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NASDAQ Composite [ ^IXIC ] Sun, 16 Jun 2024 05:00:18
Current Price ( 0.120%) 17 689
Previous Close 17 668
Open Price 17 621
Today's Range 17 591 - 17 693
Volume 4.56B
Average Volume 5.44B
52 Week Low/High 12 544 - 17 742
Market Cap N/A
50-Day Average Price 16 449
200-Day Average Price 15 104
Earnings per Share (EPS) N/A
Price-Earnings Ratio (PE) N/A
Earnings Announcement N/A
Shares Outstanding N/A

Dividend Calendar Korea Stock Exchange

Ex-Date Payout Date Logo Symbol Name Market Cap Exchange Dividend Adjusted Dividend
2024-06-27 2024-07-29 268280.KS Miwon Specialty 732314676800 KSC $700.00 $700.00 Last Price: $149 800(0.47%) | Avg Trading Volume: 776.00 | Last EPS: $700.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-07-26 134380.KS Miwon Chemicals Co., 162606491600 KSC $1 500.00 $1 500.00 Last Price: $81 200(0.12%) | Avg Trading Volume: 766.00 | Last EPS: $1500.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-21 036530.KS SNT Holdings Co., 322450774800 KSC $300.00 $300.00 Last Price: $22 300(5.19%) | Avg Trading Volume: 35 241.00 | Last EPS: $300.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-09 100250.KS Chinyang Holdings 183336584000 KSC $50.00 $50.00 Last Price: $3 280.00(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 30 028.00 | Last EPS: $50.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-09-23 350520.KS IGIS RESIDENCE REIT 125203219000 KSC $133.00 $133.00 Last Price: $4 415.00(-0.23%) | Avg Trading Volume: 39 004.00 | Last EPS: $133.00 | pe: 9.08
2024-06-27 2024-08-26 122900.KS iMarketKorea Inc. 274368696000 KSC $150.00 $150.00 Last Price: $8 720.00(-0.34%) | Avg Trading Volume: 27 415.00 | Last EPS: $150.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-12 092230.KS KPX Holdings 227617232700 KSC $750.00 $750.00 Last Price: $57 900(0.17%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1 735.00 | Last EPS: $750.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-08 025540.KS Korea Electric 754026500000 KSC $250.00 $250.00 Last Price: $73 100(0.97%) | Avg Trading Volume: 44 530.00 | Last EPS: $250.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-10-14 348950.KS JR Global REIT 816149760000 KSC $190.00 $190.00 Last Price: $4 135.00(-0.12%) | Avg Trading Volume: 313 727 | Last EPS: $190.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-19 094280.KS Hyosung ITX Co. Ltd. 146479103550 KSC $150.00 $150.00 Last Price: $13 270(-0.90%) | Avg Trading Volume: 17 136.00 | Last EPS: $150.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-28 088980.KS Macquarie Korea 5508271840000 KSC $385.00 $385.00 Last Price: $12 640(0.24%) | Avg Trading Volume: 728 273 | Last EPS: $385.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-19 003570.KS Snt Dynamics 427722611400 KSC $150.00 $150.00 Last Price: $19 100(0.47%) | Avg Trading Volume: 103 463 | Last EPS: $150.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-16 005930.KS Samsung Electronics 513916732337600 KSC $361.00 $361.00 Last Price: $79 600(1.27%) | Avg Trading Volume: 22.57M | Last EPS: $361.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-19 100840.KS SNT Energy Co., Ltd. 220311069000 KSC $133.33 $133.33 Last Price: $11 000(-3.76%) | Avg Trading Volume: 723 844 | Last EPS: $133.33 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-09-27 088260.KS E Kocref Cr-Reit 307206760000 KSC $200.00 $200.00 Last Price: $4 850.00(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 96 516.00 | Last EPS: $200.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-07-26 004080.KS Shinhung Co., Ltd 140664865500 KSC $130.00 $130.00 Last Price: $14 900(1.36%) | Avg Trading Volume: 3 226.00 | Last EPS: $130.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-16 005935.KS Samsung Electronics 517915304026400 KSC $361.00 $361.00 Last Price: $64 400(2.06%) | Avg Trading Volume: 1.41M | Last EPS: $361.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-26 018880.KS Hanon Systems 2492231563430 KSC $90.00 $90.00 Last Price: $4 670.00(-1.16%) | Avg Trading Volume: 2.52M | Last EPS: $90.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-26 010955.KS S-Oil Corporation 7748267237750 KSC $200.00 $200.00 Last Price: $47 150(0.32%) | Avg Trading Volume: 10 170.00 | Last EPS: $200.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-19 064960.KS SNT Motiv Co., Ltd. 603928377000 KSC $600.00 $600.00 Last Price: $47 400(0.53%) | Avg Trading Volume: 24 503.00 | Last EPS: $600.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-08 010640.KS Chinyang Poly 61600000000 KSC $50.00 $50.00 Last Price: $6 160.00(-0.16%) | Avg Trading Volume: 163 764 | Last EPS: $50.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-10-17 005390.KS Shinsung Tongsang 261979684000 KSC $50.00 $50.00 Last Price: $1 823.00(-0.11%) | Avg Trading Volume: 249 937 | Last EPS: $50.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-08 003780.KS Chin Yang Industry 79950000000 KSC $50.00 $50.00 Last Price: $6 150.00(0.00%) | Avg Trading Volume: 71 664.00 | Last EPS: $50.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-29 013700.KS CAMUS ENGINEERING & 64567789000 KSC $5.00 $5.00 Last Price: $1 430.00(0.70%) | Avg Trading Volume: 98 902.00 | Last EPS: $5.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-12 004450.KS Samhwa Crown & 58167709000 KSC $500.00 $500.00 Last Price: $32 150(1.10%) | Avg Trading Volume: 3 685.00 | Last EPS: $500.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-26 010130.KS Korea Zinc Company, 9927232350000 KSC $10 000 $10 000 Last Price: $479 500(-1.64%) | Avg Trading Volume: 49 246.00 | Last EPS: $10000.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-08-08 025000.KS KPX Chemical 224921953300 KSC $500.00 $500.00 Last Price: $47 300(0.64%) | Avg Trading Volume: 9 982.00 | Last EPS: $500.00 | pe: 4.48
2024-06-27 2024-08-12 267250.KS HD Hyundai Co., Ltd. 4854922171500 KSC $900.00 $900.00 Last Price: $68 700(-0.87%) | Avg Trading Volume: 254 744 | Last EPS: $900.00 | pe: 0
2024-06-27 2024-07-23 105840.KS Woojin Inc. 189654833940 KSC $50.00 $50.00 Last Price: $9 570.00(4.48%) | Avg Trading Volume: 624 882 | Last EPS: $50.00 | pe: 13.61
1000040.KSKR Motors Co., Ltd.KSC
3000060.KSMeritz Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
4000070.KSSamyang Holdings CorporationKSC
5000075.KSSamyang Holdings CorporationKSC
6000080.KSHITEJINRO Co., Ltd.KSC
7000087.KSHITEJINRO Co., Ltd.KSC
8000100.KSYuhan CorporationKSC
9000105.KSYuhan CorporationKSC
10000120.KSCJ Logistics CorporationKSC
11000140.KSHitejinro Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
12000145.KSHitejinro Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
13000150.KSDoosan CorporationKSC
14000155.KSDoosan CorporationKSC
15000157.KSDoosan CorporationKSC
16000180.KSSungchang Enterprise Holdings LimitedKSC
17000210.KSDL Holdings CO., LTD.KSC
18000215.KSDL Holdings CO., LTD.KSC
19000220.KSYuyu Pharma, Inc.KSC
20000225.KSYuyu Pharma, Inc.KSC
21000227.KSYuyu Pharma, Inc.KSC
22000230.KSIldong Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
23000240.KSHankook & Company Co., Ltd.KSC
24000270.KSKia CorporationKSC
25000300.KSDayou Plus Co.,LtdKSC
26000320.KSNOROO Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
27000325.KSNOROO Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
28000370.KSHanwha General Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
29000390.KSSamhwa Paints Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
30000400.KSLotte Non - Life Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
31000430.KSDaewon Kang Up Co., Ltd.KSC
32000480.KSChosun Refractories Co.,Ltd.KSC
33000490.KSDaedong CorporationKSC
34000500.KSGAON CABLE Co., Ltd.KSC
35000520.KSSamil Pharmaceutical Co.,LtdKSC
36000540.KSHeungkuk Fire&Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
37000545.KSHeungkuk Fire&Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
38000547.KSHeungkuk Fire&Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
39000590.KSCS Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
40000640.KSDong-A Socio Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
41000650.KSChunil Express Co., Ltd.KSC
42000660.KSSK hynix Inc.KSC
43000670.KSYoung Poong CorporationKSC
44000680.KSLS Networks Corporation LimitedKSC
45000700.KSEusu Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
46000720.KSHyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.KSC
47000725.KSHyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.KSC
48000760.KSRifa Co.,Ltd.KSC
49000810.KSSamsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
50000815.KSSamsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
51000850.KSHwacheon Machine Tool Co. LtdKSC
52000860.KSKangnam Jevisco Co., LtdKSC
53000880.KSHanwha CorporationKSC
54000885.KSHanwha CorporationKSC
5500088K.KSHanwha CorporationKSC
56000890.KSBohae Brewery Co., Ltd.KSC
57000910.KSUnion CorporationKSC
58000950.KSChonbang Co., Ltd.KSC
59000970.KSKorea Cast Iron Pipe Ind. Co., Ltd.KSC
60000990.KSDB HiTek CO., LTD.KSC
61000995.KSDB HiTek CO., LTD.KSC
62001020.KSPaperCorea Inc.KSC
63001040.KSCJ CorporationKSC
64001045.KSCJ CorporationKSC
6500104K.KSCJ CorporationKSC
66001060.KSJW Pharmaceutical CorporationKSC
67001065.KSJW Pharmaceutical CorporationKSC
68001067.KSJW Pharmaceutical CorporationKSC
69001070.KSTaihan Textile Co., Ltd.KSC
70001080.KSManho Rope & Wire Co., Ltd.KSC
71001120.KSLX International Corp.KSC
72001130.KSDaehan Flour Mills Co.,LtdKSC
73001140.KSKUKBO Logistics Co., Ltd.KSC
74001200.KSEugene Investment & Securities Co.,Ltd.KSC
75001210.KSKumho Electric, Inc.KSC
76001230.KSDongkuk Steel Mill Company LimitedKSC
77001250.KSGS Global Corp.KSC
78001260.KSNamkwang Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.KSC
79001270.KSBOOKOOK Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
80001275.KSBOOKOOK Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
81001290.KSSangsangin Investment & Securities Co.,Ltd.KSC
82001340.KSPaik Kwang Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
84001380.KSSG Global Co.,Ltd.KSC
85001390.KSKG Chemical CorporationKSC
86001420.KSTae Won Mulsan Co., Ltd.KSC
87001430.KSSeAH Besteel Holdings CorporationKSC
88001440.KSTaihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd.KSC
89001450.KSHyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
90001460.KSBYC Co., Ltd.KSC
91001465.KSBYC Co., Ltd.KSC
92001470.KSSambu Engineering & Construction Co., LtdKSC
93001500.KSHyundai Motor Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
94001510.KSSK Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
95001515.KSSK Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
96001520.KSTongyang Inc.KSC
97001525.KSTongyang Inc.KSC
98001527.KSTongyang Inc.KSC
99001529.KSTongyang Inc.KSC
100001530.KSDi Dong Il CorporationKSC
101001550.KSChobi Company LimitedKSC
102001560.KSCheil Grinding Wheel Ind. Co., Ltd.KSC
103001570.KSKumyang Co., Ltd.KSC
104001620.KSKbi Dongkook Ind. Co., LtdKSC
105001630.KSChong Kun Dang Holdings Corp.KSC
106001680.KSDaesang CorporationKSC
107001685.KSDaesang CorporationKSC
108001720.KSShinyoung Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
109001725.KSShinyoung Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
110001740.KSSK Networks Company LimitedKSC
111001745.KSSK Networks Company LimitedKSC
112001750.KSHanyang Securities Co. Ltd.KSC
113001755.KSHanyang Securities Co. Ltd.KSC
114001770.KSShin Hwa Dynamics Co., Ltd.KSC
115001780.KSAluko Co., Ltd.KSC
116001790.KSTS CorporationKSC
117001795.KSTS CorporationKSC
118001800.KSORION Holdings Corp.KSC
120001880.KSDL Construction Co., Ltd.KSC
121001940.KSKISCO Holdings Corp.KSC
122002020.KSKolon CorporationKSC
123002025.KSKolon CorporationKSC
124002030.KSAsia Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
125002070.KSVivien CorporationKSC
126002100.KSKyung Nong CorporationKSC
127002140.KSKorea Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
128002150.KSDohwa Engineering Co., Ltd.KSC
129002170.KSSamyang Tongsang Co., LtdKSC
130002200.KSKorea Export Packaging Industrial Co.,LtdKSC
131002210.KSDong Sung Bio Pharm.Co.,Ltd.KSC
132002220.KSHanil Iron & Steel Co., LtdKSC
133002240.KSKiswire Ltd.KSC
134002270.KSLotte Food Co.,Ltd.KSC
135002310.KSAsia Paper Manufacturing.Co.,LtdKSC
136002320.KSHanjin Transportation Co., Ltd.KSC
137002350.KSNexen Tire CorporationKSC
138002355.KSNexen Tire CorporationKSC
139002360.KSSH Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd.KSC
140002380.KSKCC CorporationKSC
141002390.KSHANDOK Inc.KSC
142002410.KSBumyang Construction Co.,Ltd.KSC
144002460.KSHwasung Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
145002600.KSChoheung CorporationKSC
146002620.KSJeil Pharma Holdings IncKSC
147002630.KSORIENT BIO Inc.KSC
148002690.KSDong Il Steel Mfg Co.,LtdKSC
149002700.KSShinil Electronics Co.,LtdKSC
150002710.KSTCC Steel Corp.KSC
151002720.KSKukje Pharma Co., Ltd.KSC
152002760.KSBolak Company LimitedKSC
153002780.KSChinHung International, Inc.KSC
154002785.KSChinHung International, Inc.KSC
155002787.KSChinHung International, Inc.KSC
159002810.KSSamyung Trading Co., Ltd.KSC
160002820.KSSUN&L Co., Ltd.KSC
161002840.KSMiwon Commercial Co., Ltd.KSC
162002870.KSShinpoong Paper Mfg. Co., LtdKSC
163002880.KSDayou A-Tech Co.,LtdKSC
164002900.KSTYM CorporationKSC
165002920.KSYoosung Enterprise Co., Ltd.KSC
166002960.KSHankook Shell Oil Co.,Ltd.KSC
167002990.KSKUMHO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.KSC
168002995.KSKUMHO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.KSC
169003000.KSBukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.KSC
170003010.KSHaein CorporationKSC
171003030.KSSeAH Steel Holdings CorporationKSC
172003060.KSAprogen pharmaceuticals,Inc.KSC
173003080.KSSung Bo Chemicals Co., LTDKSC
174003090.KSDaewoong Co., Ltd.KSC
175003120.KSIlsung Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.KSC
176003160.KSD.I CorporationKSC
177003200.KSIlshin Spinning Co.,LtdKSC
178003220.KSDaewon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.KSC
179003230.KSSamyang Foods Co., Ltd.KSC
180003240.KSTaekwang Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
181003300.KSHanil Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
182003350.KSHankook Cosmetics Manufacturing Co., LtdKSC
183003410.KSSsangYong C&E Co., Ltd.KSC
184003460.KSYuhwa Securities co.,ltd.KSC
185003465.KSYuhwa Securities co.,ltd.KSC
186003470.KSYuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd.KSC
187003475.KSYuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd.KSC
188003480.KSHanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
189003490.KSKorean Air Lines Co., Ltd.KSC
190003495.KSKorean Air Lines Co., Ltd.KSC
191003520.KSYungjin Pharm. Co., Ltd.KSC
192003530.KSHanwha Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
193003535.KSHanwha Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
194003540.KSDaishin Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
195003545.KSDaishin Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
196003547.KSDaishin Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
197003550.KSLG Corp.KSC
198003555.KSLG Corp.KSC
199003560.KSIHQ Inc.KSC
200003570.KSSnt Dynamics Co.,Ltd.KSC
201003580.KSHLB GLOBAL Co., Ltd.KSC
202003610.KSPangrim Co., Ltd.KSC
203003620.KSSsangyong Motor CompanyKSC
204003650.KSMichang Oil Ind .Co.,Ltd.KSC
205003670.KSPosco Chemical Co., Ltd.KSC
206003680.KSHansung Enterprise Co.,LtdKSC
207003690.KSKorean Reinsurance CompanyKSC
208003720.KSSamYoung Chemical Co.,LtdKSC
209003780.KSChin Yang Industry Co., Ltd.KSC
210003830.KSDaehan Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd.KSC
211003850.KSBoryung CorporationKSC
212003920.KSNamyang Dairy Products Co., LtdKSC
213003925.KSNamyang Dairy Products Co., LtdKSC
214003960.KSSajodaerim CorporationKSC
215004000.KSLOTTE Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.KSC
216004020.KSHyundai Steel CompanyKSC
217004060.KSSG CorporationKSC
218004080.KSShinhung Co., LtdKSC
219004090.KSKorea Petroleum Industries CompanyKSC
220004100.KSTaeyang Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
221004105.KSTaeyang Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
222004140.KSDongbang Transport Logistics Co., Ltd.KSC
224004250.KSNPC Co., Ltd.KSC
225004255.KSNPC Co., Ltd.KSC
226004270.KSNamsung Corp.KSC
227004310.KSHyundai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.KSC
228004360.KSSebang Co., LtdKSC
229004365.KSSebang Co., LtdKSC
230004370.KSNongshim Co., Ltd.KSC
231004410.KSSeoul Food Industrial.Co.,LtdKSC
232004415.KSSeoul Food Industrial.Co.,LtdKSC
233004430.KSSongwon Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
234004440.KSSamil C&S Co.,LtdKSC
235004450.KSSamhwa Crown & Closure Co., LtdKSC
236004490.KSSebang Global Battery Co., Ltd.KSC
237004540.KSKleanNara Co., Ltd.KSC
238004545.KSKleanNara Co., Ltd.KSC
239004560.KSHyundai Bng Steel Co., Ltd.KSC
240004565.KSHyundai Bng Steel Co., Ltd.KSC
241004690.KSSamchully Co.,LtdKSC
242004700.KSChokwang Leather Co.,Ltd.KSC
243004710.KSHansol Technics Co., LTD.KSC
244004720.KSPharmGen Science Inc.KSC
245004770.KSSunny Electronics Corp.KSC
246004800.KSHyosung CorporationKSC
247004835.KSDuksung Co., Ltd.KSC
248004840.KSDRB Holding Co., Ltd.KSC
249004870.KSTway Holdings IncorporationKSC
250004890.KSDongil Industries Co.,Ltd.KSC
251004910.KSChokwang Paint Co., Ltd.KSC
252004920.KSCITECH Co., Ltd.KSC
253004960.KSHANSHIN Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.KSC
254004970.KSSilla Co.,LtdKSC
255004980.KSSungshin Cement Co., LtdKSC
256004985.KSSungshin Cement Co., LtdKSC
257004990.KSLOTTE CorporationKSC
25800499K.KSLOTTE CorporationKSC
259005010.KSHusteel Co., Ltd.KSC
260005030.KSPusan Cast Iron Co., Ltd.KSC
261005070.KSCosmo Advanced Materials & Technology Co., Ltd.KSC
262005090.KSSGC Energy Co.,Ltd.KSC
263005110.KSHanchang CorporationKSC
264005180.KSBinggrae Co., Ltd.KSC
265005250.KSGreen Cross Holdings CorporationKSC
266005257.KSGreen Cross Holdings CorporationKSC
267005300.KSLotte Chilsung Beverage Co.,Ltd.KSC
268005305.KSLotte Chilsung Beverage Co.,Ltd.KSC
269005320.KSKukdong CorporationKSC
270005360.KSMonami Co., Ltd.KSC
271005380.KSHyundai Motor CompanyKSC
272005385.KSHyundai Motor CompanyKSC
273005387.KSHyundai Motor CompanyKSC
274005389.KSHyundai Motor CompanyKSC
275005390.KSShinsung Tongsang Co., Ltd.KSC
276005430.KSKorea Airport Service Co.,Ltd.KSC
277005440.KSHyundai Green Food Co.,Ltd.KSC
278005490.KSPOSCO Holdings Inc.KSC
279005500.KSSamjin Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.KSC
280005610.KSSPC Samlip Co., Ltd.KSC
281005680.KSSamyoung Electronics Co., LtdKSC
282005690.KSPharmicell Co., Ltd.KSC
283005720.KSNexen CorporationKSC
284005725.KSNexen CorporationKSC
285005740.KSCROWNHAITAI Holdings Co.,Ltd.KSC
286005745.KSCROWNHAITAI Holdings Co.,Ltd.KSC
287005750.KSDaelim B&Co Co.,Ltd.KSC
289005810.KSPoongsan Holdings CorporationKSC
290005820.KSWonlim CorporationKSC
291005830.KSDB Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
292005850.KSSL CorporationKSC
293005870.KSHuneed TechnologiesKSC
294005880.KSKorea Line CorporationKSC
295005930.KSSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.KSC
296005935.KSSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.KSC
297005940.KSNH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
298005945.KSNH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
299005950.KSISU Chemical Co., LtdKSC
300005960.KSDongbu CorporationKSC
301005965.KSDongbu CorporationKSC
302006040.KSDongwon Industries Co., Ltd.KSC
303006060.KSHWASEUNG Industries Co.,Ltd.KSC
304006090.KSOyang CorporationKSC
305006110.KSSam-A Aluminium Company, LimitedKSC
306006120.KSSK Discovery Co., Ltd.KSC
307006125.KSSK Discovery Co., Ltd.KSC
308006200.KSKEC Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
309006220.KSJeju BankKSC
310006260.KSLS Corp.KSC
311006280.KSGreen Cross CorporationKSC
312006340.KSDaewon Cable. Co., Ltd.KSC
313006345.KSDaewon Cable. Co., Ltd.KSC
314006360.KSGS Engineering & Construction CorporationKSC
315006370.KSDaegu Department Store Co., Ltd.KSC
316006400.KSSamsung SDI Co., Ltd.KSC
317006405.KSSamsung SDI Co., Ltd.KSC
318006490.KSInscobee., Inc.KSC
319006570.KSDaelim Trading Co., Ltd.KSC
320006650.KSKorea Petrochemical Ind. Co., Ltd.KSC
321006660.KSSamsung Climate Control Co., Ltd.KSC
322006740.KSYoung Poong Paper Mfg Co.,Ltd.KSC
323006800.KSMirae Asset Securities Co. Ltd.KSC
324006805.KSMirae Asset Securities Co. Ltd.KSC
32500680K.KSMirae Asset Securities Co. Ltd.KSC
326006840.KSAK Holdings, Inc.KSC
327006880.KSSingsong Holdings Co.,Ltd.KSC
328006890.KSTaekyung Chemical Co., Ltd.KSC
329006980.KSWoosung Co., Ltd.KSC
330007070.KSGS Retail Co., Ltd.KSC
333007160.KSSajo Industries Company LimitedKSC
334007210.KSByucksan CorporationKSC
335007280.KSKorea Steel Co., Ltd.KSC
336007310.KSOttogi CorporationKSC
337007340.KSDTR Automotive CorporationKSC
338007460.KSAprogen Medicines Inc.KSC
339007540.KSSempio CompanyKSC
340007570.KSIlyang Pharmaceutical Co.,LtdKSC
341007575.KSIlyang Pharmaceutical Co.,LtdKSC
342007590.KSDONGBANG AGRO CorporationKSC
343007610.KSSeondo Electric Co., Ltd.KSC
344007660.KSISU Petasys Co., Ltd.KSC
345007700.KSF&F Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
346007810.KSKorea Circuit Co., Ltd.KSC
347007815.KSKorea Circuit Co., Ltd.KSC
34800781K.KSKorea Circuit Co., Ltd.KSC
349007860.KSSeoyon Co., Ltd.KSC
350007980.KSPan-Pacific Co., Ltd.KSC
351008040.KSSajodongaone Co.,LtdKSC
352008060.KSDaeduck Co.,Ltd.KSC
35300806K.KSDaeduck Co.,Ltd.KSC
354008110.KSDaidong Electronics Co. Ltd.KSC
355008250.KSEagon Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
356008260.KSN.I Steel Co.,LtdKSC
357008350.KSNamsun Aluminum Co., Ltd.KSC
358008355.KSNamsun Aluminum Co., Ltd.KSC
359008420.KSMoonbaesteel Co.,LtdKSC
360008490.KSSuheung Co., Ltd.KSC
361008500.KSIljeong Industrial Co.,LtdKSC
362008560.KSMeritz Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
363008600.KSThe Willbes & CO., Ltd.KSC
364008730.KSYoulchon Chemical Co.,Ltd.KSC
365008770.KSHotel Shilla Co.,LtdKSC
366008775.KSHotel Shilla Co.,LtdKSC
367008870.KSKumbi CorporationKSC
368008930.KSHanmi Science Co., Ltd.KSC
369008970.KSDong Yang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.KSC
370009070.KSKCTC Co. LtdKSC
371009140.KSKyungin Electronics Co., LtdKSC
372009150.KSSamsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd.KSC
373009155.KSSamsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd.KSC
374009160.KSSIMPAC Inc.KSC
375009180.KSHansol Logistics Co., Ltd.KSC
376009190.KSDaiyang Metal Co., Ltd.KSC
377009200.KSMoorim Paper Co., Ltd.KSC
378009240.KSHanssem Co., Ltd.KSC
379009270.KSShinWon CorporationKSC
380009275.KSShinWon CorporationKSC
381009290.KSKwang Dong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.KSC
382009310.KSCharm Engineering Co.,Ltd.KSC
383009320.KSDaewoo Electronic Components Co., Ltd.KSC
384009410.KSTaeyoung Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd.KSC
385009415.KSTaeyoung Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd.KSC
386009420.KSHanall Biopharma Co.,LtdKSC
387009440.KSKC Green Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
388009450.KSKyung Dong Navien Co., Ltd.KSC
389009460.KSHanchangpaper co., LtdKSC
390009470.KSSamwha Electric Co.,Ltd.KSC
391009540.KSKorea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.KSC
392009580.KSMoorim P&P Co., Ltd.KSC
393009680.KSMotonic CorporationKSC
394009770.KSSam Jung Pulp Co.,Ltd.KSC
395009810.KSPlaygram Co., Ltd.KSC
396009830.KSHanwha Solutions CorporationKSC
397009835.KSHanwha Solutions CorporationKSC
398009900.KSMyoung Shin Industrial Co.,LtdKSC
399009970.KSYoungone Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
400010040.KSKorea Refractories Co., LtdKSC
401010050.KSWoori Investment Bank Co.,Ltd.KSC
402010060.KSOCI Company Ltd.KSC
403010100.KSKorea Flange Co., LtdKSC
404010120.KSLS ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.KSC
405010130.KSKorea Zinc Company, Ltd.KSC
406010140.KSSamsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.KSC
407010145.KSSamsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.KSC
408010400.KSWoojin I&S Co., Ltd.KSC
409010420.KSHansol PNS Co.,Ltd.KSC
410010620.KSHyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., Ltd.KSC
411010640.KSChinyang Poly Urethane Co.,LtdKSC
412010660.KSHwacheon Machinery Co., Ltd.KSC
413010690.KSHWASHIN CO.,LtdKSC
414010770.KSPyung Hwa Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
415010780.KSIS DongSeo Co., Ltd.KSC
416010820.KSFIRSTEC Co., LtdKSC
417010950.KSS-Oil CorporationKSC
418010955.KSS-Oil CorporationKSC
419010960.KSSamho Development Co., LTDKSC
420011000.KSGeneOne Life Science, Inc.KSC
421011070.KSLG Innotek Co., Ltd.KSC
422011090.KSEnex Co.,LtdKSC
423011150.KSCJ Seafood CorporationKSC
424011155.KSCJ Seafood CorporationKSC
425011170.KSLotte Chemical CorporationKSC
426011200.KSHMM Co.,LtdKSC
427011210.KSHYUNDAI WIA CorporationKSC
428011230.KSSamwha Electronics Co.,Ltd.KSC
429011280.KSTailim Packaging Co., Ltd.KSC
430011330.KSUni-Chem Co., Ltd.KSC
431011390.KSBusan Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
432011420.KSGalaxia SM, Inc.KSC
433011500.KSHannong Chemicals Inc.KSC
434011690.KSY2 Solution CO.,LTDKSC
435011700.KSHanshin Machinery Co., Ltd.KSC
436011760.KSHyundai CorporationKSC
437011780.KSKumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd.KSC
438011785.KSKumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd.KSC
439011790.KSSKC Co., Ltd.KSC
440011810.KSSTX CorporationKSC
441011930.KSShinsung E&G Co., Ltd.KSC
442012030.KSDB Inc.KSC
443012160.KSYoungwire Co., Ltd.KSC
444012200.KSKeyang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.KSC
445012205.KSKeyang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.KSC
446012280.KSYeong Hwa Metal Co., Ltd.KSC
447012320.KSKyungdong Invest Co., LtdKSC
448012330.KSHyundai Mobis Co.,LtdKSC
449012450.KSHanwha Aerospace Co., Ltd.KSC
450012510.KSDouzone Bizon Co., Ltd.KSC
451012610.KSKyungin Synthetic Co., Ltd.KSC
453012690.KSMonalisa Co., LtdKSC
454012750.KSS-1 CorporationKSC
455012800.KSDaechang Co., Ltd.KSC
456013360.KSIlsung Construction Co., Ltd.KSC
457013520.KSHwaseung Corporation Co.,Ltd.KSC
458013570.KSDY CorporationKSC
459013580.KSKyeryong Construction Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
461013870.KSGMB Korea Corp.KSC
462013890.KSZinus, IncKSC
463014130.KSHanexpress.Co., LtdKSC
464014160.KSDAE YOUNG Packaging.Co., Ltd.KSC
465014280.KSKumkang Kind Co., Ltd.KSC
466014285.KSKumkang Kind Co., Ltd.KSC
467014440.KSYoungbo Chemical Co., Ltd.KSC
468014530.KSKukdong Oil & Chemicals Co.,LtdKSC
469014580.KSTaekyung Bk Co., LtdKSC
470014680.KSHansol Chemical Co., Ltd.KSC
472014790.KSHalla CorporationKSC
473014820.KSDongwon Systems CorporationKSC
474014825.KSDongwon Systems CorporationKSC
475014830.KSUNID Company Ltd.KSC
476014910.KSSungmoon Electronics Co., Ltd.KSC
477014915.KSSungmoon Electronics Co., Ltd.KSC
478014990.KSIn the F Co.,Ltd.KSC
479015020.KSE-Starco. Co. LtdKSC
480015230.KSDaechang Forging Co., Ltd.KSC
481015260.KSAutomobile & PCB Inc.KSC
482015350.KSBusan City Gas. Co. Ltd.KSC
483015360.KSYesco Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
484015590.KSCuro Co.,Ltd.KSC
485015760.KSKorea Electric Power CorporationKSC
486015860.KSILJIN Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
487015890.KSTaekyung Industry.Co., Ltd.KSC
488016090.KSDaehyun Co.,Ltd.KSC
489016360.KSSamsung Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
490016380.KSKG Dongbu Steel Co.,Ltd.KSC
491016385.KSKG Dongbu Steel Co.,Ltd.KSC
492016450.KSHansae Yes24 Holdings Co., LtdKSC
493016580.KSWhan In Pharm Co.,Ltd.KSC
494016590.KSShindaeyang Paper Co., Ltd.KSC
495016610.KSDB Financial Investment Co., Ltd.KSC
496016740.KSDUAL Co., Ltd.KSC
497016800.KSFursys Inc.KSC
498016880.KSWoongjin Co., Ltd.KSC
499017040.KSKwang Myung Electric Co.,LtdKSC
500017180.KSMYUNGMOON Pharm co.,LtdKSC
501017370.KSWooshin Systems Co., Ltd.KSC
502017390.KSSeoul City Gas Co., Ltd.KSC
503017550.KSSoosan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.KSC
504017670.KSSK Telecom Co.,LtdKSC
505017800.KSHyundai Elevator Co., LtdKSC
506017810.KSPulmuone Co., Ltd.KSC
507017900.KSAUK Corp.KSC
508017940.KSE1 CorporationKSC
509017960.KSHankuk Carbon Co., Ltd.KSC
510018250.KSAekyung Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
511018260.KSSamsung SDS Co.,Ltd.KSC
512018470.KSChoil Aluminum Co., Ltd.KSC
513018500.KSDongwon Metal Co., Ltd.KSC
514018670.KSSK Gas Co., Ltd.KSC
515018880.KSHanon SystemsKSC
516019170.KSShin Poong Pharm.Co.,Ltd.KSC
517019175.KSShin Poong Pharm.Co.,Ltd.KSC
518019180.KSTHN CorporationKSC
520019490.KSHitron Systems Inc.KSC
521019680.KSDaekyo Co., Ltd.KSC
522019685.KSDaekyo Co., Ltd.KSC
523020000.KSHANDSOME Corp.KSC
524020120.KSKidariStudio, Inc.KSC
525020150.KSILJIN Materials Co., Ltd.KSC
526020560.KSAsiana Airlines, Inc.KSC
527020760.KSIljin Display Co., Ltd.KSC
528021050.KSSeowon Co., Ltd.KSC
529021240.KSCOWAY Co., Ltd.KSC
531023150.KSMH Ethanol Co.,Ltd.KSC
532023350.KSKorea Engineering Consultants Corp.KSC
533023450.KSDongnam Chemical Co., LTD.KSC
534023530.KSLotte Shopping Co., Ltd.KSC
535023590.KSDaou Technology Inc.KSC
536023800.KSINZI Controls Co.,Ltd.KSC
537023810.KSINFAC CorporationKSC
538023960.KSSC Engineering Co., LtdKSC
539024070.KSWiscom Co.,Ltd.KSC
540024090.KSDCM Corp.KSC
541024110.KSIndustrial Bank of KoreaKSC
542024720.KSKolmar Korea Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
543024890.KSDAEWON Chemical Co., Ltd.KSC
544024900.KSDuckyang Ind. Co., Ltd.KSC
545025000.KSKPX Chemical Co.,Ltd.KSC
546025530.KSSJM Holdings Co.,Ltd.KSC
547025540.KSKorea Electric Terminal Co., Ltd.KSC
548025560.KSMirae CorporationKSC
549025620.KSJayjun Cosmetic Co., Ltd.KSC
550025750.KSHansol HomeDeco Co., Ltd.KSC
551025820.KSLeeku Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
552025860.KSNamhae Chemical CorporationKSC
553025890.KSHankook Steel Co., Ltd.KSC
554026890.KSSTIC Investments, Inc.KSC
555026940.KSBookook Steel Co., Ltd.KSC
556026960.KSDong Suh Companies Inc.KSC
557027410.KSBGF Co., Ltd.KSC
559027970.KSseha corporationKSC
560028050.KSSamsung Engineering Co., Ltd.KSC
561028100.KSDong-Ah Geological Engineering Company Ltd.KSC
562028260.KSSamsung C&T CorporationKSC
56302826K.KSSamsung C&T CorporationKSC
564028670.KSPan Ocean Co., Ltd.KSC
565029460.KSKC Co., Ltd.KSC
566029530.KSsindoh Co.,Ltd.KSC
567029780.KSSamsung Card Co., Ltd.KSC
568030000.KSCheil Worldwide Inc.KSC
569030200.KSKT CorporationKSC
570030210.KSDaol Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
571030610.KSKyobo Securities Co ., LtdKSC
572030720.KSDong Won Fisheries Co., Ltd.KSC
573030790.KSBK TOPS Co., Ltd.KSC
574031430.KSShinsegae International Co., Ltd.KSC
576031820.KSComtec Systems Co.,Ltd.KSC
577032350.KSLotte Tour Development Co., Ltd.KSC
578032560.KSHwang Kum Steel & Technology Co., LtdKSC
579032640.KSLG Uplus Corp.KSC
580032830.KSSamsung Life Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
581033180.KSKH Feelux Co., Ltd.KSC
582033240.KSJahwa Electronics. Co., LtdKSC
583033250.KSCHASYS Co., Ltd.KSC
584033270.KSKorea United Pharm Inc.KSC
585033530.KSSejong Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
586033780.KSKT&G CorporationKSC
587033920.KSMuhak Co., Ltd.KSC
588034020.KSDoosan Enerbility Co., Ltd.KSC
589034120.KSSeoul Broadcasting SystemKSC
590034220.KSLG Display Co., Ltd.KSC
591034300.KSShinsegae Engineering & Construction Inc.KSC
592034310.KSNICE Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
593034590.KSIncheon City Gas Co., Ltd.KSC
594034730.KSSK Inc.KSC
59503473K.KSSK Inc.KSC
597035000.KSGIIR Inc.KSC
598035150.KSBAIKSAN Co,. LtdKSC
599035250.KSKangwon Land, Inc.KSC
600035420.KSNAVER CorporationKSC
601035510.KSSHINSEGAE Information & Communication Co., LTDKSC
602035720.KSKakao Corp.KSC
603036420.KSContentreeJoongAng corp.KSC
604036460.KSKorea Gas CorporationKSC
605036530.KSSNT Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
606036570.KSNcsoft CorporationKSC
608037270.KSYG Plus, Inc.KSC
609037560.KSLG HelloVision Corp.KSC
610037710.KSGwangju Shinsegae. Co. ,Ltd.KSC
611039130.KSHanatour Service Inc.KSC
612039490.KSKiwoom Securities Co., Ltd.KSC
613039570.KSHDC I-Controls Co., Ltd.KSC
614041650.KSSangsin Brake Co., Ltd.KSC
615042660.KSDaewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.KSC
616042670.KSHyundai Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.KSC
617042700.KSHANMI Semiconductor Co., Ltd.KSC
619044450.KSKSS Line Ltd.KSC
620044820.KSCosmax BTI, Inc.KSC
621047040.KSDaewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.KSC
622047050.KSPosco International CorporationKSC
623047400.KSUnion Materials Corp.KSC
624047810.KSKorea Aerospace Industries, Ltd.KSC
625049770.KSDongwon F&B Co., Ltd.KSC
626049800.KSWoojin Plaimm Co., Ltd.KSC
627051600.KSKEPCO Plant Service & Engineering Co.,Ltd.KSC
628051630.KSChinYang Chemical CorporationKSC
629051900.KSLG H&H Co., Ltd.KSC
630051905.KSLG H&H Co., Ltd.KSC
631051910.KSLG Chem, Ltd.KSC
632051915.KSLG Chem, Ltd.KSC
633052690.KSKEPCO Engineering & Construction Company, Inc.KSC
634053210.KSKT Skylife Co., Ltd.KSC
635053690.KSHanmiGlobal Co., Ltd.KSC
636055490.KSTapex Co., Ltd.KSC
637055550.KSShinhan Financial Group Co., Ltd.KSC
638057050.KSHyundai Home Shopping Network CorporationKSC
640058650.KSSeAH Holdings CorporationKSC
641058730.KSDevelopment Advance Solution Co.,Ltd.KSC
642058850.KSktcs corporationKSC
643058860.KSKTIS CorporationKSC
644060980.KSHalla Holdings Corp.KSC
645063160.KSCKD Bio Corp.KSC
646064350.KSHyundai Rotem CompanyKSC
647064960.KSSNT Motiv Co., Ltd.KSC
648066570.KSLG Electronics Inc.KSC
649066575.KSLG Electronics Inc.KSC
650067830.KSSavezone I&C CorporationKSC
651068270.KSCelltrion, Inc.KSC
652068290.KSSamsung Publishing Co., LtdKSC
653068400.KSSK Rent A Car Co., LtdKSC
654069260.KSTKG Huchems Co.,Ltd.KSC
655069460.KSDaeho Al Co.,Ltd.KSC
656069620.KSDaewoong pharmaceutical Co.,LtdKSC
657069640.KSHansaemk Co.,Ltd.KSC
658069730.KSDSR Wire CorpKSC
659069960.KSHyundai Department Store Co. Ltd.KSC
660070960.KSHJ Magnolia Yongpyong Hotel & ResortKSC
661071050.KSKorea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
662071055.KSKorea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
663071090.KSHisteel Co.,Ltd.KSC
664071320.KSKorea District Heating Corp.KSC
665071840.KSLOTTE Himart Co.,Ltd.KSC
666071950.KSKOAS Co., Ltd.KSC
667071970.KSSTX Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.KSC
668072130.KSUANGEL CorporationKSC
669072710.KSNongShim Holdings Co.,Ltd.KSC
670073240.KSKumho Tire Co., Inc.KSC
671074610.KSEnplus Co., Ltd.KSC
672075180.KSSaeron Automotive CorporationKSC
673075580.KSSejin Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.KSC
674077500.KSUniquest CorporationKSC
675077970.KSSTX Engine Co.,Ltd.KSC
676078000.KSTelcoware Co.,Ltd.KSC
677078520.KSAble C&C Co., Ltd.KSC
678078930.KSGS Holdings Corp.KSC
679078935.KSGS Holdings Corp.KSC
680079160.KSCJ CGV Co., Ltd.KSC
681079430.KSHyundai Livart Furniture Company LimitedKSC
682079550.KSLIG Nex1 Co., Ltd.KSC
683079980.KSHuvis CorporationKSC
684081000.KSIljin Diamond Co.,LtdKSC
685081660.KSFILA Holdings CorporationKSC
686082640.KSTong Yang Life Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
687082740.KSHSD Engine Co., Ltd.KSC
688083420.KSGreen Chemical Co., Ltd.KSC
689084010.KSDaehan Steel Co., Ltd.KSC
690084670.KSDongyang Express Corp.KSC
691084680.KSE-World Co.,Ltd.KSC
692084690.KSDaesang Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
693084695.KSDaesang Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
694084870.KSTBH Global Co., LtdKSC
695085310.KSNK Co., Ltd.KSC
696085620.KSMirae Asset Life Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
697086280.KSHyundai Glovis Co., Ltd.KSC
698086790.KSHana Financial Group Inc.KSC
699088260.KSE Kocref Cr-ReitKSC
700088350.KSHanwha Life Insurance Co., Ltd.KSC
701088790.KSJindo.Co., Ltd.KSC
702088980.KSMacquarie Korea Infrastructure FundKSC
703089470.KSHDC Hyundai Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.KSC
704089590.KSJeju Air Co., Ltd.KSC
705089860.KSLOTTE rental co.,ltd.KSC
706090080.KSPyung Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
709090370.KSMetalabs Co., Ltd.KSC
710090430.KSAmorepacific CorporationKSC
711090435.KSAmorepacific CorporationKSC
712091090.KSSEWON E&C CO., Ltd.KSC
713092200.KSDAE-IL CorporationKSC
714092220.KSKec CorporationKSC
715092230.KSKPX Holdings Co.,Ltd.KSC
716092440.KSKishin CorporationKSC
717092780.KSDong Yang Piston Co., Ltd.KSC
718093050.KSLF Corp.KSC
719093230.KSE Investment&Development Co., Ltd.KSC
720093240.KShyungji Elite Co., Ltd.KSC
721093370.KSFoosung Co., Ltd.KSC
722094280.KSHyosung ITX Co. Ltd.KSC
723095570.KSAJ Networks Co., Ltd.KSC
724095720.KSWoongjin Thinkbig Co., Ltd.KSC
725096760.KSJW Holdings CorporationKSC
726096770.KSSK Innovation Co., Ltd.KSC
727096775.KSSK Innovation Co., Ltd.KSC
728097230.KSHJ Shipbuilding & Construction Co., Ltd.KSC
729097520.KSMCNEX Co., LtdKSC
730097950.KSCJ Cheiljedang CorporationKSC
731097955.KSCJ Cheiljedang CorporationKSC
732100220.KSVisang Education IncKSC
733100250.KSChinyang Holdings Corp.KSC
734100840.KSSNT Energy Co., Ltd.KSC
735101060.KSSBS Media Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
737101530.KSHaitai Confectionery&Foods Co.,ltd.KSC
738102260.KSDongsung Chemical Co., Ltd.KSC
739103140.KSPoongsan CorporationKSC
740103590.KSIljin Electric Co.,LtdKSC
741104700.KSKISCO Corp.KSC
742105560.KSKB Financial Group Inc.KSC
743105630.KSHansae Co., Ltd.KSC
744105840.KSWoojin Inc.KSC
745107590.KSMiwon Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
746108670.KSLX Hausys, Ltd.KSC
747108675.KSLX Hausys, Ltd.KSC
748111110.KSHojeon LimitedKSC
749111770.KSYoungone CorporationKSC
750112610.KSCS Wind CorporationKSC
751114090.KSGrand Korea Leisure Co., Ltd.KSC
752115390.KSLock&Lock Co., Ltd.KSC
753117580.KSDaesung Energy Co., Ltd.KSC
754118000.KSWooridul Huebrain LimitedKSC
755119650.KSKC Cottrell Co., Ltd.KSC
757120110.KSKolon Industries, Inc.KSC
758120115.KSKolon Industries, Inc.KSC
759122900.KSiMarketKorea Inc.KSC
760123690.KSHankook Cosmetics Co., Ltd.KSC
761123700.KSSJM Co., Ltd.KSC
762123890.KSKorea Asset In Trust Co., Ltd.KSC
763126560.KSHyundai Futurenet Co., LtdKSC
764128820.KSDaesung Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
765128940.KSHanmi Pharm. Co., Ltd.KSC
766129260.KSIntergis Co., LtdKSC
767130660.KSKorea Electric Power Industrial Development Co., LtdKSC
768134380.KSMiwon Chemicals Co., Ltd.KSC
770137310.KSSD BioSensor, IncKSC
771138040.KSMeritz Financial Group Inc.KSC
772138250.KSNS Shopping Co., LtdKSC
773138490.KSKolon Plastics, Inc.KSC
774138930.KSBNK Financial Group Inc.KSC
775139480.KSE-MART Inc.KSC
776143210.KSHands Corporation Ltd.KSC
777145210.KSDynamic Design Co., LTD.KSC
778145270.KSK-TOP Reits Co.,Ltd.KSC
779145720.KSDentium CO., LTDKSC
780145990.KSSamyang CorporationKSC
781145995.KSSamyang CorporationKSC
782153360.KSHi Gold Ocean No.3 Ship Investment CompanyKSC
783155900.KSBadaro No. 19 Ship Investment CompanyKSC
784161000.KSAekyungchemical Co., Ltd.KSC
785161890.KSKolmar Korea Co., Ltd.KSC
786163560.KSDRB Industrial Co., Ltd.KSC
787170900.KSDong-A ST Co., Ltd.KSC
788172580.KSHi Gold Ocean Kmarin No.12 Ship Investment CompanyKSC
789180640.KSHanjin KalKSC
79018064K.KSHanjin KalKSC
791185750.KSChong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp.KSC
792192080.KSDoubleUGames Co., Ltd.KSC
793192400.KSCuckoo Holdings Co., Ltd.KSC
794192650.KSDREAMTECH Co., Ltd.KSC
795192820.KSCosmax, Inc.KSC
796194370.KSJS CorporationKSC
797195870.KSHAESUNG DS Co., Ltd.KSC
798200880.KSSeoyon E-Hwa Co., Ltd.KSC
799204210.KSMODE TOUR Real Estate Investment Trust IncorporatedKSC
800204320.KSMando CorporationKSC
801207940.KSSamsung Biologics Co.,Ltd.KSC
802210540.KSDY Power CorporationKSC
803210980.KSSK D&D Co. Ltd.KSC
804213500.KSHansol Paper Co., Ltd.KSC
805214320.KSInnocean Worldwide Inc.KSC
806214330.KSKumho HT, IncKSC
808234080.KSJW Lifescience CorporationKSC
809241560.KSDoosan Bobcat Inc.KSC
810241590.KSHwaseung Enterprise Co., Ltd.KSC
811244920.KSAplus Asset Advisor Co. LtdKSC
812248070.KSSolum Co., Ltd.KSC
813248170.KSSempio Foods CompanyKSC
814249420.KSIldong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.KSC
815251270.KSNetmarble CorporationKSC
816259960.KSKRAFTON, Inc.KSC
817264900.KSCrown Confectionery Co., Ltd.KSC
818267250.KSHD Hyundai Co., Ltd.KSC
819267260.KSHyundai Electric & Energy Systems Co., Ltd.KSC
820267270.KSHyundai Construction Equipment Co., Ltd.KSC
821267850.KSAsiana IDT, Inc.KSC
822268280.KSMiwon Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd.KSC
823271560.KSORION Corp.KSC
824271980.KSJeil Pharmaceutical Co.,LtdKSC
825272210.KSHanwha Systems Co., Ltd.KSC
826272450.KSJin Air Co., Ltd.KSC
827272550.KSSamyang Packaging CorporationKSC
828280360.KSLotte Confectionery Co., Ltd.KSC
829282330.KSBGF retail CO., LTD.KSC
830284740.KSCUCKOO Homesys Co., LtdKSC
831285130.KSSK Chemicals Co.,LtdKSC
83228513K.KSSK Chemicals Co.,LtdKSC
833293940.KSShinhan Alpha REIT Co., Ltd.KSC
834294870.KSHDC Hyundai Development CompanyKSC
835298000.KSHyosung Chemical CorporationKSC
836298020.KSHyosung TNC CorporationKSC
837298040.KSHyosung Heavy Industries CorporationKSC
838298050.KSHyosung Advanced Materials CorporationKSC
839298690.KSAir Busan Co., Ltd.KSC
840300720.KSHanil Cement Co., Ltd.KSC
841302440.KSSK bioscience Co.,Ltd.KSC
842306200.KSSeAH Steel CorporationKSC
843307950.KSHyundai Autoever CorporationKSC
845310960.KSTiger 200 Total ReturnKSC
846316140.KSWoori Financial Group Inc.KSC
847317400.KSXi S&D Inc.KSC
848322000.KSHyundai Energy Solutions Co.,LtdKSC
849323410.KSKakaoBank Corp.KSC
850326030.KSSK Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.KSC
851334890.KSIGIS Value Plus REIT Co., Ltd.KSC
852336260.KSDoosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd.KSC
85333626K.KSDoosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd.KSC
85433626L.KSDoosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd.KSC
855336370.KSSolus Advanced Materials Co. Ltd.KSC
85633637K.KSSolus Advanced Materials Co. Ltd.KSC
85733637L.KSSolus Advanced Materials Co. Ltd.KSC
858338100.KSNH Prime REIT Co., Ltd.KSC
859339770.KSKyochon Food&Beverage Co., Ltd.KSC
860344820.KSKCC GLASS CorporationKSC
861348950.KSJR Global REITKSC
863352820.KSHYBE Co., Ltd.KSC
866357120.KSKoramco Energy Plus ReitKSC
867357250.KSMiraeasset Maps REIT 1 Co., Ltd.KSC
868361610.KSSK IE Technology Co., Ltd.KSC
869363280.KSTY Holdings Co., LtdKSC
870365550.KSESR Kendall Square REIT Co., Ltd.KSC
871375500.KSDL E&C Co.,Ltd.KSC
872383220.KSF&F Co., LtdKSC
873383800.KSLX Holdings Corp.KSC
874900140.KSLVMC HoldingsKSC
875950210.KSPrestige BioPharma LimitedKSC
A. Goustato G. 3-26
01106 Vilnius

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