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Realtime updates for Luminex Corporation [LMNX]

Exchange: NASDAQ Sector: Healthcare Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
Last Updated31 Dec 1970 @ 19:00

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Luminex Corporation develops, manufactures, and sells proprietary biological testing technologies and products for the diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and research industries worldwide...

Today's Volume 1.02M
Average Volume 650 237
Market Cap 0.00
EPS $0.0400
Earnings date 2020-11-05
P/E 0
ATR14 $0.188 (0.51%)

Volume Correlation

Long: 0.06 (neutral)
Short: 0.88 (strong)
Signal:(63.839) Same movement expected

Luminex Corporation Correlation

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Luminex Corporation Correlation - Currency/Commodity

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Luminex Corporation Financials

Annual 2020
Revenue: $417.40M
Gross Profit: $247.85M (59.38%)
EPS: $0.336
Q1 2021
Revenue: $110.69M
Gross Profit: $66.46M (60.04%)
EPS: $0.190
Q4 2020
Revenue: $111.39M
Gross Profit: $64.44M (57.85%)
EPS: $0.0053
Q3 2020
Revenue: $106.06M
Gross Profit: $63.38M (59.76%)
EPS: $0.0400

Luminex Corporation Financials DIVIDENDS

(Q3/19) 2019-09-25 (Q4/19) 2019-12-18 (Q1/20) 2020-03-18 (Q2/20) 2020-06-17 (Q3/20) 2020-09-23 (Q4/20) 2020-12-22 (Q1/21) 2021-03-24 (Q2/21) 2021-06-16
(Paid: 2019-10-17)
(Paid: 2020-01-15)
(Paid: 2020-04-09)
(Paid: 2020-07-09)
(Paid: 2020-10-15)
(Paid: 2021-01-14)
(Paid: 2021-04-15)
(Paid: 2021-07-08)

Luminex Corporation

Luminex Corporation develops, manufactures, and sells proprietary biological testing technologies and products for the diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and research industries worldwide. Its products include Luminex 100/200 that integrates fluidics, optics, and digital signal processing; FLEXMAP 3D system for use as a general laboratory instrument; MAGPIX system, a multiplexing analyzer for qualitative and quantitative analysis of proteins and nucleic acids; ARIES system, a sample to answer real-time PCR platform; ARIES M1 system, a single-module version of the ARIES System; VERIGENE system, a semi-automated, multiplex, molecular analysis system for the clinical diagnostics market; FlowSight Imaging Flow cytometer; ImageStream System; CellStream Flow Cytometer; Guava easyCyte line; and Muse Cell Analyzer. The company also provides MicroPlex, MagPlex, xTAG, SeroMAP, and calibration and control microspheres; xPONENT, a software suite to simplify laboratory workflow and enhance productivity; SYNCT data management software solutions; TDAS, an analysis program designed for development and optimization of nucleic acid assays; IDEAS, an image analysis software; and xTAG assays and products to identify the causative agent for respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, as well as IVD kits for cystic fibrosis genotyping and pharmacogenetic assays used to profile genetic mutations related to drug metabolism. In addition, it offers MultiCode assays and products comprising HSV 1&2 assays, and other products to detect infectious agents in clinical samples; ARIES cassettes that are self-contained assay consumables, such as ARIES HSV 1&2 assays, ARIES FLU A/B and RSV assays, ARIES group A strep assays, ARIES bordetella assays, ARIES GBS assay, and ARIES C. difficile assays; and VERIGENE test cartridges. The company serves pharmaceutical companies, clinical laboratories, and research and medical institutions. Luminex Corporation was founded in 1995 and is based in Austin, Texas.

LMNX Next Dividend
(2023-12-13) $0.101 Probabilty 100 %

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