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S&P/ASX 200 [ ^AXJO ] Sat, 22 Jun 2024 22:28:14
Current Price ( 0.342%) 7 796.00
Previous Close 7 769.40
Open Price 7 769.40
Today's Range 7 753.90 - 7 796.90
Volume 0.00
Average Volume 576 467
52 Week Low/High 6 751.30 - 7 910.50
Market Cap N/A
50-Day Average Price 7 728.79
200-Day Average Price 7 457.21
Earnings per Share (EPS) N/A
Price-Earnings Ratio (PE) N/A
Earnings Announcement N/A
Shares Outstanding N/A

Dividend Calendar Australian Stock Exchange

Ex-Date Payout Date Logo Symbol Name Market Cap Exchange Dividend Adjusted Dividend
2024-06-13 2024-06-28 PL8.AX Plato Income 913335959 ASX $0.0100 $0.00550 Last Price: $1.220(0.83%) | Avg Trading Volume: 517 722 | Last EPS: $0.01 | pe: 15.25
2024-06-13 2024-07-04 IPL.AX Incitec Pivot 5535327000 ASX $0.0400 $0.0430 Last Price: $2.85(0.35%) | Avg Trading Volume: 4.12M | Last EPS: $0.04 | pe: -40.71
2024-06-13 2024-06-28 Profile picture for WCM Global Growth Limited WQG.AX WCM Global Growth 288799477 ASX $0.0200 $0.0174 Last Price: $1.575(0.32%) | Avg Trading Volume: 176 637 | Last EPS: $0.02 | pe: 7.19
2024-06-13 2024-07-03 Profile picture for Champion Iron Limited CIA.AX Champion Iron 3315846400 ASX $0.110 $0.109 Last Price: $6.40(-1.69%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.45M | Last EPS: $0.11 | pe: 13.33
2024-06-13 2024-06-21 CE1.AX Calima Energy 6334360 ASX $0.130 $0.126 Last Price: $0.00900(12.50%) | Avg Trading Volume: 5.01M | Last EPS: $0.13 | pe: 0.22
2024-06-18 2024-07-24 Profile picture for Premier Investments Limited PMV.AX Premier Investments 4779412020 ASX $0.630 $0.630 Last Price: $29.94(0.67%) | Avg Trading Volume: 262 471 | Last EPS: $0.63 | pe: 17.61
2024-06-18 0 CE1.AX Calima Energy 6334360 ASX $0.130 $0.126 Last Price: $0.00900(12.50%) | Avg Trading Volume: 5.01M | Last EPS: $0.13 | pe: 0.22
2024-06-21 2024-07-01 CSR.AX CSR Limited 4282134480 ASX $0.120 $0.120 Last Price: $8.97(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 2.44M | Last EPS: $0.12 | pe: 18.69
2024-06-26 2024-07-10 FPH.AX Fisher & Paykel 16403998200 ASX $0.250 $0.254 Last Price: $28.09(-1.40%) | Avg Trading Volume: 417 362 | Last EPS: $0.25 | pe: 133.76
2024-06-27 2024-07-31 RFF.AX Rural Funds Group 803663010 ASX $0.0300 $0.0293 Last Price: $2.07(0.98%) | Avg Trading Volume: 513 651 | Last EPS: $0.03 | pe: 9.41
2024-06-27 2024-08-16 Profile picture for Centuria Office REIT COF.AX Centuria Office REIT 716804400 ASX $0.0300 $0.0300 Last Price: $1.200(0.84%) | Avg Trading Volume: 622 476 | Last EPS: $0.03 | pe: -4.14
2024-06-27 2024-08-07 Profile picture for Centuria Industrial REIT CIP.AX Centuria Industrial 1987334030 ASX $0.0400 $0.0400 Last Price: $3.13(0.97%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.23M | Last EPS: $0.04 | pe: -104.33
2024-06-27 2024-08-08 Profile picture for Arena REIT ARF.AX Arena REIT 1414391900 ASX $0.0400 $0.0435 Last Price: $3.97(2.32%) | Avg Trading Volume: 577 095 | Last EPS: $0.04 | pe: 30.54
2024-06-27 2024-07-16 GDF.AX Garda Property Group 254338583 ASX $0.0200 $0.0158 Last Price: $1.160(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 123 197 | Last EPS: $0.02 | pe: -6.44
2024-06-27 2024-08-14 CLW.AX Charter Hall Long 2508653850 ASX $0.0700 $0.0650 Last Price: $3.47(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.28M | Last EPS: $0.07 | pe: -4.23
2024-06-27 2024-08-30 Profile picture for Charter Hall Group CHC.AX Charter Hall Group 5789483280 ASX $0.0200 $0.0230 Last Price: $12.24(-1.21%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.20M | Last EPS: $0.02 | pe: -26.04
2024-06-27 2024-09-02 Profile picture for National Storage REIT NSR.AX National Storage 3192915500 ASX $0.0600 $0.0550 Last Price: $2.33(0.43%) | Avg Trading Volume: 3.43M | Last EPS: $0.06 | pe: 9.32
2024-06-27 2024-08-29 MGR.AX Mirvac Group 7731925600 ASX $0.0600 $0.0600 Last Price: $1.960(0.77%) | Avg Trading Volume: 12.92M | Last EPS: $0.06 | pe: -13.07
2024-06-27 2024-08-30 GDI.AX GDI Property Group 321844200 ASX $0.0300 $0.0250 Last Price: $0.600(-0.83%) | Avg Trading Volume: 426 582 | Last EPS: $0.03 | pe: 60
2024-06-27 2024-09-06 Profile picture for Hotel Property Investments HPI.AX Hotel Property 676307646 ASX $0.100 $0.0950 Last Price: $3.47(2.66%) | Avg Trading Volume: 675 927 | Last EPS: $0.10 | pe: 31.55
2024-06-27 2024-07-19 Profile picture for Charter Hall Social Infrastructure REIT CQE.AX Charter Hall Social 908856080 ASX $0.0400 $0.0400 Last Price: $2.44(0.83%) | Avg Trading Volume: 709 929 | Last EPS: $0.04 | pe: 122
2024-06-27 2024-08-22 Profile picture for Centuria Capital Group CNI.AX Centuria Capital 1454289400 ASX $0.0500 $0.0500 Last Price: $1.765(1.73%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.03M | Last EPS: $0.05 | pe: 19.61
2024-06-27 2024-08-26 WPR.AX Waypoint REIT 1565433800 ASX $0.0400 $0.0412 Last Price: $2.33(-0.85%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.13M | Last EPS: $0.04 | pe: -19.42
2024-06-27 2024-08-30 Profile picture for Stockland SGP.AX Stockland 10575609440 ASX $0.170 $0.166 Last Price: $4.44(0.68%) | Avg Trading Volume: 5.91M | Last EPS: $0.17 | pe: 44.4
2024-06-27 2024-08-29 Profile picture for Dexus DXS.AX Dexus 7044983500 ASX $0.210 $0.213 Last Price: $6.55(1.87%) | Avg Trading Volume: 3.62M | Last EPS: $0.21 | pe: -5.41
2024-06-27 2024-08-26 Profile picture for Goodman Group GMG.AX Goodman Group 68142578400 ASX $0.150 $0.150 Last Price: $35.88(0.96%) | Avg Trading Volume: 3.67M | Last EPS: $0.15 | pe: 326.18
2024-06-27 2024-08-30 Profile picture for Growthpoint Properties Australia GOZ.AX Growthpoint 1786629240 ASX $0.100 $0.0965 Last Price: $2.37(-0.42%) | Avg Trading Volume: 468 162 | Last EPS: $0.10 | pe: -6.97
2024-06-27 2024-09-11 Profile picture for Reef Casino Trust RCT.AX Reef Casino Trust 151893050 ASX $0.0800 $0.0824 Last Price: $3.05(1.33%) | Avg Trading Volume: 3 748.00 | Last EPS: $0.08 | pe: 13.86
2024-06-27 2024-08-30 GPT.AX The GPT Group 7892189600 ASX $0.120 $0.120 Last Price: $4.12(1.73%) | Avg Trading Volume: 4.64M | Last EPS: $0.12 | pe: -31.69
2024-06-28 2024-07-08 Profile picture for Danakali Limited DNK.AX Danakali Limited 151016940 ASX $0.0200 $0.0200 Last Price: $0.410(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 0.00 | Last EPS: $0.02 | pe: -41
2024-06-28 0 OPH.AX Ophir Asset 580980780 ASX $0 $0 Last Price: $2.61(1.16%) | Avg Trading Volume: 215 469 | Last EPS: $0.00 | pe: 5.34
2024-07-03 2024-07-18 Profile picture for GrainCorp Limited GNC.AX GrainCorp Limited 1968768163 ASX $0.240 $0.240 Last Price: $8.78(-0.57%) | Avg Trading Volume: 821 455 | Last EPS: $0.24 | pe: 19.95
2024-07-04 2024-07-26 CAM.AX Clime Capital 118496932 ASX $0.0100 $0.0135 Last Price: $0.815(0.62%) | Avg Trading Volume: 100 997 | Last EPS: $0.01 | pe: 27.17
2024-07-17 2024-08-19 GVF.AX Global Value Fund 216854930 ASX $0.0100 $0.0100 Last Price: $1.240(1.64%) | Avg Trading Volume: 107 968 | Last EPS: $0.01 | pe: 12.4
2024-08-20 2024-08-28 Profile picture for Otto Energy Limited OEL.AX Otto Energy Limited 57540120 ASX $0.0100 $0.00800 Last Price: $0.0120(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 2.39M | Last EPS: $0.01 | pe: -1.2
1A2B.AXA2B Australia LtdASX
2AAJ.AXAruma Resources LtdASX
3AAR.AXAnglo Australian Resources NLASX
4ABA.AXAuswide Bank LtdASX
6ABP.AXAbacus Property GroupASX
7ABX.AXAustralian Bauxite LtdASX
8ACB.AXA-Cap Energy LtdASX
9ACF.AXAcrow Formwork and Construction Services LtdASX
10ACQ.AXAcorn Capital Investment Fund LtdASX
11ACW.AXActinogen Medical LtdASX
12AD8.AXAudinate Group LtdASX
13ADA.AXAdacel Technologies LtdASX
14ADH.AXAdairs LtdASX
15ADN.AXAndromeda Metals LtdASX
16ADO.AXAnteotech LtdASX
18ADV.AXArdiden LtdASX
19ADX.AXAdx Energy LtdASX
20AEE.AXAura Energy LtdASX
21AEF.AXAustralian Ethical Investment LtdASX
22AEV.AXAvenira LtdASX
23AFG.AXAustralian Finance Group LtdASX
24AFI.AXAustralian Foundation Investment Company LtdASX
25AFL.AXAF Legal Group LtdASX
26AGE.AXAlligator Energy LtdASX
27AGH.AXAlthea Group Holdings LtdASX
28AGI.AXAinsworth Game Technology LtdASX
30AGY.AXArgosy Minerals LtdASX
31AHF.AXAustralian Dairy Nutritionals GroupASX
32AHL.AXAhalife Holdings LtdASX
33AHQ.AXAllegiance Coal LtdASX
34AHX.AXApiam Animal Health LtdASX
35AIA.AXAuckland International Airport LtdASX
36AIS.AXAeris Resources LtdASX
37AIZ.AXAir New Zealand LtdASX
38AJL.AXAJ Lucas Group LtdASX
39AKG.AXAcademies Australasia Group LtdASX
40AKP.AXAudio Pixels Holdings LtdASX
41ALC.AXAlcidion Group LtdASX
42ALD.AXAmpol LtdASX
43ALG.AXArdent Leisure Group LtdASX
44ALI.AXArgo Global Listed Infrastructure LtdASX
45ALK.AXAlkane Resources LtdASX
46ALL.AXAristocrat Leisure LtdASX
48ALU.AXAltium LtdASX
49ALX.AXAtlas Arteria GroupASX
50ALY.AXAlchemy Resources LtdASX
52AMD.AXArrow Minerals LtdASX
53AME.AXAlto Metals LtdASX
55AMI.AXAurelia Metals LtdASX
56AML.AXAeon Metals LtdASX
57AMN.AXAgrimin LtdASX
59AMS.AXAtomos LtdASX
60AMX.AXAerometrex LtdASX
61ANG.AXAustin Engineering LtdASX
62ANL.AXAmani Gold LtdASX
63ANN.AXAnsell LtdASX
64ANO.AXAdvance Nanotek LtdASX
65ANP.AXAntisense Therapeutics LtdASX
66ANZ.AXAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group LtdASX
67AOF.AXAustralian Unity Office FundASX
68AON.AXApollo Minerals LtdASX
69AOU.AXAuroch Minerals LtdASX
71APC.AXAustralian Potash LtdASX
72APE.AXAP Eagers LtdASX
73APX.AXAppen LtdASX
74APZ.AXAspen Group LtdASX
75AQC.AXAustralian Pacific Coal LtdASX
76AQI.AXAlicanto Minerals LtdASX
77AQZ.AXAlliance Aviation Services LtdASX
78AR9.AXArchtis LtdASX
80ARD.AXArgent Minerals LtdASX
82ARG.AXArgo Investments LtdASX
83ARL.AXArdea Resources LtdASX
84ARN.AXAldoro Resources LtdASX
85ARR.AXAmerican Rare Earths LtdASX
86ARU.AXArafura Resources LtdASX
87ARX.AXAroa Biosurgery LtdASX
88ASB.AXAustal LtdASX
89ASG.AXAutosports Group LtdASX
90ASH.AXAshley Services Group LtdASX
91ASN.AXAnson Resources LtdASX
93AT1.AXAtomo Diagnostics LtdASX
94ATC.AXAltech Chemicals LtdASX
95ATH.AXAlterity Therapeutics LtdASX
96ATS.AXAustralis Oil & Gas LtdASX
98AUC.AXAusgold LtdASX
99AUH.AXAustchina Holdings LtdASX
100AUI.AXAustralian United Investment Company LtdASX
101AUT.AXAuteco Minerals LtdASX
102AUZ.AXAustralian Mines LtdASX
103AV1.AXAdveritas LtdASX
104AVA.AXAva Risk Group LtdASX
105AVC.AXAuctus Investment Group LtdASX
106AVE.AXAvecho Biotechnology LtdASX
107AVG.AXAustralian Vintage LtdASX
108AVH.AXAVITA Medical, Inc.ASX
109AVJ.AXAvjennings LtdASX
110AVL.AXAustralian Vanadium LtdASX
111AVR.AXAnteris Technologies LtdASX
112AWC.AXAlumina LtdASX
113AWV.AXAnova Metals LtdASX
114AX1.AXAccent Group LtdASX
115AX8.AXAccelerate Resources LtdASX
116AXE.AXArcher Materials LtdASX
117AZJ.AXAurizon Holdings LtdASX
118AZS.AXAzure Minerals LtdASX
119AZY.AXAntipa Minerals LtdASX
120BAP.AXBapcor LtdASX
121BAS.AXBass Oil LtdASX
122BAT.AXBattery Minerals LtdASX
123BBC.AXBNK Banking Corporation LtdASX
124BBN.AXBaby Bunting Group LtdASX
125BBX.AXBBX Minerals LtdASX
126BC8.AXBlack Cat Syndicate LtdASX
127BCB.AXBowen Coking Coal LtdASX
128BCI.AXBCI Minerals LtdASX
129BCN.AXBeacon Minerals LtdASX
130BEN.AXBendigo and Adelaide Bank LtdASX
131BET.AXBetmakers Technology Group LtdASX
132BFC.AXBeston Global Food Company LtdASX
133BFG.AXBell Financial Group LtdASX
134BGA.AXBega Cheese LtdASX
135BGL.AXBellevue Gold LtdASX
137BIR.AXBIR Financial LtdASX
138BIS.AXBisalloy Steel Group LtdASX
139BIT.AXBiotron LtdASX
140BKI.AXBKI Investment Company LtdASX
141BKL.AXBlackmores LtdASX
142BKT.AXBlack Rock Mining LtdASX
143BKW.AXBrickworks LtdASX
144BKY.AXBerkeley Energia LtdASX
145BLD.AXBoral LtdASX
146BLG.AXBluGlass LtdASX
147BLU.AXBlue Energy LtdASX
148BLX.AXBeacon Lighting Group LtdASX
149BMN.AXBannerman Resources LtdASX
150BNL.AXBlue Star Helium LtdASX
151BNO.AXBionomics LtdASX
152BNR.AXBulletin Resources LtdASX
153BOE.AXBoss Resources LtdASX
154BOL.AXBoom Logistics LtdASX
155BOQ.AXBank of Queensland LtdASX
156BOT.AXBotanix Pharmaceuticals LtdASX
157BPT.AXBeach Energy LtdASX
158BRB.AXBreaker Resources NLASX
159BRG.AXBreville Group LtdASX
160BRI.AXBig River Industries LtdASX
161BRK.AXBrookside Energy LtdASX
162BRL.AXBathurst Resources LtdASX
163BRN.AXBrainchip Holdings LtdASX
164BRU.AXBuru Energy LtdASX
166BSE.AXBase Resources LtdASX
167BSL.AXBlueScope Steel LtdASX
168BSX.AXBlackstone Minerals LtdASX
169BTH.AXBigtincan Holdings LtdASX
170BTI.AXBailador Technology Investments LtdASX
171BUB.AXBubs Australia LimitedASX
172BVS.AXBravura Solutions LtdASX
175BXB.AXBrambles LtdASX
176BYE.AXByron Energy LtdASX
177CAA.AXCapral LtdASX
178CAE.AXCannindah Resources LtdASX
179CAI.AXCalidus Resources LtdASX
180CAJ.AXCapitol Health LtdASX
181CAM.AXClime Capital LtdASX
182CAN.AXCann Group LtdASX
183CAR.AXCarsales.Com LtdASX
184CAT.AXCatapult Group International LtdASX
185CAU.AXCronos Australia LtdASX
186CBA.AXCommonwealth Bank of AustraliaASX
187CBE.AXCobre LtdASX
188CBR.AXCarbon Revolution LtdASX
189CCA.AXChange Financial LtdASX
190CCP.AXCredit Corp Group LtdASX
191CCV.AXCash Converters International LtdASX
192CCX.AXCity Chic Collective LtdASX
193CCZ.AXCastillo Copper LtdASX
194CD1.AXUS Select Private Opportunities FundASX
195CD3.AXCordish Dixon Equity Fund III PvtASX
196CDA.AXCodan LtdASX
197CDD.AXCardno LtdASX
198CDM.AXCadence Capital LtdASX
199CDP.AXCarindale Property TrustASX
200CDT.AXCastle Minerals LtdASX
201CDX.AXCardiex LtdASX
202CE1.AXCalima Energy LtdASX
203CEL.AXChallenger Exploration LtdASX
204CEN.AXContact Energy LtdASX
205CGC.AXCosta Group Holdings LtdASX
206CGF.AXChallenger LtdASX
207CGS.AXCogState LtdASX
208CHC.AXCharter Hall GroupASX
209CHN.AXChalice Gold Mines LtdASX
210CHZ.AXChesser Resources LtdASX
211CI1.AXCredit Intelligence LtdASX
212CIA.AXChampion Iron LtdASX
213CIP.AXCenturia Industrial ReitASX
214CKA.AXCokal LtdASX
215CKF.AXCollins Foods LtdASX
216CLA.AXCelsius Resources LtdASX
217CLV.AXClover Corporation LtdASX
218CLW.AXCharter Hall Long WALE REITASX
219CLX.AXCTI Logistics LtdASX
220CLZ.AXClassic Minerals LtdASX
221CMM.AXCapricorn Metals LtdASX
222CMW.AXCromwell Property GroupASX
223CNB.AXCarnaby Resources LtdASX
224CNI.AXCenturia Capital GroupASX
225CNJ.AXConico LtdASX
226CNU.AXChorus LtdASX
227COB.AXCobalt Blue Holdings LtdASX
228COE.AXCooper Energy LtdASX
229COF.AXCenturia Office REITASX
230COG.AXConsolidated Operations Group LtdASX
231COH.AXCochlear LtdASX
232COI.AXComet Ridge LtdASX
233COL.AXColes Group LtdASX
234COS.AXCosol LtdASX
235CPH.AXCreso Pharma LtdASX
236CPT.AXCipherpoint LtdASX
237CPU.AXComputershare LtdASX
238CPV.AXClearVue Technologies LtdASX
239CQE.AXCharter Hall Social Infrastructure REITASX
240CQR.AXCharter Hall Retail REITASX
241CRN.AXCoronado Global Resources IncASX
244CSS.AXClean Seas Seafood LtdASX
245CST.AXCastile Resources LtdASX
246CTD.AXCorporate Travel Management LtdASX
247CTE.AXCryosite LtdASX
248CTM.AXCentaurus Metals LtdASX
249CTP.AXCentral Petroleum LtdASX
250CUP.AXCountplus LtdASX
251CUV.AXClinuvel Pharmaceuticals LtdASX
252CVN.AXCarnarvon Petroleum LtdASX
253CVV.AXCaravel Minerals LtdASX
254CVW.AXClearview Wealth LtdASX
255CWP.AXCedar Woods Properties LtdASX
256CWY.AXCleanaway Waste Management LtdASX
257CXL.AXCalix LtdASX
258CXM.AXCentrex Metals LtdASX
259CXO.AXCore Lithium LtdASX
260CY5.AXCygnus Gold LtdASX
261CYC.AXCyclopharm LtdASX
262CYG.AXCoventry Group LtdASX
263CYL.AXCatalyst Metals LtdASX
264CYM.AXCyprium Metals LtdASX
265CYP.AXCynata Therapeutics LtdASX
266CZN.AXCorazon Mining LtdASX
267CZR.AXCoziron Resources LtdASX
268D2O.AXDuxton Water LtdASX
269DBF.AXDuxton Broadacre Farms LtdASX
271DCC.AXDigitalx LtdASX
272DCG.AXDecmil Group LtdASX
273DCL.AXDomacom Australia LtdASX
274DCN.AXDacian Gold LtdASX
275DCX.AXDiscovex Resources LtdASX
276DDR.AXDicker Data LtdASX
277DEG.AXDe Grey Mining LtdASX
278DEV.AXDevEx Resources LtdASX
279DHG.AXDomain Holdings Australia LtdASX
280DJW.AXDjerriwarrh Investments LtdASX
281DKM.AXDuketon Mining LtdASX
282DNK.AXDanakali LtdASX
283DOW.AXDowner EDI LtdASX
284DRE.AXDreadnought Resources LtdASX
285DRO.AXDroneShield LtdASX
286DRX.AXDiatreme Resources LtdASX
287DSE.AXDropsuite LtdASX
288DTC.AXDamstra Holdings LtdASX
289DTL.AXData#3 LtdASX
290DTZ.AXDotz Nano LtdASX
291DUB.AXDubber Corp LtdASX
292DUI.AXDiversified United Investment LtdASX
293DXB.AXDimerix LtdASX
295DYL.AXDeep Yellow LtdASX
296E25.AXElement 25 LtdASX
297E2M.AXE2 Metals LtdASX
298EAI.AXEllerston Asian Investments LtdASX
300ECF.AXElanor Commercial Property FundASX
301ECL.AXExcelsior Capital LtdASX
302ECS.AXECS Botanics Holdings LtdASX
303ECT.AXEnvironmental Clean Technologies LtdASX
304ECX.AXEclipx Group LtdASX
305EEG.AXEmpire Energy Group LtdASX
306EFE.AXEastern Iron LtdASX
307EGG.AXEnero Group LtdASX
308EGH.AXEureka Group Holdings LtdASX
309EGL.AXEnvironmental Group LtdASX
310EGR.AXEcograf LtdASX
311EHE.AXEstia Health LtdASX
312EHL.AXEmeco Holdings LtdASX
313ELD.AXElders LtdASX
314ELO.AXELMO Software LtdASX
315ELS.AXElsight LtdASX
316ELT.AXElementos LtdASX
317EM2.AXEagle Mountain Mining LtdASX
318EMD.AXEmerald Clinics LtdASX
319EML.AXEML Payments LtdASX
320EMP.AXEmperor Energy LtdASX
321EMR.AXEmerald Resources NLASX
322EMT.AXEmetals LtdASX
324EMV.AXEMvision Medical Devices LtdASX
325ENN.AXElanor Investors GroupASX
326ENR.AXEncounter Resources LtdASX
327EOF.AXEcofibre LtdASX
328EOL.AXEnergy One LtdASX
329EOS.AXElectro Optic Systems Holdings LtdASX
330EPM.AXEclipse Metals LtdASX
331EQT.AXEQT Holdings LtdASX
332ERA.AXEnergy Resources Of Australia LtdASX
333ERM.AXEmmerson Resources LtdASX
334ESK.AXEtherstack PLCASX
335ESR.AXEstrella Resources LtdASX
336EUR.AXEuropean Lithium LtdASX
337EVN.AXEvolution Mining LtdASX
338EVO.AXEvolve Education Group LtdASX
339EVS.AXEnvirosuite LtdASX
340EVT.AXEvent Hospitality and Entertainment LtdASX
341EWC.AXEnergy World Corporation LtdASX
342EXL.AXElixinol Global LtdASX
343EXP.AXExperience Co LtdASX
344EXR.AXElixir Energy LtdASX
345EZL.AXEuroz LtdASX
347FAU.AXFirst Au LtdASX
349FBU.AXFletcher Building LtdASX
350FCL.AXFINEOS Corporation Holdings PLCASX
351FCT.AXFirstwave Cloud Technology LtdASX
352FDV.AXFrontier Digital Ventures LtdASX
353FEX.AXFenix Resources LtdASX
354FFI.AXFFI Holdings LtdASX
355FGG.AXFuture Generation Global Investment Company LtdASX
356FGR.AXFirst Graphene LtdASX
357FGX.AXFuture Generation Investment Company LtdASX
358FID.AXFiducian Group LtdASX
359FLC.AXFluence Corporation LtdASX
360FLN.AXFreelancer LtdASX
361FLT.AXFlight Centre Travel Group LtdASX
362FMG.AXFortescue Metals Group LtdASX
363FML.AXFocus Minerals LtdASX
364FOD.AXThe Food Revolution Group LimitedASX
365FOR.AXForager Australian Shares FundASX
366FPH.AXFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation LtdASX
368FTZ.AXFertoz LtdASX
369FWD.AXFleetwood Corp LtdASX
370FYI.AXFYI Resources LtdASX
371FZO.AXFamily Zone Cyber Safety LtdASX
372G1A.AXGalena Mining LtdASX
373GAL.AXGalileo Mining LtdASX
374GAS.AXState Gas LtdASX
375GBE.AXGlobe Metals and Mining LtdASX
376GBR.AXGreat Boulder Resources LtdASX
377GBZ.AXGBM Resources LtdASX
378GCI.AXGryphon Capital Income TrustASX
379GDF.AXGarda Diversified Property FundASX
380GDG.AXGeneration Development Group LtdASX
381GDI.AXGDI Property Group LtdASX
382GED.AXGolden Deeps LtdASX
383GEM.AXG8 Education LtdASX
384GGE.AXGrand Gulf Energy LtdASX
385GLL.AXGalilee Energy LtdASX
386GLN.AXGalan Lithium LtdASX
387GMD.AXGenesis Minerals LtdASX
388GME.AXGME Resources LtdASX
389GMG.AXGoodman GroupASX
390GMN.AXGold Mountain LtdASX
391GMR.AXGolden Rim Resources LtdASX
392GNC.AXGraincorp LtdASX
393GNE.AXGenesis Energy LtdASX
394GNG.AXGR Engineering Services LtdASX
395GNX.AXGenex Power LtdASX
396GOR.AXGold Road Resources LtdASX
397GOW.AXGowing Bros LtdASX
398GOZ.AXGrowthpoint Properties Australia LtdASX
399GPR.AXGeopacific Resources LtdASX
401GRR.AXGrange Resources LtdASX
402GRV.AXGreenvale Energy LtdASX
403GSS.AXGenetic Signatures LtdASX
404GTK.AXGentrack Group LtdASX
406GTR.AXGTI Resources LtdASX
407GUD.AXGUD Holdings LtdASX
408GVF.AXGlobal Value Fund LtdASX
410HAS.AXHastings Technology Metals LtdASX
411HAV.AXHavilah Resources LtdASX
412HCH.AXHot Chili LtdASX
413HE8.AXHelios Energy LtdASX
414HFR.AXHighfield Resources LtdASX
415HGO.AXHillgrove Resources LtdASX
416HLA.AXHealthia LtdASX
417HLO.AXHelloworld Travel LtdASX
418HLS.AXHealius LtdASX
419HLX.AXHelix Resources LtdASX
420HM1.AXHearts and Minds Investments LtdASX
421HMC.AXHome Consortium LtdASX
422HMD.AXHera Med LtdASX
423HMX.AXHammer Metals LtdASX
424HNR.AXHannans LtdASX
425HOR.AXHorseshoe Metals LtdASX
426HPI.AXHotel Property Investments LtdASX
427HRZ.AXHorizon Minerals LtdASX
428HSN.AXHansen Technologies LtdASX
430HUB.AXHub24 LtdASX
431HVN.AXHarvey Norman Holdings LtdASX
432HZN.AXHorizon Oil LtdASX
433HZR.AXHazer Group LtdASX
434IAG.AXInsurance Australia Group LtdASX
435IBG.AXIronbark Zinc LtdASX
436IBX.AXImagion Biosystems LtdASX
437ICI.AXiCandy Interactive LtdASX
438IDT.AXIDT Australia LtdASX
439IDX.AXIntegral Diagnostics LtdASX
440IEL.AXIDP Education LtdASX
441IFL.AXIOOF Holdings LtdASX
442IFM.AXInfomedia LtdASX
443IFT.AXInfratil LtdASX
446IHL.AXIncannex Healthcare LtdASX
447IKE.AXIkegps Group LtdASX
448ILU.AXIluka Resources LtdASX
449IMA.AXImage Resources NLASX
450IMC.AXImmuron LtdASX
451IMM.AXImmutep LtdASX
452IMR.AXImricor Medical Systems IncASX
453IMU.AXImugene LtdASX
454INA.AXIngenia Communities GroupASX
455INF.AXInfinity Lithium Corporation LtdASX
456ING.AXInghams Group LtdASX
457INR.AXIoneer LtdASX
458IOD.AXIodm LtdASX
459IPD.AXImpediMed LtdASX
461IPL.AXIncitec Pivot LtdASX
462IPT.AXImpact Minerals LtdASX
463IRE.AXIress LtdASX
464IRI.AXIntegrated Research LtdASX
465IVC.AXInvoCare LtdASX
466IVR.AXInvestigator Resources LtdASX
467IVZ.AXInvictus Energy LtdASX
468IXC.AXInvex Therapeutics LtdASX
469IXR.AXIonic Rare Earths LtdASX
470JAL.AXJameson Resources LtdASX
471JAN.AXJanison Education Group LtdASX
472JAT.AXJatcorp LtdASX
474JHX.AXJames Hardie Industries PLCASX
475JIN.AXJumbo Interactive LtdASX
476JLG.AXJohns Lyng Group LtdASX
477JMS.AXJupiter Mines LtdASX
478JRL.AXJindalee Resources LtdASX
479JRV.AXJervois Mining LtdASX
480JXT.AXJaxsta LtdASX
481KAI.AXKairos Minerals LtdASX
482KAR.AXKaroon Energy LtdASX
483KAU.AXKaiser Reef LtdASX
484KCN.AXKingsgate Consolidated LtdASX
485KFM.AXKingfisher Mining LtdASX
486KGD.AXKula Gold LtdASX
487KGL.AXKGL Resources LtdASX LtdASX
489KIN.AXKin Mining NLASX
490KKC.AXKkr Credit Income FundASX
491KKO.AXKinetiko Energy LtdASX
492KLL.AXKalium Lakes LtdASX
493KMD.AXKathmandu Holdings LtdASX
494KME.AXKip McGrath Education Centres LtdASX
495KNM.AXKneomedia LtdASX
496KOV.AXKorvest LtdASX
497KPG.AXKelly Partners Group Holdings LtdASX
498KPO.AXKalina Power LtdASX
499KRM.AXKingsrose Mining LtdASX
500KSC.AXK&S Corporation LtdASX
501KSL.AXKina Securities LtdASX
502KSN.AXKingston Resources LtdASX
503KSS.AXKleos Space SAASX
504KTA.AXKrakatoa Resources LtdASX
506KWR.AXKingwest Resources LtdASX
507KZA.AXKazia Therapeutics LtdASX
508KZR.AXKalamazoo Resources LtdASX
509LAU.AXLindsay Australia LtdASX
510LBL.AXLaserBond LtdASX
511LCL.AXLos Cerros LtdASX
512LCT.AXLiving Cell Technologies LtdASX
513LEG.AXLegend Mining LtdASX
514LER.AXLeaf Resources LtdASX
515LEX.AXLefroy Exploration LtdASX
516LGP.AXLittle Green Pharma LtdASX
517LIC.AXLifestyle Communities LtdASX
518LIN.AXLindian Resources LtdASX
519LIT.AXLithium Australia NLASX
520LKE.AXLake Resources NLASX
521LLC.AXLendLease GroupASX
522LME.AXLimeade IncASX
523LMG.AXLatrobe Magnesium LtdASX
524LNK.AXLink Administration Holdings LtdASX
525LNU.AXLinius Technologies LtdASX
526LOM.AXLucapa Diamond Co LtdASX
527LOT.AXLotus Resources LtdASX
528LOV.AXLovisa Holdings LtdASX
529LPD.AXLepidico LtdASX
530LPI.AXLithium Power International LtdASX
531LRK.AXLark Distilling Co LtdASX
532LRS.AXLatin Resources LtdASX
533LRT.AXLowell Resources FundASX
534LSF.AXL1 Long Short Fund LtdASX
535LSR.AXLodestar Minerals LtdASX
536LSX.AXLion Selection Group LtdASX
537LTR.AXLiontown Resources LtdASX
538LVT.AXLivetiles LtdASX
539LYC.AXLynas Corporation LtdASX
540LYL.AXLycopodium LtdASX
541M7T.AXMach7 Technologies LtdASX
542MAD.AXMader Group LtdASX
543MAG.AXMagmatic Resources LtdASX
544MAH.AXMacmahon Holdings LtdASX
545MAN.AXMandrake Resources LtdASX
546MAQ.AXMacquarie Telecom Group LtdASX
547MAY.AXMelbana Energy LtdASX
548MCA.AXMurray Cod Australia LtdASX
549MCE.AXMatrix Composites & Engineering LtdASX
550MCM.AXMC Mining LtdASX
551MCR.AXMincor Resources NLASX
552MCY.AXMercury NZ LtdASX
553MDR.AXMedadvisor LtdASX
554MEA.AXMcgrath LtdASX
555MEC.AXMorphic Ethical Equities Fund LtdASX
556MEI.AXMeteoric Resources NLASX
557MEL.AXMetgasco LtdASX
558MEU.AXMarmota LtdASX
559MEZ.AXMeridian Energy LtdASX
560MFF.AXMFF Capital Investments LtdASX
561MFG.AXMagellan Financial Group LtdASX
562MGR.AXMirvac GroupASX
563MGT.AXMagnetite Mines LtdASX
564MGU.AXMagnum Mining and Exploration LtdASX
565MGV.AXMusgrave Minerals LtdASX
566MGX.AXMount Gibson Iron LtdASX
567MHJ.AXMichael Hill International LtdASX
568MHK.AXMetal Hawk LtdASX
569MIN.AXMineral Resources LtdASX
570MIR.AXMirrabooka Investments LtdASX
571MKG.AXMako Gold LtdASX
572MKR.AXManuka Resources LtdASX
573MLM.AXMetallica Minerals LtdASX
574MLS.AXMetals Australia LtdASX
575MLX.AXMetals X LtdASX
576MME.AXMoneyme LtdASX
577MMI.AXMetro Mining LtdASX
578MMM.AXMarley Spoon AGASX
579MMS.AXMcmillan Shakespeare LtdASX
580MNB.AXMinbos Resources LtdASX
581MND.AXMonadelphous Group LtdASX
582MNS.AXMagnis Energy Technologies LtdASX
583MOT.AXMCP Income Opportunities TrustASX
584MOZ.AXMosaic Brands LtdASX
585MP1.AXMegaport LtdASX
586MPL.AXMedibank Private LtdASX
587MQG.AXMacquarie Group LtdASX
588MQR.AXMarquee Resources LtdASX
589MRD.AXMount Ridley Mines LtdASX
590MRL.AXMayur Resources LtdASX
591MRM.AXMMA Offshore LtdASX
592MRR.AXMinrex Resources LtdASX
593MSB.AXMesoblast LtdASX
594MSL.AXMSL Solutions LtdASX
595MSV.AXMitchell Services LtdASX
596MTC.AXMetalstech LtdASX
597MTO.AXMotorCycle Holdings LtdASX
598MTS.AXMetcash LtdASX
599MVF.AXMonash IVF Group LtdASX
600MVP.AXMedical Developments International LtdASX
601MWY.AXMidway LtdASX
602MX1.AXMicro-X LtdASX
603MXC.AXMGC Pharmaceuticals LtdASX
604MXI.AXMaxiTRANS Industries LtdASX
605MXR.AXMaximus Resources LtdASX
606MXT.AXMCP Master Income TrustASX
607MYE.AXMastermyne Group LtdASX
608MYR.AXMyer Holdings LtdASX
609MYS.AXMyState LtdASX
610MZZ.AXMatador Mining LtdASX
611NAB.AXNational Australia Bank LtdASX
612NAC.AXNAOS Ex-50 Opportunities Company LtdASX
613NAE.AXNew Age Exploration LtdASX
614NAG.AXNagambie Resources LtdASX
615NAN.AXNanosonics LtdASX
616NBI.AXNB Global Corporate Income TrustASX
617NCC.AXNAOS Emerging Opportunities Company LtdASX
618NCK.AXNick Scali LtdASX
619NCM.AXNewcrest Mining LtdASX
620NCZ.AXNew Century Resources LtdASX
621NEC.AXNine Entertainment Co Holdings LtdASX
622NES.AXNelson Resources LtdASX
623NET.AXNetlinkz LtdASX
624NEU.AXNeuren Pharmaceuticals LtdASX
625NEW.AXNew Energy Solar LtdASX
626NGI.AXNavigator Global Investments LtdASX
627NHC.AXNew Hope Corporation LtdASX
628NHF.AXNIB Holdings LtdASX
629NIC.AXNickel Mines LtdASX
630NML.AXNavarre Minerals LtdASX
631NMT.AXNeometals LtdASX
632NOR.AXNorwood Systems LtdASX
633NOV.AXNovatti Group LtdASX
634NOX.AXNoxopharm LtdASX
635NSB.AXNeuroScientific Biopharmaceuticals LtdASX
636NSC.AXNAOS Small Cap Opportunities Company LtdASX
637NSR.AXNational Storage ReitASX
638NST.AXNorthern Star Resources LtdASX
639NTD.AXNational Tyre & Wheel LtdASX
640NTI.AXNeurotech International LtdASX
641NTO.AXNitro Software LtdASX
642NTU.AXNorthern Minerals LtdASX
643NUF.AXNufarm LtdASX
644NUH.AXNuheara LtdASX
645NVA.AXNova Minerals LtdASX
646NVX.AXNovonix LtdASX
647NWC.AXNew World Resources LtdASX
648NWE.AXNorwest Energy NLASX
649NWF.AXNewfield Resources LtdASX
650NWH.AXNRW Holdings LtdASX
651NWL.AXNetwealth Group LtdASX
652NWM.AXNorwest Minerals LtdASX
653NXM.AXNexus Minerals LtdASX
654NXS.AXNext Science LtdASX
657OAR.AXOakdale Resources LtdASX
658OBL.AXOmni Bridgeway LtdASX
659OBM.AXOra Banda Mining LtdASX
660OCC.AXOrthocell LtdASX
661OCL.AXObjective Corporation LtdASX
662ODA.AXOrcoda LtdASX
663ODM.AXOdin Metals LtdASX
664ODY.AXOdyssey Energy LtdASX
665OEC.AXOrbital Corporation LtdASX
666OEL.AXOtto Energy LtdASX
668OKR.AXOkapi Resources LtdASX
669OMH.AXOM Holdings LtdASX
670OML.AXOoh!Media LtdASX
671ONE.AXOneview Healthcare PLCASX
672OPH.AXOphir High Conviction FundASX
673OPT.AXOpthea LtdASX
674OPY.AXOpenpay Group LtdASX
675ORA.AXOrora LtdASX
676ORG.AXOrigin Energy LtdASX
677ORI.AXOrica LtdASX
678ORR.AXOrecorp LtdASX
679OSL.AXOncosil Medical LtdASX
680OZL.AXOZ Minerals LtdASX
681PAA.AXPharmaust LtdASX
682PAB.AXPatrys LtdASX
683PAC.AXPacific Current Group LtdASX
684PAI.AXPlatinum Asia Investments LtdASX
685PAN.AXPanoramic Resources LtdASX
686PAR.AXParadigm Biopharmaceuticals LtdASX
687PBH.AXPointsbet Holdings LtdASX
688PBP.AXProbiotec LtdASX
689PCG.AXPengana Capital Group LtdASX
690PCI.AXPerpetual Credit Income TrustASX
691PCK.AXPainChek LtdASX
692PCL.AXPancontinental Oil & Gas NLASX
693PDI.AXPredictive Discovery LtdASX
694PDN.AXPaladin Energy LtdASX
695PE1.AXPengana Private Equity TrustASX
696PEC.AXPerpetual Resources LtdASX
697PEK.AXPeak Resources LtdASX
698PEN.AXPeninsula Energy LtdASX
699PET.AXPhoslock Environmental Technologies LtdASX
700PEX.AXPeel Mining LtdASX
701PFP.AXPropel Funeral Partners LtdASX
702PFT.AXPure Foods Tasmania LtdASX
703PGF.AXPM Capital Global Opportunities Fund LtdASX
704PGG.AXPartners Group Global Income FundASX
705PGH.AXPact Group Holdings LtdASX
706PGL.AXProspa Group LtdASX
707PGY.AXPilot Energy LtdASX
708PIA.AXPengana International Equities LtdASX
709PIC.AXPerpetual Equity Investment Company LtdASX
710PIQ.AXProteomics International Laboratories LtdASX
711PL8.AXPlato Income Maximiser LtdASX
712PLL.AXPiedmont Lithium LtdASX
713PLS.AXPilbara Minerals LtdASX
714PMC.AXPlatinum Capital LtdASX
715PME.AXPro Medicus LtdASX
716PMV.AXPremier Investments LtdASX
717PNC.AXPioneer Credit LtdASX
718PNI.AXPinnacle Investment Management Group LtdASX
719PNN.AXPepinnini Lithium LtdASX
720PNR.AXPantoro LtdASX
721PNV.AXPolynovo LtdASX
722POD.AXPodium Minerals LtdASX
723POS.AXPoseidon Nickel LtdASX
724PPC.AXPeet LtdASX
725PPE.AXPeople Infrastructure LtdASX
726PPH.AXPushpay Holdings LtdASX
728PPL.AXPureprofile LtdASX
729PPS.AXPraemium LtdASX
730PPT.AXPerpetual LtdASX
731PPY.AXPapyrus Australia LtdASX
732PRN.AXPerenti Global LtdASX
733PRO.AXProphecy International Holdings LtdASX
734PRU.AXPerseus Mining LtdASX
735PSC.AXProspect Resources LtdASX
736PSI.AXPSC Insurance Group LtdASX
737PSQ.AXPacific Smiles Group LtdASX
738PTL.AXPental LtdASX
739PTM.AXPlatinum Asset Management LtdASX
740PTX.AXPrescient Therapeutics LtdASX
741PUR.AXPursuit Minerals LtdASX
742PVE.AXPO Valley Energy LtdASX
743PWH.AXPWR Holdings LtdASX
744PWN.AXParkway Minerals NLASX
745PXS.AXPharmaxis LtdASX
746PXX.AXPolarx LtdASX
747PYC.AXPYC Therapeutics LtdASX
748QAN.AXQantas Airways LtdASX
749QBE.AXQBE Insurance Group LtdASX
751QGL.AXQuantum Graphite LtdASX
752QHL.AXQuickstep Holdings LtdASX
753QIP.AXQANTM Intellectual Property LtdASX
754QRI.AXQualitas Real Estate Income FundASX
755QUB.AXQube Holdings LtdASX
756QVE.AXQV Equities LtdASX
757RAC.AXRace Oncology LtdASX
758RAG.AXRagnar Metals LtdASX
759RBL.AXRedbubble LtdASX
760RCE.AXRecce Pharmaceuticals LtdASX
761RCT.AXReef Casino TrustASX
762RDN.AXRaiden Resources LtdASX
763RDS.AXRedstone Resources LtdASX
764RDY.AXReadytech Holdings LtdASX
766RED.AXRed 5 LtdASX
767REE.AXRarex LtdASX
768REG.AXRegis Healthcare LtdASX
769REH.AXReece LtdASX
770REX.AXRegional Express Holdings LtdASX
771RF1.AXRegal Investment FundASX
772RFF.AXRural Funds GroupASX
773RFG.AXRetail Food Group LtdASX
774RFT.AXRectifier Technologies LtdASX
775RFX.AXRedFlow LtdASX
776RGL.AXRiversgold LtdASX
777RHC.AXRamsay Health Care LtdASX
778RHI.AXRed Hill Iron LtdASX
779RHY.AXRhythm Biosciences LtdASX
780RIC.AXRidley Corporation LtdASX
781RIO.AXRio Tinto LtdASX
782RKN.AXReckon LtdASX
783RMC.AXResimac Group LtdASX
784RMI.AXResource Mining Corporation LtdASX
785RML.AXResolution Minerals LtdASX
786RMS.AXRamelius Resources LtdASX
787RMX.AXRed Mountain Mining LtdASX
788RMY.AXRMA Global LtdASX
789RNE.AXRenu Energy LtdASX LtdASX
791RNU.AXRenascor Resources LtdASX
792ROG.AXRed Sky Energy LtdASX
793RPM.AXRpm Automotive Group LtdASX
794RRL.AXRegis Resources LtdASX
795RSG.AXResolute Mining LtdASX
796RSH.AXRespiri LtdASX
797RTR.AXRumble Resources LtdASX
798RUL.AXRPMGlobal Holdings LtdASX
799RWC.AXReliance Worldwide Corporation LtdASX
800RXL.AXRox Resources LtdASX
801RXM.AXRex Minerals LtdASX
802RZI.AXRaiz Invest LtdASX
803S2R.AXS2 Resources LtdASX
804S32.AXSouth32 LtdASX
805SAU.AXSouthern Gold LtdASX
806SBM.AXSt Barbara LtdASX
807SBR.AXSabre Resources LtdASX
808SCG.AXScentre GroupASX
809SCN.AXScorpion Minerals LtdASX
810SDF.AXSteadfast Group LtdASX
811SDG.AXSunland Group LtdASX
812SDV.AXScidev LtdASX
813SEC.AXSpheria Emerging Companies LtdASX
814SEK.AXSeek LtdASX
815SEN.AXSenetas Corp LtdASX
816SEQ.AXSequoia Financial Group LtdASX
817SES.AXSecos Group LtdASX
818SFC.AXSchaffer Corporation LtdASX
819SFG.AXSeafarms Group LtdASX
820SFR.AXSandfire Resources LtdASX
821SFX.AXSheffield Resources LtdASX
822SGF.AXSG Fleet Group LtdASX
823SGM.AXSims LtdASX
824SGP.AXStockland Corporation LtdASX
825SGQ.AXSt George Mining LtdASX
826SGR.AXThe Star Entertainment Group LimitedASX
827SHJ.AXShine Justice LtdASX
828SHL.AXSonic Healthcare LtdASX
829SHM.AXShriro Holdings LtdASX
830SHO.AXSportsHero LtdASX
831SHV.AXSelect Harvests LtdASX
832SIG.AXSigma Healthcare LtdASX
833SIQ.AXSmartgroup Corporation LtdASX
834SKC.AXSkycity Entertainment Group LtdASX
835SKF.AXSkyfii LtdASX
836SKO.AXSerko LtdASX
837SKT.AXSKY Network Television LtdASX
838SLC.AXSuperloop LtdASX
839SLR.AXSilver Lake Resources LtdASX
840SLX.AXSilex Systems LtdASX
841SM1.AXSynlait Milk LtdASX
842SMI.AXSantana Minerals LtdASX
843SMN.AXStructural Monitoring Systems PLCASX
844SMP.AXSmartPay Holdings LtdASX
845SMR.AXStanmore Coal LtdASX
846SNC.AXSandon Capital Investments LtdASX
847SND.AXSaunders International LtdASX
848SNL.AXSupply Network LtdASX
849SNS.AXSensen Networks LtdASX
850SNZ.AXSummerset Group Holdings LtdASX
851SOL.AXWashington H. Soul Pattinson and Company LimitedASX
852SOP.AXSML Corporation LtdASX
853SOR.AXStrategic Elements LtdASX
854SPK.AXSpark New Zealand LtdASX
855SPL.AXStarpharma Holdings LtdASX
856SPQ.AXSuperior Resources LtdASX
857SPT.AXSplitit LtdASX
858SPZ.AXSmart Parking LtdASX
859SRG.AXSRG Global LtdASX
860SRK.AXStrike Resources LtdASX
861SRN.AXSurefire Resources NLASX
862SRV.AXServcorp LtdASX
863SRZ.AXStellar Resources LtdASX
864SSG.AXShaver Shop Group LtdASX
865SSM.AXService Stream LtdASX
866ST1.AXSpirit Telecom LtdASX
867STA.AXStrandline Resources LtdASX
868STG.AXStraker Translations LtdASX
869STM.AXSunstone Metals LtdASX
870STN.AXSaturn Metals LtdASX
871STO.AXSantos LtdASX
872STX.AXStrike Energy LtdASX
873SUL.AXSuper Retail Group LtdASX
874SUN.AXSuncorp Group LtdASX
875SVL.AXSilver Mines LtdASX
876SVM.AXSovereign Metals LtdASX
877SVW.AXSeven Group Holdings LtdASX
878SVY.AXStavely Minerals LtdASX
879SWF.AXSelfwealth LtdASX
880SWM.AXSeven West Media LtdASX
881SXE.AXSouthern Cross Electrical Engineering LtdASX
882SXL.AXSouthern Cross Media Group LtdASX
883SYA.AXSayona Mining LtdASX
884SYR.AXSyrah Resources LtdASX
885SZL.AXSezzle IncASX
886TAH.AXTabcorp Holdings LtdASX
887TAM.AXTanami Gold NLASX
888TAR.AXTaruga Minerals LtdASX
889TAS.AXTasman Resources LtdASX
890TBR.AXTribune Resources LimitedASX
891TCL.AXTransurban GroupASX
892TEG.AXTriangle Energy (Global) LimitedASX
893TEK.AXThorney Technologies LtdASX
894TER.AXTerraCom LimitedASX
895TGA.AXThorn Group LimitedASX
896TGF.AXTribeca Global Natural Resources LimitedASX
897TGP.AX360 Capital Group LtdASX
898TIE.AXTietto Minerals LimitedASX
899TIG.AXTigers Realm Coal LimitedASX
900TKM.AXTrek Metals LimitedASX
901TLG.AXTalga Resources LtdASX
902TLM.AXTalisman Mining LtdASX
903TLS.AXTelstra Corporation LimitedASX
904TLX.AXTelix Pharmaceuticals LimitedASX
905TMK.AXTamaska Oil and Gas LtdASX
906TMR.AXTempus Resources LimitedASX
907TMT.AXTechnology Metals Australia LimitedASX
908TMZ.AXThomson Resources LtdASX
909TNE.AXTechnology One LimitedASX
911TNT.AXTesserent LimitedASX
912TOE.AXToro Energy LimitedASX
913TON.AXTriton Minerals LimitedASX
914TOP.AXThorney Opportunities LtdASX
915TOT.AX360 Capital REITASX
916TPD.AXTalon Petroleum LtdASX
917TPG.AXTPG Telecom LimitedASX
918TPW.AXTemple & Webster Group LtdASX
919TRS.AXThe Reject Shop LimitedASX
920TRT.AXTodd River Resources LimitedASX
921TSI.AXTop Shelf Intl Hldg LtdASX
922TSO.AXTesoro Resources LimitedASX
923TTB.AXTotal Brain LimitedASX
924TTM.AXTitan Minerals LimitedASX
925TTT.AXTitomic LimitedASX
926TUA.AXTuas LimitedASX
927TWE.AXTreasury Wine Estates LimitedASX
928TWR.AXTower LimitedASX
929TYM.AXTymlez Group LimitedASX
930TYR.AXTyro Payments LimitedASX
931TYX.AXTyranna Resources LimitedASX
932UBI.AXUniversal Biosensors, Inc.ASX
933UMG.AXUnited Malt Group LimitedASX
934UNI.AXUniversal Store Hldg LtdASX
935URF.AXUS Masters Residential Property FundASX
936VAL.AXValor Resources LimitedASX
937VAN.AXVango Mining LimitedASX
938VBS.AXVectus Biosystems LimitedASX
939VCX.AXVicinity CentresASX
940VEA.AXViva Energy Group LimitedASX
942VEN.AXVintage Energy LimitedASX
943VG1.AXVGI Partners Global Investments LimitedASX
944VHT.AXVolpara Health Technologies LimitedASX
945VMC.AXVenus Metals Corporation LimitedASX
946VML.AXVital Metals LimitedASX
947VMS.AXVenture Minerals LimitedASX
948VMT.AXVmoto LimitedASX
949VN8.AXVonex LimitedASX
950VR1.AXVection Technologies LimitedASX
951VR8.AXVanadium Resources LimitedASX
952VRC.AXVolt Resources LimitedASX
953VRS.AXVeris LimitedASX
954VRX.AXVRX Silica LimitedASX
955VTG.AXVita Group LimitedASX
956VTI.AXVisioneering Technologies, Inc.ASX
957VUL.AXVulcan Energy Resources LimitedASX
958VVA.AXViva Leisure LimitedASX
959VYS.AXVysarn LimitedASX
960WAA.AXWAM Active LimitedASX
961WAF.AXWest African Resources LimitedASX
962WAM.AXWAM Capital LimitedASX
963WAX.AXWAM Research LimitedASX
964WBC.AXWestpac Banking CorporationASX
965WBT.AXWeebit Nano LimitedASX
966WCG.AXWebcentral Group LimitedASX
967WCN.AXWhite Cliff Minerals LimitedASX
968WEB.AXWebjet LimitedASX
969WES.AXWesfarmers LimitedASX
970WGB.AXWAM Global LimitedASX
971WGN.AXWagners Holding Company LimitedASX
972WGO.AXWarrego Energy LimitedASX
973WGX.AXWestgold Resources LimitedASX
974WHC.AXWhitehaven Coal LimitedASX
975WHF.AXWhitefield LimitedASX
976WHK.AXWhiteHawk LimitedASX
977WLE.AXWAM Leaders LimitedASX
978WMI.AXWAM Microcap LimitedASX
979WML.AXWoomera Mining LimitedASX
980WOA.AXWide Open Agriculture LimitedASX
981WOR.AXWorley LimitedASX
982WOW.AXWoolworths Group LimitedASX
983WPR.AXWaypoint REIT LimitedASX
984WQG.AXWCM Global Growth LimitedASX
985WRM.AXWhite Rock Minerals LtdASX
986WSI.AXWestStar Industrial LimitedASX
987WSP.AXWhispir LimitedASX
988WTC.AXWiseTech Global LimitedASX
989WWI.AXWest Wits Mining LimitedASX
990WZR.AXWisr LimitedASX
991XAM.AXXanadu Mines LimitedASX
992XF1.AXXref LimitedASX
993XRF.AXXRF Scientific LimitedASX
994XRO.AXXero LimitedASX
995XTC.AXXantippe Resources LimitedASX
997YAL.AXYancoal Australia LtdASX
998YBR.AXYellow Brick Road Holdings LimitedASX
999YOJ.AXYojee LimitedASX
1000ZIM.AXZimplats Holdings LimitedASX
1001ZIP.AXDouugh LimitedASX
1002ZNC.AXZenith Minerals LimitedASX
1003ZNO.AXZoono Group LimitedASX
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