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Realtime updates for Metallurgical Corporation [1618.HK]

Exchange: HKSE Sector: Industrials Industry: Engineering & Construction
Last Updated23 Feb 2024 @ 03:08

0.62% HKD 1.620

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Commentary (23 Feb 2024 @ 03:08):

Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the engineering contracting, property development, equipment manufacture, and resource development businesses in China and internationally...

Today's Volume 10.55M
Average Volume 7.40M
Market Cap 68.86B
EPS HKD0.150 ( 2023-03-31 )
Last Dividend HKD0.0908 ( 2023-07-27 )
Next Dividend HKD0 ( N/A )
P/E 3.12
ATR14 HKD0.0040 (0.25%)

Volume Correlation

Long: 0.14 (neutral)
Short: 0.60 (weak)
Signal:(55.729) Neutral

Metallurgical Corporation Correlation

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Metallurgical Corporation Correlation - Currency/Commodity

The country flag -0.33
( neutral )
The country flag -0.65
( weak negative )
The country flag 0.00
( neutral )
The country flag 0.00
( neutral )
The country flag -0.74
( moderate negative )
The country flag 0.58
( weak )

Metallurgical Corporation Financials

Annual 2022
Revenue: HKD592.67B
Gross Profit: HKD57.15B (9.64 %)
EPS: HKD0.450
Q3 2023
Revenue: HKD132.87B
Gross Profit: HKD12.12B (9.12 %)
Q2 2023
Revenue: HKD190.01B
Gross Profit: HKD17.34B (9.13 %)
EPS: HKD0.110
Q1 2023
Revenue: HKD144.45B
Gross Profit: HKD13.64B (9.45 %)
EPS: HKD0.150

Metallurgical Corporation Dividends

(Q3/22) (Q4/22) (Q1/23) (Q2/23) (Q3/23) (Q4/23) (Q1/24) (Q2/24) (Q3/24) (Q4/24)

Metallurgical Corporation Dividend Information - No Dividend Player

Dividend Sustainability Score: 0 - low (50.00%) | Divividend Growth Potential Score: 3.07 - Decrease likely (38.60%)

Very Unsafe

High risk of being cut


Heightened risk of being cut


Moderate risk of being cut


Unlikely to be cut

Very Safe

Very unlikely to be cut

First Dividend HKD0.0564 2011-05-16
Last Dividend HKD0.0908 2023-07-27
Next Dividend HKD0 N/A
Payout Date 0000-00-00
Next Payout Date
# dividends 11 --
Total Paid Out HKD1.415 --
Avg. Dividend % Per Year 0.00% --
Score 0.61 --
Div. Sustainability Score 0
Div.Growth Potential Score 3.07
Div. Directional Score 0 --
Next Divdend (Est)
HKD0 Estimate 0.00 %
Dividend Stability
0.04 Very Bad
Dividend Score
Pay Frequency
Yearly Payout
Year Amount Yield

Dividend Commentary

The company's low Dividend Sustainability Score (DSS) highlights potential challenges in upholding its current dividend levels. Unfortunately, its low Dividend Growth Potential Score (DGPS) suggests limited prospects for dividend growth. In conclusion, a more vigilant stance is recommended given the company's tentative dividend landscape.

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Symbol Title Last dividend Frequency Years Dividend Yearly Dividend Score
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0839.HK Ex Dividend Junior 2023-06-09 Semi-Annually 0 0.00%
0016.HK Ex Dividend Knight 2023-11-06 Semi-Annually 0 0.00%
2362.HK No Dividend Player 2023-06-01 Annually 0 0.00%
1375.HK Ex Dividend Junior 2023-06-09 Annually 0 0.00%

Metallurgical Corporation

Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the engineering contracting, property development, equipment manufacture, and resource development businesses in China and internationally. The company's Engineering Contracting segment offers engineering, construction, and other related contracting services for metallurgical and non-metallurgical projects. Its Property Development segment develops and sells residential and commercial properties, and housing properties; and develops land. The company's Equipment Manufacturing segment engages in the development and production of metallurgical equipment, steel structures, and other metal products. Its Resource Development segment is involved in the development, mining, and processing of mineral resources; and the production of nonferrous metals and polysilicon. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Beijing, the People's Republic of China.

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