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Realtime updates for Bumrungrad Hospital [BZ7A.F]

Exchange: XETRA Sector: Healthcare Industry: Medical Care Facilities
Last Updated1 Dec 2023 @ 02:19

0.00% 5.65

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Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited owns and operates healthcare-related entities in Thailand and internationally. The company offers diagnostic, therapeutic, and intensive care facilities in a medical center...

Today's Volume 500.00
Average Volume 17.00
Market Cap 4.54B
Last Dividend €1.350 ( 2023-08-24 )
Next Dividend €0 ( N/A )
P/E 26.90
ATR14 €0 (0.00%)

Bumrungrad Hospital Correlation

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Bumrungrad Hospital Financials

Annual 2022
Revenue: €20.72B
Gross Profit: €9.62B (46.43 %)
EPS: €6.21
Q2 2023
Revenue: €6.05B
Gross Profit: €3.01B (49.72 %)
EPS: €2.20
Q4 2022
Revenue: €5.99B
Gross Profit: €2.85B (47.62 %)
EPS: €0
Q3 2022
Revenue: €5.69B
Gross Profit: €2.76B (48.54 %)
EPS: €1.890

Bumrungrad Hospital Dividends

(Q3/21) (Q4/21) (Q1/22) (Q2/22) (Q3/22) (Q4/22) (Q1/23) (Q2/23) (Q3/23) (Q4/23)

Bumrungrad Hospital Dividend Information - Ex Dividend Junior

Dividend Sustainability Score: 0 - N/A | Divividend Growth Potential Score: 0 - N/A
First Dividend €0.400 2008-04-29
Last Dividend €1.350 2023-08-24
Next Dividend €0 N/A
Payout Date 0000-00-00
Next Payout Date
# dividends 33 --
Total Paid Out €36.65 --
Avg. Dividend % Per Year 0.00% --
Score 1.33 --
Div. Sustainability Score 0
Div.Growth Potential Score 0
Div. Directional Score 0 --
Next Divdend (Est)
€1.337 Estimate 25.00 %
Dividend Stability
0.50 Average
Dividend Score
Pay Frequency
Yearly Payout
Year Amount Yield

Dividend Commentary

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Bumrungrad Hospital

Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited owns and operates healthcare-related entities in Thailand and internationally. The company offers diagnostic, therapeutic, and intensive care facilities in a medical center. Its outpatient clinics/centers include allergy, arrhythmia, behavioral health, breastfeeding, breast care, children, dental, diabetes, diagnostic, dialysis, digestive disease, emergency, eye, fertility and IVF, health screening, hearing and balance, heart valve, cancer, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hypertension, joint replacement, liver, memory, men, nephrology, neuroscience, new life healthy aging, orthopedic, Parkinson's disease and movement disorders, perinatal, physical therapy and rehabilitation, plastic surgery, pulmonary, refractive surgery, robotic scoliosis and surgery, skin, sleep lab, spine, sports medicine and lifestyle, surgical, travel medicine, urology, vitalife, and women's, as well as ear, nose, and throat centers. In addition, the company is involved in the real estate assets holding activities; provision of clinical research services; distribution of pharmaceutical and medical goods in specialized stores; operation of personnel development and training center for healthcare services; and patient referral service business. It operates 580 beds and approximately 56 clinics/centers. The company was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

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