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NASDAQ Composite [ ^IXIC ] Tue, 21 May 2024 19:25:49
Current Price ( 0.102%) 16 812
Previous Close 16 795
Open Price 16 736
Today's Range 16 720 - 16 823
Volume 4.97B
Average Volume 5.39B
52 Week Low/High 12 416 - 16 824
Market Cap N/A
50-Day Average Price 16 151
200-Day Average Price 14 796
Earnings per Share (EPS) N/A
Price-Earnings Ratio (PE) N/A
Earnings Announcement N/A
Shares Outstanding N/A
1006730.KQSeobu T&D Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
2007390.KQNatureCell Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
3010170.KQTaihan Fiber Optics Co., LtdKOSDAQ
4013120.KQDongWon Development Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
5014620.KQSung Kwang Bend Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
6015750.KQSungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
7018000.KQUnison Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
8019210.KQYG-1 Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
9022100.KQPosco ICT Company Ltd.KOSDAQ
10023160.KQTae Kwang CorporationKOSDAQ
11023410.KQEugene CorporationKOSDAQ
12025900.KQDongwha Enterprise Co.,LtdKOSDAQ
13025980.KQAnanti Inc.KOSDAQ
14027360.KQAju IB Investment Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
15028300.KQHLB Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
16029960.KQKorea Environment Technology Co., LTD.KOSDAQ
17030190.KQNICE Information Service Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
18030530.KQWonik Holdings Co., LtdKOSDAQ
19031390.KQGreen Cross Cell CorporationKOSDAQ
20032190.KQDaou Data Corp.KOSDAQ
21032500.KQKmw Inc.KOSDAQ
23033640.KQNepes CorporationKOSDAQ
24034230.KQParadise Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
25035080.KQInterpark Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
26035600.KQKginicis Co.,LtdKOSDAQ
27035760.KQCJ ENM CO., Ltd.KOSDAQ
29035900.KQJYP Entertainment CorporationKOSDAQ
30036490.KQSK Materials Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
31036540.KQSFA Semicon Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
32036630.KQSejong Telecom, Inc.KOSDAQ
33036830.KQSoulbrain Holdings Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
35038540.KQSangsangin Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
36039030.KQEO Technics Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
37039200.KQOscotec Inc.KOSDAQ
38039840.KQDIO CorporationKOSDAQ
39040910.KQICD Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
40041190.KQWoori Technology Investment Co., LtdKOSDAQ
41041510.KQSM Entertainment Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
42041830.KQInBody Co.,LtdKOSDAQ
43043150.KQValue Added Technology Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
44044340.KQWinix Inc.KOSDAQ
45044490.KQTaewoong Co.,LtdKOSDAQ
46045390.KQDAEA TI Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
47046890.KQSeoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
48048260.KQOsstem Implant Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
49048410.KQHyundai Bioscience Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
50048530.KQiNtRON Biotechnology, Inc.KOSDAQ
51049070.KQIntops Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
52049950.KQmeerecompany IncorporatedKOSDAQ
53051370.KQInterflex Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
54052400.KQKona I Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
55053030.KQBINEX Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
56053800.KQAhnLab, Inc.KOSDAQ
57056190.KQSFA Engineering CorporationKOSDAQ
58058470.KQLEENO Industrial Inc.KOSDAQ
59058820.KQCMG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
60059090.KQMiCo Ltd.KOSDAQ
61060150.KQINSUN Environmental New Technology Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
62060250.KQNHN KCP Corp.KOSDAQ
64063080.KQCom2uS Holdings CorporationKOSDAQ
65064550.KQBioneer CorporationKOSDAQ
66064760.KQTokai Carbon Korea Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
68066970.KQL&F Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
69067160.KQAfreecaTV Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
70067630.KQHLB Life Science Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
71068240.KQDawonsys Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
72068760.KQCelltrion Pharm, Inc.KOSDAQ
73069080.KQWebzen Inc.KOSDAQ
74078130.KQKuk-Il Paper Mfg Co.,LtdKOSDAQ
75078340.KQCom2uS CorporationKOSDAQ
76078600.KQDaejoo Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
77083790.KQCrystalGenomics, Inc.KOSDAQ
78084110.KQHuons Global Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
79084850.KQITM Semiconductor Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
80084990.KQHelixmith Co., LtdKOSDAQ
81085370.KQLutronic CorporationKOSDAQ
82086390.KQUniTest IncorporationKOSDAQ
83086450.KQDongKook Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
84086520.KQEcopro Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
85086900.KQMedy-Tox Inc.KOSDAQ
86087010.KQPeptron, Inc.KOSDAQ
87088800.KQAce Technologies Corp.KOSDAQ
88090460.KQBH Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
89091700.KQPartron Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
90091990.KQCelltrion Healthcare Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
91092040.KQAmicogen, Inc.KOSDAQ
92094820.KQIljin Power Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
93095610.KQTES Co., LtdKOSDAQ
95095700.KQGenexine, Inc.KOSDAQ
96096530.KQSeegene, Inc.KOSDAQ
97098460.KQKoh Young Technology Inc.KOSDAQ
98099190.KQi-SENS, Inc.KOSDAQ
99100120.KQVieworks Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
100101490.KQS&S Tech CorporationKOSDAQ
101102710.KQENF Technology Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
102104830.KQWONIK Materials Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
103108230.KQTOPTEC Co., LtdKOSDAQ
104108320.KQLX Semicon Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
105112040.KQWemade Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
106115160.KQHumax Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
107122450.KQKMH Co. Ltd.KOSDAQ
108122870.KQYG Entertainment Inc.KOSDAQ
109122990.KQWiSoL CO.,LTD.KOSDAQ
110131370.KQRSUPPORT Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
111131970.KQTesna Inc.KOSDAQ
113200130.KQKolmar BNH Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
115200670.KQHumedix Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
116204270.KQJNTC Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
117205470.KQHumasis Co. Ltd.KOSDAQ
118206640.KQBoditech Med Inc.KOSDAQ
119206650.KQEuBiologics Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
120214450.KQPharmaResearch Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
121215000.KQGOLFZON Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
122215200.KQMegaStudyEdu Co. LtdKOSDAQ
123215600.KQSillaJen, Inc.KOSDAQ
124216080.KQJETEMA, Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
125218410.KQRFHIC CorporationKOSDAQ
126222080.KQCreative & Innovative System CorporationKOSDAQ
127226950.KQOliX Pharmaceuticals,IncKOSDAQ
128230240.KQHFR, Inc.KOSDAQ
129230360.KQEchomarketing Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
130235980.KQMedPacto, Inc.KOSDAQ
131237690.KQST Pharm Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
132241820.KQPCL, Inc.KOSDAQ
133243070.KQHuons Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
134247540.KQEcopro BM. Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
135253450.KQStudio Dragon CorporationKOSDAQ
136253840.KQSugentech Inc.KOSDAQ
137263750.KQPearl Abyss Corp.KOSDAQ
138265520.KQAdvanced Process Systems CorporationKOSDAQ
139267980.KQMaeil Dairies Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
140268600.KQCellivery Therapeutics, Inc.KOSDAQ
141272290.KQINNOX Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
142290650.KQL&C Bio Co., LtdKOSDAQ
143293490.KQKakao Games Corp.KOSDAQ
144293780.KQAptaBio Therapeutics Inc.KOSDAQ
145294090.KQEOFLOW Co.,Ltd.KOSDAQ
146298380.KQABL Bio Inc.KOSDAQ
147299660.KQCellid, Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
148348210.KQNEXTIN, Inc.KOSDAQ
150357780.KQSoulbrain Co., Ltd.KOSDAQ
A. Goustato G. 3-26
01106 Vilnius

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