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Realtime updates for Shenzhen H&T Intelligent [002402.SZ]

Exchange: SHZ Sector: Technology Industry: Electronics & Computer Distribution
Last Updated30 Nov 2023 @ 02:04

-2.29% CNY 13.64

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Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and markets intelligent controller products in China and internationally...

Today's Volume 8.68M
Average Volume 10.25M
Market Cap 12.71B
EPS CNY0.140 ( 2022-10-28 )
Last Dividend CNY0 ( N/A )
Next Dividend CNY0 ( N/A )
P/E 29.02
ATR14 CNY0.0160 (0.12%)

Volume Correlation

Long: 0.66 (moderate)
Short: 0.86 (strong)
Signal:(60.581) Same movement expected

Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Correlation

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Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Correlation - Currency/Commodity

The country flag -0.30
( neutral )
The country flag -0.76
( moderate negative )
The country flag 0.00
( neutral )
The country flag 0.23
( neutral )
The country flag 0.00
( neutral )
The country flag -0.31
( neutral )

Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Financials

Annual 2022
Revenue: CNY5.97B
Gross Profit: CNY1.20B (20.15 %)
EPS: CNY0.480
Q3 2023
Revenue: CNY1.89B
Gross Profit: CNY359.49M (19.03 %)
Q2 2023
Revenue: CNY1.95B
Gross Profit: CNY390.06M (19.97 %)
EPS: CNY0.120
Q1 2023
Revenue: CNY1.64B
Gross Profit: CNY283.90M (17.26 %)
EPS: CNY0.0878

Shenzhen H&T Intelligent

Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and markets intelligent controller products in China and internationally. It offers healthcare products, such as health pots, drinking cups, foot spa tubs, and desktop air purifiers; bedroom products comprising anti-snore pillows, LED bulbs, aroma diffusers, air humidifiers, and sleep recorders; and beauty products consisting of handheld facial sprayers, ultrasonic facial massagers and scrubber cleaners, skin rejuvenation devices, skin test instruments, and rechargeable ultrasonic facial brushes. The company also provides kitchen appliances, such as coffee machines, handheld scrambler, touch and knot scrambler, knob style juicer, slow-cooking pot, and oil-less frying pan controllers, as well as dishwasher and microwave displays; and electric tool, floor cleaner, and battery group controllers. In addition, it offers refrigerator controller power and multi-frequency air conditioner filter boards; air conditioner remote, refrigerator temperature, washing machine, dryer display, and refrigerator sensitive button controllers; refrigerator display and lights; washing machine control boards and displays; hair straightener, electric heating blanket, Bluetooth, swaying cradle, smart toilet, and barrier gate controllers; and EMC filter boards. Further, the company provides smart electric meters, which include single and three phases electric meters; and automotive electronics, such as motor hall sensors, ignition coil boards, high voltage coolant heater boards, coolant heating plates, and high voltage air heater boards. Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and is based in Shenzhen, China.

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