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Realtime updates for TomTom N.V. [TMOAY]

Exchange: OTC Sector: Technology Industry: Software—Application
Last Updated16 Feb 2024 @ 15:06

0.00% $ 4.10

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Commentary (16 Feb 2024 @ 15:06):

TomTom N.V. develops and sells navigation and location-based products and services worldwide. The company operates in two segments, Location Technology and Consumer...

Today's Volume 6 112.00
Average Volume 1 405.00
Market Cap 1.05B
EPS $-0.0300 ( 2023-09-30 )
Last Dividend $1.801 ( 2019-06-11 )
Next Dividend $0 ( N/A )
P/E -45.56
ATR14 $0 (0.00%)

TomTom N.V. Correlation

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10 Most Negative Correlations

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TomTom N.V. Financials

Annual 2023
Revenue: $584.76M
Gross Profit: $495.77M (84.78 %)
EPS: $-0.0815
Q4 2023
Revenue: $143.38M
Gross Profit: $126.87M (88.48 %)
EPS: $0
Q3 2023
Revenue: $144.11M
Gross Profit: $118.94M (82.53 %)
EPS: $-0.0300
Q2 2023
Revenue: $156.55M
Gross Profit: $129.27M (82.57 %)
EPS: $-0.0150

TomTom N.V. Dividends

(Q3/22) (Q4/22) (Q1/23) (Q2/23) (Q3/23) (Q4/23) (Q1/24) (Q2/24) (Q3/24) (Q4/24)

TomTom N.V. Dividend Information - Ex Dividend Junior

Dividend Sustainability Score: 9.58 - good (95.79%) | Divividend Growth Potential Score: 0.0292 - No dividend growth expected in the near future
First Dividend $1.801 2019-06-11
Last Dividend $1.801 2019-06-11
Next Dividend $0 N/A
Payout Date 0000-00-00
Next Payout Date
# dividends 1 --
Total Paid Out $1.801 --
Avg. Dividend % Per Year 0.00% --
Score 1.45 --
Div. Sustainability Score 9.58
Div.Growth Potential Score 0.0292
Div. Directional Score 4.80 --
Next Divdend (Est)
$0 Estimate 0.00 %
Dividend Stability
0.01 Very Bad
Dividend Score
Pay Frequency
Insufficient data to determine frequency
Yearly Payout
Year Amount Yield

Dividend Commentary

The company's strong Dividend Sustainability Score (DSS) indicates its robust capacity to uphold current dividend levels. Unfortunately, its low Dividend Growth Potential Score (DGPS) suggests limited prospects for dividend growth. In conclusion, a more vigilant stance is recommended given the company's tentative dividend landscape.

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TomTom N.V.

TomTom N.V. develops and sells navigation and location-based products and services worldwide. The company operates in two segments, Location Technology and Consumer. It offers standard definition, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), high definition (HD) maps, and map data, as well as places for map products; traffic and travel information products, including real-time traffic, hazard warning, speed camera, speed profile, road analytics, fuel and weather services, electric vehicle (EV) and parking services, and routing; and navigation products, such as navigation engine, traffic and travel information, navigation user interface, EV routing and range, and maps for automotive. The company also provides AutoStream, a solution that enables fast and efficient map delivery of the TomTom automated driving (AD) and ADAS Maps; RoadCheck, a tool for carmakers to determine when, where, and under what conditions their vehicles can safely activate AD functions; TomTom indigo, a digital cockpit platform; and virtual horizon products. In addition, it offers road analytics solutions, including traffic stats, origin destination analysis, route monitoring, road event reporter, and junction analytics; and shop products, such as navigation devices, accessories, and map updates, as well as support services. The company serves the automotive, fleet management and logistics, mobility and on-demand, road traffic management, and location intelligence industries. TomTom N.V. was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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