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Realtime updates for Shufersal Ltd. [SAE.TA]

Exchange: TLV Sector: Consumer Defensive Industry: Grocery Stores
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3 days till quarter result
(bmo 2024-04-28)

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Last Updated25 Apr 2024 @ 07:24

0.70% ILA 2 460.00

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Commentary (25 Apr 2024 @ 07:24):

Shufersal Ltd. operates a chain of supermarkets under the Shufersal brand name in Israel. It operates through three segments: The Retail, The Real Estate, and The Be...

Today's Volume 182 586
Average Volume 761 002
Market Cap 6.54B
EPS ILA0 ( 2024-03-27 )
Next earnings date ( ILA0 ) 2024-04-28
Last Dividend ILA0 ( N/A )
Next Dividend ILA0 ( N/A )
P/E 21.03
ATR14 ILA1.940 (0.08%)

Volume Correlation

Long: 0.13 (neutral)
Short: -0.93 (very strong negative)
Signal:(51.515) Neutral

Shufersal Ltd. Correlation

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Shufersal Ltd. Correlation - Currency/Commodity

The country flag -0.39
( neutral )
The country flag -0.48
( neutral )
The country flag 0.11
( neutral )
The country flag 0.42
( neutral )
The country flag -0.68
( moderate negative )
The country flag 0.69
( moderate )

Shufersal Ltd. Financials

Annual 2023
Revenue: ILA15.18B
Gross Profit: ILA4.03B (26.52 %)
EPS: ILA1.170
Q4 2023
Revenue: ILA3.91B
Gross Profit: ILA1.03B (26.40 %)
EPS: ILA0.490
Q3 2023
Revenue: ILA3.85B
Gross Profit: ILA1.01B (26.21 %)
EPS: ILA0.190
Q2 2023
Revenue: ILA3.70B
Gross Profit: ILA983.00M (26.55 %)
EPS: ILA0.240

Financial Reports:

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Shufersal Ltd.

Shufersal Ltd. operates a chain of supermarkets under the Shufersal brand name in Israel. It operates through three segments: The Retail, The Real Estate, and The Be. The company's stores provides vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, dairy products, and other products; and general grocery and food products, toiletries and home care, pharma and cosmetic products, baked goods, beverages, frozen and chilled products, and meat and fish products. It also operates an online shopping website Shufersal Online. The company also offers home and garden furniture, electrical and kitchen appliances, textile and home design products, travel and leisure products, and food products. In addition, it provides credit cards and customer club services. Further,the company is also involved in the real estate business; and logistic activities. Shufersal Ltd. was founded in 1956 and is based in Rishon LeZion, Israel.

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