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Realtime updates for Kolon Corporation [002020.KS]

Exchange: KSC Sector: Industrials Industry: Conglomerates
Last Updated23 Feb 2024 @ 01:30

-0.33% KRW 17 900

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Commentary (23 Feb 2024 @ 01:30):

Kolon Corporation engages in supporting and managing affiliate businesses, licensing intellectual property, and market research and management consulting businesses in South Korea and internationally...

Today's Volume 28 418.00
Average Volume 27 563.00
Market Cap 226.01B
EPS KRW0 ( 2024-02-21 )
Next earnings date ( KRW0 ) 2024-05-13
Last Dividend KRW0 ( N/A )
Next Dividend KRW0 ( N/A )
P/E 0
ATR14 KRW13.43 (0.08%)

Volume Correlation

Long: -0.11 (neutral)
Short: -0.49 (neutral)
Signal:(71.231) Neutral

Kolon Corporation Correlation

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Kolon Corporation Correlation - Currency/Commodity

The country flag 0.65
( moderate )
The country flag 0.59
( weak )
The country flag 0.51
( weak )
The country flag 0.72
( moderate )
The country flag 0.62
( weak )
The country flag -0.69
( moderate negative )

Kolon Corporation Financials

Annual 2022
Revenue: KRW5 659.92B
Gross Profit: KRW685.49B (12.11 %)
EPS: KRW10 869
Q3 2023
Revenue: KRW1 433.00B
Gross Profit: KRW126.81B (8.85 %)
EPS: KRW-525.12
Q2 2023
Revenue: KRW1 520.53B
Gross Profit: KRW144.60B (9.51 %)
EPS: KRW845.16
Q1 2023
Revenue: KRW1 329.44B
Gross Profit: KRW138.63B (10.43 %)
EPS: KRW2 108.07

Kolon Corporation

Kolon Corporation engages in supporting and managing affiliate businesses, licensing intellectual property, and market research and management consulting businesses in South Korea and internationally. The company manufactures tire cords, airbags, polyester spunbond, technical yarns, aramid products, membranes, polyester and nylon films, coated films, DFR materials, overcoats, beads, hydrocarbon and phenolic resins, epoxy resins, PU/TPU products, and glass reinforced plastic pipes. It also offers nylon and polyester fibers; woven, knit, and functional fabrics; trades in steel, natural resources, and chemicals; and provides residential and plant construction services, as well as undertakes civil engineering and environmental projects. In addition, the company produces car seat modules and fabrics, car mats, artificial turfs, polypropylene staple fibers, Bicomponent staple fiber, GEONIC, Cuprus, and HeaTex, and polyester filaments; manages hotels, condominiums, and golf resorts; develops real estate properties; and operates a shopping mall, a pet theme park, and themed toilets. Further, it offers over-the-counter medicines; TRAMOL sustained relief, a painkiller and anti-inflammatory; active pharmaceutical ingredients; and Tissuegene and other biopharmaceuticals, as well as operates approximately 150 drugstores under the W-Store name. Additionally, the company operates Sweet Meal, a café that offers choux, coffee, cheesecakes, and beverages; sells antimicrobial products; provides PA, PBT, and POM/base and compound resins; retails hardware and software products; and offers IT and business process outsourcing and IT convergence services. It also engages in water-related businesses covering sewage and wastewater treatment, materials, systems, and related equipment, as well as operates water treatment facilities; and industrial supply retail. Kolon Corporation was founded in 1957 and is headquartered in Gwacheon, South Korea.

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