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(-0.27%) 4 288.05 points
Dow J
(-0.47%) 33 508 points
(0.14%) 13 219 points
(0.34%) $91.10
(-0.99%) $2.90
(-0.32%) $1 860.10
(-1.69%) $22.07
(0.36%) 919.20
(0.07%) 0.946
(0.10%) 10.70
(0.08%) 0.820
(1.46%) 97.88

Realtime updates for Stacks USD [STXUSD]

Exchange: CRYPTO
return 12.39%
return -1.62%
Last Updated1 Oct 2023 @ 23:56

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SELL 63 min ago

@ $0.516

Issued: 1 Oct 2023 @ 22:54

Return: -0.39%

Previous signal: Oct 1 - 19:32

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Return: 1.28 %

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Today's Volume 12.09M
Average Volume 35.18M
Market Cap 725.82M
P/E 0
ATR14 $0.0420 (8.17%)

Volume Correlation

Long: 0.00 (neutral)
Short: 0.00 (neutral)
Signal:(47) Neutral

Stacks USD Correlation

10 Most Positive Correlations
10 Most Negative Correlations

Did You Know?

Correlation is a statistical measure that describes the relationship between two variables. It ranges from -1 to 1, where -1 indicates a perfect negative correlation (as one variable increases, the other decreases), 1 indicates a perfect positive correlation (as one variable increases, the other increases), and 0 indicates no correlation (there is no relationship between the variables).

Correlation can be used to analyze the relationship between any two variables, not just stocks. It's commonly used in fields such as finance, economics, psychology, and more.

Stacks USD Correlation - Currency/Commodity

The country flag 0.00
( neutral )
The country flag 0.00
( neutral )
The country flag 0.00
( neutral )
The country flag 0.00
( neutral )
The country flag 0.00
( neutral )
The country flag -0.79
( moderate negative )

Stacks USD

STXUSD Next Dividend
(Unknown) $0 Probabilty 0 %
Quarter Ratio
STXUSD 0.00 0.00
Pay Frequency
STXUSD Insufficient data to determine frequency 0
Yearly Payout

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