co.,Ltd.SHH
95600119.SSY.U.D.Yangtze River Investment Industry Co.,Ltd.SHH
96600120.SSZhejiang Orient Financial Holdings Group Co., Ltd.SHH
97600121.SSZhengzhou Coal Industry & Electric Power Co., Ltd.SHH
98600122.SSJiangsu Hongtu High Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
99600123.SSShanxi Lanhua Sci-Tech Venture Co.,LtdSHH
100600125.SSChina Railway Tielong Container Logistics Co., LtdSHH
101600126.SSHang Zhou Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.SHH
102600127.SSJinjian Cereals Industry Co.,Ltd.SHH
103600128.SSJiangsu Holly CorporationSHH
104600129.SSChongqing Taiji Industry(Group) Co.,LtdSHH
105600130.SSNingbo Bird Co.,Ltd.SHH
106600131.SSState Grid Information & Communication Co., Ltd.SHH
107600132.SSChongqing Brewery Co., Ltd.SHH
108600133.SSWuhan East Lake High Technology Group Co., Ltd.SHH
109600135.SSLucky Film Company,LimitedSHH
110600136.SSWuhan DDMC Culture & Sports Co.,Ltd.SHH
111600137.SSSichuan Langsha Holding Ltd.SHH
112600138.SSChina Cyts Tours Holding Co., Ltd.SHH
113600139.SSSichuan Western Resources Holding Co., Ltd.SHH
114600141.SSHubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co., Ltd.SHH
115600143.SSKingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.SHH
116600145.SSXinjiang Yilu Wanyuan Industrial Investment Holding Co., Ltd.SHH
117600146.SSShangying Global Co., Ltd.SHH
118600148.SSChangchun Yidong Clutch CO.,LTDSHH
119600149.SSLangfang Development Co., Ltd.SHH
120600150.SSChina CSSC Holdings LimitedSHH
121600151.SSShanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd.SHH
122600152.SSVeken Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
123600153.SSXiamen C&D Inc.SHH
124600155.SSPolaris Bay Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
125600156.SSHunan Huasheng Co.,LtdSHH
126600157.SSWintime Energy Co.,Ltd.SHH
127600158.SSChina Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd.SHH
128600159.SSBeijing Dalong Weiye Real Estate Development Co.,LtdSHH
129600160.SSZhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd.SHH
130600161.SSBeijing Tiantan Biological Products Co., Ltd.SHH
131600162.SSShenzhen HeungKong Holding Co.,LtdSHH
132600163.SSZhongmin Energy Co., Ltd.SHH
133600165.SSNingxia Xinri Hengli Steel Wire Rope Co., LtdSHH
134600166.SSBeiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.SHH
135600167.SSLuenmei Quantum Co.,LtdSHH
136600168.SSWuhan Sanzhen Industry Holding Co.,LtdSHH
137600169.SSTaiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
138600170.SSShanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd.SHH
139600171.SSShanghai Belling Co., Ltd.SHH
140600172.SSHenan Huanghe Whirlwind Co., Ltd.SHH
141600173.SSWolong Real Estate Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
142600176.SSChina Jushi Co., Ltd.SHH
143600177.SSYoungor Group Co.,LtdSHH
144600178.SSHarbin Dongan Auto Engine Co.,LtdSHH
145600179.SSAntong Holdings Co., Ltd.SHH
146600180.SSCCS Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.SHH
147600182.SSGiti Tire CorporationSHH
148600183.SSShengyi Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
149600184.SSNorth Electro-Optic Co.,Ltd.SHH
150600185.SSGree Real Estate Co., LtdSHH
151600186.SSLotus Health Group CompanySHH
152600187.SSHeilongjiang Interchina Water Treatment Co.,Ltd.SHH
153600188.SSYankuang Energy Group Company LimitedSHH
154600189.SSJilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
155600190.SSJinzhou Port Co., Ltd.SHH
156600191.SSBaotou Huazi Industry Co., LtdSHH
157600192.SSLanzhou GreatWall Electrical Co., LtdSHH
158600193.SSShanghai Prosolar Resources Development Co., LtdSHH
159600195.SSChina Animal Husbandry Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
160600196.SSShanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
161600197.SSXinjiang Yilite Industry Co.,LtdSHH
162600198.SSDatang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
163600199.SSAnhui Golden Seed Winery Co., Ltd.SHH
164600200.SSJiangSu WuZhong Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd.SHH
165600201.SSJinyu Bio-technology Co., Ltd.SHH
166600202.SSHarbin Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd.SHH
167600203.SSFujian Furi Electronics Co.,LtdSHH
168600206.SSGrinm Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
169600207.SSHenan Ancai Hi-Tech Co.,LtdSHH
170600208.SSXinhu Zhongbao Co.,Ltd.SHH
171600209.SSLawton Development Co., LtdSHH
172600210.SSShanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.SHH
173600211.SSTibet Rhodiola Pharmaceutical Holding Co.SHH
174600212.SSGresgying Digital Energy Technology Co.,LtdSHH
175600213.SSYangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd.SHH
176600215.SSPaslin Digital Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
177600216.SSZhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.SHH
178600217.SSChina Resources and Environment Co.,Ltd.SHH
179600218.SSAnhui Quanchai Engine Co., Ltd.SHH
180600220.SSJiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd.SHH
181600221.SSHainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd.SHH
182600222.SSHenan Taloph Pharmaceutical Stock Co.,LtdSHH
183600223.SSLushang Health Industry Development Co.,Ltd.SHH
184600225.SSTianjin Songjiang Co., Ltd.SHH
185600226.SSZhejiang Hugeleaf Co.,Ltd.SHH
186600227.SSGuizhou Salvage Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.SHH
187600228.SSFanli Digital Technology Co., LtdSHH
188600229.SSQingdao Citymedia Co,. Ltd.SHH
189600230.SSCangzhou Dahua Co., Ltd.SHH
190600231.SSLingyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.SHH
191600232.SSZhejiang Golden Eagle Co.,Ltd.SHH
192600234.SSGuanghe Landscape Culture Communication Co., Ltd.SHH
193600235.SSMinfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd.SHH
194600236.SSGuangxi Guiguan Electric PowerCo.,Ltd.SHH
195600237.SSAnhui Tongfeng Electronics Company LimitedSHH
196600238.SSHaiNan Yedao (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
197600239.SSYunnan Metropolitan Real Estate Development Co.LtdSHH
198600241.SSLiaoning Shidai Wanheng Co.,Ltd.SHH
199600242.SSZhongchang Big Data Corporation LimitedSHH
200600243.SSQingHaiHuaDing Industrial CO.,LTD.SHH
201600246.SSVantone Neo Development Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
202600248.SSShaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation LimitedSHH
203600249.SSLiuzhou Liangmianzhen Co., Ltd.SHH
204600250.SSNanjing Textiles Import & Export Corp., Ltd.SHH
205600251.SSXinjiang Guannong Fruit & Antler Co.,Ltd.SHH
206600252.SSGuangxi Wuzhou Zhongheng Group Co.,LtdSHH
207600255.SSAnhui Xinke New Materials Co.,LtdSHH
208600256.SSGuanghui Energy Co., Ltd.SHH
209600257.SSDahu Aquaculture Co.,Ltd.SHH
210600258.SSBTG Hotels (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
211600259.SSRising Nonferrous Metals Share Co.,Ltd.SHH
212600260.SSKaile Science and Technology Co;Ltd.HubeiSHH
213600261.SSZhejiang Yankon Group Co., Ltd.SHH
214600262.SSInner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co., Ltd.SHH
215600265.SSYunnan Jinggu Forestry Co.,LtdSHH
216600266.SSBeijing Urban Construction Investment & Development Co., Ltd.SHH
217600267.SSZhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
218600268.SSGuodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd.SHH
219600269.SSJiangxi Ganyue Expressway CO.,LTD.SHH
220600271.SSAisino CorporationSHH
221600272.SSShanghai Kai Kai Industry Company LimitedSHH
222600273.SSZhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.SHH
223600275.SSHubei Wuchangyu Co.,Ltd.SHH
224600276.SSJiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd.SHH
225600277.SSElion Energy Company LimitedSHH
226600278.SSOrient International Enterprise, Ltd.SHH
227600279.SSChongqing Port Co.,Ltd.SHH
228600280.SSNanjing Central Emporium (Group) Stocks Co., Ltd.SHH
229600281.SSShanxi Huayang New Material Co.,Ltd.SHH
230600282.SSNanjing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.SHH
231600283.SSQian Jiang Water Resources Development Co.,LtdSHH
232600284.SSShanghai Pudong Construction Co.,Ltd.SHH
233600285.SSHenan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
234600287.SSJiangsu Sainty Corp., Ltd.SHH
235600288.SSDaheng New Epoch Technology Inc.SHH
236600289.SSBright Oceans Inter-Telecom CorporationSHH
237600290.SSHuayi Electric Company LimitedSHH
238600291.SSXishui Strong Year Co.,Ltd Inner MongoliaSHH
239600292.SSSpic Yuanda Environmental-Protection Co., Ltd.SHH
240600293.SSHubei Sanxia New Building Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
241600295.SSInner Mongolia Erdos Resources Co.,ltd.SHH
242600297.SSChina Grand Automotive Services Group Co., Ltd.SHH
243600298.SSAngel Yeast Co., LtdSHH
244600299.SSBluestar Adisseo CompanySHH
245600300.SSV V Food & Beverage Co.,LtdSHH
246600301.SSNanning Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
247600303.SSLiaoning SG Automotive Group Co., Ltd.SHH
248600305.SSJiangsu Hengshun Vinegar-Industry Co.,LtdSHH
249600306.SSShenyang Commercial City Co.,Ltd.SHH
250600307.SSGansu Jiu Steel Group Hongxing Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.SHH
251600308.SSShandong Huatai Paper Industry Shareholding Co.,LtdSHH
252600309.SSWanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.SHH
253600310.SSGuangxi Guidong Electric Power Co., Ltd.SHH
254600311.SSGansu Ronghua Industry Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
255600312.SSHenan Pinggao Electric Co.,Ltd.SHH
256600313.SSZhongnongfa Seed Industry Group Co., Ltd.SHH
257600315.SSShanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd.SHH
258600316.SSJiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
259600318.SSAnhui Xinli Finance Co., Ltd.SHH
260600319.SSWeifang Yaxing Chemical Co., Ltd.SHH
261600320.SSShanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.SHH
262600321.SSRightway Holdings Co.,ltd.SHH
263600322.SSTianjin Realty Development (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
264600323.SSGrandblue Environment Co., Ltd.SHH
265600325.SSZhuhai Huafa Properties Co.,LtdSHH
266600326.SSTibet Tianlu Co., Ltd.SHH
267600327.SSWuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Co., Ltd.SHH
268600328.SSCNSIG Inner Mongolia Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
269600329.SSTianjin Pharmaceutical Da Ren Tang Group Corporation LimitedSHH
270600330.SSTDG Holding Co., Ltd.SHH
271600331.SSSichuan Hongda Co.,LtdSHH
272600332.SSGuangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Company LimitedSHH
273600333.SSChangchun Gas Co,.LtdSHH
274600335.SSSinomach Automobile Co., Ltd.SHH
275600336.SSAUCMA Co.,Ltd.SHH
276600337.SSMarkor International Home Furnishings Co., Ltd.SHH
277600338.SSTibet Summit Resources Co.,Ltd.SHH
278600339.SSChina Petroleum Engineering CorporationSHH
279600340.SSChina Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd.SHH
280600343.SSShaanxi Aerospace Power Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.SHH
281600345.SSWuHan Yangtze Communication Industry GroupCo.,LtdSHH
282600346.SSHengli Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.SHH
283600348.SSShan Xi Huayang Group New Energy Co.,Ltd.SHH
284600350.SSShandong Hi-speed Company LimitedSHH
285600351.SSYabao Pharmaceutical Group Co., LtdSHH
286600352.SSZhejiang Longsheng Group Co.,LtdSHH
287600353.SSChengdu Xuguang Electronics Co., Ltd.SHH
288600354.SSGansu Dunhuang Seed Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
289600355.SSRouton Electronic Co., Ltd.SHH
290600356.SSMudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Co.,LtdSHH
291600358.SSChina United Travel Co.,LtdSHH
292600359.SSXinjiang Talimu Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.SHH
293600360.SSJilin Sino-Microelectronics Co., Ltd.SHH
294600361.SSBeijing Hualian Hypermarket Co., Ltd.SHH
295600362.SSJiangxi Copper Company LimitedSHH
296600363.SSJiangxi Lianchuang Opto-Electronic Science&Technology Co.,LtdSHH
297600365.SSTonghua Grape Wine Co.,LtdSHH
298600366.SSNingbo Yunsheng Co., Ltd.SHH
299600367.SSGuizhou RedStar Developing Co.,Ltd.SHH
300600368.SSGuangxi Wuzhou Communications Co., Ltd.SHH
301600369.SSSouthwest Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
302600370.SSJiangsu Sanfame Polyester Material Co.,Ltd.SHH
303600371.SSWanXiang Doneed Co., Ltd.SHH
304600372.SSChina Avionics Systems Co.,Ltd.SHH
305600373.SSChinese Universe Publishing and Media Group Co., Ltd.SHH
306600375.SSHanma Technology Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
307600376.SSBeijing Capital Development Co., Ltd.SHH
308600377.SSJiangsu Expressway Company LimitedSHH
309600378.SSHaohua Chemical Science & Technology Corp., Ltd.SHH
310600379.SSShaanxi Baoguang Vacuum Electric Device Co., Ltd.SHH
311600380.SSJoincare Pharmaceutical Group Industry Co.,Ltd.SHH
312600381.SSQinghai Spring Medicinal Resources Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
313600382.SSGuangdong Mingzhu Group Co.,LtdSHH
314600385.SSShandong Jintai Group Co., Ltd.SHH
315600386.SSBeijing Bashi Media Co., Ltd.SHH
316600387.SSHY Energy Group Co.,LtdSHH
317600388.SSFujian Longking Co., Ltd.SHH
318600389.SSNantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Co.,Ltd.SHH
319600390.SSMinmetals Capital Company LimitedSHH
320600391.SSAecc Aero Science and Technology Co.,LtdSHH
321600392.SSShenghe Resources Holding Co., LtdSHH
322600393.SSGuangzhou Yuetai Group Co., Ltd.SHH
323600395.SSGuizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co.,Ltd.SHH
324600396.SSShenyang Jinshan Energy Co., Ltd.SHH
325600397.SSAnyuan Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd.SHH
326600398.SSHla Group Corp., Ltd.SHH
327600399.SSFushun Special Steel Co.,LTD.SHH
328600400.SSJiangsu Hongdou Industrial Co., LtdSHH
329600403.SSHenan Dayou Energy Co., LtdSHH
330600405.SSBeijing Dynamic Power Co.,Ltd.SHH
331600406.SSNARI Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
332600408.SSShanxi Antai Group Co.,LtdSHH
333600409.SSTangshan Sanyou Chemical Industries Co.,LtdSHH
334600410.SSBeijing Teamsun Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
335600416.SSXiangtan Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd.SHH
336600418.SSAnhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp.,Ltd.SHH
337600419.SSXinjiang Tianrun Dairy Co., Ltd.SHH
338600420.SSShanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
339600421.SSHubei Huarong Holding Co.,Ltd.SHH
340600422.SSKPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.SHH
341600423.SSLiuzhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
342600425.SSXinjiang Qingsong Building Materials and Chemicals (Group) Co, Ltd.SHH
343600426.SSShandong Hualu-Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.SHH
344600428.SSCOSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co.,Ltd.SHH
345600429.SSBeijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd.SHH
346600433.SSGuangdong Guanhao High-Tech Co., Ltd.SHH
347600435.SSNorth Navigation Control Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
348600436.SSZhangzhou Pientzehuang Pharmaceutical., LtdSHH
349600438.SSTongwei Co.,LtdSHH
350600439.SSHenan Rebecca Hair Products Co., Ltd.SHH
351600444.SSSinomach General Machinery Science & Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
352600446.SSShenzhen Kingdom Sci-Tech Co., LtdSHH
353600448.SSHuafang Co.,LtdSHH
354600449.SSNingxia Building Materials Group Co.,LtdSHH
355600452.SSChongqing Fuling Electric Power Industrial Co., Ltd.SHH
356600456.SSBaoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
357600458.SSZhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
358600459.SSSino-Platinum Metals Co.,LtdSHH
359600460.SSHangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., LtdSHH
360600461.SSJiangxi Hongcheng Environment Co.,Ltd.SHH
361600462.SSHubei Geoway Investment Co.,Ltd.SHH
362600463.SSBeijing Airport High-Tech Park Co., Ltd.SHH
363600466.SSSichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd.SHH
364600467.SSShandong Homey Aquatic Development Co.,Ltd.SHH
365600468.SSTianjin Benefo Tejing Electric Co., Ltd.SHH
366600469.SSAeolus Tyre Co., Ltd.SHH
367600470.SSAnhui Liuguo Chemical Co., Ltd.SHH
368600475.SSWuxi Huaguang Environment & Energy Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
369600476.SSHunan Copote Science Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
370600477.SSHang Xiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd.SHH
371600478.SSHunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd.SHH
372600479.SSZhuZhou QianJin Pharmaceutical Co.,LtdSHH
373600480.SSLing Yun Industrial Corporation LimitedSHH
374600481.SSShuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co.,LtdSHH
375600482.SSChina Shipbuilding Industry Group Power Co., Ltd.SHH
376600483.SSFujian Funeng Co., Ltd.SHH
377600486.SSJiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd.SHH
378600487.SSHengtong Optic-Electric Co., Ltd.SHH
379600488.SSTianjin Tianyao Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.SHH
380600489.SSZhongjin Gold Corp.,LtdSHH
381600490.SSPengxin International Mining Co.,LtdSHH
382600491.SSLong Yuan Construction Group Co.,LtdSHH
383600493.SSFujian Fynex Textile Science & Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
384600495.SSJinxi Axle Company LimitedSHH
385600496.SSChangjiang & Jinggong Steel Building (Group) Co., LtdSHH
386600497.SSYunnan Chihong Zinc & Germanium Co., Ltd.SHH
387600498.SSFiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd.SHH
388600499.SSKeda Industrial Group Co., Ltd.SHH
389600500.SSSinochem International CorporationSHH
390600501.SSAerosun CorporationSHH
391600502.SSAnhui Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.SHH
392600503.SSDeluxe Family Co., Ltd.SHH
393600505.SSSichuan Xichang Electric Power Co.,Ltd.SHH
394600506.SSXinjiang Korla Pear Co.,LtdSHH
395600507.SSFangda Special Steel Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
396600508.SSShanghai Datun Energy Resources Co., Ltd.SHH
397600509.SSXinjiang Tianfu Energy Co., Ltd.SHH
398600510.SSBlack Peony (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
399600511.SSChina National Medicines Corporation Ltd.SHH
400600512.SSTengda Construction Group Co., Ltd.SHH
401600513.SSJiangsu Lianhuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
402600515.SSHainan Airport Infrastructure Co., LtdSHH
403600516.SSFangDa Carbon New Material Co.,LtdSHH
404600517.SSState Grid Yingda Co.,Ltd.SHH
405600518.SSKangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
406600519.SSKweichow Moutai Co., Ltd.SHH
407600520.SSWenYi Trinity Technology Co., LtdSHH
408600521.SSZhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
409600522.SSJiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
410600523.SSGuizhou Guihang Automotive Components Co.,LtdSHH
411600525.SSChangyuan Technology Group Ltd.SHH
412600526.SSZhejiang Feida Environmental Science & Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
413600527.SSJiangsu Jiangnan High Polymer Fiber Co.,LtdSHH
414600528.SSChina Railway Hi-tech Industry Corporation LimitedSHH
415600529.SSShandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., LtdSHH
416600530.SSShanghai Jiaoda Onlly Co.,LtdSHH
417600531.SSHenan Yuguang Gold&Lead Co.,Ltd.SHH
418600532.SSShanghai Topcare Medical Services Co., Ltd.SHH
419600533.SSNanjing Chixia Development Co., Ltd.SHH
420600535.SSTasly Pharmaceutical Group Co., LtdSHH
421600536.SSChina National Software & Service Company LimitedSHH
422600537.SSEGing Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
423600538.SSBeihai Gofar Chuanshan Biological Co., Ltd.SHH
424600539.SSLionhead Technology Development Co., Ltd.SHH
425600540.SSXinjiang Sayram Modern Agriculture Co., LtdSHH
426600543.SSGansu Mogao Industrial Development Co.,LtdSHH
427600545.SSSaurer Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
428600546.SSShanxi Coal International Energy Group Co.,LtdSHH
429600547.SSShandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd.SHH
430600548.SSShenzhen Expressway Corporation LimitedSHH
431600549.SSXiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd.SHH
432600550.SSBaoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., Ltd.SHH
433600551.SSTime Publishing and Media Co., Ltd.SHH
434600552.SSTriumph Science & Technology Co.,LtdSHH
435600555.SSHNA Innovation Co., Ltd.SHH
436600556.SSInmyshow Digital Technology(Group)Co.,Ltd.SHH
437600557.SSJiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.SHH
438600558.SSAtlantic China Welding Consumables, Inc.SHH
439600559.SSHebei Hengshui Laobaigan Liquor Co., Ltd.SHH
440600560.SSBeijing AriTime Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.SHH
441600561.SSJiangxi Changyun Co., Ltd.SHH
442600562.SSGlarun Technology Co.,LtdSHH
443600563.SSXiamen Faratronic Co., Ltd.SHH
444600565.SSDIMA HOLDINGS Co. ,Ltd.SHH
445600566.SSHubei Jumpcan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
446600567.SSShanying International Holdings Co.,LtdSHH
447600568.SSZhongzhu Healthcare Holding Co.,LtdSHH
448600569.SSAnyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.SHH
449600571.SSSunyard Technology Co.,LtdSHH
450600572.SSZhejiang CONBA Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.SHH
451600573.SSFuJian YanJing HuiQuan Brewery Co.,LtdSHH
452600575.SSHuaihe Energy (Group) Co.,LtdSHH
453600576.SSZhejiang Sunriver Culture Co.,Ltd.SHH
454600577.SSTongling Jingda Special Magnet Wire Co., Ltd.SHH
455600578.SSBeijing Jingneng Power Co., Ltd.SHH
456600579.SSKraussMaffei Company LimitedSHH
457600580.SSWolong Electric Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
458600581.SSXinJiang Ba Yi Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.SHH
459600582.SSTiandi Science & Technology Co.LtdSHH
460600583.SSOffshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.SHH
461600584.SSJCET Group Co., Ltd.SHH
462600585.SSAnhui Conch Cement Company LimitedSHH
463600586.SSShandong Jinjing Science and Technology Stock Co., Ltd.SHH
464600587.SSShinva Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.SHH
465600588.SSYonyou Network Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
466600589.SSGuangdong Rongtai Industry Co.,LtdSHH
467600590.SSTellhow Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.SHH
468600592.SSFujian Longxi Bearing (Group) Co., LtdSHH
469600593.SSDalian Sunasia Tourism Holding CO.,LTDSHH
470600594.SSGuizhou Yibai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
471600595.SSHenan Zhongfu Industrial Co.,LtdSHH
472600596.SSZhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co.,LtdSHH
473600597.SSBright Dairy & Food Co.,LtdSHH
474600598.SSHeilongjiang Agriculture Company LimitedSHH
475600599.SSPanda Financial Holding Corp., Ltd.SHH
476600600.SSTsingtao Brewery Company LimitedSHH
477600601.SSFounder Technology Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
478600602.SSINESA Intelligent Tech Inc.SHH
479600603.SSGuanghui Logistics Co.LtdSHH
480600604.SSShanghai Shibei Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd.SHH
481600605.SSShanghai Huitong Energy Co.,LtdSHH
482600606.SSGreenland Holdings Corporation LimitedSHH
483600608.SSShanghai Broadband Technology Co.,LtdSHH
484600609.SSShenyang Jinbei Automotive Company LimitedSHH
485600610.SSShanghai Zhongyida Co., Ltd.SHH
486600611.SSDazhong Transportation (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
487600612.SSLao Feng Xiang Co., Ltd.SHH
488600613.SSShanghai Shenqi Pharmaceutical Investment Management Co., Ltd.SHH
489600615.SSShanghai Fenghwa Group Co., LtdSHH
490600616.SSShanghai Jinfeng Wine Company LimitedSHH
491600617.SSShanxi Guoxin Energy Corporation LimitedSHH
492600618.SSShanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd.SHH
493600619.SSShanghai Highly (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
494600620.SSShanghai Tianchen Co.,LtdSHH
495600621.SSShanghai Chinafortune Co., Ltd.SHH
496600622.SSEverbright Jiabao Co., Ltd.SHH
497600623.SSShanghai Huayi Group Corporation LimitedSHH
498600624.SSShanghai Fudan Forward S&T Co., LtdSHH
499600626.SSShanghai Shenda Co., LtdSHH
500600628.SSShanghai New World Co., LtdSHH
501600629.SSArcplus Group PLCSHH
502600630.SSShanghai Dragon CorporationSHH
503600633.SSZhejiang Daily Digital Culture Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
504600635.SSShanghai Dazhong Public Utilities(Group) Co.,Ltd.SHH
505600636.SSChina Reform Culture Holdings Co., Ltd.SHH
506600637.SSShanghai Oriental Pearl Group Co., Ltd.SHH
507600638.SSShanghai New Huang Pu Industrial Group Co., Ltd.SHH
508600639.SSShanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Co.,LtdSHH
509600640.SSBesttone Holding Co.,LtdSHH
510600641.SSShanghai Wanye Enterprises Co.,LtdSHH
511600642.SSShenergy Company LimitedSHH
512600643.SSShanghai Aj Group Co.,LtdSHH
513600644.SSLeshan Electric Power Co.,LtdSHH
514600645.SSVcanbio Cell & Gene Engineering Corp., LtdSHH
515600647.SSShanghai Tongda Venture Capital Co., Ltd.SHH
516600648.SSShanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group Co., Ltd.SHH
517600649.SSShanghai Chengtou Holding Co.,LtdSHH
518600650.SSShanghai Jin Jiang Online Network Service Co., Ltd.SHH
519600651.SSShanghai Feilo Acoustics Co.,LtdSHH
520600652.SSShanghai U9 Game Co.,LtdSHH
521600653.SSLiaoning Shenhua Holdings Co.,LtdSHH
522600654.SSChina Security Co., Ltd.SHH
523600655.SSShanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
524600657.SSCinda Real Estate Co., Ltd.SHH
525600658.SSBeijing Electronic Zone Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd.SHH
526600660.SSFuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.SHH
527600661.SSShanghai Xinnanyang Only Education & Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
528600662.SSShanghai Foreign Service Holding Group CO.,Ltd.SHH
529600663.SSShanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd.SHH
530600664.SSHarbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.SHH
531600665.SSTande Co., Ltd.SHH
532600666.SSAurora Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.SHH
533600667.SSWuxi Taiji Industry Limited CorporationSHH
534600668.SSZhejiang Jianfeng Group Co., Ltd.SHH
535600671.SSHangzhou TianMuShan Pharmaceutical Enterprise Co.,LtdSHH
536600673.SSGuangdong Hec Technologyholding Co., LtdSHH
537600674.SSSichuan Chuantou Energy Co.,Ltd.SHH
538600675.SSChina Enterprise Company LimitedSHH
539600676.SSShanghai Jiao Yun Group Co., Ltd.SHH
540600678.SSSichuan Golden Summit (group) Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.SHH
541600679.SSShanghai Phoenix Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
542600681.SSBestsun Energy Co., Ltd.SHH
543600682.SSNanjing Xinjiekou Department Store Co., Ltd.SHH
544600683.SSMetro Land Corporation Ltd.SHH
545600684.SSGuangzhou Pearl River Development Group Co., Ltd.SHH
546600685.SSCSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering (Group) Company LimitedSHH
547600686.SSXiamen King Long Motor Group Co., Ltd.SHH
548600688.SSSinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company LimitedSHH
549600689.SSShanghai Sanmao Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
550600690.SSHaier Smart Home Co., Ltd.SHH
551600691.SSYangmei Chemical Co.,LtdSHH
552600692.SSShang Hai Ya Tong Co.,Ltd.SHH
553600693.SSFujian Dongbai (Group) Co.,Ltd.SHH
554600694.SSDashang Co., Ltd.SHH
555600695.SSShanghai Greencourt Investment Group Co., Ltd.SHH
556600696.SSShanghai Guijiu Co.,Ltd.SHH
557600697.SSChang Chun Eurasia Group Co., Ltd.SHH
558600698.SSHunan Tyen Machinery Co.,LtdSHH
559600699.SSNingbo Joyson Electronic Corp.SHH
560600702.SSShede Spirits Co., Ltd.SHH
561600703.SSSanan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.SHH
562600704.SSWuchan Zhongda Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
563600705.SSAVIC Industry-Finance Holdings Co., Ltd.SHH
564600707.SSCaihong Display Devices Co.,Ltd.SHH
565600708.SSBright Real Estate Group Co.,LimitedSHH
566600710.SSSumec Corporation LimitedSHH
567600711.SSChengtun Mining Group Co., Ltd.SHH
568600712.SSNanning Department Store Co., Ltd.SHH
569600713.SSNanJing Pharmaceutical Company LimitedSHH
570600714.SSQinghai Jinrui Mineral Development Co., LtdSHH
571600715.SSCultural Investment Holdings Co.,LtdSHH
572600716.SSJiangsu Phoenix Property Investment Company LimitedSHH
573600717.SSTianjin Port Co., Ltd.SHH
574600720.SSGansu Qilianshan Cement Group Co., Ltd.SHH
575600721.SSXinjiang Baihuacun Co., Ltd.SHH
576600722.SSHeBei Jinniu Chemical Industry Co.,LtdSHH
577600724.SSNingbo Fuda Company LimitedSHH
578600725.SSYunnan Yunwei Company LimitedSHH
579600726.SSHuadian Energy Company LimitedSHH
580600727.SSShandong Lubei Chemical Co., Ltd.SHH
581600728.SSPci Technology Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
582600729.SSChongqing Department Store Co.,Ltd.SHH
583600730.SSChina Hi-Tech Group Co., Ltd.SHH
584600731.SSHunan Haili Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
585600732.SSShanghai Aiko Solar Energy Co., Ltd.SHH
586600733.SSBAIC BluePark New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
587600734.SSFujian Start Group Co.LtdSHH
588600735.SSShandong Hiking International Co.,LtdSHH
589600736.SSSuzhou New District Hi-Tech Industrial Co.,LtdSHH
590600737.SSCofco Sugar Holding CO.,LTD.SHH
591600738.SSLanzhou Lishang Guochao Industrial Group Co.,LtdSHH
592600739.SSLiaoning Cheng Da Co., Ltd.SHH
593600740.SSShanxi Coking Co., Ltd.SHH
594600741.SSHUAYU Automotive Systems Company LimitedSHH
595600742.SSChangchun FAWAY Automobile Components Co.,LtdSHH
596600743.SSHuayuan Property Co.,Ltd.SHH
597600744.SSDaTang HuaYin Electric Power Co., LTDSHH
598600745.SSWingtech Technology Co.,LtdSHH
599600746.SSJiangsu SOPO Chemical Co. Ltd.SHH
600600748.SSShanghai Industrial Development Co.,LtdSHH
601600749.SSTibet Tourism Co.,LtdSHH
602600750.SSJiang Zhong Pharmaceutical Co.,LtdSHH
603600751.SSHNA Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
604600753.SSFujian Oriental Silver Star Investment Co., Ltd.SHH
605600754.SSShanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels Co., Ltd.SHH
606600755.SSXiamen ITG Group Corp.,LtdSHH
607600756.SSInspur Software Co., Ltd.SHH
608600757.SSChangjiang Publishing & Media Co.,LtdSHH
609600758.SSLiaoning Energy Industry Co.,LtdSHH
610600759.SSGeo-Jade Petroleum CorporationSHH
611600760.SSAVIC Shenyang Aircraft Company LimitedSHH
612600761.SSAnhui Heli Co.,Ltd.SHH
613600763.SSTopchoice Medical CorporationSHH
614600764.SSChina Marine Information Electronics Company LimitedSHH
615600765.SSAVIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.SHH
616600766.SSYanTai Yuancheng Gold Co., Ltd.SHH
617600767.SSWinsan (Chengdu) Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
618600768.SSNingbo Fubang Jingye Group Co.,LtdSHH
619600769.SSWuhan Xianglong Power Industry Co.LtdSHH
620600770.SSJiangsu Zongyi Co.,LTDSHH
621600771.SSGuangYuYuan Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd.SHH
622600773.SSTibet Urban Development and Investment Co.,LTDSHH
623600774.SSHanshang Group Co., Ltd.SHH
624600775.SSNanjing Panda Electronics Company LimitedSHH
625600776.SSEastern Communications Co., Ltd.SHH
626600777.SSShandong Xinchao Energy Corporation LimitedSHH
627600778.SSXinjiang Youhao(Group)Co.,LtdSHH
628600779.SSSichuan Swellfun Co.,LtdSHH
629600780.SSTop Energy Company Ltd.ShanxiSHH
630600781.SSFUREN Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
631600782.SSXinyu Iron & Steel Co., LtdSHH
632600783.SSLuxin Venture Capital Group Co., Ltd.SHH
633600784.SSLuyin Investment Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
634600785.SSYinchuan Xinhua Commercial (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
635600787.SSCMST Development Co.,Ltd.SHH
636600789.SSShandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.SHH
637600790.SSZhejiang China Light&Textile Industrial City Group Co.,LtdSHH
638600791.SSBEH-Property Co.,LtdSHH
639600792.SSYunnan Coal & Energy Co.,Ltd.SHH
640600793.SSYibin Paper Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
641600794.SSZhang Jia Gang Freetrade Science&Technology Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
642600795.SSGD Power Development Co.,LtdSHH
643600796.SSZhejiang Qianjiang Biochemical Co., LtdSHH
644600797.SSInsigma Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
645600798.SSNingbo Marine Company LimitedSHH
646600800.SSTian Jin Bohai Chemical Co.,Ltd.SHH
647600801.SSHuaxin Cement Co., Ltd.SHH
648600802.SSFujian Cement Inc.SHH
649600803.SSENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd.SHH
650600804.SSDr. Peng Telecom & Media Group Co., Ltd.SHH
651600805.SSJiangsu Yueda Investment Co., Ltd.SHH
652600807.SSJinan High-tech Development Co., Ltd.SHH
653600808.SSMaanshan Iron & Steel Company LimitedSHH
654600809.SSShanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine Factory Co.,Ltd.SHH
655600810.SSShenma Industrial Co., Ltd.SHH
656600811.SSOrient Group IncorporationSHH
657600812.SSNorth China Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.SHH
658600814.SSHangzhou Jiebai Group Co., LimitedSHH
659600815.SSXiamen XGMA Machinery Company LimitedSHH
660600816.SSAnxin Trust Co., LtdSHH
661600817.SSZhengzhou Deheng Hongsheng Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
663600819.SSShanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group Co., Ltd.SHH
664600820.SSShanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd.SHH
665600821.SSNYOCOR Co., Ltd.SHH
666600822.SSShanghai Material Trading Co., Ltd.SHH
667600823.SSShanghai Shimao Co., Ltd.SHH
668600824.SSShanghai Yimin Commercial Group Co., Ltd.SHH
669600825.SSShanghai Xinhua Media Co., Ltd.SHH
670600826.SSDlg Exhibitions & Events Corporation LimitedSHH
671600827.SSShanghai Bailian (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
672600828.SSMaoye Commercial Co., Ltd.SHH
673600829.SSHPGC Renmintongtai Pharmaceutical CorporationSHH
674600830.SSSunny Loan Top Co.,Ltd.SHH
675600831.SSShaanxi Broadcast & TV Network Intermediary(Group)Co.,Ltd.SHH
676600833.SSShanghai No.1 Pharmacy Co., Ltd.SHH
677600834.SSShanghai Shentong Metro Co.,Ltd.SHH
678600835.SSShanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co.,Ltd.SHH
679600836.SSShanghai Eliansy Industry Group Corporation LimitedSHH
680600837.SSHaitong Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
681600838.SSShanghai Join Buy Co.,Ltd.SHH
682600839.SSSichuan Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd.SHH
683600841.SSShanghai New Power Automotive Technology Company LimitedSHH
684600843.SSShang Gong Group Co., Ltd.SHH
685600844.SSDanhua Chemical Technology Co.,LtdSHH
686600845.SSShanghai Baosight Software Co.,Ltd.SHH
687600846.SSShanghai Tongji Science&Technology Industrial Co.,LtdSHH
688600847.SSChongqing Wanli New Energy Co., Ltd.SHH
689600848.SSShanghai Lingang Holdings Co.,Ltd.SHH
690600850.SSCETC Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
691600851.SSShanghai Haixin Group Co., Ltd.SHH
692600853.SSLongjian Road&Bridge Co.,LtdSHH
693600856.SSZhongxing Tianheng Energy Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.SHH
694600857.SSNingbo Zhongbai Co., Ltd.SHH
695600858.SSInzone Group Co.,LtdSHH
696600859.SSWangfujing Group Co., Ltd.SHH
697600860.SSBeijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Company LimitedSHH
698600861.SSBeijing Urban-Rural Commercial (Group) Co.,Ltd.SHH
699600862.SSAVIC Aviation High-Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
700600863.SSInner Mongolia MengDian HuaNeng Thermal Power Corporation LimitedSHH
701600864.SSHarbin Hatou Investment Co.,LtdSHH
702600865.SSBaida Group Co.,LtdSHH
703600866.SSStar Lake Bioscience Co., Inc.Zhaoqing GuangdongSHH
704600868.SSGuangdong Meiyan Jixiang Hydropower Co.,Ltd.SHH
705600869.SSFar East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd.SHH
706600870.SSXiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co.,Ltd.SHH
707600871.SSSinopec Oilfield Service CorporationSHH
708600872.SSJonjee Hi-tech Industrial & Commercial Holding Co., Ltd.SHH
709600873.SSMeiHua Holdings Group Co.,LtdSHH
710600874.SSTianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Company LimitedSHH
711600875.SSDongfang Electric Corporation LimitedSHH
712600876.SSLuoyang Glass Company LimitedSHH
713600877.SSCETC Acoustic-Optic-Electronic Technology Inc.SHH
714600879.SSChina Aerospace Times Electronics CO.,LTD.SHH
715600880.SSChengdu B-ray Media Co.,Ltd.SHH
716600881.SSJilin Yatai (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
717600882.SSShanghai Milkground Food Tech Co., LtdSHH
718600883.SSYunnan Bowin Technology Industry Co.,LtdSHH
719600884.SSNingbo Shanshan Co.,Ltd.SHH
720600885.SSHongfa Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
721600886.SSSDIC Power Holdings Co., Ltd.SHH
722600887.SSInner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.SHH
723600888.SSXinjiang Joinworld Co.,Ltd.SHH
724600889.SSNanjing Chemical Fibre Co.,LtdSHH
725600890.SSCred Holding Co.,LtdSHH
726600892.SSDasheng Times Cultural Investment Co., Ltd.SHH
727600893.SSAecc Aviation Power Co.,LtdSHH
728600894.SSGuangzhou Guangri Stock Co.,Ltd.SHH
729600895.SSShanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Co., Ltd.SHH
730600896.SSLanhai Medical Investment Co., Ltd.SHH
731600897.SSXiamen International Airport Co.,LtdSHH
732600898.SSGome Telecom Equipment Co.,Ltd.SHH
733600900.SSChina Yangtze Power Co., Ltd.SHH
734600901.SSJiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.SHH
735600903.SSGuizhou Gas Group Corporation Ltd.SHH
736600905.SSChina Three Gorges Renewables (Group) Co.,Ltd.SHH
737600906.SSCaida Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
738600908.SSWuxi Rural Commercial Bank Co.,LtdSHH
739600909.SSHuaan Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
740600916.SSChina National Gold Group Gold Jewellery Co.,Ltd.SHH
741600917.SSChongqing Gas Group Corporation Ltd.SHH
742600918.SSZhongtai Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
743600919.SSBank of Jiangsu Co., Ltd.SHH
744600926.SSBank of Hangzhou Co., Ltd.SHH
745600929.SSSnowsky Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd.SHH
746600933.SSIKD Co., Ltd.SHH
747600936.SSGuangxi Radio and Television Information Network Corporation LimitedSHH
748600939.SSChongqing Construction Engineering Group Corporation LimitedSHH
749600955.SSLihuayi Weiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.SHH
750600956.SSChina Suntien Green Energy Corporation LimitedSHH
751600958.SSOrient Securities Company LimitedSHH
752600959.SSJiangsu Broadcasting Cable Information Network Corporation LimitedSHH
753600960.SSBohai Automotive Systems CO., LTD.SHH
754600961.SSZhuzhou Smelter Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
755600962.SSSDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice Co.,Ltd.SHH
756600963.SSYueyang Forest & Paper Co., Ltd.SHH
757600965.SSFortune Ng Fung Food (Hebei) Co.,LtdSHH
758600966.SSShandong Bohui Paper Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
759600967.SSInner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
760600968.SSCNOOC Energy Technology & Services LimitedSHH
761600969.SSHunan Chendian International Development co.,ltdSHH
762600970.SSSinoma International Engineering Co.LtdSHH
763600971.SSAnhui Hengyuan Coal-Electricity Group Co., Ltd.SHH
764600973.SSBaosheng Science and Technology Innovation Co.,Ltd.SHH
765600975.SSHunan New Wellful Co.,Ltd.SHH
766600976.SSJianmin Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
767600977.SSChina Film Co.,Ltd.SHH
768600979.SSSichuan Guangan Aaapublic Co.,LtdSHH
769600980.SSBGRIMM Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
770600981.SSJiangsu High Hope International Group CorporationSHH
771600982.SSNingbo Energy Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
772600983.SSWhirlpool China Co., Ltd.SHH
773600984.SSShaanxi Construction Machinery Co.,LtdSHH
774600985.SSHuaibei Mining Holdings Co.,Ltd.SHH
775600986.SSZhewen Interactive Group Co., Ltd.SHH
776600987.SSZhejiang Hangmin Co.,LtdSHH
777600988.SSChifeng Jilong Gold Mining Co.,Ltd.SHH
778600989.SSNingxia Baofeng Energy Group Co., Ltd.SHH
779600990.SSSun Create Electronics Co., LtdSHH
780600992.SSGuizhou Wire Rope Incorporated CompanySHH
781600993.SSMayinglong Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD.SHH
782600995.SSYunnan Wenshan Electric Power Co.,Ltd.SHH
783600996.SSGuizhou BC&TV Information Network CO.,LTDSHH
784600997.SSKailuan Energy Chemical Co.,Ltd.SHH
785600998.SSJointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., LtdSHH
786600999.SSChina Merchants Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
787601000.SSTangShan Port Group Co.,LtdSHH
788601001.SSJinneng Holding Shanxi Coal Industry Co.,ltd.SHH
789601002.SSGem-Year Industrial Co.,Ltd.SHH
790601003.SSLiuzhou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.SHH
791601005.SSChongqing Iron & Steel Company LimitedSHH
792601006.SSDaqin Railway Co., Ltd.SHH
793601007.SSJinling Hotel Corporation, Ltd.SHH
794601008.SSJiangsu Lianyungang Port Co., Ltd.SHH
795601009.SSBank of Nanjing Co., Ltd.SHH
796601010.SSWenfeng Great World Chain Development CorporationSHH
797601011.SSBaotailong New Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
798601012.SSLONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
799601015.SSShaanxi Heimao Coking Co., Ltd.SHH
800601016.SSCECEP Wind-power Corporation Co.,Ltd.SHH
801601018.SSNingbo Zhoushan Port Company LimitedSHH
802601019.SSShandong Publishing&Media Co.,LtdSHH
803601020.SSTibet Huayu Mining Co., Ltd.SHH
804601021.SSSpring Airlines Co., Ltd.SHH
805601028.SSShandong Yulong Gold Co., Ltd.SHH
806601038.SSFirst Tractor Company LimitedSHH
807601058.SSSailun Group Co., Ltd.SHH
808601066.SSCSC Financial Co., Ltd.SHH
809601068.SSChina Aluminum International Engineering Corporation LimitedSHH
810601069.SSWestern Region Gold Co., Ltd.SHH
811601077.SSChongqing Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.SHH
812601086.SSGansu Guofang Industry & Trade (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
813601088.SSChina Shenhua Energy Company LimitedSHH
814601098.SSChina South Publishing & Media Group Co., LtdSHH
815601099.SSThe Pacific Securities Co., LtdSHH
816601100.SSJiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Co.,LtdSHH
817601101.SSBeijing Haohua Energy Resource Co., Ltd.SHH
818601106.SSChina First Heavy IndustriesSHH
819601107.SSSichuan Expressway Company LimitedSHH
820601108.SSCaitong Securities Co.,Ltd.SHH
821601111.SSAir China LimitedSHH
822601113.SSYiwu Huading Nylon Co.,Ltd.SHH
823601116.SSSanjiang Shopping Club Co.,LtdSHH
824601117.SSChina National Chemical Engineering Co., LtdSHH
825601118.SSChina Hainan Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd.SHH
826601126.SSBeijing Sifang Automation Co.,LtdSHH
827601127.SSChongqing Sokon Industry Group Stock Co.,Ltd.SHH
828601128.SSJiangsu Changshu Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.SHH
829601137.SSNingbo Boway Alloy Material Company LimitedSHH
830601138.SSFoxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd.SHH
831601139.SSShenzhen Gas Corporation Ltd.SHH
832601155.SSSeazen Holdings Co., LtdSHH
833601156.SSEastern Air Logistics Co., Ltd.SHH
834601158.SSChongqing Water Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
835601162.SSTianfeng Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
836601163.SSTriangle Tyre Co., LtdSHH
837601168.SSWestern Mining Co.,Ltd.SHH
838601169.SSBank of Beijing Co., Ltd.SHH
839601177.SSHangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd.SHH
840601179.SSChina XD Electric Co., LtdSHH
841601186.SSChina Railway Construction Corporation LimitedSHH
842601187.SSXiamen Bank Co., Ltd.SHH
843601188.SSHeilongjiang Transport Development Co., Ltd.SHH
844601198.SSDongxing Securities Corporation LimitedSHH
845601199.SSJiangsu Jiangnan Water Co., Ltd.SHH
846601200.SSShanghai Environment Group Co., LtdSHH
847601208.SSSichuan Em Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
848601212.SSBaiyin Nonferrous Group Co., Ltd.SHH
849601216.SSInner Mongolia Junzheng Energy & Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
850601218.SSJiangsu JIXIN Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
851601222.SSJiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd.SHH
852601225.SSShaanxi Coal Industry Company LimitedSHH
853601226.SSHuadian Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.SHH
854601228.SSGuangzhou Port Company LimitedSHH
855601229.SSBank of Shanghai Co., Ltd.SHH
856601231.SSUniversal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.SHH
857601233.SSTongkun Group Co., Ltd.SHH
858601236.SSHongta Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
859601238.SSGuangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.SHH
860601258.SSPang Da Automobile Trade Co., LtdSHH
861601288.SSAgricultural Bank of China LimitedSHH
862601298.SSQingdao Port International Co., Ltd.SHH
863601311.SSCamel Group Co., Ltd.SHH
864601318.SSPing An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.SHH
865601326.SSQinhuangdao Port Co., Ltd.SHH
866601328.SSBank of Communications Co., Ltd.SHH
867601330.SSDynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd.SHH
868601333.SSGuangshen Railway Company LimitedSHH
869601336.SSNew China Life Insurance Company Ltd.SHH
870601339.SSBros Eastern Co.,LtdSHH
871601360.SS360 Security Technology Inc.SHH
872601366.SSLiqun Commercial Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
873601368.SSGuangxi Nanning Waterworks Co.,Ltd.SHH
874601375.SSCentral China Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
875601377.SSIndustrial Securities Co.,Ltd.SHH
876601388.SSYechiu Metal Recycling (China) Ltd.SHH
877601390.SSChina Railway Group LimitedSHH
878601398.SSIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China LimitedSHH
880601456.SSGuolian Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
881601500.SSJiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
882601512.SSChina-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group Co., Ltd.SHH
883601515.SSShantou Dongfeng Printing Co., Ltd.SHH
884601518.SSJilin Expressway Co., Ltd.SHH
885601519.SSShanghai DZH LimitedSHH
886601528.SSZhejiang Shaoxing RuiFeng Rural Commercial Bank Co.,LtdSHH
887601555.SSSoochow Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
888601566.SSJoeone Co., Ltd.SHH
889601567.SSNingbo Sanxing Medical Electric Co.,Ltd.SHH
890601577.SSBank of Changsha Co., Ltd.SHH
891601579.SSKuaijishan Shaoxing Rice Wine Co., Ltd.SHH
892601588.SSBeijing North Star Company LimitedSHH
893601595.SSShanghai Film Co., Ltd.SHH
894601598.SSSinotrans LimitedSHH
895601599.SSZhewen Pictures Group co.,ltdSHH
896601600.SSAluminum Corporation of China LimitedSHH
897601601.SSChina Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
898601606.SSAnhui Great Wall Military Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
899601607.SSShanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., LtdSHH
900601608.SSCITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.SHH
901601609.SSNingbo Jintian Copper(Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
902601611.SSChina Nuclear Engineering Corporation LimitedSHH
903601615.SSMing Yang Smart Energy Group LimitedSHH
904601616.SSShanghai Guangdian Electric Group Co., Ltd.SHH
905601618.SSMetallurgical Corporation of China Ltd.SHH
906601619.SSNingxia Jiaze Renewables Corporation LimitedSHH
907601628.SSChina Life Insurance Company LimitedSHH
908601636.SSZhuzhou Kibing Group Co.,LtdSHH
909601658.SSPostal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd.SHH
911601666.SSPingdingshan Tianan Coal. Mining Co., Ltd.SHH
912601668.SSChina State Construction Engineering Corporation LimitedSHH
913601669.SSPower Construction Corporation of China, LtdSHH
914601677.SSHenan Mingtai Al.Industrial Co.,Ltd.SHH
915601678.SSBefar Group Co.,LtdSHH
916601686.SSTianjin You Fa Steel Pipe Group Stock Co., Ltd.SHH
917601688.SSHuatai Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
918601689.SSNingbo Tuopu Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
919601696.SSBOC International (China) CO., LTDSHH
920601698.SSChina Satellite Communications Co., Ltd.SHH
921601700.SSChangshu Fengfan Power Equipment Co., Ltd.SHH
922601702.SSShanghai Huafon Aluminium CorporationSHH
923601717.SSZhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Company LimitedSHH
924601718.SSJihua Group Corporation LimitedSHH
925601727.SSShanghai Electric Group Company LimitedSHH
926601728.SSChina Telecom Corporation LimitedSHH
927601766.SSCRRC Corporation LimitedSHH
928601777.SSLifan Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
929601778.SSJinko Power Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
930601788.SSEverbright Securities Company LimitedSHH
931601789.SSNingbo Construction Co., Ltd.SHH
932601798.SSLanpec Technologies LimitedSHH
933601799.SSChangzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems Co.,Ltd.SHH
934601800.SSChina Communications Construction Company LimitedSHH
935601801.SSAnhui Xinhua Media Co., Ltd.SHH
936601808.SSChina Oilfield Services LimitedSHH
937601811.SSXinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co., Ltd.SHH
938601816.SSBeijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co.,Ltd.SHH
939601825.SSShanghai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.SHH
940601827.SSChongqing Sanfeng Environment Group Corp., Ltd.SHH
941601828.SSRed Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd.SHH
942601857.SSPetroChina Company LimitedSHH
943601858.SSChina Science Publishing & Media Ltd.SHH
944601860.SSJiangsu Zijin Rural Commercial Bank Co.,LtdSHH
945601865.SSFlat Glass Group Co., Ltd.SHH
946601866.SSCOSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd.SHH
947601868.SSChina Energy Engineering Corporation LimitedSHH
948601869.SSYangtze Optical Fibre And Cable Joint Stock Limited CompanySHH
949601872.SSChina Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd.SHH
950601877.SSZhejiang Chint Electrics Co., Ltd.SHH
951601878.SSZheshang Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
952601880.SSLiaoning Port Co., Ltd.SHH
953601881.SSChina Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
954601882.SSNingbo Haitian Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.SHH
955601886.SSJangho Group Co., Ltd.SHH
956601888.SSChina Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation LimitedSHH
957601890.SSAsian Star Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. JiangsuSHH
958601898.SSChina Coal Energy Company LimitedSHH
959601899.SSZijin Mining Group Company LimitedSHH
960601900.SSSouthern Publishing and Media Co.,Ltd.SHH
961601901.SSFounder Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
962601908.SSBeijing Jingyuntong Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
963601916.SSChina Zheshang Bank Co., LtdSHH
964601918.SSChina Coal Xinji Energy Co.,LtdSHH
965601919.SSCOSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co., Ltd.SHH
966601921.SSZhejiang Publishing & Media Co., Ltd.SHH
967601928.SSJiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Corporation LimitedSHH
968601929.SSJiShi Media Co., Ltd.SHH
969601933.SSYonghui Superstores Co., Ltd.SHH
970601939.SSChina Construction Bank CorporationSHH
971601949.SSChina Publishing & Media Holdings Co., Ltd.SHH
972601952.SSJiangsu Provincial Agricultural Reclamation and Development Co.,Ltd.SHH
973601958.SSJinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd.SHH
974601963.SSBank of Chongqing Co., Ltd.SHH
975601965.SSChina Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.SHH
976601966.SSShandong Linglong Tyre Co.,Ltd.SHH
977601968.SSShanghai Baosteel Packaging Co., Ltd.SHH
978601969.SSHainan Mining Co., Ltd.SHH
979601975.SSNanjing Tanker CorporationSHH
980601985.SSChina National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.SHH
981601988.SSBank of China LimitedSHH
982601989.SSChina Shipbuilding Industry Company LimitedSHH
983601990.SSNanjing Securities Co., Ltd.SHH
984601991.SSDatang International Power Generation Co., Ltd.SHH
985601992.SSBBMG CorporationSHH
986601995.SSChina International Capital Corporation LimitedSHH
987601996.SSGuangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group Co.,LtdSHH
988601997.SSBank of Guiyang Co.,Ltd.SHH
989601998.SSChina CITIC Bank Corporation LimitedSHH
990601999.SSNorthern United Publishing & Media (Group) Company LimitedSHH CO., LTDSHH
992603001.SSZhejiang Aokang Shoes Co., Ltd.SHH
993603002.SSEpoxy Base Electronic Material Corporation LimitedSHH
994603003.SSShanghai Lonyer Fuels Co., Ltd.SHH
995603005.SSChina Wafer Level CSP Co., Ltd.SHH
996603006.SSShanghai Lianming Machinery Co., Ltd.SHH
997603007.SSFlower King Eco-Engineering Inc.SHH
998603008.SSXilinmen Furniture Co.,LtdSHH
999603009.SSShanghai Beite Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1000603010.SSZhejiang Wansheng Co., Ltd.SHH
1001603011.SSHefei Metalforming Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.SHH
1002603012.SSShanghai Chuangli Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1003603013.SSYAPP Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.SHH
1004603015.SSNingbo Techmation Co.,Ltd.SHH
1005603016.SSWuxi New Hongtai Electrical Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1006603017.SSARTS Group Co., LtdSHH
1007603018.SSChina Design Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1008603019.SSDawning Information Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
1009603020.SSApple Flavor & Fragrance Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1010603021.SSShandong Huapeng Glass Co.,Ltd.SHH
1011603022.SSShanghai Xintonglian Packaging Co., Ltd.SHH
1012603023.SSHarbin VITI Electronics Co., Ltd.SHH
1013603025.SSBeijing Dahao Technology Corp.,LtdSHH
1014603026.SSShandong Shida Shenghua Chemical Group Company LimitedSHH
1015603027.SSQianhe Condiment and Food Co., Ltd.SHH
1016603028.SSJiangsu Safety Wire Rope Co., Ltd.SHH
1017603029.SSShandong Swan CottonIndustrial Machinery Stock Co.,Ltd.SHH
1018603030.SSShanghai Trendzone Construction Decoration Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1019603031.SSAnhui Andeli Department Store Co., Ltd.SHH
1020603032.SSDelixi Xinjiang Transportation Co.,Ltd.SHH
1021603033.SSZhejiang Sanwei Rubber Item Co., Ltd.SHH
1022603035.SSJiangsu Changshu Automotive Trim Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1023603036.SSJiangsu Rutong Petro-Machinery Co., LtdSHH
1024603037.SSShanghai Carthane Co.,Ltd.SHH
1025603038.SSDongguan Huali Industries Co.,LtdSHH
1026603039.SSShanghai Weaver Network Co., Ltd.SHH
1027603040.SSHangzhou XZB Tech Co.,LtdSHH
1028603041.SSJiangsu Maysta Chemical Co., Ltd.SHH
1029603042.SSNanjing Huamai Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1030603043.SSGuangzhou Restaurant Group Company LimitedSHH
1031603045.SSFuda Alloy Materials Co.,LtdSHH
1032603048.SSZhejiang Liming Intelligent Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.SHH
1033603050.SSShijiazhuang Kelin Electric Co., Ltd.SHH
1034603053.SSChengdu Gas Group Corporation Ltd.SHH
1035603055.SSZhe Jiang Taihua New Material Co., Ltd.SHH
1037603058.SSGuiZhou YongJi Printing CO.,LTDSHH
1038603059.SSPerfect Group Corp., LtdSHH
1039603060.SSChina Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1040603063.SSShenzhen Hopewind Electric Co., Ltd.SHH
1041603066.SSNanjing Inform Storage Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
1042603067.SSHubei Zhenhua Chemical Co.,Ltd.SHH
1043603068.SSBeken CorporationSHH
1044603069.SSHainan Haiqi Transportation Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1045603076.SSNingbo Lehui International Engineering Equipment Co.,LtdSHH
1046603077.SSSichuan Hebang Biotechnology Corporation LimitedSHH
1047603078.SSJiangyin Jianghua Microelectronics Materials Co., LtdSHH
1048603079.SSZhejiang Shengda Bio-Pharm Co., Ltd.SHH
1049603080.SSXinjiang Torch Gas Co., LtdSHH
1050603081.SSZhejiang Dafeng Industrial Co., Ltd.SHH
1051603083.SSCIG ShangHai Co., Ltd.SHH
1052603085.SSZhejiang Tiancheng Controls Co., Ltd.SHH
1053603086.SSShanDong Cynda Chemical Co.,LtdSHH
1054603087.SSGan & Lee Pharmaceuticals.SHH
1055603088.SSJDM JingDaMachine(Ningbo)Co.LtdSHH
1056603089.SSADD Industry (Zhejiang) CO., LTDSHH
1057603090.SSWuxi Hongsheng Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Co., Ltd.SHH
1058603093.SSNanhua Futures Co., Ltd.SHH
1059603095.SSZhejiang Yuejian Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.SHH
1060603096.SSThinkingdom Media Group Ltd.SHH
1061603098.SSCenter International Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1062603099.SSChangbai Mountain Tourism Co., Ltd.SHH
1063603100.SSChongqing Chuanyi Automation Co., Ltd.SHH
1064603101.SSXinjiang Winka Times Department Store Co.,Ltd.SHH
1065603103.SSHengdian Entertainment Co.,LTDSHH
1066603105.SSZhejiang Sunoren Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1067603106.SSCashway Fintech Co.,Ltd.SHH
1068603108.SSShanghai Runda Medical Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1069603110.SSNew East New Materials Co., LtdSHH
1070603111.SSNanjing Kangni Mechanical & Electrical Co.,LtdSHH
1071603112.SSShanxi Huaxiang Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1072603113.SSJinneng Science&Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1073603115.SSNantong Haixing Electronics Co., Ltd.SHH
1074603116.SSZhejiang Red Dragonfly Footwear Co., Ltd.SHH
1075603117.SSJiangsu Wanlin Modern Logistics Co., Ltd.SHH
1076603118.SSShenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd.SHH
1077603121.SSShanghai Sinotec (Group) Co., Ltd.SHH
1078603123.SSBeijing Cuiwei Tower Co., Ltd.SHH
1079603126.SSSinoma Energy Conservation Ltd.SHH
1080603127.SSJoinn Laboratories (China) Co.,Ltd.SHH
1081603128.SSCTS International Logistics Corporation LimitedSHH
1082603129.SSZhejiang Cfmoto Power Co.,LtdSHH
1083603131.SSShanghai Hugong Electric Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1084603133.SSTanyuan Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1085603136.SSJiangsu Tianmu Lake Tourism Co.,LtdSHH
1086603138.SSBeijing Vastdata Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1087603139.SSShaanxi Kanghui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1088603155.SSXinyaqiang Silicon Chemistry Co.,LtdSHH
1089603156.SSHebei Yangyuan ZhiHui Beverage Co., Ltd.SHH
1090603157.SSXinjiang La Chapelle Fashion Co., Ltd.SHH
1091603158.SSChangzhou Tenglong AutoPartsCo.,Ltd.SHH
1092603159.SSShanghai Yahong Moulding Co., Ltd.SHH
1093603160.SSShenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1094603161.SSKehua Holdings Co., Ltd.SHH
1095603165.SSZhejiang Rongsheng Environmental Protection Paper Joint Stock Co., Ltd.SHH
1096603166.SSGUILIN FUDA Co.,Ltd.SHH
1097603167.SSBohai Ferry Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1098603168.SSZhejiang Shapuaisi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.SHH
1099603169.SSLanzhou LS Heavy Equipment Co., LtdSHH
1100603171.SSServyou Software Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1101603177.SSZhejiang Tuna Environmental Science & TechnologyCo.,Ltd.SHH
1102603178.SSNingbo Shenglong Automotive Powertrain System Co.,Ltd.SHH
1103603179.SSJiangsu Xinquan Automotive Trim Co.,Ltd.SHH
1104603180.SSGoldenHome Living Co., Ltd.SHH
1105603181.SSZhejiang Huangma Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1106603183.SSSuzhou Institute of Building Science Group Co.,LtdSHH
1107603186.SSZhejiang Wazam New Materials Co.,LTD.SHH
1108603187.SSQingdao Hiron Commercial Cold Chain Co., Ltd.SHH
1109603188.SSJiangsu Yabang Dyestuff Co., Ltd.SHH
1110603189.SSShanghai Wondertek Software Co., LtdSHH
1111603192.SSShanghai Huide Science & Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1112603195.SSGongniu Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1113603196.SSRibo Fashion Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1114603197.SSShanghai Baolong Automotive CorporationSHH
1115603198.SSAnhui Yingjia Distillery Co., Ltd.SHH
1116603199.SSAnhui Jiuhuashan Tourism Development Co., Ltd.SHH
1117603200.SSShanghai Emperor of Cleaning Hi-Tech Co., LtdSHH
1118603203.SSQuick Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.SHH
1119603208.SSJiangshan Oupai Door Industry Co., LtdSHH
1120603212.SSCybrid Technologies Inc.SHH
1121603213.SSZhejiang Oceanking Development Co., Ltd.SHH
1122603214.SSShanghai Aiyingshi Co.,LtdSHH
1123603217.SSYuanli Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1124603219.SSNingbo Fujia Industrial Co., Ltd.SHH
1125603220.SSChina Bester Group Telecom Co., Ltd.SHH
1126603222.SSChimin Health Management Co., Ltd.SHH
1127603223.SSHengtong Logistics Co., Ltd.SHH
1128603225.SSXinfengming Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1129603226.SSVohringer Home Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1130603227.SSXinjiang Xuefeng Sci-Tech(Group)Co.,LtdSHH
1131603228.SSShenzhen Kinwong Electronic Co., Ltd.SHH
1132603229.SSZhejiang Ausun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1133603232.SSKoal Software Co., Ltd.SHH
1134603233.SSDaShenLin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1135603236.SSQuectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd.SHH
1136603238.SSHangZhou Nbond Nonwovens Co., Ltd.SHH
1137603239.SSZhejiang Xiantong Rubber&Plastic Co.,LtdSHH
1138603256.SSGrace Fabric Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1139603258.SSHangzhou Electronic Soul Network Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1140603259.SSWuXi AppTec Co., Ltd.SHH
1141603260.SSHoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
1142603266.SSNingbo Tianlong Electronics Co., Ltd.SHH
1143603267.SSBeijing Yuanliu Hongyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1144603268.SSGuangdong Songfa Ceramics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1145603269.SSJiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower Co.,Ltd.SHH
1146603277.SSYindu Kitchen Equipment Co., LtdSHH
1147603278.SSShandong Daye Co., Ltd.SHH
1148603279.SSJingjin Equipment Inc.SHH
1149603283.SSSuzhou Secote Precision Electronic Co.,LTDSHH
1150603286.SSJiangsu Riying Electronics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1151603288.SSFoshan Haitian Flavouring and Food Company Ltd.SHH
1152603289.SSZhejiang Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd.SHH
1153603290.SSStarPower Semiconductor Ltd.SHH
1154603297.SSNingbo Yongxin Optics Co., Ltd.SHH
1155603298.SSHangcha Group Co., LtdSHH
1156603299.SSJiang Su Suyan Jingshen Co.,Ltd.SHH
1157603300.SSZhejiang Huatie Emergency Equipment Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1158603301.SSZhende Medical Co., Ltd.SHH
1159603303.SSHengdian Group Tospo Lighting Co., Ltd.SHH
1160603305.SSNingbo Xusheng Auto Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1161603306.SSHMT (Xiamen) New Technical Materials Co., LtdSHH
1162603308.SSAnhui Yingliu Electromechanical Co., Ltd.SHH
1163603309.SSWell Lead Medical Co., Ltd.SHH
1164603311.SSZhejiang Goldensea Hi-Tech Co., LtdSHH
1165603313.SSHealthcare Co., Ltd.SHH
1166603315.SSLiaoning Fu-An Heavy Industry Co.,LtdSHH
1167603316.SSChengbang Eco-Environment Co.,Ltd.SHH
1168603317.SSSichuan Teway Food Group Co.,LtdSHH
1169603318.SSShuifa Energas Gas Co., Ltd.SHH
1170603319.SSHunan Oil Pump Co., Ltd.SHH
1172603321.SSZhejiang Meilun Elevator Co., Ltd.SHH
1173603322.SSSuper Telecom Co.,LtdSHH
1174603323.SSJiangsu Suzhou Rural Commercial Bank Co., LtdSHH
1175603326.SSNanjing OLO Home Furnishing Co.,LtdSHH
1176603327.SSSichuan Furong Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1177603328.SSGuangdong Ellington Electronics Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1178603329.SSShanghai Ace Investment & Development Co., Ltd.SHH
1179603330.SSShanghai Tianyang Hot Melt Adhesives Co., Ltd.SHH
1180603331.SSZhejiang Baida Precision Manufacturing Corp.SHH
1181603332.SSSuzhou Longjie Special Fiber Co., Ltd.SHH
1182603333.SSSunway Co., Ltd.SHH
1183603335.SSGuangdong Dcenti Auto-Parts Stock Limited CompanySHH
1184603336.SSGreat-Sun Foods Co., Ltd.SHH
1185603337.SSJack Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1186603338.SSZhejiang Dingli Machinery Co.,LtdSHH
1187603339.SSSquare Technology Group Co.,LtdSHH
1188603345.SSAnjoy Foods Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1189603348.SSWencan Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1190603351.SSNanjing Well Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1191603353.SSHunan Heshun Petroleum Co.,Ltd.SHH
1192603355.SSKingclean Electric Co.,LtdSHH
1193603356.SSXuancheng Valin Precision Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1194603357.SSAnhui Transport Consulting & Design Institute Co.,Ltd.SHH
1195603358.SSHuada Automotive Technology Corp.,LtdSHH
1196603359.SSDongzhu Ecological Environment Protection Co.,LtdSHH
1197603360.SSDalian BIO-CHEM Company LimitedSHH
1198603363.SSFujian Aonong Biological Technology Group Incorporation LimitedSHH
1199603365.SSShanghai Shuixing Home Textile Co., Ltd.SHH
1200603366.SSSolareast Holdings Co., Ltd.SHH
1201603367.SSCisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1202603368.SSGuangxi LiuYao Group Co., LtdSHH
1203603377.SSEastern Pioneer Driving School Co., LtdSHH
1204603378.SSAsia Cuanon Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.SHH
1205603380.SSSuzhou Etron Technologies Co.,Ltd.SHH
1206603383.SSFujian Apex Software Co.,LTDSHH
1207603385.SSHuida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.SHH
1208603386.SSGuangdong Champion Asia Electronics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1209603387.SSGetein Biotech, IncSHH
1210603388.SSYuancheng Environment Co., Ltd.SHH
1211603389.SSA-Zenith Home Furnishings Co., Ltd.SHH
1212603392.SSBeijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co., Ltd.SHH
1213603393.SSXinjiang Xintai Natural Gas Co., Ltd.SHH
1214603396.SSYingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd.SHH
1215603398.SSBanBao Co., Ltd.SHH
1216603399.SSJinzhou Jixiang Molybdenum Co., Ltd.SHH
1217603408.SSRunner (Xiamen) Corp.SHH
1218603416.SSWuXi Xinje Electric Co.,Ltd.SHH
1219603421.SSQingdao Topscomm Communication INC.SHH
1220603429.SSAnhui Genuine New Materials Co.,Ltd.SHH
1221603439.SSGuiZhou SanLi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1222603444.SSG-bits Network Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.SHH
1223603456.SSZhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., LtdSHH
1224603458.SSGuizhou Transportation Planning Survey&Design Academe Co.,Ltd.SHH
1225603466.SSShanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1226603477.SSLeshan Giantstar Farming&Husbandry Corporation LimitedSHH
1227603486.SSEcovacs Robotics Co., Ltd.SHH
1228603488.SSFlying Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1229603489.SSBafang Electric (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.SHH
1230603496.SSEmbedWay Technologies (Shanghai) CorporationSHH
1231603499.SSShanghai Sunglow Packaging Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1232603500.SSZhejiang Tiantai Xianghe Industrial Co.,Ltd.SHH
1233603501.SSWill Semiconductor Co., Ltd.SHH
1234603505.SSChina Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1235603506.SSNacity Property Service Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1236603507.SSJiangSu Zhenjiang New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.SHH
1237603508.SSHenan Thinker Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd.SHH
1238603515.SSOpple Lighting Co.,LTDSHH
1239603516.SSBeijing Tricolor Technology Co., LtdSHH
1240603517.SSJuewei Food Co., Ltd.SHH
1241603518.SSJinhong Fashion Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1242603519.SSJiangsu Liba Enterprise Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.SHH
1243603520.SSZhejiang Starry Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.SHH
1244603527.SSAnhui Zhongyuan New Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
1245603528.SSDuoLun Technology Corporation Ltd.SHH
1246603529.SSAIMA Technology Group CO., LTDSHH
1247603530.SSJiangsu Shemar Electric Co.,LtdSHH
1248603533.SSIReader Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1249603535.SSGuangzhou Jiacheng International Logistics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1250603536.SSShandong Huifa Foodstuff Co.,Ltd.SHH
1251603538.SSNingbo Menovo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1252603551.SSAUPU Home Style Corporation LimitedSHH
1253603555.SSGuirenniao Co., Ltd.SHH
1254603556.SSHexing Electrical Co.,LtdSHH
1255603557.SSQibu Co.,Ltd.SHH
1256603558.SSZhejiang Jasan Holding Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1257603559.SSZhongtong Guomai Communication Co., Ltd.SHH
1258603565.SSShanghai Zhonggu Logistics Co., Ltd.SHH
1259603566.SSPulike Biological Engineering, Inc.SHH
1260603567.SSHeilongjiang ZBD Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1261603568.SSZhejiang Weiming Environment Protection Co., Ltd.SHH
1262603569.SSBeijing Changjiu Logistics Co.,LtdSHH
1263603577.SSQingdao Huijintong Power Equipment Co.,Ltd.SHH
1264603578.SSZhejiang Three Stars New Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
1265603579.SSShanghai Rongtai Health Technology Corporation LimitedSHH
1266603580.SSAA Industrial Belting (Shanghai) Co.,LtdSHH
1267603583.SSZhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1268603585.SSSuli Co., Ltd.SHH
1269603586.SSShandong Gold Phoenix Co.,LtdSHH
1270603587.SSDazzle Fashion Co., LtdSHH
1271603588.SSBeijing GeoEnviron Engineering & Technology, Inc.SHH
1272603589.SSAnhui Kouzi Distillery Co., Ltd.SHH
1273603590.SSBeijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.SHH
1274603595.SSZhejiang Tony Electronic Co., LtdSHH
1275603596.SSBethel Automotive Safety Systems Co., LtdSHH
1276603598.SSInly Media Co., Ltd.SHH
1277603599.SSAnhui Guangxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd.SHH
1278603600.SSUE Furniture Co., Ltd.SHH
1279603601.SSChongqing Zaisheng Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1280603602.SSHangzhou Freely Communication Co., Ltd.SHH
1281603603.SSPoten Environment Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1282603605.SSProya Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1283603606.SSNingbo Orient Wires & Cables Co.,Ltd.SHH
1284603607.SSZhejiang Jinghua Laser Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1285603608.SSTopscore Fashion Co., Ltd.SHH
1286603609.SSWellhope Foods Co., Ltd.SHH
1287603610.SSKeeson Technology Corporation LimitedSHH
1288603611.SSNoblelift Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.SHH
1289603612.SSSunstone Development Co., Ltd.SHH
1290603613.SSBeijing United Information Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1291603615.SSChahua Modern Housewares Co., Ltd.SHH
1292603616.SSBeijing Hanjian Heshan Pipeline Co.,LtdSHH
1293603617.SSJunhe Pumps Holding Co., LtdSHH
1294603618.SSHangzhou Cable Co., Ltd.SHH
1295603619.SSZhongman Petroleum and Natural Gas Group Corp., Ltd.SHH
1296603626.SSKunshan Kersen Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1297603628.SSClenergy (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1298603629.SSJiangsu Lettall Electronic Co.,LtdSHH
1299603630.SSLafang China Co.,LtdSHH
1300603633.SSShanghai Laimu Electronics Co.,LtdSHH
1301603636.SSLinewell Software Co., Ltd.SHH
1302603637.SSZhenhai Petrochemical Engineering CO., LTDSHH
1303603638.SSYantai Eddie Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.SHH
1304603639.SSHailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1305603648.SSShanghai Shine-Link International Logistics Co., Ltd.SHH
1306603650.SSRed Avenue New Materials Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1307603655.SSChangzhou Langbo Sealing Technologies Co.,Ltd.SHH
1308603656.SSHefei Taihe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1309603657.SSJinhua Chunguang Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1310603658.SSAutobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd.SHH
1311603659.SSShanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1312603660.SSSuzhou Keda Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1313603661.SSHenglin Home Furnishings Co.,LtdSHH
1314603662.SSKeli Sensing Technology (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd.SHH
1315603663.SSSanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
1316603665.SSZheJiang KangLongDa Special Protection Technology Co., LtdSHH
1317603666.SSYijiahe Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1318603667.SSZhejiang XCC Group Co.,LtdSHH
1319603668.SSFujian Tianma Science and Technology Group Co., LtdSHH
1320603669.SSLionco Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1321603676.SSTibet Weixinkang Medicine Co., Ltd.SHH
1322603677.SSQijing Machinery Co., Ltd.SHH
1323603678.SSFujian Torch Electron Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1324603679.SSSichuan Huati Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1325603680.SSKTK Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1326603681.SSShanghai Yongguan Adhesive Products Corp., Ltd.SHH
1327603682.SSShanghai Golden Union Business Management Co., Ltd.SHH
1328603683.SSShanghai Smith Adhesive New Material Co., LtdSHH
1329603685.SSZhejiang Chenfeng Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1331603687.SSZhejiang Great Shengda Packaging Co.,Ltd.SHH
1332603688.SSJiangsu Pacific Quartz Co., LtdSHH
1333603689.SSAnhui Province Natural Gas DevelopmentCo.,Ltd.SHH
1334603690.SSPNC Process Systems Co., Ltd.SHH
1335603693.SSJiangsu New Energy Development Co., Ltd.SHH
1336603696.SSAnji Foodstuff Co., LtdSHH
1337603697.SSYouYou Foods Co., Ltd.SHH
1338603698.SSChangzheng Engineering Co.,LTDSHH
1339603699.SSNeway Valve (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.SHH
1340603700.SSNingbo Water Meter (Group) Co., LTD.SHH
1341603701.SSZhejiang Dehong Automotive Electronic & Electrical Co., Ltd.SHH
1342603703.SSZhejiang Shengyang Science and Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1343603706.SSXinjiang East Universe (Group) Gas Co., Ltd.SHH
1344603707.SSNanjing King-Friend Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., LtdSHH
1345603708.SSJiajiayue Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1346603709.SSZOY Home Furnishing Co.,LtdSHH
1347603711.SSXIANGPIAOPIAO Food Co.,LtdSHH
1348603712.SSTianJin 712 Communication & Broadcasting Co., Ltd.SHH
1349603713.SSMilkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service Co.,Ltd.SHH
1350603716.SSThalys Medical Technology Group Inc.SHH
1351603717.SSTianYu Eco-Environment Co., Ltd.SHH
1352603718.SSShanghai Hile Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1353603719.SSBestore Co.,LtdSHH
1354603721.SSTVZone Media Co., Ltd.SHH
1355603722.SSWuxi Acryl Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1356603725.SSGuangdong Tianan New Material Co., Ltd.SHH
1357603726.SSZhejiang Langdi Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1358603727.SSBOMESC Offshore Engineering Company LimitedSHH
1359603729.SSShanghai LongYun Media Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1360603730.SSShanghai Daimay Automotive Interior Co., LtdSHH
1361603733.SSXianhe Co.,Ltd.SHH
1362603737.SSSKSHU Paint Co.,Ltd.SHH
1363603738.SSTKD Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1364603739.SSQingdao Vland Biotech INC.SHH
1365603755.SSQingdao Richen Foods Co., Ltd.SHH
1366603757.SSZhejiang Dayuan Pumps Industry Co., LtdSHH
1367603766.SSLoncin Motor Co., Ltd.SHH
1368603767.SSZhejiang Zomax Transmission Co., Ltd.SHH
1369603768.SSChangqing Machinery Company LimitedSHH
1370603773.SSWG TECH (Jiang Xi) Co., Ltd.SHH
1371603776.SSYouon Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1372603777.SSShanghai Laiyifen Co.,LtdSHH
1373603778.SSBeijing Qianjing Landscape Co.,LtdSHH
1374603779.SSWei Long Grape Wine Co., Ltd.SHH
1376603787.SSJiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Co., Ltd.SHH
1377603788.SSNingbo Gaofa Automotive Control System Co., Ltd.SHH
1378603789.SSThinker Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.SHH
1379603790.SSArgus (Shanghai) Textile Chemicals Co.,Ltd.SHH
1380603797.SSGuangdong Liantai Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd.SHH
1381603798.SSQingdao Copton Technology Company LimitedSHH
1382603799.SSZhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., LtdSHH
1383603800.SSSuzhou Douson Drilling & Production Equipment Co.,Ltd.SHH
1384603801.SSZbom Home Collection Co.,LtdSHH
1386603806.SSHangzhou First Applied Material Co., Ltd.SHH
1387603808.SSShenzhen Ellassay Fashion Co.,Ltd.SHH
1388603809.SSChengdu Haoneng Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1389603810.SSJiangsu Fengshan Group Co.,LtdSHH
1390603811.SSZhejiang Cheng Yi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1391603813.SSGuangDong GenSho Logistics Co.,LTDSHH
1392603815.SSAnhui Gourgen Traffic Construction Co.,Ltd.SHH
1393603816.SSJason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd.SHH
1394603817.SSFujian Haixia Environmental Protection Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1395603818.SSQu Mei Home Furnishings Group Co.,LtdSHH
1396603819.SSChangzhou Shenli Electrical Machine Incorporated CompanySHH
1397603822.SSZhejiang Jiaao Enprotech Stock Co., LtdSHH
1398603823.SSLily Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1399603825.SSHylink Digital Solution Co., Ltd.SHH
1400603826.SSFujian Kuncai Material Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1401603828.SSSuzhou Kelida Building& Decoration Co.,Ltd.SHH
1402603833.SSOppein Home Group Inc.SHH
1403603838.SSGuang Dong Sitong Group Co.,LtdSHH
1404603839.SSAnzheng Fashion Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1405603843.SSZhengping Road & Bridge Construction Co.,Ltd.SHH
1406603848.SSGuangdong Hotata Technology Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1407603855.SSWarom Technology Incorporated CompanySHH
1408603856.SSShandong Donghong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
1409603858.SSShandong Buchang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.SHH
1410603859.SSNancal Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1411603860.SSRoadMainT Co.,Ltd.SHH
1412603861.SSGuangzhou Baiyun Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.SHH
1413603863.SSGuangDong SongYang Recycle Resources CO.,LTDSHH
1414603866.SSToly Bread Co.,Ltd.SHH
1415603867.SSZhejiang Xinhua Chemical Co.,LtdSHH
1416603868.SSShanghai Flyco Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.SHH
1417603869.SSENC Digital Technology Co., LtdSHH
1418603871.SSJiayou International Logistics Co.,LtdSHH
1419603876.SSJiangsu Dingsheng New Material Joint-Stock Co.,LtdSHH
1420603877.SSNingbo Peacebird Fashion Co.,Ltd.SHH
1421603878.SSJiangsu Wujin Stainless Steel Pipe Group CO.,LTD.SHH
1422603879.SSYongyue Science&Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1423603880.SSJiangsu Nanfang Medical Co., Ltd.SHH
1424603881.SSShanghai AtHub Co.,Ltd.SHH
1425603882.SSGuangzhou Kingmed Diagnostics Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1426603883.SSLBX Pharmacy Chain Joint Stock CompanySHH
1427603885.SSJuneyao Airlines Co., LtdSHH
1428603886.SSGanso Co., Ltd.SHH
1429603887.SSShanghai CDXJ Digital Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1430603888.SSXinhuanet Co., Ltd.SHH
1431603889.SSZhejiang Xinao Textiles Inc.SHH
1432603890.SSSuzhou Chunqiu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1433603893.SSFuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1434603895.SSShanghai Tianyong Engineering Co., Ltd.SHH
1435603896.SSZhejiang Shouxiangu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1436603897.SSZhejiang grandwall electric science&technology co.,ltd.SHH
1437603898.SSGuangzhou Holike Creative Home Co.,Ltd.SHH
1438603899.SSShanghai M&G Stationery Inc.SHH
1439603900.SSLeysen Jewellery Inc.SHH
1440603901.SSHangzhou Youngsun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.SHH
1441603903.SSCSD Water Service Co., Ltd.SHH
1442603906.SSJiangsu Lopal Tech. Co., Ltd.SHH
1443603908.SSComefly Outdoor Co., Ltd.SHH
1444603909.SSHolsin Engineering Consulting Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1445603912.SSNanjing Canatal Data-Centre Environmental Tech Co., LtdSHH
1446603915.SSJiangsu Guomao Reducer Co., Ltd.SHH
1447603916.SSSobute New Materials Co., LtdSHH
1448603917.SSNingbo Heli Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1449603918.SSShanghai Golden Bridge Info Tech Co., Ltd.SHH
1450603919.SSJINHUI LIQUOR Co.,Ltd.SHH
1451603920.SSOlympic Circuit Technology Co., LtdSHH
1452603922.SSSuzhou Jin Hong Shun Auto Parts Co., Ltd.SHH
1453603926.SSZhejiang Tieliu Clutch Co., Ltd.SHH
1454603927.SSSinosoft Co.,LtdSHH
1455603928.SSSuzhou Xingye Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1456603929.SSL&K Engineering (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.SHH
1457603931.SSHangzhou Greenda Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
1458603933.SSFujian Raynen Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1459603936.SSBomin Electronics Co., Ltd.SHH
1460603937.SSJiangsu Lidao New Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
1461603938.SSTangshan Sunfar Silicon Industries Co.,Ltd.SHH
1462603939.SSYifeng Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd.SHH
1463603948.SSZhejiang Jianye Chemical Co., Ltd.SHH
1464603950.SSXiangyang Changyuandonggu Industry Co., Ltd.SHH
1465603955.SSDaqian Ecology&Environment Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1466603956.SSWPG (Shanghai) Smart Water Public Co., Ltd.SHH
1467603958.SSHarson Trading (China) Co.,Ltd.SHH
1468603959.SSHunan Baili Engineering Sci&Tech Co.,LtdSHH
1469603960.SSShanghai Kelai Mechatronics Engineering Co.,Ltd.SHH
1470603963.SSDali Pharmaceuticalco.,LtdSHH
1471603966.SSEurocrane (China) Co., Ltd.SHH
1472603967.SSChina Master Logistics Co., Ltd.SHH
1473603968.SSNantong Acetic Acid Chemical Co., Ltd.SHH
1475603970.SSSino-Agri Leading Biosciences Co.,LtdSHH
1476603976.SSChongQing Zhengchuan Pharmaceutical Packaging Co.,Ltd.SHH
1477603977.SSJiangxi Guotai Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1478603978.SSShenzhen SunXing Light Alloys Materials Co.,Ltd.SHH
1479603979.SSJCHX Mining Management Co.,Ltd.SHH
1480603980.SSZhejiang Jihua Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1481603982.SSNanjing Chervon Auto Precision Technology Co., LtdSHH
1482603983.SSGuangdong Marubi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.SHH
1483603985.SSJiangyin Hengrun Heavy Industries Co., LtdSHH
1484603986.SSGigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc.SHH
1485603987.SSShanghai Kindly Enterprise Development Group Co.,LTD.SHH
1486603988.SSSEC Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.SHH
1487603989.SSHunan Aihua Group Co., LtdSHH
1488603990.SSSuzhou MedicalSystem Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1489603991.SSShenzhen Original Advanced Compounds Co., Ltd.SHH
1490603992.SSXiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.SHH
1491603993.SSChina Molybdenum Co., Ltd.SHH
1492603996.SSChunghsin Technology Group Co., LtdSHH
1493603997.SSNingbo Jifeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.SHH
1494603998.SSHunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1495603999.SSDuZhe Publish&Media Co.,LtdSHH
1496605001.SSQingdao Victall Railway Co., Ltd.SHH
1497605005.SSCWB Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.SHH
1498605006.SSShandong Fiberglass Group Co., LtdSHH
1499605008.SSNingbo Changhong Polymer Scientific and Technical Inc.SHH
1500605009.SSHangzhou Haoyue Personal Care Co., LtdSHH
1501605011.SSHangzhou Cogeneration Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1502605018.SSZhejiang Changhua Auto Parts Co., Ltd.SHH
1503605020.SSZhejiang Yonghe Refrigerant Co., Ltd.SHH
1504605033.SSShaanxi Meibang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1505605050.SSFriend Co.,Ltd.SHH
1506605055.SSZhejiang Yingfeng Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1507605056.SSXianheng International Science&Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1508605066.SSZhejiang Tengen Electrics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1509605069.SSBeijing ZEHO Waterfront Ecological Environment Treatment Co., Ltd.SHH
1510605077.SSZhejiang Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1511605081.SSShanghai Taihe Water Environmental Technology Development Co.,Ltd.SHH
1512605088.SSGSP Automotive Group Wenzhou Co.,Ltd.SHH
1513605099.SSCoCreation Grass Co., LtdSHH
1514605100.SSPower HF Co., Ltd.SHH
1515605108.SSTongqinglou Catering Co., Ltd.SHH
1516605111.SSWuxi NCE Power Co., Ltd.SHH
1517605116.SSAurisco Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.SHH
1518605117.SSNingbo Deye Technology Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1519605118.SSXiamen Leading Optics Co., Ltd.SHH
1520605123.SSWuxi Paike New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1521605128.SSShanghai Yanpu Metal Products Co.,LtdSHH
1522605136.SSShanghai Lily&Beauty Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1523605138.SSZhejiang Sunrise Garment Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1524605158.SSZhejiang Huada New Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
1525605162.SSZhejiang Xinzhonggang Thermal Power Co., LTD.SHH
1526605166.SSHangzhou Juheshun New Material Co., Ltd.SHH
1527605167.SSJiangsu Libert INC.SHH
1528605178.SSBeijing New Space Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1529605188.SSJiangxi Guoguang Commercial Chains Co., Ltd.SHH
1530605198.SSYantai North Andre Juice Co.,Ltd.SHH
1531605199.SSHainan Huluwa Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1532605218.SSWays Electron Co.,Ltd.SHH
1533605222.SSShanghai QiFan Cable Co., LtdSHH
1534605228.SSShentong Technology Group Co., LtdSHH
1535605255.SSNingbo TIP Rubber Technology Co., LtdSHH
1536605259.SSLutian Machinery Co., Ltd.SHH
1537605266.SSYunnan Jianzhijia Health-Chain Co., Ltd.SHH
1538605277.SSXinya Electronic Co., Ltd.SHH
1539605287.SSDecai Decoration CO.,LTDSHH
1540605288.SSChangZhou KAIDI Electrical Inc.SHH
1541605296.SSYunnan Shennong Agricultural Industry Group Co.,LTD.SHH
1542605318.SSFsilon Furnishing and Construction Materials CorporationSHH
1543605333.SSKunshan Huguang Auto Harness Co.,Ltd.SHH
1544605337.SSZhe Jiang Li Zi Yuan Food Co.,Ltd.SHH
1545605358.SSHangzhou Lion Electronics Co.,LtdSHH
1546605365.SSLeedarson IoT Technology Inc.SHH
1547605366.SSJiangxi Hungpai New Material Co., Ltd.SHH
1548605368.SSHenan Lantian Gas Co.,Ltd.SHH
1549605369.SSZhejiang Gongdong Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1550605376.SSJiangsu Boqian New Materials Stock Co., Ltd.SHH
1551605388.SSHubei Juneyao Health Drinks Co., LtdSHH
1552605398.SSShanghai New Centurion Network Information Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1553605399.SSJiang Xi Chenguang New Materials Co.,Ltd.SHH
1554605499.SSEastroc Beverage (Group) Co.,Ltd.SHH
1555605507.SSGuobang Pharma Ltd.SHH
1556605555.SSNingbo Dechang Electrical Machinery Made Co., Ltd.SHH
1557605566.SSHangzhou Flariant Co., Ltd.SHH
1558605567.SSSpringsnow Food Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1559605577.SSHeilongjiang Publishing & Media Co., Ltd.SHH
1560605580.SSHengsheng Energy Co., LtdSHH
1561605588.SSKeystone Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1562605589.SSJinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co., Ltd.SHH
1563605598.SSShanghai Geoharbour Construction Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1564605599.SSBeijing Caishikou Department Store Co.,Ltd.SHH
1565688001.SSSuzhou HYC Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1566688002.SSRaytron Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1567688003.SSSuzhou TZTEK Technology Co., LtdSHH
1568688004.SSBeijing Bohui Science & Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1569688005.SSNingbo Ronbay New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1570688006.SSZhejiang HangKe Technology Incorporated CompanySHH
1571688007.SSAppotronics Corporation LimitedSHH
1572688008.SSMontage Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1573688009.SSChina Railway Signal & Communication Corporation LimitedSHH
1574688012.SSAdvanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. ChinaSHH
1575688013.SSTouchstone International Medical Science Co., Ltd.SHH
1576688015.SSTraffic Control Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1577688016.SSShanghai MicroPort Endovascular MedTech Co., Ltd.SHH
1578688017.SSLeader Harmonious Drive Systems Co., Ltd.SHH
1579688018.SSEspressif Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.SHH
1580688019.SSAnji Microelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.SHH
1581688020.SSGuangzhou Fangbang Electronics Co.,LtdSHH
1582688021.SSAofu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1583688022.SSSuzhou Harmontronics Automation Technology Co., LtdSHH
1584688023.SSDBAPPSecurity Co., Ltd.SHH
1585688026.SSGuangzhou Jet Bio-Filtration Co., Ltd.SHH
1586688027.SSQuantumCTek Co., Ltd.SHH
1587688028.SSBeijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.SHH
1588688029.SSMicro-Tech (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.SHH
1589688030.SSHillstone Networks Co., Ltd.SHH
1590688032.SSHoymiles Power Electronics Inc.SHH
1591688033.SSBeijing Tianyishangjia New Material Corp., Ltd.SHH
1592688036.SSShenzhen Transsion Holdings Co., Ltd.SHH
1593688038.SSWuhan Citms Technology CO.,LTD.SHH
1594688049.SSActions Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1595688050.SSEyebright Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.SHH
1596688055.SSInfoVision Optoelectronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.SHH
1597688056.SSBeijing Labtech Instruments Co., Ltd.SHH
1598688058.SSBeijing Baolande Software CorporationSHH
1599688059.SSZhuzhou Huarui Precision Cutting Tools Co.,LtdSHH
1600688065.SSCathay Biotech Inc.SHH
1601688066.SSPiesat Information Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1602688067.SSAVE Science&Technology CO.,LTDSHH
1603688068.SSBeijing Hotgen Biotech Co., Ltd.SHH
1604688069.SSWuxi Delinhai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1605688071.SSShanghai W-Ibeda High Tech.Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1606688075.SSAssure Tech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.SHH
1607688077.SSEarth-Panda Advanced Magnetic Material Co., Ltd.SHH
1608688080.SSBeijing InHand Networks Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1609688081.SSWuhan Xingtu Xinke Electronics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1610688082.SSACM Research (Shanghai), Inc.SHH
1611688083.SSZwsoft Co.,Ltd.SHH
1612688085.SSShanghai Sanyou Medical Co., Ltd.SHH
1613688086.SSAmethystum Storage Technology Co., LtdSHH
1614688087.SSShandong Intco Recycling Resources Co., Ltd.SHH
1615688088.SSArcSoft Corporation LimitedSHH
1616688090.SSGuangzhou Risong Intelligent Technology Holding Co., Ltd.SHH
1617688091.SSShanghai Yizhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1618688093.SSSuzhou Shihua New Material Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1619688095.SSFujian Foxit Software Development Joint Stock Co.,LtdSHH
1620688096.SSJiangsu Jingyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.SHH
1621688098.SSShanghai Shen Lian Biomedical CorporationSHH
1622688099.SSAmlogic (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.SHH
1623688100.SSWillfar Information Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1624688101.SSSuntar Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1625688103.SSKunshan GuoLi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1626688105.SSNanjing Vazyme Biotech Co., Ltd.SHH
1627688106.SSSuzhou Jinhong Gas Co.,Ltd.SHH
1628688107.SSShanghai Anlogic Infotech Co., Ltd.SHH
1629688108.SSSino Medical Sciences Technology Inc.SHH
1630688110.SSDosilicon Co., Ltd.SHH
1631688111.SSBeijing Kingsoft Office Software, Inc.SHH
1632688112.SSSiglent Technologies CO., Ltd.SHH
1633688116.SSJiangsu Cnano Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1634688121.SSShanghai Supezet Engineering Technology Corp., Ltd.SHH
1635688122.SSWestern Superconducting Technologies Co., Ltd.SHH
1636688126.SSNational Silicon Industry Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1637688127.SSZhejiang Lante Optics Co., Ltd.SHH
1638688128.SSChina National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd.SHH
1639688138.SSShenzhen Qingyi Photomask LimitedSHH
1640688169.SSBeijing Roborock Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1641688180.SSShanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd.SHH
1642688182.SSJiangsu Cai Qin Technology Co., LtdSHH
1643688185.SSCanSino Biologics Inc.SHH
1644688188.SSShanghai Friendess Electronic Technology Corporation LimitedSHH
1645688226.SSWetown Electric Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1646688227.SSBingo Software Co., Ltd.SHH
1647688229.SSBonree Data Technology Co., LtdSHH
1648688230.SSShanghai Prisemi Electronics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1649688232.SSGuotai Epoint Software Co.,Ltd.SHH
1650688233.SSThinkon Semiconductor Jinzhou Corp.SHH
1651688236.SSBeijing Chunlizhengda Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.SHH
1652688239.SSGuizhou Aviation Technical Development Co., LtdSHH
1653688246.SSGoodwill E-Health Info Co., Ltd.SHH
1654688248.SSChina Southern Power Grid Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1655688255.SSHangzhou Kaierda Robot Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1656688256.SSCambricon Technologies Corporation LimitedSHH
1657688257.SSShareate Tools Ltd.SHH
1658688262.SSC*Core Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1659688265.SSShanghai Model Organisms Center, Inc.SHH
1660688266.SSSuzhou Zelgen Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.SHH
1661688272.SSBeijing Fjr Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1662688277.SSTINAVI Medical Technologies Co., Ltd.SHH
1663688278.SSXiamen Amoytop Biotech Co., Ltd.SHH
1664688280.SSJing-jin Electric Technologies Co.,Ltd.SHH
1665688285.SSChina Railway High-speed Electrification Equipment Corporation LimitedSHH
1666688286.SSMEMSensing Microsystems (Suzhou, China) Co., Ltd.SHH
1667688288.SSHangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1668688289.SSSansure Biotech Inc.SHH
1669688296.SSZhejiang Heda Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1670688298.SSZhejiang Orient Gene Biotech Co., Ltd.SHH
1671688299.SSNingbo Solartron Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1672688300.SSNovoray CorporationSHH
1673688301.SSiRay Technology Company LimitedSHH
1674688303.SSXinjiang Daqo New Energy Co.,Ltd.SHH
1675688305.SSKEDE Numerical Control Co., Ltd.SHH
1676688309.SSNiutech Environment Technology CorporationSHH
1677688312.SSShenzhen Yanmade Technology Inc.SHH
1678688313.SSHenan Shijia Photons Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1679688318.SSShenzhen Fortune Trend technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1680688321.SSShenzhen Chipscreen Biosciences Co., Ltd.SHH
1681688335.SSShanghai CEO Environmental Protection Technology Co., LtdSHH
1682688338.SSBeijing Succeeder Technology Inc.SHH
1683688345.SSGuangdong Greenway Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1684688350.SSJiangsu Feymer Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1685688356.SSJenkem Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1686688360.SSZhejiang Damon Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1687688363.SSBloomage BioTechnology Corporation LimitedSHH
1688688365.SSHangzhou Raycloud Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1689688366.SSShanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1690688367.SSHefei Gocom Information Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1691688368.SSShanghai Bright Power Semiconductor Co., Ltd.SHH
1692688369.SSBeiJing Seeyon Internet Software Corp.SHH
1693688377.SSNanjing Develop Advanced Manufacturing Co., Ltd.SHH
1694688378.SSJilin OLED Material Tech Co., Ltd.SHH
1695688379.SSHangzhou Huaguang Advanced Welding Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
1696688385.SSShanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Company LimitedSHH
1697688388.SSGuangdong Jiayuan Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1698688390.SSJiangsu Goodwe Power Supply Technology Co., LtdSHH
1699688393.SSGuangzhou LBP Medicine Science & Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1700688396.SSChina Resources Microelectronics LimitedSHH
1701688398.SSFujian Supertech Advanced Material Co., Ltd.SHH
1702688399.SSJiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies Co., Ltd.SHH
1703688408.SSArctech Solar Holding Co., Ltd.SHH
1704688425.SSChina Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation LimitedSHH
1705688466.SSGreenTech Environmental Co., Ltd.SHH
1706688488.SSJiangsu Aidea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1707688499.SSGuangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd.SHH
1708688500.SSHCR Co., LtdSHH
1709688501.SSQingdao Daneng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.SHH
1710688505.SSShanghai Fudan-Zhangjiang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.SHH
1711688508.SSWuxi Chipown Micro-electronics limitedSHH
1712688509.SSZhengyuan Geomatics Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1713688511.SSSichuan Tianwei Electronic Co.,Ltd.SHH
1714688513.SSChengdu Easton Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.SHH
1715688516.SSWuxi Autowell Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1716688517.SSJinGuan Electric Co., Ltd.SHH
1717688518.SSShenzhen United Winners Laser Co., Ltd.SHH
1718688519.SSNanya New Material Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1719688520.SSSinocelltech Group LimitedSHH
1720688521.SSVeriSilicon Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.SHH
1721688526.SSWuhan Keqian Biology Co.,LtdSHH
1722688528.SSChengdu Qinchuan IoT Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1723688536.SS3Peak IncorporatedSHH
1724688538.SSEverdisplay Optronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.SHH
1725688551.SSHefei Kewell Power System Co.,Ltd.SHH
1726688553.SSSichuan Huiyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1727688555.SSEssence Information Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1728688556.SSQingdao Gaoce Technology Co., LtdSHH
1729688558.SSNantong Guosheng Intelligence Technology Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1730688559.SSShenzhen Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipments Co., Ltd.SHH
1731688561.SSQi An Xin Technology Group Inc.SHH
1732688566.SSJiangsuJibeier Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.SHH
1733688567.SSFarasis Energy (Gan Zhou) Co., Ltd.SHH
1734688568.SSGeovis Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1735688569.SSBeijing Tieke Shougang Rail Way-Tech Co., Ltd.SHH
1736688577.SSZhe Jiang Headman Machinery Co.,Ltd.SHH
1737688579.SSDareway Software Co.,Ltd.SHH
1738688580.SSNanjing Vishee Medical Technology Co., LtdSHH
1739688585.SSSwancor Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.SHH
1740688586.SSHefei Jianghang Aircraft Equipment Corporation Ltd.SHH
1741688588.SSLinkage Software Co., LTDSHH
1742688589.SSLeaguer (Shenzhen) Microelectronics Corp.SHH
1743688595.SSChipsea Technologies (shenzhen) Corp.SHH
1744688596.SSShanghai GenTech Co., Ltd.SHH
1745688597.SSBeijing Yupont Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1746688598.SSKBC Corporation, Ltd.SHH
1747688599.SSTrina Solar Co., LtdSHH
1748688600.SSAnHui Wanyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1749688601.SSWuxi ETEK Microelectronics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1750688607.SSCareRay Digital Medical Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1751688617.SSAPT Medical Inc.SHH
1752688619.SSROPEOK Technology Group Co.,Ltd.SHH
1753688621.SSBeijing Sun-Novo Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd.SHH
1754688622.SSGuangzhou Hexin Instrument Co.,Ltd.SHH
1755688656.SSHOB Biotech Group Corp.,LtdSHH
1756688665.SSCubic Sensor and Instrument Co., LtdSHH
1757688669.SSPolyrocks Chemical Co., LtdSHH
1758688670.SSJiangsu gdk Biotechnology Co., Ltd.SHH
1759688680.SSShanghai HIUV New Materials Co.,LtdSHH
1760688681.SSShandong Kehui Power Automation Co.,Ltd.SHH
1761688687.SSBeijing Kawin Technology Share-Holding Co., Ltd.SHH
1762688689.SSChangzhou Galaxy Century Microelectronics Co.,Ltd.SHH
1763688690.SSSuzhou Nanomicro Technology Co., Ltd.SHH
1764688697.SSNeway CNC Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.SHH
1765688700.SSKunshan Dongwei Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1766688701.SSZhejiang Zone-King Environmental Sci&Tech Co., Ltd.SHH
1767688707.SSGuizhou Zhenhua New Material Co., Ltd.SHH
1768688711.SSMacmic Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1769688718.SSWave Cyber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.SHH
1770688722.SSBeijing Tongyizhong New Material Technology CorporationSHH
1771688728.SSGalaxyCore Inc.SHH
1772688733.SSAnhui Estone Materials Technology Co.,LtdSHH
1773688737.SSSinocat Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1774688766.SSPuya Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.SHH
1775688767.SSHangzhou Biotest Biotech Co.,Ltd.SHH
1776688768.SSAnhui Ronds Science & Technology Incorporated CompanySHH
1777688772.SSZhuhai CosMX Battery Co., Ltd.SHH
1778688776.SSGuoguang Electric Co.,Ltd.ChengduSHH
1779688778.SSXTC New Energy Materials(Xiamen) Co.,Ltd.SHH
1780688779.SSHunan Changyuan Lico Co.,Ltd.SHH
1781688786.SSJiangxi Yuean Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd.SHH
1782688787.SSBeijing Haitian Ruisheng Science Technology Ltd.SHH
1783688789.SSHangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Stock Company LTD.SHH
1784688798.SSShanghai Awinic Technology Co.,Ltd.SHH
1785688800.SSSuzhou Recodeal Interconnect System Co.,LtdSHH
1786688819.SSTianneng Battery Group Co., Ltd.SHH
1787688981.SSSemiconductor Manufacturing International CorporationSHH
1788900911.SSShanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Co.,LtdSHH
1789900925.SSShanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co.,Ltd.SHH
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