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Realtime updates for Repligen Corp [RGEN]

Exchange: NASDAQ Sector: Healthcare Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
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Repligen Corporation develops and commercializes bioprocessing technologies and systems for use in biological drug manufacturing process in North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific, and internationally...

Today's Volume 435 064
Average Volume 623 088
Market Cap 10.97B
EPS $0 ( 2024-02-21 )
Next earnings date ( $0.370 ) 2024-05-07
Last Dividend $0 ( N/A )
Next Dividend $0 ( N/A )
P/E 269.21
ATR14 $4.23 (2.15%)
Insider Trading
Date Person Action Amount type
2023-05-18 Eglinton Manner Carrie Buy 0
2023-11-14 Hunt Anthony Sell 1 000 Common Stock
2023-11-10 Gebski Christine Sell 3 788 Common Stock
2023-10-02 Loeillot Olivier Buy 24 236 Stock Option (Right to Buy)
2023-10-02 Loeillot Olivier Buy 12 906 Common Stock
Last 95 transactions
Buy: 279 532 | Sell: 97 016

Volume Correlation

Long: -0.69 (moderate negative)
Short: -0.64 (weak negative)
Signal:(67) Neutral

Repligen Corp Correlation

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Repligen Corp Correlation - Currency/Commodity

The country flag 0.27
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The country flag 0.79
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The country flag 0.56
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Repligen Corp Financials

Annual 2022
Revenue: $801.54M
Gross Profit: $455.71M (56.85 %)
EPS: $3.35
Q3 2023
Revenue: $141.19M
Gross Profit: $36.56M (25.89 %)
EPS: $0.330
Q2 2023
Revenue: $159.17M
Gross Profit: $79.86M (50.17 %)
EPS: $0.360
Q1 2023
Revenue: $182.66M
Gross Profit: $100.82M (55.19 %)
EPS: $0.520

Repligen Corp

Repligen Corporation develops and commercializes bioprocessing technologies and systems for use in biological drug manufacturing process in North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific, and internationally. It offers Protein A ligands that are the binding components of Protein A affinity chromatography resins; and cell culture growth factor products. The company's chromatography products include OPUS pre-packed chromatography columns, which are used in the purification of biologics; and OPUS smaller-scale columns that are used in the high throughput process development screening, viral clearance validation studies, and scale down validation of chromatography processes. It also offers ELISA test kits; and chromatography resins under the CaptivA brand. In addition, the company provides filtration products, such as XCell Alternating Tangential Flow systems that are filtration devices used in upstream perfusion and cell culture processing; TangenX flat sheet cassettes, which are used in downstream biologic drug concentration and formulation processes; KrosFlo tangential flow filtration and tangential flow depth filtration systems; Spectra/Por laboratory and process dialysis products, and SpectraFlo dynamic dialysis systems; and ProConnex single-use hollow fiber. Further, it provides process analytics products, such as slope spectroscopy systems under the SoloVPE, FlowVPE, and FlowVPX brands. The company sells its products to life sciences, biopharmaceutical, and diagnostics companies; laboratory researchers; and contract manufacturing organizations. Repligen Corporation has collaboration agreements with Navigo Proteins GmbH to develop multiple affinity ligands. Repligen Corporation was incorporated in 1981 and is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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