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NASDAQ Composite [ ^IXIC ] Fri, 21 Jun 2024 20:52:19
Current Price ( -0.182%) 17 689
Previous Close 17 722
Open Price 17 681
Today's Range 17 621 - 17 787
Volume 8.59B
Average Volume 5.50B
52 Week Low/High 12 544 - 17 937
Market Cap N/A
50-Day Average Price 16 541
200-Day Average Price 15 161
Earnings per Share (EPS) N/A
Price-Earnings Ratio (PE) N/A
Earnings Announcement N/A
Shares Outstanding N/A

Top 10 Gainers

Symbol Name Intraday Change % Volume Avg Vol (3m) Market Cap PE (TTM) 52 Week Range Traded
NDBKF Nedbank Group Limited $15.00 $2.65 21.46% 103.00 112.00 $6.97B 8.82 9.55 - 15.00 2024-06-21 19:41
TPDKY Topdanmark A/S $5.06 $0.840 19.91% 300.00 48.00 $4.49B 29.76 4.00 - 5.56 2024-06-21 19:10
PPTDF PeptiDream Inc. $14.30 $2.30 19.17% 200.00 111.00 $1.85B 119.17 7.40 - 14.30 2024-06-21 15:23
FITGF FIT Hon Teng Limited $0.474 $0.0692 17.09% 600.00 8 785.00 $3.36B 23.71 0.105 - 0.474 2024-06-21 14:22
NVZMF Novozymes A/S $62.23 $6.73 12.13% 468.00 577.00 $28.91B 39.89 38.85 - 65.40 2024-06-21 16:24
ZLDPF Zealand Pharma A/S $111.15 $11.15 11.15% 550.00 1 364.00 $6.92B -62.09 33.42 - 111.44 2024-06-21 19:43
ANNSF Aena S.M.E., S.A. $200.00 $16.76 9.15% 500.00 151.00 $30.00B 15.91 137.35 - 201.37 2024-06-21 15:16
CTRYY Country Garden Holdings $2.75 $0.230 9.13% 504.00 6 195.00 $1.86B -0.380 1.370 - 5.70 2024-06-21 18:51
ITCFY Investec Group $16.15 $1.350 9.12% 200.00 19.00 $15.43B 19.23 12.07 - 16.15 2024-06-21 14:51
BKKLY Bangkok Bank Public $18.61 $1.510 8.83% 600.00 4 198.00 $6.51B 6.20 17.07 - 25.77 2024-06-21 14:01

Top 10 Losers

Symbol Name Intraday Change % Volume Avg Vol (3m) Market Cap PE (TTM) 52 Week Range Traded
CZMWF Carl Zeiss Meditec AG $69.97 $-37.03 -34.61% 200.00 29.00 $6.26B 22.07 69.97 - 133.53 2024-06-21 17:53
UMICF Umicore SA $15.20 $-4.55 -23.04% 700.00 1 479.00 $3.65B 8.84 13.75 - 31.12 2024-06-21 16:51
TSUSF Tsuruha Holdings Inc. $58.94 $-17.18 -22.57% 200.00 0.00 $2.87B 16.51 58.94 - 91.80 2024-06-21 13:40
DSDVF DSV A/S $151.00 $-34.00 -18.38% 235.00 792.00 $30.76B 19.46 132.66 - 229.76 2024-06-21 13:30
FNMA Federal National Mortgage $1.120 $-0.180 -13.85% 6.49M 3.29M $1.30B N/A 0.430 - 1.990 2024-06-21 19:59
CTPCY CITIC Limited $4.74 $-0.660 -12.22% 100.00 314.00 $27.58B 3.39 4.08 - 6.11 2024-06-21 19:24
CHVKF China Vanke Co., Ltd. $0.668 $-0.0915 -12.05% 2 000.00 1 574.00 $11.94B 5.56 0.525 - 1.620 2024-06-21 19:50
CABGY Carlsberg A/S $24.56 $-2.53 -9.34% 9 129.00 98 585.00 $16.78B 16.71 23.32 - 32.07 2024-06-21 19:40
AIIXY AIXTRON SE $40.00 $-4.00 -9.09% 100.00 59.00 $2.25B 13.70 40.00 - 79.92 2024-06-21 13:34
MDIKF MODEC, Inc. $17.60 $-1.740 -9.00% 200.00 6.00 $1.20B 7.27 10.28 - 22.14 2024-06-21 15:23

Top 10 Most Active

Symbol Name Intraday Change % Volume Avg Vol (3m) Market Cap PE (TTM) 52 Week Range Traded
TLNE Talen Energy Corporation $119.36 $2.16 1.84% 213 799 454 745 $6.99B N/A 46.40 - 125.79 2024-06-21 19:59
TCEHY Tencent Holdings Limited $48.72 $-0.550 -1.12% 457 601 2.50M $453.86B 29.71 33.00 - 52.10 2024-06-21 19:59
RHHBY Roche Holding AG $35.55 $0.320 0.91% 611 190 3.20M $231.08B 17.60 29.20 - 40.15 2024-06-21 20:00
DIDIY DiDi Global Inc. $4.45 $0.0300 0.68% 2.46M 9.30M $21.40B -445.00 2.76 - 5.16 2024-06-21 20:01
BAESY BAE Systems plc $67.12 $-1.320 -1.93% 157 016 316 779 $50.73B 21.86 46.19 - 72.81 2024-06-21 19:58
LKNCY Luckin Coffee Inc. $22.90 $-0.950 -3.98% 325 835 2.64M $6.41B 23.85 17.82 - 38.88 2024-06-21 19:59
FNMA Federal National Mortgage $1.120 $-0.180 -13.85% 6.49M 3.29M $1.30B N/A 0.430 - 1.990 2024-06-21 19:59
NSRGY Nestlé S.A. $104.89 $-1.310 -1.23% 62 552.00 659 174 $269.66B 21.94 99.04 - 125.41 2024-06-21 19:59
ABBNY ABB Ltd $55.72 $-1.410 -2.47% 64 659.00 253 746 $101.95B 28.57 32.88 - 58.22 2024-06-21 19:50
DSNKY Daiichi Sankyo Company, $33.88 $-0.470 -1.37% 100 717 199 811 $64.96B 51.33 23.72 - 37.72 2024-06-21 19:55

Dividend Calendar Pink Exchange

Ex-Date Payout Date Logo Symbol Name Market Cap Exchange Dividend Adjusted Dividend
2024-06-12 2024-06-28 HRNNF Hydro One Limited 17491221500 PNK $0.310 $0.314 Last Price: $29.18(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 14 226.00 | Last EPS: $0.31 | pe: 21.94
2024-06-12 2024-06-26 CFNB California First 181533105 PNK $0.400 $0.400 Last Price: $19.50(-4.88%) | Avg Trading Volume: 182.00 | Last EPS: $0.40 | pe: 7.96
2024-06-13 2024-06-28 FKYS First Keystone 73839360 PNK $0.280 $0.280 Last Price: $12.00(-3.92%) | Avg Trading Volume: 617.00 | Last EPS: $0.28 | pe: -5.17
2024-06-14 2024-06-28 QNBC QNB Corp. 81940168 PNK $0.370 $0.370 Last Price: $22.42(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1 240.00 | Last EPS: $0.37 | pe: 10.24
2024-06-14 2024-06-28 VABK Virginia National 171332029 NASDAQ $0.330 $0.330 Last Price: $31.90(4.87%) | Avg Trading Volume: 16 783.00 | Last EPS: $0.33 | pe: 10.03
2024-06-14 2024-06-28 CZFS Citizens Financial 188260776 NASDAQ $0.490 $0.485 Last Price: $39.60(-1.76%) | Avg Trading Volume: 7 025.00 | Last EPS: $0.49 | pe: 10.48
2024-06-24 2024-07-12 BABB BAB, Inc. 5520992 PNK $0.0100 $0.0100 Last Price: $0.760(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 3 298.00 | Last EPS: $0.01 | pe: 10.86
2024-06-26 2024-06-28 ISBA Isabella Bank 140077752 PNK $0.280 $0.280 Last Price: $18.74(0.21%) | Avg Trading Volume: 2 425.00 | Last EPS: $0.28 | pe: 8.84
2024-07-15 2024-08-01 CMTV Community Bancorp 87450156 PNK $0.230 $0.230 Last Price: $15.80(3.95%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1 251.00 | Last EPS: $0.23 | pe: 6.78
16AERGApplied Energetics, Inc.PNK
17AFTMAfterMaster, Inc.PNK
18AFTPYAfterpay LimitedPNK
19AGTXAgentix Corp.PNK
20AHNRAthena Silver CorporationPNK
21AITXArtificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc.PNK
22ALDSAPPlife Digital Solutions, Inc.PNK
23ALIDAllied Corp.PNK
24ALPPAlpine 4 Technologies, Ltd.PNK
25ALTDAltitude International, Inc.PNK
26ALTXAltex Industries, Inc.PNK
27AMHGAmergent Hospitality Group, Inc.PNK
28AMIHAmerican International Holdings Corp.PNK
29AMMJAmerican Cannabis Company, Inc.PNK
30AMMXAmeraMex International, Inc.PNK
31AMNLApplied Minerals, Inc.PNK
32AMPGAmpliTech Group, Inc.PNK
33AMTYAmerityre CorporationPNK
34ANDRAndrea Electronics CorporationPNK
35AOXYAdvanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc.PNK
36APCXAppTech Corp.PNK
37APHEAlpha Energy, Inc.PNK
38ARAOAuraSource, Inc.PNK
39AREBAmerican Rebel Holdings, Inc.PNK
40ARGQArgentum 47, Inc.PNK
41ARTHArch Therapeutics, Inc.PNK
42ASCKAuscrete CorporationPNK
43ASDNAstro Aerospace Ltd.PNK
45ASTIAscent Solar Technologies, Inc.PNK
46ATAOAltair International Corp.PNK
47ATDSData443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.PNK
48ATMSArtemis Therapeutics Inc.PNK
49ATRXAdhera Therapeutics, Inc.PNK
50ATXGAddentax Group Corp.PNK
51AUSIAura Systems, Inc.PNK
53AVHOQAvianca Holdings S.A.PNK
54AVLNFAvalon Advanced Materials Inc.PNK
55AVNIArvana Inc.PNK
56AVOIAdvanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc.PNK
57AXIMAXIM Biotechnologies, Inc.PNK
59BANTBantec, Inc.PNK
60BASABasanite Inc.PNK
61BASXBasic Energy Services, Inc.PNK
62BDCOBlue Dolphin Energy CompanyPNK
63BDGYBridgeway National Corp.PNK
64BDPTBioAdaptives, Inc.PNK
65BEBEbebe stores, inc.PNK
66BEGIBlackStar Enterprise Group, Inc.PNK
67BFNHBioForce Nanosciences Holdings, Inc.PNK
68BHLLBunker Hill Mining Corp.PNK
69BICXBioCorRx Inc.PNK
70BIIOBionovate Technologies Corp.PNK
71BIXTBioxytran, Inc.PNK
72BKUHBakhu Holdings, Corp.PNK
73BLBXBlackboxstocks Inc.PNK
74BLGOBioLargo, Inc.PNK
75BLISTreasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc.PNK
76BLPGBlue Line Protection Group, Inc.PNK
77BMMJBody and Mind Inc.PNK
78BMNMBimini Capital Management, Inc.PNK
79BMTMBright Mountain Media, Inc.PNK
80BNETBion Environmental Technologies, Inc.PNK
81BOMHBoomer Holdings Inc.PNK
82BOXSBoxScore Brands, Inc.PNK
83BPSROrganicell Regenerative Medicine, Inc.PNK
84BRFHBarfresh Food Group, Inc.PNK
85BRGOBergio International, Inc.PNK
86BRMTBare Metal Standard, Inc.PNK
87BRSFBrain Scientific Inc.PNK
88BRSTMedAmerica Properties Inc.PNK
89BRVOBravo Multinational IncorporatedPNK
90BSFCBlue Star Foods Corp.PNK
91BSPKBespoke Extracts, Inc.PNK
92BSTGBiostage, Inc.PNK
94BTCYBiotricity, Inc.PNK
95BTDGB2Digital, IncorporatedPNK
96BTIMBoatim Inc.PNK
97BTTRBetter Choice Company Inc.PNK
99BUKSButler National CorporationPNK
100BVHBBBluegreen Vacations Holding CorporationPNK
101BYINBaying Ecological Holding Group, Inc.PNK
102BYOCBeyond Commerce, Inc.PNK
103BYRNByrna Technologies Inc.PNK
104BZRDBlubuzzard, Inc.PNK
105BZYRBurzynski Research Institute, Inc.PNK
106CANBCan B Corp.PNK
107CANNGeneral Cannabis CorpPNK
108CAPCCapstone Companies, Inc.PNK
109CBDSCannabis Sativa, Inc.PNK
110CBDYTarget Group Inc.PNK
111CBKMConsumers Bancorp, Inc.PNK
112CBLEQCBL & Associates Properties, Inc.PNK
113CBNTC-Bond Systems, Inc.PNK
114CCELCryo-Cell International, Inc.PNK
115CCTCClean Coal Technologies, Inc.PNK
116CDIXCardiff Lexington CorporationPNK
117CDXICardax, Inc.PNK
118CELZCreative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc.PNK
119CETYClean Energy Technologies, Inc.PNK
120CFNBCalifornia First National BancorpPNK
121CGLOCoro Global Inc.PNK
122CHCRAdvanzeon Solutions, Inc.PNK
123CHGIChina Carbon Graphite Group, Inc.PNK
124CHHEChina Health Industries Holdings, Inc.PNK
125CIITTianci International, Inc.PNK
126CIRXCirTran CorporationPNK
127CISOCerberus Cyber Sentinel CorporationPNK
128CLCSCell Source, Inc.PNK
129CLEVConcrete Leveling Systems, Inc.PNK
130CLNHClinigence Holdings, Inc.PNK
131CLOQCyberloq Technologies, Inc.PNK
132CLOWCloudweb, Inc.PNK
133CLRICleartronic, Inc.PNK
134CLSHCLS Holdings USA, Inc.PNK
135CLTSEarth Life Sciences Inc.PNK
136CLWDCloudCommerce, Inc.PNK
137CMGOCMG Holdings Group, Inc.PNK
138CMTVCommunity BancorpPNK
139CNBXCannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.PNK
140CNCGConcierge Technologies, Inc.PNK
141CNFNCFN Enterprises Inc.PNK
142CNGTCannagistics Inc.PNK
143CNIGCorning Natural Gas Holding CorporationPNK
144CNLHNThe Connecticut Light and Power CompanyPNK
145CNNCCannonau Corp.PNK
147COSGCosmos Group Holdings Inc.PNK
148COSMCosmos Holdings Inc.PNK
149CPMDCannaPharmaRX, Inc.PNK
150CPTPCapital Properties, Inc.PNK
151CPWROcean Thermal Energy CorporationPNK
152CRAWACrawford United CorporationPNK
153CRCUFCanagold Resources Ltd.PNK
154CRCWThe Crypto CompanyPNK
155CRGSCurAegis Technologies, Inc.PNK
158CRTGThe Coretec Group Inc.PNK
159CRVWCareView Communications, Inc.PNK
160CRYOAmerican CryoStem CorporationPNK
161CSBBCSB Bancorp, Inc.PNK
162CSUICannabis Suisse Corp.PNK
163CTGOContango Ore, Inc.PNK
164CUENCuentas Inc.PNK
165CURLFCuraleaf Holdings, Inc.PNK
166CURRCURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp.PNK
167CVATCavitation Technologies, Inc.PNK
168CVSICV Sciences, Inc.PNK
169CWGLCrimson Wine Group, Ltd.PNK
170CXXIFC21 Investments Inc.PNK
171CYAPCyber Apps World Inc.PNK
172CYDYCytoDyn Inc.PNK
173CZFSCitizens Financial Services, Inc.PNK
174DBMMDigital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc.PNK
175DBRMDaybreak Oil and Gas, Inc.PNK
176DCLTData Call Technologies, Inc.PNK
177DFCODalrada Financial CorporationPNK
178DGWRDeep Green Waste & Recycling, Inc.PNK
179DIGPDigiPath, Inc.PNK
180DLCRKibush Capital CorporationPNK
181DLOCDigital Locations, Inc.PNK
182DLYTDais CorporationPNK
183DPLSDarkPulse, Inc.PNK
184DPWWDiego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc.PNK
185DQWSDSwiss, Inc.PNK
186DREMDream Homes & Development CorporationPNK
187DSGTDSG Global Inc.PNK
188DSNYDestiny Media Technologies Inc.PNK
189DTGIDigerati Technologies, Inc.PNK
190DTIIDefense Technologies International Corp.PNK
191DTRCDakota Territory Resource Corp.PNK
192DTSTData Storage CorporationPNK
193DUUODuo World, Inc.PNK
194DYNRDynaResource, Inc.PNK
195EACOEACO CorporationPNK
196EAWDEnergy and Water Development Corp.PNK
197ECIAEncision Inc.PNK
198EFSH1847 Holdings LLCPNK
199EFSIEagle Financial Services, Inc.PNK
200ELSTElectronic Systems Technology, Inc.PNK
201ELTPElite Pharmaceuticals, Inc.PNK
202ELVGElvictor Group, Inc.PNK
203EMPREmpire Petroleum CorporationPNK
204EMYBEmbassy Bancorp, Inc.PNK
205ENBPENB Financial CorpPNK
206ENDVEndonovo Therapeutics, Inc.PNK
207ENRTEnertopia Corp.PNK
208ENTIEncounter Development Technologies Inc.PNK
209ENZNEnzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.PNK
211EPGGEmpire Global Gaming, Inc.PNK
212EQURE-Qure Corp.PNK
213ERKHEureka Homestead Bancorp, Inc.PNK
214ERLFFEntrée Resources Ltd.PNK
215ESMCEscalon Medical Corp.PNK
216ESOAEnergy Services of America CorporationPNK
217ETCKEnerTeck CorporationPNK
219EVTNEnviro Technologies U.S., Inc.PNK
220EWLLeWellness Healthcare CorporationPNK
221EXDWExceed World, Inc.PNK
222EZOOEzagoo LimitedPNK
223FALCFalconStor Software, Inc.PNK
224FCCNSpectral Capital CorporationPNK
226FCUVFocus Universal Inc.PNK
227FDBLFriendable, Inc.PNK
229FERLFearless Films, Inc.PNK
230FFMGFFirst Mining Gold Corp.PNK
231FFNTF4Front Ventures Corp.PNK
232FGCOFinancial Gravity Companies, Inc.PNK
233FGNVForge Innovation Development Corp.PNK
234FGPRFerrellgas Partners, L.P.PNK
235FIFGFirst Foods Group, Inc.PNK
236FKWLFranklin Wireless Corp.PNK
237FKYSFirst Keystone CorporationPNK
238FLCXflooidCX Corp.PNK
239FLESThe 4Less Group, Inc.PNK
240FLXTFlexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc.PNK
241FMBMF & M Bank Corp.PNK
242FMCBFarmers & Merchants BancorpPNK
243FMCCFreddie MacPNK
244FMFGFarmers and Merchants Bancshares, Inc.PNK
245FNGRFingerMotion, Inc.PNK
246FNMAPFederal National Mortgage AssociationPNK
247FNRNFirst Northern Community BancorpPNK
248FPVDForce Protection Video Equipment Corp.PNK
249FREJNFreddie MacPNK
250FREVSFirst Real Estate Investment Trust of New JerseyPNK
251FRFRFritzy Tech Inc.PNK
252FRZTFreeze Tag, Inc.PNK
253FSSNFISION CorporationPNK
254FSTJFirst America Resources CorporationPNK
255FTLFFitLife Brands, Inc.PNK
256FULOFullNet Communications, Inc.PNK
257FUSTFuse Group Holding Inc.PNK
258FZMDFuse Medical, Inc.PNK
259GAHCGlobal Arena Holding Inc.PNK
260GAXYGalaxy Next Generation, Inc.PNK
261GBCSGlobal Healthcare REIT, Inc.PNK
262GBIMGlobeImmune, Inc.PNK
263GBLXGB Sciences, Inc.PNK
264GBTCGrayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC)PNK
265GCANThe Greater Cannabis Company, Inc.PNK
266GCEHGlobal Clean Energy Holdings, Inc.PNK
267GDSIGlobal Digital Solutions, Inc.PNK
268GENHGeneration Hemp Inc.PNK
269GFASYGafisa S.A.PNK
270GGROUGolden Growers CooperativePNK
271GHAVGrand Havana Inc.PNK
272GHMPGood Hemp, Inc.PNK
273GIGAGiga-tronics IncorporatedPNK
274GJCUGJ Culture Group US, Inc.PNK
275GLAEGlassBridge Enterprises, Inc.PNK
276GLBDGlobal Seed CorporationPNK
277GLGIGreystone Logistics, Inc.PNK
278GLXZGalaxy Gaming, Inc.PNK
279GMERGood Gaming, Inc.PNK
280GMGIGolden Matrix Group, Inc.PNK
281GMPWGiveMePower CorporationPNK
282GNALGeneration Alpha, Inc.PNK
283GPFTGrapefruit USA, Inc.PNK
284GRMCGoldrich Mining CompanyPNK
285GRNFGRN Holding CorporationPNK
286GRSTEthema Health CorporationPNK
287GRUSFGrown Rogue International Inc.PNK
288GRYNGreen Hygienics Holdings Inc.PNK
289GSFIGreen Stream Holdings Inc.PNK
290GSHNGushen, Inc.PNK
291GSPEGulfSlope Energy, IncPNK
292GSTXGraphene & Solar Technologies LimitedPNK
293GTBIFGreen Thumb Industries Inc.PNK
294GTBPGT Biopharma, Inc.PNK
295GTCHGBT Technologies Inc.PNK
296GTHPGuided Therapeutics, Inc.PNK
297GTHRGeneThera, Inc.PNK
298GTIIGlobal Tech Industries Group, Inc.PNK
299GTLLGlobal Technologies, Ltd.PNK
301GTVIJoway Health Industries Group Inc.PNK
302GULTUGulf Coast Ultra Deep Royalty TrustPNK
303GWHPGlobal WholeHealth Partners CorporationPNK
304GWTIGreenway Technologies, Inc.PNK
305GXXMGEX Management, Inc.PNK
306HBIAHills BancorporationPNK
307HCMCHealthier Choices Management Corp.PNK
309HDVYHealth Discovery CorporationPNK
310HGLDPatagonia Gold Corp.PNK
311HHSEHannover House, Inc.PNK
312HITCHealthcare Integrated Technologies, Inc.PNK
313HLYKHealthLynked Corp.PNK
314HMMRHammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp.PNK
315HNCKFGiga Metals CorporationPNK
316HPTOhopTo Inc.PNK
317HQDAHQDA Elderly Life Network Corp.PNK
318HRBRHarbor Diversified, Inc.PNK
319HRNNFHydro One LimitedPNK
320HRTHHarte Hanks, Inc.PNK
321HSTCHST Global, Inc.PNK
322HWINHometown International, Inc.PNK
323HWKEHawkeye Systems, Inc.PNK
324HYBTHeyu Biological Technology CorporationPNK
325HYSRSunHydrogen, Inc.PNK
326IAICInformation Analysis IncorporatedPNK
327ICCTiCoreConnect Inc.PNK
328ICLDInterCloud Systems, Inc.PNK
329ICNBIconic Brands, Inc.PNK
330ICTSFICTS International N.V.PNK
331IEHCIEH CorporationPNK
332IFNYInfinity Energy Resources, Inc.PNK
333IGAPIntegrity Applications, Inc.PNK
334IGENIGEN Networks Corp.PNK
335IGXTIntelGenx Technologies Corp.PNK
336IINXIonix Technology, Inc.PNK
337ILALInternational Land Alliance, Inc.PNK
338IMCIInfinite Group, Inc.PNK
339IMIIInception Mining, Inc.PNK
340IMUNImmune Therapeutics, Inc.PNK
341INBPIntegrated BioPharma, Inc.PNK
342INISInternational Isotopes Inc.PNK
343INLBItem 9 Labs Corp.PNK
344INLXIntellinetics, Inc.PNK
345INQDIndoor Harvest Corp.PNK
346INRDInrad Optics, Inc.PNK
347INTIInhibitor Therapeutics, Inc.PNK
348INTVIntegrated Ventures, Inc.PNK
349INVTInventergy Global, Inc.PNK
350INVUInvestview, Inc.PNK
351IONII-ON Digital Corp.PNK
352IPIXInnovation Pharmaceuticals Inc.PNK
353IPSIInnovative Payment Solutions, Inc.PNK
354IPTKAS-IP Tech, Inc.PNK
356ISBAIsabella Bank CorporationPNK
357ISCOInternational Stem Cell CorporationPNK
358ITDNInterdyne CompanyPNK
360ITPOFIntertape Polymer Group Inc.PNK
361IVDNInnovative Designs, Inc.PNK
362IVFHInnovative Food Holdings, Inc.PNK
363IWSYImageWare Systems, Inc.PNK
364JANLJanel CorporationPNK, Inc.PNK
366JFILJubilant Flame International, Ltd.PNK
367JKSMJacksam CorporationPNK
368JRSSJRSIS Health Care CorporationPNK
369JSDAJones Soda Co.PNK
370JSHGJoshua Gold Resources Inc.PNK
371JUVFJuniata Valley Financial Corp.PNK
372KAVLKaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc.PNK
373KAYSKaya Holdings, Inc.PNK
374KBLBKraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.PNK
375KIRYKiewit Royalty TrustPNK
376KITLKisses From Italy Inc.PNK
377KLDIKLDiscovery Inc.PNK
378KOANResonate Blends Inc.PNK
379KPAYKinerjaPay Corp.PNK
380KSHBKushCo Holdings, Inc.PNK
381KTELKonaTel, Inc.PNK
382KULRKULR Technology Group, Inc.PNK
383LAABStartech Labs, Inc.PNK
384LBSRLiberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.PNK
385LBTILithium & Boron Technology, Inc.PNK
386LBUYLeafbuyer Technologies, Inc.PNK
387LCHDLeader Capital Holdings Corp.PNK
388LCLPLife Clips, Inc.PNK
389LCTCLifeloc Technologies, Inc.PNK
390LEAILegacy Education Alliance, Inc.PNK
391LEATLeatt CorporationPNK
392LFAPLGBTQ Loyalty Holdings, Inc.PNK
393LFERLife On Earth, Inc.PNK
394LIVCLive Current Media Inc.PNK
395LPTVLoop Media, Inc.PNK
396LQMTLiquidmetal Technologies, Inc.PNK
397LRDCLaredo Oil, Inc.PNK
398LSYNLiberated Syndication Inc.PNK
399LTGJXiamen Lutong International Travel Agency Co. Ltd.PNK
400LTUMLithium CorporationPNK
401LUVULuvu Brands, Inc.PNK
402LWLGLightwave Logic, Inc.PNK
403MAGEMagellan Gold CorporationPNK
404MAXDMax Sound CorporationPNK
405MCOAMarijuana Company of America, Inc.PNK
406MCUJFMedicure Inc.PNK
407MDEXMadison Technologies Inc.PNK
408MDXLMediXall Group, Inc.PNK
409MEECMidwest Energy Emissions Corp.PNK
410MFONMobivity Holdings Corp.PNK
411MGHLMorgan Group Holding Co.PNK
412MGOMMigom Global Corp.PNK
413MGTIMGT Capital Investments, Inc.PNK
414MHPCManufactured Housing Properties Inc.PNK
415MHTXManhattan Scientifics, Inc.PNK
416MITIMitesco Inc.PNK
417MJHIMJ Harvest, Inc.PNK
418MJNEMJ Holdings, Inc.PNK
419MLFBMajor League Football, Inc.PNK
420MMEXMMEX Resources CorporationPNK
421MMMMQuad M Solutions, Inc.PNK
422MMNDMastermind, Inc.PNK
423MMNFFMedMen Enterprises Inc.PNK
424MNTRMentor Capital, Inc.PNK
425MOBQMobiquity Technologies, Inc.PNK
426MODDModular Medical, Inc.PNK
427MOJOMOJO Organics, Inc.PNK
428MPADMicropac Industries, Inc.PNK
429MRGEMirage Energy CorporationPNK
430MRMDMariMed Inc.PNK
431MRZMMarizyme, Inc.PNK
432MSSVMeso Numismatics, Inc.PNK
433MVENTheMaven, Inc.PNK
434MXSGMexus Gold USPNK
435MYHIMountain High Acquisitions Corp.PNK
436MYMXMymetics CorporationPNK
437NAHDNew Asia Holdings, Inc.PNK
438NANXNanophase Technologies CorporationPNK
439NBIONascent Biotech, Inc.PNK
440NCRANocera, Inc.PNK
441NGLDNevada Canyon Gold Corp.PNK
442NGTFNightFood Holdings, Inc.PNK
443NIHKVideo River Networks, Inc.PNK
444NIMUNon-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc.PNK
445NIOBFNioCorp Developments Ltd.PNK
446NIPNFNEC CorporationPNK
447NJMCNew Jersey Mining CompanyPNK
448NMEXNorthern Minerals & Exploration Ltd.PNK
449NMGXNano Magic Inc.PNK
450NMTCNeuroOne Medical Technologies CorporationPNK
451NNUPNocopi Technologies, Inc.PNK
452NOBHNobility Homes, Inc.PNK
453NOVCNovation Companies, Inc.PNK
454NSFDFNXT Energy Solutions Inc.PNK
455NTOXNotox Technologies Corp.PNK
456NTRBNutriband Inc.PNK
457NTRRNeutra Corp.PNK
458NUKKNukkleus Inc.PNK
459NUMDNu-Med Plus, Inc.PNK
460NUVRNuvera Communications, Inc.PNK
461NVNTNovint Technologies, Inc.PNK
462NVOSNovo Integrated Sciences, Inc.PNK
463NWBONorthwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.PNK
464NWCNNetwork CN Inc.PNK
465NWPPNew Peoples Bankshares, Inc.PNK
466NWYUNew You Inc.PNK
467NXENNexien BioPharma, Inc.PNK
468OBELFObsidian Energy Ltd.PNK
469OCLNOriginClear, Inc.PNK
470ODIIOdyssey Semiconductor Technologies, Inc.PNK
471ODYYOdyssey Group International, Inc.PNK
472OGAAOrganic Agricultural Company LimitedPNK
475OMTKOmnitek Engineering Corp.PNK
476OMWSOmnia Wellness Inc.PNK
477OPXSOptex Systems Holdings, IncPNK
478OSATOrbsat Corp.PNK
479OVTZOculus VisionTech, Inc.PNK
480OWPCOne World Pharma, Inc.PNK
481OZSCOzop Energy Solutions, Inc.PNK
482PACVPacific Ventures Group, Inc.PNK
484PBSVPharma-Bio Serv, Inc.PNK
486PCYNProcyon CorporationPNK
487PFBXPeoples Financial CorporationPNK
488PFHOPacific Health Care Organization, Inc.PNK
489PFTIPuradyn Filter Technologies, Inc.PNK
490PGAIPGI IncorporatedPNK
491PGASPetrogress, Inc.PNK
492PGOLPatriot Gold Corp.PNK
493PGTKPacific Green Technologies Inc.PNK
494PHBIPharmagreen Biotech Inc.PNK
495PHCGPure Harvest Corporate Group, Inc.PNK
496PHOTGrowLife, Inc.PNK
497PIACPrinceton Capital CorporationPNK
498PKKWParkway Acquisition Corp.PNK
499PKTXProtoKinetix, IncorporatedPNK
500PLYNPalayan Resources, Inc.PNK
501PMCBPharmaCyte Biotech, Inc.PNK
502PMHGPrime Meridian Holding CompanyPNK
503PMPGPremier Products Group, Inc.PNK
504POTNPotNetwork Holdings, Inc.PNK
505PPBNPinnacle Bankshares CorporationPNK
506PPCBPropanc Biopharma, Inc.PNK
507PQEFFPetroteq Energy Inc.PNK
508PREDPredictive Technology Group, Inc.PNK
509PRKAParks! America, Inc.PNK
510PRLEPillarstone Capital REITPNK
511PRTHUPriority Technology Holdings, Inc.PNK
512PSIXPower Solutions International, Inc.PNK
513PSSRPASSUR Aerospace, Inc.PNK
514PTCOPetroGas CompanyPNK
515PTIXProtagenic Therapeutics, Inc.PNK
516PUBCPureBase CorporationPNK
517PUREPURE Bioscience, Inc.PNK
518PWCOPwrCor, Inc.PNK
519PWVIPowerVerde, Inc.PNK
520QBIOQ BioMed Inc.PNK
521QCCOQC Holdings, Inc.PNK
522QMCIQuoteMedia, Inc.PNK
524QNTAQuanta, Inc.PNK
525QNTOQuaint Oak Bancorp, Inc.PNK
526QPRCQuest Patent Research CorporationPNK
527QRONQrons Inc.PNK
528QSEPQS Energy, Inc.PNK
529QTRRFQuaterra Resources Inc.PNK
530QTXBQuantRx Biomedical CorporationPNK
531QUBTQuantum Computing Inc.PNK
532RASPRasna Therapeutics, Inc.PNK
533RAYTRayont, Inc.PNK
534RCARRenovaCare, Inc.PNK
535RCATRed Cat Holdings, Inc.PNK Group, Inc.PNK
537RDGLVivos Inc.PNK
538REBLRebel Group, Inc.PNK
539REEMFRare Element Resources Ltd.PNK
540REMIRemedent, Inc.PNK
541REPCFRepliCel Life Sciences Inc.PNK
542RETC12 ReTech CorporationPNK
543RGINRegenicin, Inc.PNK
544RGMPRegnum Corp.PNK
545RGRXRegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.PNK
546RKFLRocketFuel Blockchain, Inc.PNK
547RLBYReliability IncorporatedPNK
548RMHBRocky Mountain High Brands, Inc.PNK
549RMSLREMSleep Holdings, Inc.PNK
550RNVARennova Health, Inc.PNK
551ROYLRoyale Energy, Inc.PNK
552RPMTRego Payment Architectures, Inc.PNK
553RSKIAGeorge Risk Industries, Inc.PNK
554RSRVThe Reserve Petroleum CompanyPNK
555RTNTFRio Tinto GroupPNK
556RTSLRapid Therapeutic Science Laboratories, Inc.PNK
557RTTORito Group Corp.PNK
558RVIVReviv3 Procare CompanyPNK
559RYESRise Gold Corp.PNK
560SAMLSamsara Luggage, Inc.PNK
561SBEVSplash Beverage Group, Inc.PNK
562SBFMSunshine Biopharma, Inc.PNK
563SBSAASpanish Broadcasting System, Inc.PNK
564SBYSFSibanye Stillwater LimitedPNK
565SCIASCI Engineered Materials, Inc.PNK
566SCNDScientific Industries, Inc.PNK
567SCTYMonitronics International, Inc.PNK
568SCYYFScandium International Mining Corp.PNK
569SDONSandston CorporationPNK
570SEAVSEATech Ventures Corp.PNK
571SENRStrategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc.PNK
572SFDLSecurity Federal CorporationPNK
573SFRXSeafarer Exploration Corp.PNK
574SGBISangui Biotech International, Inc.PNK
575SGMDSugarmade, Inc.PNK
576SGSISpectrum Global Solutions, Inc.PNK
577SHMPNaturalShrimp IncorporatedPNK
578SHNLShentang International, Inc.PNK
579SHRGSharing Services Global CorporationPNK
580SHVLFStarcore International Mines Ltd.PNK
581SHWZMedicine Man Technologies, Inc.PNK
582SIGNSignet International Holdings, Inc.PNK
583SINGSinglePoint, Inc.PNK
584SKASSaker Aviation Services, Inc.PNK
585SKKYSkkynet Cloud Systems, Inc.PNK
586SKVISkinvisible, Inc.PNK
587SMDMThe Singing Machine Company, Inc.PNK
588SMGISMG Industries Inc.PNK
589SMLRSemler Scientific, Inc.PNK
590SMMESmartMetric, Inc.PNK
591SNDDRedHawk Holdings Corp.PNK
592SNNFSeneca Financial Corp.PNK
593SNNYSunnyside Bancorp, Inc.PNK
594SNPWSun Pacific Holding Corp.PNK
595SNRGSusGlobal Energy Corp.PNK
597SOANAngioSoma, Inc.PNK
599SOTKSono-Tek CorporationPNK
600SPNDSpindletop Oil & Gas Co.PNK
601SPRSSurge Components, Inc.PNK
603SRGZStar Gold Corp.PNK
604SRNASurna Inc.PNK
605SRRESunrise Real Estate Group, Inc.PNK
606SRSGSpirits Time International, Inc.PNK
607SSBPSSB Bancorp, Inc.PNK
608SSOKSunstock, Inc.PNK
609STALStar Alliance International Corp.PNK
610STCBStarco Brands, Inc.PNK
611STCCSterling Consolidated Corp.PNK
612STLYHG Holdings, Inc.PNK
613STMHStem Holdings, Inc.PNK
614SUICSino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd.PNK
615SUMESummer Energy Holdings, Inc.PNK
616SURGSurgePays, Inc.PNK
617SUWNSunwin Stevia International, Inc.PNK
618SVBLSilver Bull Resources, Inc.PNK
619SYSXSysorex, Inc.PNK
620TAUGTauriga Sciences, Inc.PNK
621TBBATEB Bancorp, IncPNK
622TBTCTable Trac, Inc.PNK
623TCFFTrillion Energy International Inc.PNK
624TCMFFTelecom Argentina S.A.PNK
625TGANTransphorm, Inc.PNK
626TGHITouchpoint Group Holdings, Inc.PNK, inc.PNK
628THCTTHC Therapeutics, Inc.PNK
629THMGThunder Mountain Gold, Inc.PNK
630TIKKTel-Instrument Electronics Corp.PNK
631TKOITelkonet, Inc.PNK
632TLCCTwinlab Consolidated Holdings, Inc.PNK
633TLLYFTrilogy International Partners Inc.PNK
634TLOGTetraLogic Pharmaceuticals CorporationPNK
635TLRSTimberline Resources CorporationPNK
636TLSSTransportation and Logistics Systems, Inc.PNK
637TMGIThe Marquie Group, Inc.PNK
638TMRCTexas Mineral Resources Corp.PNK
639TMRRTemir Corp.PNK
640TNCAFTC Energy CorporationPNK
641TNLXTrans-Lux CorporationPNK
642TNRGThunder Energies CorporationPNK
643TOFBTofutti Brands, Inc.PNK
644TOMDFTodos Medical Ltd.PNK
645TORMTOR Minerals International, Inc.PNK
646TPCSTechPrecision CorporationPNK
647TPTWTPT Global Tech, Inc.PNK
648TRCKTrack Group, Inc.PNK
649TRENTrend Innovations Holding Inc.PNK
650TRIQTraqIQ, Inc.PNK
651TRRBTripBorn, Inc.PNK
652TRTCTerra Tech Corp.PNK
653TSOITherapeutic Solutions International, Inc.PNK
655TTCMTautachrome, Inc.PNK
656TWERTowerstream CorporationPNK
657TWOHTwo Hands CorporationPNK
658UCLEUS Nuclear Corp.PNK
659UEECUnited Health Products, Inc.PNK
660UEPEPUnion Electric CompanyPNK
661UGHLUnion Bridge Holdings LimitedPNK
662UPDCUPD Holding Corp.PNK
663URYLUnited Royale Holdings Corp.PNK
664USAQUSA Equities Corp.PNK
665USBLUnited States Basketball League, Inc.PNK
666USDRUAS Drone Corp.PNK
667USLGUS Lighting Group, Inc.PNK
668USNUU.S. NeuroSurgical Holdings, Inc.PNK
670UWHRUwharrie Capital CorpPNK
671VABKVirginia National Bankshares CorporationPNK
672VASOVaso CorporationPNK
673VBHIVerde Bio Holdings, Inc.PNK
674VBIOVitality Biopharma, Inc.PNK
675VEIIValue Exchange International, Inc.PNK
676VFRMVeritas Farms, Inc.PNK
677VIDEVideo Display CorporationPNK
678VINOGaucho Group Holdings, Inc.PNK
679VISMVisium Technologies, Inc.PNK
680VKINViking Energy Group, Inc.PNK
684VRDRVerde Resources, Inc.PNK
685VRTCVeritec, Inc.PNK
686VRUSVerus International, Inc.PNK
687VRVRVirtual Interactive Technologies Corp.PNK
688VSBCVitaSpring Biomedical Co. Ltd.PNK
689VTDRFVantage Drilling InternationalPNK
690VYCOVycor Medical, Inc.PNK
691VYNDVynleads, Inc.PNK
692WARMCool Technologies, Inc.PNK
693WAYNWayne Savings Bancshares, Inc.PNK
694WCRSWestern Capital Resources, Inc.PNK
695WCUIWellness Center USA, Inc.PNK
696WDDDWorlds Inc.PNK
697WDLFSocial Life Network, Inc.PNK
698WECTWeconnect Tech International Inc.PNK
699WESCW&E Source Corp.PNK
700WETGWeTrade Group Inc.PNK
701WFCFWhere Food Comes From, Inc.PNK
702WHENWorld Health Energy Holdings, Inc.PNK
703WHSIWearable Health Solutions, Inc.PNK
704WHZTWhiting USA Trust IIPNK
705WINRSimplicity Esports and Gaming CompanyPNK
706WISMWiseman Global LimitedPNK
707WLMSWilliams Industrial Services Group Inc.PNK
708WNDWSolarWindow Technologies, Inc.PNK
709WSTRFWestern Uranium & Vanadium Corp.PNK
710WTNWWater Now, Inc.PNK
711XDSLmPhase Technologies, Inc.PNK
712XITOXenous Holdings, Inc.PNK
713XSNXNovAccess Global Inc.PNK
714ZDPYZoned Properties, Inc.PNK
715ZESTEcoark Holdings, Inc.PNK
716ZIVOZIVO Bioscience, Inc.PNK
717ZPASZoompass Holdings, Inc.PNK
718ZXAIYChina Zenix Auto International LimitedPNK
719ZZLLZZLL Information Technology, Inc.PNK
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