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Realtime updates for The Saudi Arabian [2160.SR]

Exchange: SAU Sector: Industrials Industry: Building Products & Equipment
Last Updated21 Feb 2024 @ 07:12

234.79% SAR 26.60

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Commentary (21 Feb 2024 @ 07:12):

The Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company, together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells various types of pipes and related products in Saudi Arabia, Europe, and internationally...

Today's Volume 17 238.00
Average Volume 1.04M
Market Cap 1.19B
EPS SAR0 ( 2024-02-14 )
Next earnings date ( SAR0 ) 2024-04-03
Last Dividend SAR0 ( N/A )
Next Dividend SAR0 ( N/A )
P/E -6.35
ATR14 SAR0.0940 (0.35%)

Volume Correlation

Long: 0.61 (weak)
Short: 0.00 (neutral)
Signal:(3.79) Neutral

The Saudi Arabian Correlation

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The Saudi Arabian Correlation - Currency/Commodity

The country flag -0.77
( moderate negative )
The country flag -0.25
( neutral )
The country flag -0.58
( weak negative )
The country flag -0.69
( moderate negative )
The country flag 0.08
( neutral )
The country flag 0.51
( weak )

The Saudi Arabian Financials

Annual 2022
Revenue: SAR508.82M
Gross Profit: SAR59.68M (11.73 %)
EPS: SAR-0.0482
Q3 2023
Revenue: SAR160.57M
Gross Profit: SAR23.77M (14.80 %)
EPS: SAR-13.21
Q2 2023
Revenue: SAR166.31M
Gross Profit: SAR18.48M (11.11 %)
EPS: SAR-1.020
Q1 2023
Revenue: SAR197.45M
Gross Profit: SAR39.86M (20.19 %)
EPS: SAR0.680

The Saudi Arabian

The Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company, together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells various types of pipes and related products in Saudi Arabia, Europe, and internationally. The company operates in two segments, Pipe Manufacturing and Technology, and Water Management. It offers pipe system products, including glass reinforced polyester, glass reinforced vinylester, glass reinforced epoxy, and ductile iron pipes; and develops and licenses related technologies. The company also manufactures and sells underground and aboveground tanks, such as water tanks, chemical tanks, septic tanks, and fuel tanks for residential and industrial applications; and supplies ribbed and non-ribbed, and single wall and double wall tanks, as well as installs underground and aboveground tanks. In addition, it provides rubber rings and gaskets for the use in pipes and fittings; grommets and bushes for anti-vibration isolation and compression mounting in A/C systems; duct sealing units for use in air condition ducts; insulation tubes and sheets for thermal insulation in refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning applications; and industrial valves for water applications. Further, the company offers manholes for the inspection and maintenance, ventilation, cleaning, and flushing of drains or sewers, as well as for housing of pumping stations and inlet drain pits; and fiberglass products, which are used in pipe and tank, transportation, construction, marine, electrical/electronic, wind energy, consumer goods, aerospace, etc. applications. Additionally, it provides water management, and related consultancy and engineering services. The company serves customers in the municipal and urban development, industrial, oil and gas, water transmission and distribution, and water well industries. The Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company was incorporated in 1968 and is headquartered in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

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