S&P 500
(0.25%) 5 487.03 points
Dow Jones
(0.15%) 38 835 points
(0.03%) 17 862 points
(-0.02%) $81.55
(0.65%) $2.93
(-0.12%) $2 344.00
(-0.23%) $29.50
(0.16%) $978.80
(0.02%) $0.931
(-0.04%) $10.57
(-0.01%) $0.787
(0.44%) $85.75
Top 10 Gainers (NASDAQ)
SymbolPriceChange %Volume
Wed, 19 Jun 2024 01:53:59
Showing a World Map with indexes prices
The flag for Nasdaq  Nasdaq : 0.03 %The flag for Dow Jones  Dow Jones : 0.15 %The flag for S&P 500  S&P 500 : 0.25 %The flag for Shanghai Shanghai: -0.15 %The flag for Hongkong Hongkong: 1.61 %The flag for ASX ASX: -0.06 %The flag for CAC40 CAC40: 0.60 %The flag for FTSE 100 FTSE 100: 0.76 %The flag for IPC Mexico IPC Mexico: 1.52 %The flag for Nikkei 225 Nikkei 225: 0.66 %The flag for Nifty 50 Nifty 50: 0.39 %The flag for IBOVESPA IBOVESPA: 0.41 %The flag for OSEAX OSEAX: 1.04 %
Top 10 Losers (NASDAQ)
SymbolPriceChange %Volume
QXO91.77-24.83%81 986.00
NGNE30.32-24.20%209 079
ZAPP1.360-24.02%705 344
SCNI4.33-22.68%659 679
Wed, 19 Jun 2024 01:53:59

Advanced Algorithmic Live Trading Signals for Crypto & Stocks

Gain a Competitive Edge with Advanced Algorithmic Live Trading Signals for Crypto & Stocks. Enhance your trading strategy and maximize your profit potential with our free buy and sell signals. Our cutting-edge algorithms provide real-time market insights and help you make informed decisions. Explore our live market signals for the Nasdaq and Oslo stock exchanges and take your trading to the next level.


10 Last Buy Signals

TickerTimeTSS@Price Now Return
DXCMJun 18 - 19:55358 min$116.82$116.64-0.15%
DOCUJun 18 - 19:55358 min$51.17$50.97-0.38%
CZRJun 18 - 19:55358 min$37.41$37.420.02%
INCYJun 18 - 19:55358 min$61.23$61.440.34%
FIVNJun 18 - 19:55358 min$40.21$40.09-0.30%
ACHCJun 18 - 19:55358 min$68.31$68.29-0.03%
TWSTJun 18 - 19:53360 min$50.38$50.560.36%
FTNTJun 18 - 19:51362 min$59.30$59.15-0.25%
AAPLJun 18 - 19:51362 min$214.10$214.290.09%
PAASJun 18 - 19:50363 min$19.97$19.93-0.19%

Oslo Stockexchange

10 Last Buy Signals

TickerTimeTSS@Price Now Return
SBO.OLJun 18 - 14:02711 minKr.36.75Kr.37.000.68%
PLT.OLJun 18 - 13:58715 minKr.3.47Kr.3.490.72%
PNOR.OLJun 18 - 13:52721 minKr.9.39Kr.9.420.32%
ODF.OLJun 18 - 13:48725 minKr.159.00Kr.158.80-0.13%
NAPA.OLJun 18 - 13:43730 minKr.36.30Kr.37.001.93%
VOLUE.OLJun 18 - 13:40733 minKr.30.50Kr.30.45-0.16%
MORG.OLJun 18 - 13:35738 minKr.83.19Kr.83.380.23%
NORAM.OLJun 18 - 13:30743 minKr.38.80Kr.39.000.52%
ACR.OLJun 18 - 13:25748 minKr.4.14Kr.4.191.09%
NORCO.OLJun 18 - 13:16757 minKr.33.15Kr.33.250.30%


10 Last Buy Signals

TickerTimeTSS@Price Now Return
CGLDUSDJun 19 - 01:521 min$0.580$0.5800.00%
RIOUSDJun 19 - 01:503 min$1.380$1.3800.00%
STXUSDJun 19 - 01:503 min$1.644$1.6460.18%
HOOKUSDJun 19 - 01:494 min$0.585$0.584-0.12%
ARUSDJun 19 - 01:494 min$26.72$26.70-0.09%
KSMUSDJun 19 - 01:485 min$23.87$23.890.08%
TRXUSDJun 19 - 01:485 min$0.115$0.1150.30%
WAMPLUSDJun 19 - 01:485 min$24.81$25.141.33%
ETHXUSDJun 19 - 01:485 min$3 558.19$3 605.751.34%
RADUSDJun 19 - 01:476 min$1.220$1.2200.00%

Latest News

At its core, trading is about making informed decisions based on data. That's why traders use various tools to help them identify trends, patterns, and signals that indicate a potential buying or selling opportunity. One such tool is live signals. In this guide, we'll explore what live signals are, how they work, and why they're an essential part of any trader's toolkit.

What Are Live Signals?

Discover Advanced Algorithmic Live Trading Signals for Crypto & Stocks. Live signals are real-time notifications that provide traders with up-to-date information about potential trading opportunities. These signals are generated by advanced algorithms that analyze market data, identifying patterns and trends in stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies. Stay ahead of the market with our comprehensive live signals delivered through email, SMS, or our dedicated trading platform.

How Do Live Signals Work?

Maximize Your Profit Potential with Real-Time Live Signals. Our advanced algorithms analyze price movements, trading volumes, and other indicators to identify potential buying or selling opportunities. When a signal is generated, it is sent to you in real-time, empowering you to make informed trading decisions. Incorporate live signals into your trading strategy to gain a competitive edge.

Why Use Live Signals?

Unlock Trading Success with Live Signals: Real-Time Insights for Profits. Benefit from real-time information, save time by automating opportunity identification, and leverage the accuracy of advanced algorithms. Reduce risk and improve profitability by acting on timely and reliable signals. Gain a competitive advantage with our live signals.

How to Use Live Signals

Optimize Your Trading Strategy with Effective Use of Live Signals. Follow these tips for maximum impact:

  1. Utilize multiple signals: Combine signals from different sources to confirm opportunities and minimize false positives.
  2. Incorporate technical analysis: Combine live signals with technical analysis to strengthen your trading decisions.
  3. Set up alerts: Stay informed about important events and market changes with customized alerts.
  4. Develop a trading plan: Use live signals to inform your trading plan, not replace it.
  5. Manage risk: Implement risk management strategies to protect your investments.

The Risks of Using Live Signals

Stay Informed and Be Aware of Potential Risks When Using Live Signals:


Enhance Your Trading Decisions with Advanced Algorithmic Live Signals. By incorporating live signals into your trading strategy and considering their risks, you can gain valuable insights for successful trading. Choose a reputable service, test signals on a demo account, and unlock the full potential of live signals in your trading journey.

If you're interested in using live signals for trading, it's essential to do your research and choose a reputable service. Always be sure to test the signals on a demo account before using them with real money. With the right approach, live signals can be a valuable part of any trader's toolkit.

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